"The King's Avatar"《全职高手》- Recap Intro Post

《全职高手》 The King’s Avatar/Full Time Expert/Master of all Skills Recap Intro

Hi Guys,

Joyce here, I’ve come back again but this time with a recap! I’ll be recapping “The King’s Avatar”! 

I've gone 2D!

This story revolves around an eSports athlete named Ye Xiu who is regarded as THE best player in the professional league of the fictional massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) "GLORY". Amidst some very dodgy happenings in his professional team, Ye Qiu is forced into retirement. Leaving his professional gaming career behind he finds employment at a local internet café and throws himself once again into the game under a new avatar by the name of “Lord Grim”.

Just look at this poster!

Yes this show is a cartoon/animation/donghua/anime/etc and not a live action drama. I’ll be calling it donghua 动画 – that’s the Chinese word for ‘animation’ just to have some differentiation. I thought it might be an interesting series to add to the stuff we’ve got archived here.

“The King’s Avatar” donghua series is an adaptation of a web novel of the same name written by Butterfly Blue back in 2011. The book series itself has 1776 chapters (woah) and this first season (having only 12 episodes, each barely 20 min long) managed to cover 300 or so chapters. 

Having gone back and read the light novel after watching the donghua, I believe the producers did a great job with the adaptation given the limited number of episodes. However because of the large amount of material and world building that needed to be covered viewers can get a bit lost - especially if you're unfamiliar with MMORPGs. Which is, by the way, the main reason I wanted to write a recap which included a bit more explanation of things (I've see a lot of confused viewers).

Note that this series has people who smoke like chimneys and swear like pirates - whether any character who drinks like a fish will show up later or not I'm not sure. So if you don't like this I guess you might want to circle round. Other than that jump straight in ;) 

The show is available over on YouTube off the TencentVideo channel here. They have stuck a paywall in-front of the last episode of the season so you'll need to search elsewhere for that.

Anyone interested in reading the book can go here.

Anyone interested in reading a manhua (comic) adaption can go here.

So yeah, I'm off to write the actual recap now.  

~ Joyce


No, I've not watched SAO or "Log Horizon" but I know enough about both to know that TKA is nothing like either of them. If you really want to draw a comparison then please check out the ".hack//Sign" series.