Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 30 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)


written by Miniorchid
edited by kakashi and Chimera 

Die Feng could only remember a handful of times there had been such excitement at Kunlun. After Si Yin left, it’d been more than 70,000 years since the disciples had to organise a search party. The most memorable occasion was Si Yin’s kidnapping, when the White Goddess took it upon herself to seek Shifu’s attention by torturing his favourite disciple. And then, who could forget the time when Si Yin stole Shifu’s body after getting them all drunk, sending them into a frenzy that lasted for millennia?

Since a search party was a rare event at Kunlun Mountain nowadays, Die Feng felt fortunate to be able to utilize his experience as Military Commander of the West Sea to direct his juniors to safely bring back Shifu’s wife. They divided into five teams and searched the four corners of Kunlun Mountain, including the surrounding area. Die Feng, 2nd and 13th remained near Kunlun, awaiting reports from the others while searching in the closest vicinity of the mountain.

The High Demon Goddess was certainly a unique deity. She had no qualms about taking her clothes off before them, in fact, she had cunningly used their inexperience to trick them. From his recent encounters with the Yellow Demon Princess, Die Feng should have known that Demons were thick skinned and their sense of propriety differed substantially from Celestials’. Since he was a quick learner, though probably not quick enough in this case, he instructed his juniors to expect the unexpected and be ready for anything.

Truth be told, Die Feng thought he understood Shimu. Though she intimidated them, she was weak and volatile right now. Fong Hung’s transformation had taken a heavy toll on her. Everyone coped with loss differently; during the years Shifu and Si Yin had been lost to them, so soon after 9th, and his brother had been sick, Die Feng had thrown himself into work. Sitting idle, alone with his thoughts, had been torture.

The High Goddess seemed to grieve by lashing out. Her sadness tinged fury was almost palpable around her and only a few of the disciples had dared to enter her room. She mainly expressed her anger by cursing at Shifu, throwing a rich assortment of epithets at him - among other things - that had left them flustered. For his part, Shifu braved the abuse with customary calm, being neither provoked nor unsettled. Die Feng admired his poise.

To hear gossip about Shifu’s scandal deeply troubled him. As a member of the host family, Die Feng felt partly responsible for the fiasco with the Yellow Demon Lord and the niece of the Lord of Numinous Treasures. But regardless of the events of the festival, Shifu still commanded the respect and admiration of countless women. Why Shifu had chosen his longtime enemy, a Demon at that, as his bride among all the eligible women was a mystery Die Feng still puzzled over, particularly since the High Demon Goddess didn’t seem pleased with the idea of marrying Shifu at all. In fact, when they had addressed her as Shimu, she’d almost skinned them alive.

What he did know was that the God of War was a man of honor. Shifu would never keep a woman captive against her will - the Goddess must be mistaken about his intentions. There was undoubtedly more going on, something the disciples couldn’t understand. Shifu always had a bigger strategy behind his actions, though he hardly ever talked about what it was. And of course, he must know just as well as anybody that a unity between a Demon and a Celestial was improper. There were many stories of the calamities ensuing from such dalliances. But maybe two ancient Deities like Shifu and Shimu were exempt from such things?

By now, his group had reached a clearing near the south of Kunlun Mountain. While surveying the area, Die Feng realized it was time to check in with the other disciples on their progress. He turned to his juniors to ask for the magic mirror. But before he could utter the words, a yellow figure flashed before his eyes and slammed into 2nd junior.

“You’re not Die Feng,” said the familiar yellow clad body lying on top of Second.

Die Feng wanted to groan at the sound of the female voice he had dreaded to hear again, so much that he had even had dreams about it. He had told himself that this was very silly - now that he was back at Kunlun, the chances of her accidentally cloud jumping on him anew were very slim. But he should have known that demon clan women were unpredictable. Nay, worse: they meant big trouble. This one also happened to be the sister of the man making trouble for Shifu and Die Feng was sure the God of War would scowl at his First Disciple’s inability to keep her in check.

The Yellow Demon Princess was still lying on top of 2nd Junior, who was grunting from the pain of the impact. He had to get her off of 2nd Junior before she caused anymore damage.


She looked up. A bright smile spread across her face in recognition, “Oh there you are! Die Feng!” She started to lift herself off of 2nd Junior. “I finally found-”


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you,” cried the flustered Demon Princess, still struggling to get up.

Die Feng quickly pulled her off of his junior, who had now turned several shades of red as he cowered in pain only a man would know. 13th still stood in shock nearby, unable to muster a word.

But the Princess shook off his hand and hunched over 2nd Junior. “Are you okay? Let me take a look,” she tried to move his hands away, but 2nd shook his head in panic.

Look? Did the woman have no decency? Immediately, Die Feng remembered what happened at his private bathhouse. No, common sense wouldn’t work on her.

Die Feng grabbed her arm. “Princess, let him be,” he said, hoping to divert her attention away from his junior, who desperately needed time alone to recover.

“But I should help,” she insisted.

“13th will take care of 2nd; come with me please,” he started to drag her away. Thankfully, she let him take her into the forest, far enough from his juniors’ ears. Die Feng let her arm go, and placed himself at a safe distance from her. This woman … she was his trial alone, others should not have to take his calamity like 2nd just did.

Taking a deep breath, he asked, “Princess, may I inquire what you are doing here?”

“They’re gone,” she pouted.

“Gone?” he arched his eyebrow at her.

She slowly moved towards him and he found himself instinctively retreating backward at the same pace. “The candies you sent me,” she explained.

He stopped. “How?”

“I ate them.”

“But I sent you 5 boxes!” He looked at her incredulously.

“I devoured them on the first day,” she said with a sheepish smile.

“I see...” He was surprised she hadn’t gotten an upset stomach.

“I really didn’t want to bother you again so soon,” she explained. “I even went to the mortal realm near Kunlun to try other candies, hoping to find something similar. But my efforts were fruitless.”

So she had had more sweets before she set foot at Kunlun? Where did all those sweets go? he wondered, staring at her waist, measuring it with his eyes. Despite her curves, it was quite petite. Those curves, he knew them too well - but Die Feng caught himself before the image of her wet clothed body appeared in front of him again.

He looked up to find her eyes on him. Had she noticed him staring? His momentary distraction had allowed the Princess to close in. She stood right before him, her scent of basil and caramel instantly filling the air. Before he could take a step back, she captured his wrist. “Can I have more?” she looked up at him.

“More?” he whispered as he stared at her parted lips.

Her gaze mirrored his and dipped to his mouth. “The candy,” she breathed.

Die Feng made himself snap out of the enchantment and fumbled inside his sleeve. Luckily, he had backup. He had kept one for himself when he requested his junior to make the batch for the Princess, almost like a premonition. “This is the only one left right now.” He held out the candy. She reached to take it and her fingers brushed across his palm, lingering.

Her hand had long fingers and sword calluses. It was the first hardness he had encountered on her and he was intrigued. How would she look while practising her swordplay?

Li Ying smiled - he liked her smiles, he decided, when they were not predatory - and removed her hand. Slowly, she unwrapped the candy. “I’m afraid I’m taking the last piece.”

“I kept it mainly out of curiosity,” he replied. “I’ve had peach blossom candy many times before but I was wondering why you like it so much. I will ask my junior to make more for you.”

She regarded him for a moment and an expression he couldn’t fathom flashed across her face. He was about to take a step back, but she grabbed his wrist again. “Open your mouth,” she said.

“Why?” He scowled.

She popped the peach candy into his mouth. Confused, he stared at her, as he savored the treat. It was strange, the candy tasted different somehow, an unknown sweetness he had never tasted before. Had 2nd added a new ingredient this time? Had the Princess enchanted it?

“How does it taste?” she smiled mischievously.

His brows furrowed, “Good…but…didn’t you want the candy?”

Her eyes grew dark. “I do want it.”

She let go of his wrist and pulled his neck down, until their lips met. Her tongue caressed his lips unexpectedly, making him gasp. Surprised, he tried to pull away, but she held on using her weight to her advantage. She slipped her tongue inside his mouth, tasting the candy with him. Heat swept through him and his eyes closed as he leaned closer, unable to think of anything except the feel of her body against his. As her tongue danced with his own, he found himself responding instinctively. Together, they moved the sweet nectar in slow circular motions until the candy melted away. But she wasn’t done; she sucked on his tongue, causing him to groan against her lips, as she absorbed all the remaining melted sweetness.

When she finally pulled back, they were both out of breath. His knees were weak and his hands, he noticed, around her waist.

She brushed her lips against his, “Are you still wondering?”

Heart hammering, Die Feng swallowed. Staring into the eyes of the trial before him, he wondered if he would survive.


Zi Lan knew his cultivation was not at all what it used to be, but his martial arts, his speed and his stamina had all improved over hundreds of years of intensive training with the God of War himself. Shifu did not take his training lightly, for which he was forever grateful - in fact, since Zi Lan’s shameful return to the school, Shifu had become much more demanding. To regain his cultivation, he had to work much harder than before. He would not let himself be a liability to his master and his seniors.

Now, he thanked his bloody fortune that he had devoted himself to his training so much, because they were surrounded by assassins without any backup whatsoever.

It was a dire situation but he would not fail. Shifu had taught him many things over the years, but the most important lesson was to anticipate your opponent's next move. Cultivation mattered, but strategic maneuver played an even bigger role in close contact battles.

Dodging another opponent’s sword near his neck, Zi Lan managed to stab him in the chest. Shedding blood may not be the Kunlun way, but he had no real choice in the matter - his instinct to protect exceeded his need to preserve life. Seven down… three more to go. He could feel the growing pain from their dark magic that he had not managed to dodge moments before. He took a quick glance behind him: he had to keep fighting for the ones he cared for if it cost him his last strength, his life even.

With renewed spirit, Zi Lan faced the remaining black clad assassins. Were they demons? Ghosts? He wasn’t sure. All he knew was they used sinister, dark magic and they were very good. Still, he managed to surprise his opponents by cloud jumping behind them and quickly slashing the closest assassin on his back. Once the group turned around, he somersaulted behind them again, spun to their left and slit the throat of another. He parried one assassin's weapon with his sword, near his face. Lowering himself, he swung his right leg against his opponent’s, knocking him to the ground. Once he was on the floor, Zi Lan stabbed the abdomen of the last assassin. He watched as life drained out of him. It was done. Despite the bloodbath, Zi Lan couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Breathing heavily and sweating profusely, he removed his bloody sword from the corpse. Suddenly feeling faint, Zi Lan fell to his knees, barely holding himself up with the tip of his sword. His adrenaline quickly subsided now that the threat was gone, and the pain from the dark magic flared up.

At least, Yan Zhi was safe. Did she look worried? The child in her arms was still crying. He realized he needed to take them to safety, quickly, before more assassins had a chance to gather. He tried to clear his head by shaking it as he pulled himself up, but darkness took over…..and everything went black.

* Flashback *

Just a bit longer…

Like any other night after he’d started to live in the mortal realm to monitor the Ghost Princess’s movements, Zi Lan would finish his shift and come over for a late, light dinner at her restaurant. Truth was, he wanted to be around so he could keep unruly customers away.

It didn’t happen often, but there were occasions he had to intervene. She never used her immortal powers and neither did she speak up, no matter how bad a situation she got into. He couldn’t stand back and let her be taken advantage of, even though a part of him knew he should test and mistrust her. The mere thought of a man getting near her that way made his blood boil. Each time when he had to rescue her from drunken perverts, she would look at him with those wide doe eyes of hers. Si Yin and him had often joked about mortal realm heroes in white that saved the ladies, but he never thought that it would be that satisfying to do it himself.

Zi Lan watched her serving the last customer. He ate here at night, but during the day, he was never far either. He used his magic to make sure he would be assigned near her restaurant. He loved her cooking, despite the strange flavors she used and despite some mishaps in the kitchen. Her rice buns were horrible - dry and hard to swallow. He had to drink lots of tea between bites to force them down. And yet, he had no heart to tell her they were basically inedible. He thought it would make her sad.

When she came over to his table to pick up the dishes, she was in her alluring blue again, with her lovely braids hanging over her shoulders. He wondered what she would look like without her braids. What he would give to take them apart and run his fingers through her hair, strand by strand.

What was wrong with him? His thoughts were going to forbidden places. Ghosts and Celestials were mortal enemies, a fact that could never be changed, even with peace treaties and the likes. He had forgotten himself in the moment. Could it be her smile, or her innocent eyes? Or those numerous times she took care of those less fortunate? She continued to baffle him everyday with her actions. How could a Ghost Princess be so kind and warmhearted? In the two years he had watched her, the worst she had ever done was kill a chicken for dinner. And even then she had hesitated, not wanting to take a life.

Zi Lan sighed as he got up. Out of habit, he helped her place the chairs upside down over the tables so she could sweep. He had never seen anyone work so hard. He knew her brother was the Ghost King. What made her run away? Why did she pretend to be mute? She was an enigma he could not solve.

He knew he should move on, his mission was to find Si Yin and Shifu. She was the only lead he had at the moment. However, despite two years of watching her every move, there were no concrete signs she knew anything. How could he continue to stay here? Should he make her talk? But he could not bring himself to ask her, because he feared they would not be able to go back to how things had been. Maybe until Si Yin would appear? Was it possible to stay with her, just a little longer?

Crash! Yan Zhi had dropped the plates.

Zi Lan exploded in rage. The last customer had turned into another pervert and had grabbed her wrist. Enough! With a quick sweep, he pulled her close to him, his arms draped over her shoulders possessively.

“Customer, please keep your dirty hands to yourself and get out of here now!” Zi Lan ordered.

“What did you say? How dare you!” the drunken man yelled back.

“I'm a constable and she is my wife, so please respectfully get out now before I-”

“I...I apologize, I had too much to drink. I did not know she’s your wife!” Clearly intimidated, the man bowed and ran off into the night.

Zi Lan felt proud of himself for a moment until he felt her shaking in his arms. Was she scared? He looked at her and her laughing face caught him by surprise.

She gestured with her hands. Pointing at the table and the direction of the man who ran away without paying for his drinks.

“Yes, I am aware of that.”

She gestured again, with her palm open, asking for money. Teasing, of course.

He laughed, then leaned his head towards her, “I can stay the night to help you clean,” he whispered.

She turned to look at him, her eyes wide. Zi Lan suddenly became aware of how close she was. He had intended to tease her back, but he found himself held hostage by her gaze. Had he gone too far? His arm still draped around her shoulder, his chest partially against her back, he could sense her heart racing, just like his own. Her lips parted slightly. Those luscious lips of hers, close and inviting. How sinful would it be for him to press his on hers and enjoy them to his heart's content?

Her hand pushed lightly against his hand on her shoulder. Was he too close? He let go of her. Both flustered from their unexpected intimacy, they could not look at each other. She made some hand gestured he couldn’t understand before she ran straight to the kitchen. Zi Lan swallowed, sighed and went back to stacking the chairs over the table. He continued to ask himself. Is it possible… just a little longer….?

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