The King's Avatar 《全职高手》- Episode 6: The Sword Saint

The King's Avatar 《全职高手》- Episode 6: The Sword Saint

OOh new character and he's adorkable. Liu Hao manages to get to a new low. All server records are now as easy to break as glass vases and no one knows what's going on.


The practice dungeon run through Frost Forest is still going. Cleansing Mists' cannon fire sets off a giant fireworks displays in the skies. Crowd Lover puzzles over this, if Cleansing Mist is Su Mucheng then Lord Grim is... Before he could make the connection Lord Grim runs over to Cleansing Mist and tells her to be more careful. Her random shooting is scattering the mobs, it'll take time to pull them that. Don't do that in the actual record run. Upon hearing that Crowd Lover dismisses his earlier train of thought, thinking that the 'delivery gun' he saw was just a fluke. Of course, why would an Excellent Era All Star player come help Tyrannical Ambition break a dungeon record? Team Excellent Era and Team Tyranny are rivals after all.

Ye Xiu sighs in relief, looks like his made up excuse was just enough to fool Crowd Lover. Quickly messaging Su Mucheng on private chat he advises her to not use delivery gun anymore because she's too good at it and it'll expose them. Su Mucheng happily agrees, sure, I can smurf too.

Outside Frost Forest Ye Xiu debriefs the team. Practice individually for now and they'll attempt the record tomorrow night. Tang Rou is however impatient, she has already remembered all the positions and moves she needs to do. That's not everything Ye Xiu reminds her, what about her team work? There were also areas she could improve on individually like how to maximize damage while consuming the minimum amount mana and how to exploit the hidden effects of skills to the fullest (good advise for all gamers here). The night passes as the group continue their training with Ye Xiu guiding every step of the way (aww he can't stop being team Captain XD). Chen Guo brings food to feed her now game-addicted friend and Lord Grim makes a visit to the weapons forge (weapons editing system) to upgrade his Myriad Manifestation Umbrella - it's now level 15.

The sub team actually captioned this but seriously I can't read it.

The next night arrives and the team rampages through the dungeon and get their record! 13 min 05.47 sec. At Excellent Era's office Liu Hao is none too happy. Chen Yehui has figured out that Lord Grim is 'Ye Qiu' and it looks like he is rebuilding a new character. Still lingering around even after getting kicked from the team! Liu Hao decides to break the Frost Forest record again.

12 min 55.42sec! Everyone speculate that Tyrannical Ambition and Excellent Dynasty these two old rivals are probably at war. Tang Rou not willing to take anything lying down asks Ye Xiu if they'll try to take this record back again. No point, they're already at the max level that can set records for this dungeon. Without better equipment, class combination or skills they will not be able to beat it. They need to do something else. As they were talking Lord Grim receives a friend request from a player called Hateful Sword - a Berserker class character.

JY: Frost Forest is a dungeon for level 20-25. Once you pass the level limit you won't be able to set records for it anymore (although you can still play it).

Chen Yehui calls up Liu Hao to thank him, they have thoroughly trounced 'Ye Qiu' this time round. Liu Hao laughs how could he be satisfied with such a small victory? The show has just started. Just then his friend request to Lord Grim was accepted. Liu Hao ends the call, he had some catfishing to do.

Hateful Sword immediately makes contact with Lord Grim asking him if they could level together or maybe have a couple of rounds of pk. Sensing something off with this Hateful Sword, Ye Xiu sends him off to the pk arena with Steamed Bun and Liu Hao is driven up the wall by Steamed Bun oblivious obliviousness. Meanwhile Lord Grim sets a new record with the Full Moon people for the Boneyard dungeon - 23 min 54.71 sec.

Finally Hateful Sword is invited to a dungeon run. Cleansing Mist asks Lord Grim where this Hateful Sword came from. Lord Grim smirks, he found me on his own. With Excellent Era messing around business has been difficult. The only way to break out of this cycle is to make an unbreakable record and take back control. So the group is here to work on a new strategy for clearing this dungeon. Off to the side Liu Hao is gleeful with the thought that he's managed to forced Ye Qiu's hand. They run the dungeon several times and manage to set an all-server record of 17 min 22.17 sec for Blue Brook Guild.

Out in the real world Liu Hao tells Chen Yehui to get ready to break Boneyard's record that night having successfully learnt Ye Qiu's new strategy. Chen Yehui was stumped, but there's a match on tonight he reminds the Vice Captain. What?? Against who?? Liu Hao had completely forgotten about the official matches (Tsk tsk, still failing his team).

That night during the match, Liu Hao was completely unprepared as he goes up against Huang Shaotian, the controller of Troubling Rain (or Annoying Nighttime Rain), known in the professional circuit as the Sword Saint. Huang Shaotian taunts Liu Hao for his terrible moves - geeze are you a Beserker or a Ghostblade Liu Hao lololololol....etc. Huang Shaotian is the ace player of team Blue Rain, a great opportunist and the BIGGEST trash talker in the league.

Character ID: Troubling Rain 夜雨声烦
Class: Blade Master
Weapon: Ice Rain 冰雨 (light sword - fastest type of sword in GLORY)
Pro Team: Blue Rain

Predictably Excellent Era looses the match. Sun Xiang is completely disgusted with Liu Hao. Feeling uncertain Chen Yehui nervously asks if they'll still be breaking the Boneyard dungeon record. Of course they will!

Back in the game Blue River is still ecstatic with the all-server record for Boneyard. (JY: all-server records are becoming too easy lol) Who can beat that! He'll live stream himself eating his keyboard if anyone does! The system of course then immediately announces that Excellent Dynasty has broke said record (haha). Hateful Sword soon makes contact again, still pretending to be a noob. However Ye Xiu has finished with the game and ends their conversation after directly calling out Liu Hao's name.

Tang Rou is worried about the record as well, but Ye Xiu doesn't look troubled at all. Just then Tang Rou notices a strange looking guy sneaking about outside the internet cafe. She scares him off with a shout but Ye Xiu tells her to go log back into the game already, they'll be breaking the record soon. The strange looking guy is still sneaking about at the cafe entrance, Ye Xiu waves him inside. In a secluded corner of the internet cafe strange visitor finally pull off his scarf, it's Huang Shaotian :).

Haha do you see the other characters beside him?

Huang Shaotian is really curious about what 'Ye Qiu' is planning on doing. Is he really just going to be internet cafe supervisor? With 'Ye Qiu's' skills even if he's retired he's bound to be able to find something better. Ye Xiu ignores all of the Huang Shaotian's questions and tells him to help with the Boneyard record first. That effectively knocks Huang Shaotian onto another tangent - so much effort for such a low level dungeon even having to prepare his own account and getting made to work for free when he earns several tens of thousands a match! This is all too embarrassing! Amidst much complaining Huang Shaotian logs into the game with his smurf account Flowing Tree (a Blade Master as well).


At the stroke of midnight the group meets up in the Boneyard dungeon. The dungeon run gets off to a rocky start as Steam Bun and Flowing Tree each goes off on their own tangents and being generally annoying. Lord Grim sighs and tells the group to pay attention, he going to start explaining the strategy now. Huang Shaotian is most definitely an experienced professional player. Immediately noticing Lord Grim's strange play style and his even stranger weapon. "Made it with a friend when you were kill stealing bosses." Ye Xiu answers when Huang Shaotian asked after it.

JY: Before becoming a professional player, Huang Shaotian use to run around the normal GLORY severs kill stealing wild Bosses.

ks - kill stealing. Usually the person who lands the last
strike on a monster gets the bulk of the exp from the
kill. So kill stealing is jumping in at the last moment
after other people have done the work to kill a monster
and steal the exp points. KSing normal mob monsters
is considered bad etiquette in MMORPGs.

The strategy is actually to exploit a glitch in the Boneyard dungeon map. By swatting monsters into a crack in the cliffs they were able to trap them inside, saving the time needed to kill them. After testing the move for himself, Flowing Tree was able to quickly calculate the amount of time they can save, showing a level of game knowledge far superior to either Gentle Mist and Steamed Bun. Of course Huang Shaotian is not just any professional player, he's someone ranked as a God Tier player like 'Ye Qiu'.

JY: If there's any kind of glitch or bug in game that can benefit players, expect players to exploit it ruthlessly and shamelessly.

Seeing how fast they were progressing Flowing Tree realizes that Excellent Dynasty must have used the same method to set their record. Lord Grim smiles and confirms that Hateful Sword was Liu Hao. It takes Steamed Bun a while to realize that Hateful Sword was a spy. Why did he bring Hateful Sword along if he had known all along? Well, Ye Xiu wasn't about to refuse free help was he. Anyway after Liu Hao's help they got a new weapon - a level 25 orange-tier light sword, perfect for Blade Masters, it would be the key to helping them break the record.

Sending Flowing Tree an invite to join Blue Brook Guild, Ye Xiu tells Huang Shaotian to stop joking around they're going for the record now. Huang Shaotian of course does not agree, honestly when was he not serious (haha). At some point in the night, I'm sure Ye Xiu must have regretted asking Huang Shaotian to come.


Tsk Liu Hao, being so small minded and petty that he forgot what he really needed to do. At the rate he's going, he's really going to run Excellent Era into the ground. 

And finally! After so many oblique mentions of Huang Shaotian we finally meet him :D Were you able to keep up with what he was saying XDD hahaha.

Anyway Blue River you owe us all a live stream of you eating your keyboard.

Novel Tracking: Halfway through chapter 122.


Um for people who haven't watched the rest of the episodes bad news... Tencent has made episodes 2-12 private now... :(. Bilibili still has it but with ep 12 behind a paywall and no English subs. I'm pretty sure some of the larger anime streaming sites have it but I don't use them so I don't know. If anyone knows please help out other viewers and leave a comment. Thanks!