Fanfiction 2: Moyuan and Bai Qian - Chapter 7, Part 3 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 7 - The Bell of Donghuang

Part 3

written by LalaLoop
consulting by Juls
edited by kakashi

It was a quiet night. She wandered around the school with a book in her hand, trying to memorize the verses from the page. Then, she saw him sitting by the pool, playing his zither, occasionally turning his head to look at it, as though checking on a sleeping child.

“Music!” She closed her book and excitedly ran towards him, “I want to listen!”

“Shush,” he pressed his finger against his lips, making her stop, then smiled and motioned his hand for her to sit down in front of him, and turned his eyes to that thing in the pool again. She frowned - it had started to make her wonder.

The immobile thing had been there since the day she’d come to Kunlun. There was nothing special about it except the color and some golden dust on the petals. She and her seniors could conjure more interesting and useful objects; the Lord of Treasures had gifted him with more beautiful artifacts. But nothing could earn the kind of look he always reserved for that little flower.

She was not entirely unfamiliar with the look, but she'd never seen someone bestow it upon an ordinary plant before. Her seniors seemed to know this too. They referred to it as ‘his favorite’ amongst themselves.

Whenever she asked him questions, he would simply shake his head as though it was something beyond her understanding.

She had been observing. She could tell this wasn’t simply a well brewed jar of wine from Zheyan, his Xuanyuan sword, or any other treasure in their school. She could see in his eyes he loved it more than anything in the world. As if it had had a soul of its own. As if it would pain him a great deal if anything happened to it.

Realizing she hadn't moved, he looked up at her and tilted his head, smiling.

“Come here,” he said, holding out his hand, “I need you.”

She stepped forward, stood by his side and stared down at the flower.

“Keep an eye on it for me from now on, will you?” He rose, stepping closer to her.

“Why?” she pouted. “It doesn’t need anything.”

“Keep it company. Make sure no one steps on it during sword practice and so on,” he smiled again.

She nodded, trying not to show him her furrowed eyebrows.
Keep it company? She rolled her eyes - It wasn't even a pet she could feed or play with.

But no matter, she knelt down, leaning forward to take a closer look, blowing her hair from her face. If he loved it so much, she could try to be friends with it.

From above her he reached out his hand and gently touched one of the petals, pushed it along, then let out a long sigh. She looked up to see his face suddenly becoming melancholy.

Quietly, the little lotus kept floating back and forth in the pool with the other flowers, oblivious to the loving eyes watching over it.


Bai Qian made her way to the Nine Heavens without the faintest idea if there was anything she could do. Yehua must know of his relation to Moyuan by now, there was no doubt of that. Lord Donghua, Zheyan, A-Li, anyone who knew could have easily told him. It wasn't exactly a secret.

Yet it had been days. And if it was Yehua’s choice to shut out everyone who had to do with the horrendous distress he was being put through, then she was in no position to convince him to do otherwise. Her very presence would likely upset him. She herself was not prepared to face him again.

Bai Qian walked faster - Zheyan would be able to tell her if Yehua was in any danger. She had to know. He needed to know.

She hurried towards the gate of the Nine Heavens, where a guard gladly agreed to lead her to Taichen palace, where Zheyan was said to be.

Having been too absorbed in her own sense of guilt, Bai Qian had forgotten something Moyuan had been trying to tell her in the wine cellar during her emotional outburst. Her throat became dry - she was not the only one who had hurt Yehua. Moyuan would soon have to do the same to his brother - the brother he had waited for longer than for her, whom he’d never had the chance to meet, the brother who had sacrificed his own cultivation to bring him back, for whom he would gladly do the same.

Yet there was nothing he could do. Not this time. Something as simple as a visit had become beyond reach. He was helpless, unable to protect the golden lotus like he used to, unable to keep it happy and well as he had promised.

All because…

No, Bai Qian closed her eyes and shook her head. Blaming herself wouldn’t do much good now.

Arrogant. Presumptuous. Conceited. She grunted and started to divert the blame like she always did. Trying to prove he cares more for others than they could care for him? How dare he.

He does not have to prove it, another voice from the back of her head protested, it is true. Bai Qian rolled her eyes, made no more attempt to argue with herself and kept walking ahead with the guard leading the way.

As Bai Qian walked passed the celestial court, she saw a familiar figure slowly pacing up and down at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the court.

“Shaoxing,” Bai Qian squinted, approaching the figure. It was indeed the little snake. She had not changed much since their last encounter. The ever kind and gentle look on her face was the same one Bai Qian remembered.

At the moment, she was looking impatient as if waiting for someone.

“Gugu,” Shaoxing turned around and quickly bowed to her.

“There’s no need,” Bai Qian said quickly. “What are you doing here alone?”

“I’m waiting for my husband and Yuanzhen, Gugu. They are spending time with the Heavenly Lord.”

Bai Qian nodded, then asked with her brows furrowed, “why aren't you with them?”

“I’m usually not allowed in the court,” Shaoxing’s face saddened. Bai Qian didn't need any further explanation to grasp the situation.

A flaming hate for the Heavenly Lord and his ridiculous system swept through her again.

Since she had learnt the truth about her mortal trial, Bai Qian had been tremendously upset, not by what had happened to herself, but at the general treatment of inferiors and mortals in the Nine Heavens. In fact, besides going through Qingqiu’s documents and making up excuses to avoid speaking with Moyuan, she had been preparing a detailed plan to bring Yehua’s attention to the injustice mortals faced in the Nine Heavens.

If she, the woman the Crown Prince had risked his life for to protect, had been so horribly mistreated, then there must have been many other mortals who had gone through the same or worse. She shuddered to think what Shaoxing had had to endure because of her status.

Such a pity, Bai Qian quietly grunted, that she was no longer the future Celestial Empress, a title which would give her the opportunity to take an active role in this plan. But she was certain Yehua could be convinced of the seriousness of this matter. Unlike his grandfather and the rest of his celestial family, he seemed to be a compassionate and just ruler who was willing to listen. Though perhaps, Bai Qian reminded herself, she needed to wait until this disastrous event was over.

“Gugu,” said Shaoxing nervously.

Bai Qian turned to her, “I have some urgent business to see to. I will speak with you later.”

“Speak with me?” Shaoxing’s eyes opened wide, seemingly confused. “Gugu, I thought you said…”

“Don’t start apologizing and bringing up the past again,” Bai Qian impatiently cut her off, then turned around and caught up with the celestial guard who was waiting for her to continue their walk to Taichen palace.


As the Star Lord led her into Donghua’s study, she saw Zheyan sitting at the desk on the right with a large number of scrolls in front of him. Opposite of him was Lord Donghua, who was wearing a detached look and his usual magnificent long purple robe. The words ‘Crown Prince’ and ‘power’ and such came up rapidly as they exchanged notes, confirming once again that Yehua was not exactly in a good state.

“Ah, Xiaowu,” said Zheyan as soon as she walked in.

Bai Qian bowed to him and Donghua, who made a gesture with his hand, indicating she was free to sit down.

“I need to speak with you,” she said to Zheyan. “You were - er - called here this morning?”

“Did Moyuan send you?” asked Zheyan.


“I surmised as much. Yes, the Crown Prince is unwell.” Zheyan sighed. “Sit. We are also discussing the situation.”

Bai Qian took the seat next to Zheyan and without wasting another moment, she launched into telling them what she had learned at Kunlun. Zheyan listened with his fingers interlocked on the table while Donghua kept his eyes fixed on the scrolls.

“Checkmate,” Donghua suddenly stated when Bai Qian had finished. She looked up at him curiously with her eyes widening - that could not have been meant for her. Glancing down at the table once again, she saw there was no sign of a chessboard either.

Noticing her baffled look, Donghua said quickly, “I apologize, please ignore that. There are times I cannot help voicing my thoughts about random matters.”

Bai Qian looked to Zheyan, who simply shrugged. She did not entirely believe it was only some random remark, though considering there were more pressing matters, she decided to put it aside.

“What is wrong with Yehua that they had to consult you, Zheyan?” Bai Qian asked.

“It was the Medicine King who asked for me and Lord Donghua,” answered Zheyan. “Nothing is technically wrong with the Crown Prince. He has gained cultivation, his injured arm is almost healed, his powers remain the way they were before his trial. But there is a certain complication we have yet to find an explanation for.”


“For now, he is in no immediate danger,” Zheyan stated, though his expression told her he wasn't too certain either. “But there’s a strange power coursing through his body,” he exchanged a look with Donghua and continued, “We don’t know what it is. It appears and vanishes instantaneously. I detected glimpses of it when I was healing him last time but it is becoming more transparent. And what happened this morning was the effect of that.”

“Last time? You mean after he went to Yingzhou island?”


“Is it from the dark side? This power?”

“No,” Donghua affirmed, though he was frowning. “Nor is it destructive. But it is certainly unusual and uncontrollable at the moment, as if struggling to make peace with the other forces of power.”

The elaboration didn't make it any easier to understand. And Bai Qian had a feeling Donghua and Zheyan didn't know about this any more than she did at the moment.

“But how does Moyuan…” Donghua’s eyes narrowed for one second, but they quickly regained their former calmness, “ah, of course.”

“Yes,” said Zheyan without looking at him as if this was a commonly known fact. Then, realizing the look on Bai Qian’s face, he cleared his throat and turned to her.

“When Yehua was trapped in the lotus form, Moyuan used his cultivation to keep it alive. That is why the flower withered when Moyuan’s spirit was scattered. Their inner powers are connected. More so because Yehua recently gave up part of his and cultivation to revive Moyuan. However, this connection will soon cease to be so transparent because they are completely separate individuals now. Yehua no longer depends on Moyuan’s initial cultivation and Moyuan’s will soon become his own again.”

Bai Qian nodded, this wasn't far from the what she had guessed.

“Is he conscious?” she asked nervously, “can we see him?” not completely sure if she wanted the answer to be ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

“He is resting,” Donghua said with a finality in his voice. “I’m afraid it will take several days before he can see anyone. I’m sure you understand.”

There was just enough from his eyes to let her know Yehua knew what he had needed to be told, and it was best that he be left alone for the time being.

“I understand,” Bai Qian looked down, sighing. “Shifu only wants to know how Yehua is. He’s very worried. I’m worried.”

“There’s nothing to be too worried about, at least not yet,” Zheyan assured.

“And…” she suddenly remembered, “according to what you said, what happened to Shifu today shouldn't happen again?”

“I expect so, only a portion of Yehua’s cultivation was transferred to Moyuan, he is strong enough to counter the foreign force and eventually rid himself of it.”

“If it really was the result of the connection,” Donghua pointed out. “But we are not entirely sure, are we? Tell us, what exactly happened to him, High Goddess?”

The sincere concern in Donghua’s voice indicated he wasn’t trying to put her in an awkward position. Though Bai Qian felt her face going red as his and Zheyan’s eyes were fixed on her, expecting an instant and informative answer. Slowly, both their faces turned bemused as she was taking much longer than she should. Bai Qian looked up at the ceiling, searching her brains to remember what Zilan had said.

“Sixteenth Senior said something about ‘pain’,” she replied after a while.

“What kind of pain?” Said Zheyan.

“I didn't ask,” answered Bai Qian truthfully.

“How bad was it?”

“I didn't ask about that, either,” she said, trying to maintain an unflustered expression, though she was starting to feel incredibly stupid.

“Quite understandable,” said Zheyan with a raise of his brows and an obvious smirk. “I'll take a look myself when we get back. Though I’m sure it is nothing too serious.”

“You wouldn't mind if I came along, Zheyan?” asked Donghua, straightening his robe. “I’d like to pay my dear friend a visit before going to Ruoshui River.”

“Moyuan would be delighted,” replied Zheyan.

And without further delay, the three of them set out for the gate of the Nine Heavens.

“Are you strong enough to cloud-jump, Lord Donghua?” asked Bai Qian as they were nearing the gate. “Shall we sword-ride instead?”

Donghua looked at her as if she had just uttered some nonsense.

“I mean…” she said quickly, “nine out of ten is a lot of power to have lost. I'm not sure you’d want to waste more of your power while there are other alternatives.”

“Thank you,” he said, smiling, “cloud-jumping is still perfectly within my ability. You are very attentive to the well being of others, High Goddess.”

A twinkle in Donghua’s eyes increased Bai Qian’s sense of embarrassment. And Zheyan’s unintentional chuckle made her feel even worse.

“But you are right,” he continued. “It seems foolish to squander energy on such things. Let us sword-ride. I am sure Moyuan won’t mind waiting just a little longer.”

“Well, Xiaowu,” said Zheyan, “it seems you can return to Kunlun with moderately good news.” He added with a faint smile after a short pause, lowering his voice, “though I should say you returning would be good enough news.”

“If you're saying Shifu needs me to be there, you're wrong,” she said, her voice colder than she'd expected. “He doesn’t.”

“Now, don’t be…” Zheyan began, but only to be interrupted by Donghua.

“No, she is right,” he said shortly.

Then, ignoring Zheyan’s sigh, Donghua turned to her.

“You refuse to accept a theory without proof,” he said, giving her an approving nod. “Excellent.”

Amidst her turmoil of thoughts, Bai Qian couldn't help grinning.

Chapter 7, Part 4