When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 - FINAL Episode 21 (Recap)

kakashi: Another recapping project ends! Many people were quite dissatisfied with the final episode - or rather, the very ending of the ending. Yes, it is not perfect. But don't let this otherwise excellent drama be spoilt by it!
Eleanor: I wonder sometimes what happens with the editing process at the end of something. Do they sort of mess it up a little because they also don't really want it to end? Do they get tired? All in all though, I wasn't too bothered by the ending (and I'll just hope that at some future time there might be a second season or at least some extra scenes released)
Trotwood: I have been putting this off forever because I think I wanted to pretend that this episode didn't happen. I made up my own ending in my mind. I was more than "dissatisfied" with this ending. This ending made me screech and toss whole tables out of the window. Then it made me concerned that the original writers and director and editor had been kidnapped and some rich exec's nephew who just graduated from film school with a C- average was hired to put together a final episode that needed to be cut from footage that was enough for three. Then I calmed down and went into denial. HUSBAND deserved better. They all deserved better.
JoAnne: Just how many tables do you have, Trot? I thought the ending was disjointed - there's a time jump of who knows how long, it appears that recuperation means never seeing anyone you know, and things were just too fast. Too fast! We needed more time. Apart from that, though, very satisfying. The right people show up, the right couples are together. But come on, people: Don't make endings like this unless you can follow it with a screen cap that says 'See you in April 2018, folks!'

Episode 21 - FINAL Episode

Ji Bai is down and at the mercy of Mr. and Mrs Bad ...
T_____T My poor Ji Bai is hurt T_____T
But look at that gorgeous profile and look how careful they still are with the lighting. I remember being full of tension but also distracted by how beautiful he is even near death. I'd look like a homeless person.
I always look like a homeless person. Death might be an improvement. There'd be someone to put make up on me.
... whereas Xu Xu is on the tracks, sobbing. It takes her only a few seconds to snap out of it. Limping, clutching her shoulder that seems to be bruised (she is lucky if it's only that), she goes in search of the emergency pack and runs away.
Yeah, the whole getting dropped from a moving train thing, that has to do some damage. Just thinking about it makes me whimper in pain. 
She would need to lie there for a bit just to catch her breath and to figure out if she can move, but she's probably got a lot of adrenaline going for her. She's going to recognize that pain in an hour or so.
Ji Bai made her train for it off camera. In addition to running he'd take her to the airport and randomly throw her off luggage carts. She built up calluses.
Does she know where she's going?! It looks pretty rural and she doesn't consult a compass. She runs and runs and falls, too... at one point, she stops and lights a flare. I'm thinking "gurl, that's one small fire in a very uninhabited stretch of land" ... but a helicopter flies over her!
I really hope that the chopper sees the flare! 
Luckily, she is in an open area rather than in forest part.
If it doesn't see the flare that pilot should retire.
It disappears from view and Xu Xu sobs again, this time louder and more desperate. That was her only flare, I guess. But what is that! A car! A Land Cruiser appears and stops right next to her. Inside - I'll be damned - Zhao Lang, Zhao Han's long-lost father. Uncle Zhao! 
Whoohoo!!! Also, he is quite an attractive man, which is no small surprise as he is Husband's dad. 
I'm going to say out loud that I thought this a bit ridiculous. Really show? In the middle of nowhere, and he just shows up? Everything was so tight before the gerbils got hold of plot. But yes, he's handsome and I'm mad because I know I wouldn't look that good if I were undercover. I'm assuming that the helicopter people saw her and told him, but still that was mighty quick.
Until pretty much this moment I thought he was that other guy and that he'd been helping (sort of) all along.
He's been undercovering all this time! And he was the guy Ji Bai almost saw in that restaurant in episode 1, when he first came to Burma! Ooh! I WAS RIGHT! Anyway, he takes Xu Xu into the car, and they rush to where they hear on the phone their troops have stopped the train. The train is empty though. Damn, they've escaped. And... oh no, Ji Bai :((( but oh YES, he is still alive!
I swear, if Ji Bai dies, I will be so angry! Don't kill off Ji Bai! 
Rising star. He's safe.
Also quite badly hurt, Brother Lu. She stepped into a rather vicious looking trap!
Again, how can these people still look this good undercover or close to death? And notice other than the blood stain, his white shirt is still unbearably white. Really? He got beat up and fell/rolled/was pushed off a train into the forest and there's no stains? Did they roll in Scotchguard before going on this trip?
Right stays white. Only the bad guys get dirty.
General Po, the idiot, tells Ji Bai - who is barely holding on - that it's a shame he cannot fight him, because finding an opponent like him is even harder than finding a friend. Urgh, you vile person. He also tells him he will exchange him for a car. "You guys won't be able to escape", Ji Bai says.
Wow, Ji Bai is quite impressive. He doesn't give up even in the face of such odds. I like his fighting spirit. 
Please. If I looked like that, I wouldn't give up either. It's like he's got this glow from heaven. I'd be like, "Dude. Look at me. My whites are still whiter than a field of snow. Do you think you can touch me?"
Does anyone else just think of Teletubbies when someone says General Po's name? Just me? So I'm here giggling all by myself until Kakashi posts another close up of lovely Ji Bai and I stop giggling and start drooling?
Brother Lu says she will stay behind with Ji Bai (NO!), since both him and her won't be able to walk far anymore. General Po does NOT like to hear this - it's together they will continue, he growls! It is strange, but this brutal man seems to very much love this woman.
I kind of like it when the bad guys are somewhat humanised. 
Yeah, it gives that additional fillip of YES when they get punished. Cuz you know it hurts.
In the car, Uncle Zhao hands Xu Xu a gun. He knows approximately where the fugitives will try to cross the Mekong to get into Laos. They drive on and suddenly, Xu Xu seems something... it's bits and pieces from her drawings! Damn, Ji Bai is telling them where to go, Hänsel & Gretel style. There is blood on the snippets too :( Poor Xu Xu, she is so afraid for Ji Bai.
Wait, there's blood on the bits of paper, but only five spots of blood on his shirt?!?!?!
Ah! It's been months since I watched this and I'm getting all teared up. Way to go little Snail! Find those clues. Ji Bai trusts in your great detective skills. 
I bathed myself in my continuity outrage to keep myself from getting too freaked out and full of panic here.
Meanwhile I'm here thinking about laundry detergent because Trot won't shut up about the snowy whiteness of Ji Bai's tee shirt.
Ji Bai and his captors are indeed at the river. He seems unconscious, but at least, he's still breathing. General Po declares he will let him free once they're over the border. Whether he lives or dies is his fate.
I'm really worried about that blood coming out of his ear. That is not a good sign. He really does have a perfect profile though. Quite perfect. 
In my mind's eye, I literally just saw you trace it with your finger.
The blood? Ew. Oh. Profile. Yes. But the blood is the most concerning thing to me, too. The dizziness in earlier episodes, the blood from his ear...not good.
General Po moves forward with two soldiers... Brother Lu on the other hand stays behind ... and lifts her gun. She is pointing it at Ji Bai and it seems she wants to kill him.
DON'T!!! Don't you dare shoot Ji Bai! 
What the fuck, woman? Don't you have other things to worry about?
But then .... Xu Xu!!!! Yay!!!! I love that she's such a good shot, I love that she shoots Brother Lu and I love that she saves Ji Bai.
Me too! Way to go Snail! I think she's passed the tests she needs to pass. 
She certainly gets MY vote.
General Po runs back to his woman. Uncle Zhao shoots at the soldiers and is hit in return. But now, the reinforcements are here - and the helicopter is back. Xu Xu runs towards Ji Bai, who opens his eyes. And topples over General Po, when he wants to start shooting! After knocking Ji Bai out, General Po grabs a gun, starts shooting ... and is shot and then seized, like his woman. 
It's like this show wants me to have super high blood pressure or something. Ugh! Too much shooting! 
There had better been a lot of shooting or fighting or something. Ji Bai could not just be left to bleed out or be killed by that woman (I refuse to use her name). General Po was NOT going to go leave his woman behind (though I think she might have left him to be honest) which meant there had to be a gun battle. 
Logical Trot, being logical.  
Xu Xu reaches Ji Bai (this stretch of pebble beach goes on foreeeeever) and cradles his head in her hands, begging him to wake up. He briefly opens his eyes and tells her it was a good shot. "You have passed the evaluation" he says. She can stay in the Major Crime Unit. And then, he passes out again. Forever?
Aw! Yay! She passed! Please don't die Ji Bai. Thank you Snail for helping to save him. 
Quite a lot more blood on his head now.
From the perspective of story, it wouldn't be TERRIBLE if he died and we had a time jump and Husband was running things with Xu Xu his trusty profiler. But I want happy happy.

We're back in China then, with Husband! And Yao Meng, in an apron. She knows how to cook? Ahahaha, ooookay, maybe she doesn't. This "soup" is the only thing she knows how to cook, haha.
Aw! *heart eyes* *heart eyes* these two are just too darling and precious. I love them. 
(taking a moment to enjoy the cute before . . . )
WHAT?!?! How did this happen?!?! I remember stopping right here and rewatching the entirety of ep 20 and then the entirety of ep 19 thinking that I had maybe passed out and missed how all of a sudden they were a couple. I felt cheated, but not as much as later, which was really a few minutes here.
They became a couple crying in the hospital room. I mean not in so many words, but that's the real beginning of them both pretty much acting in a way that acknowledged what they felt about each other.
Awwwwww, look at him.
Yes, look at that awesome face. Look at that love in his eyes. We should all have someone look at us like this.
I look at you like that, but I won't sleep with you. Not that you want me to...I'm just saying. You know, for clarity.
And ooooooooooh, look at what is on the wall!!!! These two are married!!!!! (and he's wearing a cute red bowtie) And we learn this is the day before the party for the guests. Uncle Zhao "comes and goes like the wind". Haha, I think he just doesn't want to eat Yao Meng's food.
*does a happy dance* I'm so glad these two ended up together! 
I know you are all expecting me to be all happy since I have been on the Husband train from the very get go. I had confetti cannons, I priced billboards, I even looked up skywriting information to celebrate this man. But I am going to tell you. I WAS (and am still) PISSED!!!!!!! We get nothing. Nothing at all about how this went from his one-sided crush/love and her recognizing he's a great guy to post-marriage. NOTHING, people. NO. THING. I remember being so angry I wanted to spit, but I'm not so good at spitting and the saliva usually ends up just dribbling down my chin.
I would have appreciated a little dating, yes.
Cut to Xu Xu, fishing ... alone. Remembering how she came here with Ji Bai (and caught all the fishes). She seems sad ... she is clearly missing him.
Are they trying to make it seem like Ji Bai died? Teases. Argh. 
(still pouting--thinking nothing makes sense anymore)
I was absolutely convinced he was dead.
And then, it's the wedding ceremony! Awwwwwwww. Monkey "sings", Husband is embarrassed and tries to remove him from the stage, but they end up singing together.
This was my favorite part of the episode. At least we had this. 

But where was this? 

Or this?

I mean there's a whole flipping pinterest page about confetti and weddings (https://www.pinterest.com/explore/wedding-confetti/) .  Husband and YM deserve bigger and better. 
When Trot retires from her current pursuits, she's going to open up a confetti-centric events planning business.  Yessss, you can have confetti at a wake! Why not! Celebrate his life! Getting out of jail? Tofu is bland. Give them confetti!
Yao Meng is so happy, look at her!
I'm so happy too! 
(pouting in corner. Pfft. I bet the cake doesn't even taste good)
Wedding cake RARELY tastes good.
She tells Xu Xu she finds it hard to make HER happy, but there is someone who can! Xu Xu turns around and there comes ... Ji Bai. He is man of honor, and he is looking DAMN fine (well, duh. He looked damn fine bleeding after being thrown from a  train with a head wound), even if he is still walking gingerly and needs the support of his colleague.
Wang Kai in a suit is about enough to make one's insides combust. Ji Bai is fiiiiiiiiiiiine!!! 😍😍😍
He looks goooood. Sorry, I'm incapable of adding anything more substantive, because he looks too good. Plus I thought he was dead so right about here I was hyperventilating and tweeting OMG HE'S ALIVE!
Xu Xu has the happiest smile on her face as she walks closer. Everybody seems to watch them, haha. He has just woken up! does that mean they haven't spoken to each other?
haha I think so. They're just so cute. 
How the frappe do they expect us to believe she never went to the hospital to see him even if he was in a coma? Come on. That's why I thought he was dead - she was FISHING. Not sitting in a hospital waiting room. Does that seem logical to you?
He doesn't say anything but hands her back her notebook. The Lion owes the Snail an answer, he says. He has come to deliver it in person. She steps very close ... and he whispers something in her ear. She hugs him - and cries against his chest.
Ah! *dies of happiness* The Lion and the Snail are just so lovely together. 
Whispers what?!/! Whispers what? (pulling out my hair at this wedding--thank goodness I'd be wearing a big hat)
'Everything still works.' 'I have a room in the hotel.' 'You. Me. Pink furry handcuffs. Tonight.'
Sweeties.... so she told the unconscious him that he would not see her run in a marathon if he didn't make it. And she really went! He takes comfort from that - even without him, she continued living. She would have lived a life splendid enough for two people, she tells him, if he hadn't woken up. But it would have been an empty life without the Lion.
Aw! I'm crying now. This is so sweet and lovely and touching. 
Awww, I forgive her for fishing.
And then, Ji Bai puts a ring on her finger. He really does! You are FAST, man. And without asking her, as she remarks. He swoops in for a kiss and everybody cheers.
Hehehe Lion has been wanting to do that for a while I think. 
Humph--don't try to mollify me with a Wang Kai kiss! (hitting the replay button)
That is one hungry kiss. Also, I guess people just don't date in this China. They go right from hey, he's cute to straight up married.
And to make it all perfect, he hands Yao Meng back her resignation and tells her she's back on the team. Happy, happy ending!
Time for some celebration! 
I think I know two people who might sneak out early though.

Is what we thought.
Of course not. Frankly, if they made that this had all been Monkey's dream and that everyone else had really died, I wouldn't have been surprised.

Now (What do you mean now? I was fuming for awhile already) for the part that some people did not like all that much. It's raining and a black car approaches a cemetery. Inside is Ye Qiao, and she is bringing flowers to her father and mother's combined grave. Ye Zixi's grave is next to theirs. There are flowers there already - they're from Xu Xu and Ji Bai, who are standing somewhere to the side. Ji Bai does not want to talk to Ye Qiao.
I really loved this scene in the rain. It was really beautiful. 
Pfft. Don't try to mollify me with excellent cinematography, show!
Damn, he is hot. It's raining, there should be steam.
They talk about rituals for the dead, when suddenly, Ji Bai feels dizzy and can't see well anymore for a moment. Methinks someone needs a nice vacation!
Yeah, can we get some sort of an explanation for this whole dizziness thing? I actually wonder if they just cut out some other scenes that would have explained it better. They had material for like three more episodes or something. 
I would say "ditto," but I'm too busy grinding my teeth in outrage.
Don't do that. Dentists are expensive and who knows what's happening to health care in this country.
Ji Bai says he believes she would not put him in a cemetery if he really died, but would communicate with his soul in her heart, whenever and wherever. She says she'd rather be with the real him whenever and wherever. Yeah.
Yeah. Being with alive Ji Bai is definitely better and the preferred option. Every time. 
I never would have guessed you'd feel that way.
He gets a phone call .... he looks serious. And we cut to a truck, on a dirt road, in the wilderness. With something in the back that could or could not be a body.
This was super random. 
No comment.
Turns out, this Ji Bai is an imposter, and the maybe-a-body in the truck...hmm. We may never know.



I don't think anybody got this, right? How should we be able to? So he's back on a mission? Or is that Ji Bai in the back? Is he dead? Is he a zombie?
Initially I also thought "What?!" but now I'm thinking they're just showing that the team continues on? Or maybe they really want to open it up to a second season? Or something? I'm not sure. I don't think it was the best editing choice to end it on that scene, but hey, it's not my decision. 
Jokes aside, I think this is meant to show that they haven't really gotten to the top of that criminal enterprise, or that someone new has assumed the top position and the trafficking continues. Ergo, more work to be done.

If we take two steps back, then it got a bit weird from the moment that our second favorite couple is suddenly married and we hadn't seen them for hours upon hours (or what felt like it, anyway). I feel cheated! Also, I thought it was a bit strange  (and uncharacteristically pushy) that Ji Bai immediately put a ring on Xu Xu's finger as soon as he saw her again. Yes, I get that you're all afraid to die tomorrow, but come on!
Yeah, I also thought it was pushy. I honestly think that they should have had a few more episodes. I do know that the episode count went back and forth a bit in the beginning and I think that there were three other episodes that got down, or at least material for them. I think it would have helped. As it stands, the ending was super rushed and didn't match the rest of the show very well. 
I thought the big old display and the public make out session (that wasn't just any old kiss) was completely out of character for these two. I could see him putting a ring on it because it reminds me of how he just pulled her over to put his arm around her that time they were on the roof without any preamble or discussion that he now likes her "like that." But they are so generally so subtle and reserved and matter of fact even with each other that him practically chewing her face off seemed not like the them I came to know. 
Right, true, but people do surprising things when they've been pushed to the limit or when they're especially emotional. This could just be that, showing that their love is so powerful that it opens up these normally very reserved people. 

Oh well, apart from that, the ending was good, the bad guys are all arrested, Uncle Zhao is back and I am happy. 
Yup. I agree. 
I'm still pretending that this ending did not happen and that the ending in my head did.
The ending in your head DID happen.