Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 37a (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 37a


written by Miniorchi
consulting by Juls
edited by kakashi

In his dream-like state, he found himself engulfed by the blazing horrors of hell. The fire in his body wouldn’t subside, he could not find relief from this raging torment. He couldn’t get away, powerless to move, powerless to escape. Unable to wake himself, he was condemned to endure his physical torment. Why could he not find relief? Was he dead, in the underworld? No, he realized, this was a dream - one of those that could be controlled.
It was possible to steer the mind within dreams, once one was aware of being in one. It was just like meditation and a good method of cultivation, he had learned throughout the years, to escape the construct of unpredictability, to command one’s subconscious. So he concentrated, hard…. attempting to get away from the unbearable heat that threatened to engulf him.

Relief came when he forced his thoughts to more pleasant things. His body was being cooled by chill, soothing touches. But they came and went, unpredictable. He tried to concentrate harder, to make the cool relief linger. His inflamed body was still much too hot from within. He craved more of the caress, the comfort, the soothing tranquility his unconscious mind had created.

She appeared before him then, the only person who was able to sooth all his longing, his frustration, his tormented heartache. Her skin glowed radiantly, her hair flowed around her shoulders, her eyes were as dark as the night. So beautiful, he thought, no one compared to her, she, his enchantress, was the fairest of the realms. How lucky he was to conjure her image to sooth his torment.

He felt her hands brush over his face, his throat, and his chest, soothing his body. But though her exquisite touch chilled his burning flesh on the surface, it ignited another fire within him. Instead of finding relief, his body grew hotter with unfulfilled cravings. He yearned to touch her himself - maybe it would ease his pain? When he felt something cold brush against his lips, his instinct took over, overpowering his will. He captured her within his arms and rolled her beneath him. The feeling of soft womanly curves under his hard body was more than he would have thought possible to imagine. But he did, and she felt perfect against him.

She touched his chest lightly as he buried his face against the side of her throat. The familiar fragrance of jasmine filled his senses. He greedily breathed in the divine scent he had yearned for, a fragrance he had caught a whiff of hundred of times before, but could never savor for long. Now, he could submerge himself in her heavenly scent. But it wasn’t enough either - he wanted to taste her, to consume her. He traced his tongue along the side of her delicate neck and her chest arched as she gasped. Encouraged by her response, his lips ran over the lobes of her ear, nibbling the softness of her flesh, leaving him craving more of what her body had to offer.

As he continued to relish her slender neck, his hand slowly traveled from her waist upward until it reached the side of her breast. His thumb traced the edge, advancing slowly under the soft curves, until it reached the center of her chest. Pressing his thumb upward, he moved it in circular motion, up and down between the center of her mounds. She whimpered and her body bucked up against his. Groaning, he pressed back and bit the bottom of her chin, making her gasp and quiver as he continued to bite her neck, sucking on her delicate flesh.

His need to touch her bare skin became more irrepressible the more he tasted her. He wanted to feel more of her softness, he wanted to see her ravishing skin, now hidden beneath layers of silk, a barrier to his exploration. He allowed his other hand to reach for the strapping of her belt, to untie the knot, and slip it away from her waist. He started loosening her tight clothing that was an obstacle to his touch. He opened the first layer of her silk robe, then the second, exposing her transparent white undergarment underneath. When he reached for the straps on the side of the waist, he could hear her gasp. Delighted by her sound, he took his time as he pulled on the ribbon. Once, twice, the barrier was no more as he tugged at the collar of her undergarment, uncovering her pearl white slender shoulders. He traced his fingers over her delicate flesh, he caressed her shoulders to her neck, lower to her nape, then ran the back of his hand over her quivering chest.

She reached for him, pulling him down, enfolding him in her arms. Understanding her needs, he hungrily sucked on the exposed skin of her slender shoulders, delicate as they were, his greedy lips traveled from her nape to her chest, biting, licking, savoring her softness. Moving lower, he realized another barrier was in his way. He tried to remove it, but it would not easily come off. Realizing what the obstacle was, he growled against her skin. However, nothing could stop him from devouring her.

He slipped his hand into her open robes, under her xin yi, behind her arched back, he searched for the strappings of her undergarments. But her soft silky skin distracted him from his mission. He found his hand caressing, playing, and stroking the velvet spine of her back, making her arch and squirm from his touch, her hands grasping his shoulders, until he found what he was seeking for. She jumped when he tugged at her straps, so he lifted himself up on his bent arm, looking into her eyes. Beautiful, passionate, unwavering eyes. Eyes that could enchant and take away his soul. The ones he could never look away from without feeling empty inside.

As their eyes locked, their breaths quickened. Steadily and patiently, he pulled the lower string of her knotted strap, making her quiver upon its release. Still holding her gaze, he reached for her second strap, but this time, her eyes closed and her body began to flush with anticipation. Her jasmine fragrance filled the air around them, intoxicating his senses even more. Spellbound by her bewitching aroma, he momentarily lost track of his mission.

He came back to his senses when he felt her delicate hand caressing his cheek. He stared into her eyes, and continued to pull away the delicate string that held the barrier to his gaze and touch in place. His hand shook as he slid his fingers to her back, touching the side of her xin yi - and paused. He realized he couldn’t remove the barrier to her beauteous bosom. Her innocent eyes bore into him; not just yet, not like this. He needed more, much more.

He let go of her undergarment, and turned away from her gaze. Patiently, he lowered his head and laid butterfly kisses on the edge of the silk barrier, causing her to squirm beneath him. He cupped her firm breast that was still covered; his hand squeezed and kneaded, and he was enjoying the sound of her moans and gasps, as his thumb encircled the hard nub under the thin layer of silk. Delighted to hear her cry his name, he now understood, even in his dreams, he wanted her body to be as desperate as his own. As much as he desired to possess her within his reverie, the need for her to beg for his touch, beg for his kisses, and beg for his embrace, overcame his subconscious control.

Invited by her moans, he slipped his hand into the opening of her robes. He cupped her buttocks. Unable to control his aching loins, he squeezed them, lifted himself up and pressed her core against his own. She cried out. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she pressed her face against his neck and bit him, making him groan against her. She continued to bite and taste his neck, tracing her tongue to the front, following with her teeth.

He had wanted her to beg, but now it was his body doing the begging. The barrier of silk only added to the intensity of the moment. Before he could continue and take charge of his fantasy, he felt her rock against him. His body didn’t need further invitation to move in response. Her arms held him as he continued to press and rub his inflamed budge against her hot damp core. Driven by instinct, her body writhed against his throbbing arousal, causing his body to shudder with unfulfilled desire to bury himself inside of her.

Pulling back slightly, he was ready to ravish her, but her undergarment had slipped, half revealing her bare breasts before his gaze, distracting him. With a shaking hand, he pressed over the soft tender curve of her breast, circling his thumb over the fragile peak under the silk fabric, until her nub hardened again. Without hesitation, he slipped away her undergarment, and pressed his lips to her pearl bright bosom, her body jolting beneath him.

She wildly pushed and pulled at his shoulders, moaning his name. Her desperation made him want to tease her more. Her breath caught when the tip of his tongue traced the circle around the edge of her pink nipple. He sucked, nibbled, and bit lightly on the edges, until she pulled his head to where she desired his attention the most. He caught her nipple with his lips, sucking it steadily, then releasing the rosy bud to blow a cool breeze on the damp breast. She gasped and sobbed until he took her nub into his mouth again, and she held his head tight against her bosom.

After he had given the same attention to her other breast, he continued to lick between her mounds. She pulled at his head and begged him to stop teasing her, begged him to be inside her, calling his name. Her cries made him want to devour what was offered before him. Who was he to deny her? Moving his body up, he watched her whimper for his touch. How beautiful, he thought.

Her face was flushed, her eyes were dazed, and her wet lips were inviting. He hadn’t even tasted them yet, he realized. How callous of him not to savor them when it was all he dreamed of for years. One should not ravish a lady without tasting her sweet nectar first. His palm cupped her face, while his thumb brushed over her quivering luscious lips. He lightly rubbed his nose against hers, taking his time to inhale the aroma of her burning desire. His heart elated with pounding excitement, he was finally going to taste the rosy petals he had longed for. He could not wait any longer...eyes closed...his lips moved over hers...

“16th, I heard from our seniors you were half beaten to death because of your Princess?”

Zi Lan wanted to growl at the sound of 17th’s voice and her untimely entrance into his subconsciousness. Why did 17th have to wake him up from a most delicious vivid dream?

“How are things with her? How bad is your injury? Are you really half dead as they said?”

He was so close to her lips he could almost taste it. Her fragrance still enraptured his mind, unfazed by the disturbance of reality… but when he opened his eyes…. she was still before him. His lips were still hovering above hers, barely touching. Pulling back, he saw Yan Zhi’s eyes no longer filled with passion, but fright.

How was this possible? Why hadn’t he woken up? No… this couldn’t be real...

“My apologies,” he heard 17th continue ruefully, “I should’ve knocked. Please continue, I will make myself scarce.”

Si Yin’s words sent a splash of chilling cold water over his inflamed body. What had he done? How could he allow himself to cross such line? He had taken liberties with Yan Zhi. Zi Lan wanted nothing more than to wake up from his nightmare. He wanted to disappear, to die, anything to take him away from the reality before him.

“Yan Zhi, I…,” he couldn’t finished because Yan Zhi pushed him off her so hard, his head and body slammed into the wall. The impact made him see stars and things went black…. again.

Chapter 37b