3310 Fanfiction Promo Post - Update

Dear Peaches and Squeeglets

The peach parties still dominate our lives (and this blog) long after Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms / 三生三世十里桃花 / 3310 and the recaps for this show have ended. Like us, there are many other people who could not let go and created their own fictional worlds to stay drunk on peach wine a little longer. This post is an attempt to collect the stories written by our readers.

Please let me know in the comments section below if you write 3310 fanfic that I should include. Thank you!
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The Vagaries of Fate

A Mo Yuan/ Bai Qian/Ye Hua story.
Fate wasn’t always set in the stone, it changed and adjusted just as people changed. Sometimes destiny was deep, yet the fate was shallow.
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In her Story entitled "No Light", Darkice focuses on a "what if" scenario: "What if Ye Hua had never met and fallen in love with Bai Qian while she was a mortal? What if there was no Su Su? What if that impetus wasn’t there for Ye Hua to unabashedly pursue the revered Goddess Bai Qian when they met once more, where his loving/lusty pursuit had broken down her walls like nothing else had for 140,000 years? Would there even be a love story in the third lifetime?"
This story is about "how Ye Hua and Bai Qian would fall in love when he was still the cold Crown Prince, and she the unreachable Goddess Bai Qian".
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This story, published on this blog, picks up when Mo Yuan has returned to Kunlun Mountains and Ye Hua is currently in the mortal realm. Who will win Bai Qian's heart? 
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Mo Yuan, Bai Qian, Ye Hua

Susu doesnt exist in this story, Bai Qian has yet to meet Ye Hua. Mo Yuan has just returned from his deep slumber
The Fate of My Soul

Mo Yuan has just returned from his deep slumber, but without his memories. Bai Qian returns to him as Si Yin. Both of them are in arranged marriages to others. Told through Mo Yuan's eyes
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YeGenMo is celebrating an immediate smash-hit success with her first fan fiction ever and has recently started with her second fanfiction project! 

Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom Adult Fanfic

This story starts when Mo Yuan awakes from his 70'000 years of sleep and finds out about the horrible things that have happened to his beloved Seventeenth... 

壽 Shou

In this fan fiction, Mo Yuan defeated Qing Cang and the Eastern Imperial Bell was never used. It does not follow the original story time line and events. The sacred tree of immortality is a peach tree…
There are more on the blog, so be sure to check it out!
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Tehlimau spent time with us on the 3310 recaps and has posted two 3310 fanfics on her site. One is a YHxBQ one, the other a BQxMY one...

A Peach Summer's Night Dream

Tehlimau writes that this is "love story between our serious Crown Prince and our proud Fox Queen without the Susu arc, which I also got rid of in the previous MY-BQ romance. How would the pair fall in love without meeting in the mortal realm? I am eager to find out. Are you?!

Absence Makes the Heart... 

Tehlimau writes about this story: "While my heart is completely stolen by Ye Hua, I fully sympathize with Mo Yuan, who worked so long to return only to find his beloved disciple taken away by his twin brother. How do you write a Mo Yuan-Bai Qian fic without hurting puppy Ye Hua? Argh torn between two hot men. But let’s give this a shot. I don’t know where this will lead to though…."
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Broken Zither String
"Our story opens in Qing Qiu at the time of Mo Yuan's awakening after 70,000 years. Everything prior to this remains the same as it was in the original. The first few chapters will recreate some scenes in the drama following Mo Yuan's return, however with emphasis on the thought process of characters behind their dialogue. The story will be told through the perspective of both leads, alternating with each chapter. The plot will eventually diverge significantly from the original story, however I wish to keep things as true to character as possible"