The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - List of Characters (Update)

kakashi: The most difficult part of The Advisors Alliance are the many, many characters. In addition, almost all of them have two names - the second is the so-called courtesy name, "a name bestowed upon one at adulthood in addition to one's given name".
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The list is up to date until episode 8 

Sima Household

Sima Yi / Zhong Da 
A political prodigy and military strategist. As a weak, young scholar, he is pulled into the complexities within the Cao Family and becomes a master of manipulation during the Three Kingdoms Era.

Zhang Chun Hua
Sima Yi's wife

Sima Fu / Shu Da
Sima Yi's younger brother. He is the one intended to marry the sister of Yang Xiu before the Yangs cancel the engagement.
To his left we see Hou Ji, servant in the Sima household

Sima Fang / Jian Gong
Father of Sima Yi. He is also a Minister in the Han government.

Sima Lang / Bo Da
Older brother of Sima Yi.

Xu Shu / Yuan Zhi
A good friend of the Sima family, working against Cao Cao.

The Cao Household

Cao Cao / Meng De
A warlord / Chancellor  / Grand Minister who rose to power towards the end of the Han Dynasty and laid the foundation of Wei. Cruel and ambitious.

Cao Pi / Zi Huan
Second son of Cao Cao

Cao Zhi / Zi Jian 
Younger brother to Cao Pi. An accomplished poet.

Cao Zhang / Zi Wen
Son of Cao Cao.

Cao Zhen / Zi Dan
Son of Cao Cao

Cao Hong / Zi Lan
brother of Cao Cao

Lady Bian
Cao Cao's wife

Guo Jia/ Feng Xiao
Loyal advisor to Cao Cao, Head of the Investigation Bureau.

Xu Chu / Zhong Kang
Cao Cao's bodyguard 

Xun Yu/Gong Da
Advisor to Cao Cao

Ji Bu
Officer in the Investigation Bureau, has a mysterious connection to Sima Yi's wife.

Ding Yi / Zheng Li 
Ally to Cao Zhi. 

Other Families

Xun Yu / Wenruo
A strategist and statesman who served as an advisor to Cao Cao

Yang Biao / Wen Xian
A Grand Minister - anti Cao Cao.

Man Chong / Bo Ning
A pro Cao Minister

Yang Xiu / De Zu
Son of Yang Biao. Host of the talent show to recruit new officials.

Guo Zhao
Zhen Fu / Lady Zhen
First wife of Cao Pi.

Pro Han Dynasty

Emperor Han Xian Di/ Liu Xie/ Bode

Empress Dong
daughter of Dong Chen

General Dong/ Dong Chen
Rebel against Cao Cao and Empress Dong's father

Liu Bei / Xuan De
a Cao Cao's antifan.