The King's Avatar《全职高手》- Episode 4: Wild Bosses are Meant to be Fought Over

The King's Avatar《全职高手》- Episode 4: Wild Bosses are Meant to be Fought Over

Oh dear Chen Guo why are you so oblivious XD. Lord Grim pisses off more people and the 3 big guild trip over themselves. An old enemy makes an appearance and is such a nuisance. On the other hand who's this newbie who likes gang fights?

Whelp we messed up

Ye Xiu treats all the employees in the internet cafe to a fast food dinner. Chen Guo calls him shameless for using Tang Rou's money to treat everyone. Meanwhile as soon as her account card is ready, Tang Rou creates her character and names her Soft Mist (or Gentle Mist depending on sub), working a bit of her name "Rou" meaning 'soft' into it. Chen Guo comes over to check how she's doing and excitedly ask what class Tang Rou would be playing. Initially Tang Rou considers Unspecified since it's what Ye Xiu is using, but Chen Guo says that it'll be hard, you'll need a weapon like Ye Xiu's Umbrella.

The Myriad Manifestation Umbrella, is a Silver Tier weapon. In GLORY weapons and armor are divided into tiers starting from the lowest white, green, blue, purple and orange being strongest. The Silver tier stand above all those as self made, custom weapon. There's a saying in GLORY, "Silver weapons may not always be the strongest, but the strongest weapons are always Silver." So all the best professional players in GLORY (God level accounts) have Silver weapons.

The Silver weapon system isn't that well explain the donghua. I'm hoping more details will pop up next season. GLORY has a weapons editing system that is used to make custom weapons. You create a blue print of your weapon and you can replace parts in it with material you've gathered in game. Using drops from higher level monsters will allow you to upgrade it. It's a notoriously difficult procedure and consumes an absurd amount of rare crafting materials (in MMOs making good weapons/armor/tools always require a ridiculous amount of materials). Remember how Ye Xiu got all those spider silk from Blue River and that sword from last episode. Professional teams have special research branches dedicated to the development of Silver weapons. 

Tang Rou resigns that she probably can't play Unspecialized, seeing as it's impossible for her to get a weapon like Ye Xiu's. Chen Guo tries to get Tang Rou to play Launcher with her instead. However Tang Rou wants to play a melee class and asks what class is that God-of-What's-his-name Chen Guo keeps talking about. God of Battle! A Battle mage! Excited again Chen Guo pulls out her treasure trove: information on battle mages written by God Ye Qiu (awwww she's such a cute dedicated fan).

Ye Xiu comes back in from a smoke and see the two girls chatting so he offers to teach Tang Rou, since it's his 'specialty'. Chen Guo tells him to back off and not ruin Tang Rou with his weird teachings (Oh dear... XD... holding my forehead). Ye Xiu sighs, "Ai... preferring guides over professional coaching." They were all written by Ye Qiu himself, Chen Guo argues, how could they be wrong? Sure they were written by 'Ye Qiu', Ye Xiu agrees, but they're at least nine years old, so they're not going to be suitable for battles mages today. Sending the girls off to eat, Ye Xiu offers to update the guides for Tang Rou.

Ye Xiu completes changes late that night and tells Chen Guo to let Tang Rou play with her character a bit before reading the guides, it'll be more useful that way. Ye Xiu heads out for a smoke feeling somewhat dejected - to many memories in those guides. Outside Ye Xiu overhears two internet cafe customers talking. A world boss, Blood Gunner Yagg, has apparently spawned on server 10. Finishing his smoke Ye Xiu heads back inside - the blood gunner has drops he needs for his Umbrella.

Spawn - i.e. the game places the monster/player back on the map
World Boss - a Boss monsters that spawns on normal world maps
i.e. not inside a dungeon. These are extremely rare.

The Buried Boneyard is a desolate wasteland of crying ghosts and crooked tombstones stuck eternally in the night and Blood Gunner Yagg is it's ultimate ruler. Dashing to and fro between Yagg's gunfire three players attempt to take him down. On the side lines hidden behind some broken tomb stones Blue River looks on with a large group of Blue Brook guild members. Just as he was about to signal the attack Blue Rivers hears the arrival of another large group of people. Looking over Blue River discovers, much to his annoyance, Plantago Seed and Cold Night (Endless Night in the messed up subs) who've each brought along a large group of their own guild members.

Character ID: Plantago Seed 车前子                      Character ID: Cold Night 夜度寒潭
Class: Witch                                                               Class: Knight
Guild: Herb Garden (Srv 10 Guild Leader)             Guild: Tyrannical Ambition (Srv 10 Guild Leader)

The three guilds all halt their actions and try to goad each other into attacking first but they've all back stabbed each other enough times over the years that no one would fall for such a simple blind. Plantago Seed tries to form a temporary alliance with Blue River since Cold Night brought more people than either of them. Cold Night laughs and asks if Plantago has forgiven team Blue Rain for breaking team Tiny Herb's three win streak. (Team Tiny Herb is the professional team backing the Herb Garden guild. Tiny Herb won season the 5th and 7th GLORY Championships while Blue Rain won the 6th. So naturally Herb Garden guildies hate the Blue Brook guildies and vice versa).

JY: GLORY is one of those MMOs where open world PK is allowed. i.e. you can fight (and kill) anyone you want in normal world maps. So the large groups each guild brought is more to fend against other guilds than what's actually needed to kill the boss monster.

As the three guilds continue to bicker, the players who were attacking the world boss get hammered - noobs obviously, conclude the guild leaders. One of the players, using a Brawler class, was able to get in a few good hits but didn't even know the effects of his own skills, the guild leader re-evaluate him as an "idiot" (they're so mean... XD). Predictably the Brawler gets knocked down by the boss. At the last minutes Lord Grim jumps in and saves the Brawler.

Lord Grim quickly establishes the aggro target to himself by dealing more damage and asks to join the Brawlers party. Lord Grim manages to stun the boss enough for the party to regroup and move forward in a coordinated attack. Plantago Seed and Cold Night finally get an opportunity to see Lord Grim's skill first hand and agree that he is indeed as good as rumored. But what is this Lord Grim doing partying up with those noobs. "Trying to steal the boss in front of our eyes that what." says Cold Night.

Out in the battlefield Lord Grim assumes command of the party laying out what each party member is to do. The Brawler is indeed a newbie player but he is a quick learner. After a few pointers from Lord Grim the group form a semblance of a raiding party. Their marked improvement was impressive. In Blue Brook's camp, Nighttime Spark couldn't help his excitement and suggest that they should join too. However Blue River didn't allow it. Don't you see those two vultures over there? he asks referring to Plantago Seed and Cold Night. Bound Boat speculates that Lord Grim is probably relying on the guilds holding each other in check in order to steal the boss (He's right).

The three guilds then attempt recruit Lord Grim into their party and start an impromptu auction. However Lord Grim continued to ignore them and told his party to concentrate on their own attacks. Seeing as their offers were being ignored, Plantago Seed broke rank first and charged in. Seeing that Cold Night quickly moves in as well. Blue River was last and tells his group to help out Lord Grim if Herb Garden or Tyrannical Ambition attempts to pk him.

As the guilds charge in Lord Grim suddenly tells his team to retreat and get away from the area ASAP. The party is confused, why are they running now? Then wouldn't all their effort be for naught? Aren't the guilds coming to help? (No, they're coming to kill people who stand in their way and steal the boss) And why aren't you running? Lord Grim tells them to trust him and go. The Brawler is the only one who listens. Lord Grim continues with his relentless attacks on the boss.

As the guild players get close, with Blue River, Cold Night and Plantago Seed at the lead, a sudden change comes over the Blood Gunner. It's going into enraged mode! The guild leaders are confused, the boss hasn't reached red blood (<10% health) yet how can it be enraged!? Blue River figures out the answer first, 200 combo hit! Lord Grim deliberate had his party do a 200 hit combo while they were arguing... (lol).

Wobbling tombstones are a bad sign in most cases.

When the Blood Gunner is enraged it raises an army of undead zombies. With the three guild leaders (who are also party leaders) in his aggro range an army of over 100 zombies is summoned (there's over 100 people in their combined parties). The zombies run straight at the in coming guild players and a giant fight ensues. During the messy battle Blue River realizes that Lord Grim had lured the Blood Gunner away from the main battle ground. Crap!

JY: Lord Grim is able to lure the Blood Gunner away because it's aggro was locked on Lord Grim. This happens so often in MMOs... >_>

Blue River is pretty good :D

Elsewhere Lord Grim and the Brawler run through a deserted area of the boneyard with the Blood Gunner chasing them. Lord Grim asks the brawler if he's scared to be chased by the three big guilds. No, it's awesome, the Brawler answers, he loves big messy brawls. They will attempt to hide and kill the boss.

They head down into a deep valley and through the shadows the Brawler notices some people running towards them. It's Sleeping Moon and gang! Lord Grim tells the Brawler to add them to their party. The new group begin their attack on the boss with Lord Grim taking the lead and establishing aggro target. They don't have much time though, it won't take long for the guilds to kill the zombie mob. Sure enough Blue River has made it out of the battle already and is close, he spies Lord Grim's party from the top the valley. Cold Night's party are not far off either.

Down in the valley Lord Grim tells the group that the only way to win is to speed up their apm and kill the boss before the guilds arrive. Not even Blue River will be nice this time. Lord Grim's hits come faster and faster and the team could not keep up. How much faster can he go!? At long last the Blood Gunner hits <10% health, Lord Grim shouts for the rest of the party move out of aggro range. With only Lord Grim in the aggro range only one zombie is summoned and is promptly killed by the Brawler with a brick to the head. Grabbing the boss in a choke hold Lord Grim tosses the Blood Gunner some distance away finally killing it. A system announcement lights up the sky congratulating the party on the Blood Gunner's First Kill record. We finally see the brawler's name Steamed Bun Invasion (there is no poem for this name).

Cold Night, Blue River and Nighttime Spark stare in disbelief at the announcement. They seriously screwed up this time (hahaha notice how Plantago Seed isn't there? He actually died during the zombie horde battle cause he's a squishy witch).

Character ID: Steamed Bun Invasion 包子入侵
Class: Brawler
Guild: None

The First Kill record causes a stir in the Internet Cafe and everyone starts talking about how the three guilds were wroughted. Ye Xiu does not join in with the chatter. Adding Steamed Bun Invasion to his friends list Ye Xiu asks the Full Moons guys why Sleeping Moon seemed quiet today only. It turns out Sleeping Moon was actually one of his fans too and was depressed by the new of his retirement (awww poor kid).

After bidding the Full Moon people good night, Ye Xiu receives a private message from Blue River. The poor guy couldn't understand why he had to steal the boss like that, didn't they work very well together before? Ye Xiu wasn't about to apologize for something that people have every right to do. "Aren't wild bosses meant to be fought over?" Blue River has nothing to say those were the unwritten rules of GLORY. Breathing out heavily Blue River sets it aside and asks if Lord Grim would like to re-run the Frost Forest Dungeon again (to set a faster record). No time says Lord Grim, he'd already promised Tyrannical Ambition guild to help them with the run. Blue River cries~ T_T

Ye Xiu gets up for a break and just as he walked away from the computer a system announcement pops up congratulating guild Excellent Dynasty for breaking the Frost Forest Record Clear in 13 min 24.21 sec (that smashed Blue Brook's by almost 7 whole minutes). Excellent Dynasty is Excellent Era's in game guild...


Hahaha I don't have much coherent things to say about this episode except looooooool the guilds messed up and Chen Guo you poor girl XD and hello Soft Mist~~~ But stealing the boss right from under the nose of the three guilds that was a bold move and I'm not sure if it was a good idea. Maybe it's his way of saying "I'm not affiliating with any guild, I'm just a mercenary >:D pay me."

Go away Excellent Era, you guys are so annoying.

Yes the red and yellow clown is one of the official sponsors this show.

Bonus Meta:
Brawler moves:
- brick buster: smack the opponent on the head with a brick. If struck on the back of the head 100% chance to cause dizzy status.
- slap: slap the opponent on the face. Raises aggro.
- sand toss: throw sand at the opponent and mess up their cloths. If thrown in front of the face can cause blind status for 8sec. Blind status is easy to negate by wearing a pair of glasses.

Novel Tracking: End of Chapter 82. We skipped over some extra boss fights, dungeon clear record setting and why Blue River got sent to server 10 in the first place - in short it's guild politics.