Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 39 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 39

written by MiniOrchid
consulting by Juls
edited by kakashi and Chimera

Today was like any other day at Kunlun: peaceful and quiet. In fact, the atmosphere here hadn’t changed at all since their arrival. The disciples had their morning chores to complete and went about their tasks cheerfully and with diligence before attending lessons in the afternoon. Yan Zhi had asked if they needed any help, but unfortunately, they had declined her offer. She was their guest here, and propriety did not allow guests to assist the host during their stay. As a result, Yan Zhi was growing increasingly impatient with the lack of activity. She was not the type to laze around for long without occupation. Ghost Tribe members had missions, practiced their martial arts, or enhanced their dark magic to gain cultivation. Even while hiding in the mortal realm, she had worked at restaurants or opened her own dining facilities. Yan Zhi had always been someone who had a purpose, but now she felt like an unmanned ship floating aimlessly, without sail or wind for guidance.

It had been a few weeks now since their arrival on the Mountain and the disciples had taken it upon themselves to watch and entertain their “little dove”. Even though Yan Zhi missed spending time with her, she didn’t want to hurt Qiao Er’s feelings by holding her back from adventures or by keeping her from spending time with her many shifus. Qiao Er had taken a special liking to 4th disciple, whom she followed around like a baby duckling with an abacus in her hand. They had bonded quickly and Qiao Er took his lessons very seriously. In the process of finding such a warm welcome, the girl’s nightmares had ceased. It brought great comfort to Yan Zhi to know her daughter had finally found peace at Kunlun. However, she also knew they only had a limited amount of time remaining here. What would follow filled her with slight dread.

With a heavy sigh, Yan Zhi decided to take a stroll to a forest path on the west side of Kunlun Mountain to enjoy the serenity of the greenery and the waterfalls. The forest here was bright and lively, very unlike those in the Ghost Realms. There, the forests were thick with dark vegetation and the light from the sun never quite reached the forest floor. But when night fell, the twilight gave way to the most wonderful luminescent flowers and bugs that glowed within the dark passage, guiding lost souls to their designated paths. She missed her home, a place she hadn’t returned to for hundreds of years. As things were, she wondered if she could ever return.

As Yan Zhi pondered with an ache in her heart, she suddenly became aware of a commotion ahead of her. It sounded like a battle, but she could hear two women’s voices. That was very unusual here, so she started running towards the noise. What she found was shocking.

A tall unknown woman just ripped away the chain whip from the Demon Princess Li Ying - the momentum strong enough to pull the princess forward, and her throat landed in the hard grip of this vicious woman.

“This is all you got? Fight me!” the woman squeezed harder, choking the princess who was turning very red in the face.

“Li Ying!” Yan Zhi threw a dagger at the woman, but she turned and caught the weapon in mid-air, effortlessly. Still, it gave Yan Zhi the opportunity to jump in and pull Li Ying away from her attacker.

“Who is this?” the woman sneered at them.

“Stay away from her!” Yan Zhi shouted, shielding Li Ying with her body.

The mystery woman narrowed her eyes. Yan Zhi realized she was fighting with suppressed powers, but she was still very strong.

“Aaahhh, you must be that Ghost Princess, the one the injured disciple pines for.”

“What do you want with Li Ying?” Yan Zhi asked, ignoring her taunt.

She gave them a laugh. “Little fool! You dare question me, the Demon Ancestor?”

Demon Ancestor? Bad! Their situation was incredibly dire! This woman with the ancient aura was the High Demon Ancestor who once ruled all of the Demon Kingdoms! Her powers were legendary throughout the realms and if only a tenth of what the ancient records and stories said was true, they were in deep trouble. They had to escape quickly before they were killed.

In desperation, Yan Zhi threw another dagger at her, but she dodged it just as effortlessly as before and came straight at them, using hands and feet, knees and elbows. Both Li Ying and Yan Zhi fought back, blocking, dodging, retreating, but even when they joined forces against the High Demon Goddess, they stood no chance. They soon found themselves flung to the ground, side by side, the Goddess' hands on their necks, now choking them both with considerable strength.

“Weak. You both don’t practice close combat often, do you?” she scowled as they desperately gasped for air.

But then, surprisingly, she loosened her grip and let them catch their breath. “Ha! This was more entertaining than I thought.” The Goddess smiled at them, her demeanor changed, her lovely features accentuated.

“Entertaining?” Yan Zhi glared at her as she pulled Li Ying off the ground.

“Yes, I am in much need of some sparring partners since those virgin doves won’t come near me, most likely by that Bastard’s order. I am incredibly bored.” She shuddered and continued, “Since both of you seem accustomed to distant combat, I foresee much fun in teaching you and watching your progress.”

Outraged, Yan Zhi had to question her motive. “You want us to train with you? You almost killed Li Ying!”

“Killed her? Why would I kill someone who wants to train with me? You quite rudely interrupted us,” the High Goddess sneered.

What? Yan Zhi looked at Li Ying for confirmation.

“It’s true,” the Demon Princess said enthusiastically, “I wanted to train with the Demon High Goddess. She is one of the best! Imagine what she can teach us!”

Yan Zhi stared at her in disbelief. But Yan Zhi had come to know the Yellow Demon Princess and her eccentric personality a little since their stay here. She didn’t lack intelligence, but unlike Yan Zhi, Li Ying didn’t seem to be much aware of her surroundings. Naivete aside, she didn’t seem to recognize danger and didn’t have much of a self preservation instinct either, given the current situation she had placed herself in.

Yan Zhi felt the need to clarify. “But …. she was choking you.”

“One does not improve if one’s life is not on the line,” came the cheerful answer.

Yan Zhi narrowed her eyes at her, still in doubt.

The Demon Princess pulled Yan Zhi closer. “Despite her demeanor, she is generous with her teaching,” Li Ying whispered into Yan Zhi’s ears. “I think she likes you! It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to train with the Demon High Goddess, you better take this chance to improve your martial skills.”

“Are you two done whispering?” The Demon Goddess asked impatiently, rubbing her forehead in frustration.


“You two lack skills, especially since your powers are suppressed here. Mark my words: I have recently learned that without one’s powers, one has to depend on one’s pure fighting skills. You can acquire these skills through diligent practice under me. This is my generous offer to you - if you are not interested, I suggest you go hide again in your rooms and die of boredom.”

Yan Zhi stared at the Goddess, then looked back at Li Ying who was now nodding her head with encouragement and pushing her forward. Yan Zhi couldn’t refute what either of them had said. Yes, she lacked training, due to her isolation. If she had devoted herself to regaining her cultivation rather than secluding herself in the mortal realms, assassins would not have been able to overtake them. She only had herself to blame. She didn’t know if it was because of Li Ying, the Demon Ancestor, or just her own restless self, but Yan Zhi found herself signed up for something she knew was more than she bargained for.

Bowing properly, Yan Zhi paid her respects. “It will be a great privilege to study under you, High Goddess, Shifu.”

The Demon Goddess’s face contorted in anger. “Don’t you dare call me that! It makes me sound old and boring like that Bastard. I already get a headache from those white virgins calling me Shimu.”

“Then how should we address you, please, High Goddess?” Li Ying asked cautiously.

“Ancestor will do. And now … get ready!”


At the White Rock Sea Festival, Li Ying had been fascinated by the Celestials’ appreciation for art and culture. There had been painting sessions and poetry composition and music everywhere. Her eyes could not be sure about which direction to turn to. Since then, a curiosity about the tribe she’d had little contact with before had steadily grown in her mind.

Kunlun was different from the West Sea Kingdom though. It was a school, sacred, a place of wisdom and tranquility for Celestials. There was more decorum, and everyone was busy. Die Feng’s 2nd junior hadn’t found time to teach her the peach blossom candy recipe yet. So Li Ying found herself spending time looking through the library, going for walks or chatting with whichever disciple happened to be going about his chores nearby.

She also got to know the Ghost Princess, Yan Zhi, who was very gentle and kind, and like Li Ying, couldn't use her powers at Kunlun. One Day Li Ying had tagged along to the woods nearby with little Princess Qiao Er and Die Feng’s 7th and 10th juniors. Halfway through their walk, 7th and 10th had disappeared, leaving Li Ying in charge. The little girl had looked at Li Ying with a doubtful expression until Li Ying pointed at a blue feather nearby. That day, the two had collected Qingniao feathers until sundown when Yan Zhi came looking.

Now Li Ying couldn’t believe she had been blessed with such good fortune. This morning, she finally had the opportunity to pay her respects to the High Demon Goddess, but she had found the Queen bored, irritated and edgy, without anything real to do at Kunlun. The attention they received from their hosts was expected, but Demon Immortals were not known to sit around, drinking tea and snacking. The urge to duel and fight was in all Demons’ blood because they gained cultivation through battles. That is what Li Ying had been taught since childhood.

So, as soon as the High Goddess had realized that Li Ying was, in truth, as idle as herself, she had suggested they should find a secluded place to train. Li Ying could hardly contain her excitement at the suggestion. Training under the High Demon Ancestor! She never even dreamed of it! The interruption by the Ghost Princess was perfect timing, because now, Li Ying had gained a teacher and an opponent to practice with.

They trained uninterrupted until the late afternoon, with the High Goddess assessing and guiding their movements. And she sure didn’t pull her punches when she fought with them. Li Ying had lost count on how many times they hit the ground. When she realized that they were both exhausted and sapped of all strength, the Demon Goddess took pity on them and ordered them to rest.

They sat on a stone ledge in the warm sun, dangling their feet, watching the clouds over the mountain tops in the distance. Li Ying wanted to groan and moan from the aches that were forming in her body, but she would never admit to her pain in front of her Ancestor.

The Demon Ancestor looked content, though she had hardly worked up a sweat.

“Tomorrow, we will meet here again,” she said, rolling her shoulders. It wasn’t a request. “I will try to fight with the Celestial Bastard before we meet, to copy some of his moves. Ah, sparring with him always makes me very … damn him. So, what do you two see in those stoic Celestial virgins?”

“Ancestor!” They both scrambled to their feet, shocked by this rather sudden change of topic.

“They’re so monkish! And so young! How fortunate for them to acquire princesses from two different clans to teach them some bodily pleasures!”

“Ancestor, you are mistaken, I’m not interested-” Yan Zhi tried to clarify.

“Ohh please….don’t give me that innocent look, I can smell a man on you, and I am pretty sure I know which one it is,” she countered, making the Ghost Princess blush deeply.

Seeing Yan Zhi’s great discomfort at the topic, Li Ying chimed in, “Ancestor, please consider, Yan Zhi is a bit shy. Please do not tease her.”

“Tease her? How does one come from the Ghost Clan and be easily embarrassed about sexual encounters? Wasn’t your father into both genders? I still remember his collection of conquests, the pretty boys he captured and subjugated from all the realms. Willing or unwilling … he didn’t care.”

Yan Zhi remained silent, but Li Ying could tell she was not comfortable with the subject at all. But before Li Ying could change the topic, the Goddess turned her attention to Li Ying herself.

“And you, how long does it take you to bed a man? The Senior disciple, I forget his name, is still untouched, it seems.”

Now it was Li Ying who found herself speechless. She wanted to explain that it was not that easy to seduce Die Feng, even if she decided to. She had thought that spending time with him would be easier given their present proximity, but Die Feng was no longer relaxed around her like he was before, perhaps due to the presence of the other disciples. From their excursion in the mortal realm she knew he took his responsibilities seriously and she admired him for it. But since the day he led her to her room at Kunlun, he had grown more and more formal and distant and preoccupied. There were moments when she broke past his armour, teasing and bantering until he joked back, but he’d grow reserved again soon after. She was frustrated yet she didn’t want to push him too far and be kicked out.

“Aside from their stoic stick in the mud personalities, I have to admit, they are ripe for the picking. Celestial pretty boys are known throughout the realms, I can understand well why you both can’t hold back from tasting the forbidden fruits of Kunlun,” the Goddess said with a smirk.


She raised her hand to cut them off. “Fine, I shall give you a different education now. Have you two thought of contraceptives?”


She smirked. “Ah, I see….so you want to tie them down?”

“No!” both shouted in protest immediately.

“Then I highly suggest you look into them. In fact, I have a batch to share with you. I made too much the last time, due to lack of measurement and some distraction from the Celestial Bastard.”

“But Ancestor-” said Yan Zhi.

Li Ying realized the Ghost Princess was about to reject the offer. This might anger the Ancestor, who was clearly thinking she was very magnanimous. Quickly, Li Ying grabbed Yan Zhi and forced her to bow with her. “Thank you, Ancestor! We appreciate your generosity.”

“Excellent!” said the Demon Goddess, all content. But she was not done. “Now let’s talk about technique! I find myself learning new things these days. Age is no hindrance.”


“You mean the Dragon claw move you showed us?”

The Goddess stared at them and shook her head. “How Qing Cang and Cheng Yin raised such an innocent daughter and sister, I cannot comprehend. Princesses, a word of advice, if you two want to survive in this world, you better stop living life with your eyes half closed.”

Some sort of understanding dawned on Li Ying and she pulled Yan Zhi close. “She means bedroom techniques,” she whispered.

“Oh,” said Yan Zhi.

“Do you understand now?”

“Yes!” they answered in unison.

They made themselves comfortable. The High Goddess began to talk about her sexual experience, lecturing them about this and that, what to do in different situations and how to make sure the man was properly submissive. As they diligently listened to her exploits, neither Li Ying nor Yan Zhi could utter a word. Not because they were themselves innocent - but because what the High Goddess disclosed was quite shocking. They looked at each other, both coming to the same conclusion simultaneously.

“Why are you both glancing at one another?” The Demon Ancestor asked suspiciously, “are my techniques too much for your innocent brains?”

They both shook their heads.

“Speak up!”

Li Ying was quite mortified. How to…? Thankfully, Yan Zhi cleared her throat. “Ancestor, I am curious, who taught you these … techniques?” she asked cautiously.

“I taught myself, of course, why would I need anyone to teach me? They’re tied up most of the time anyway.”

“I see.”


“And the God of War?” Li Ying had to ask, despite her fear of the Ancestor's fury, because the thought of the God of War submitting to the kind of sex the Goddess described was unimaginable.

“Only the first time, momentarily - but not since,” she answered.

“Why?” asked Yan Zhi curiously.

“He’s… different,” the Goddess shrugged and for a fleeting moment, she looked dreamy.

“Does he give you pleasure?” asked one of the princesses.

“Does he take the lead?” the other.

“Yes to both. He knows how to please me, unexpectedly, more than others.” She narrowed her eyes at them. “Why are you two asking these questions?”

Li Ying and Yan Zhi exchanged glances, then nodded in agreement.

Based on her own description, their mentor, the High Demon Goddess, Queen of her own realm, who had had thousands of lovers, was someone others would consider to be a bad…no…terrible... no…awful lover. The unfortunate souls that she had claimed must have experienced the worst love making of their lives. Her so called “techniques” were inexistent. She was a selfish creature beyond reckoning, completely unaware that love making was just as much about giving as it was about taking. It seemed that in her many years of existence, nobody had ever told her that.

Yan Zhi took a few deep breaths before she had the courage to speak. “Ancestor…we think it’s time for us to pay our debt for your instruction in martial arts today.”

“What do you mean?” She sounded puzzled.

“Techniques, but not the martial arts kind,” Li Ying chimed in cheerfully, encouraged by Yan Zhi’s lead.

“I don’t need to be taught techniques of that kind!” The High Demon Goddess shouted at them as she jumped up in rage.

But they were unfazed by her outburst, now that they knew her weakness.

“Goddess, good love making requires trust and both partners to reciprocate and learn from each other,” Yan Zhi explained.

The Goddess snorted.

“As you admitted, you enjoy love making more when you don’t tie your partner up and whip him,” Li Ying continued with a smile.


“And since you haven’t been here for long, we assume you haven’t had time to adjust to this new…type of love making yet,” Yan Zhi clarified.

“We also doubt the God of War would ever point it out to you,” Li Ying looked at her sympathetically.

“Are you saying I am not…adequate as a lover?!”

Yan Zhi was undeterred by the Demon Queen’s rage. “Ancestor, as you stated, many of your partners died after a night with you or were severely scarred. It must have been hard for you to keep a steady partner long enough to get to know them well. The situation is understandable. But now, as long as you are here-”

She glared at them.

“Please hear us out. Like martial arts, it doesn’t hurt to learn new techniques and it takes practice. Those were your words Ancestor,” Li Ying begged.

Maybe because she couldn’t refute their statements, or maybe because she was curious about what they had to say, the Goddess finally reigned in her temper and sat down again. She took a deep breath before saying, “Fine, I’ll listen. I will practice with him. But if it doesn’t work or he gets displeased, I’ll have both your heads.”

They both nodded enthusiastically at the prospect of teaching the High Goddess. The princesses found themselves spending the remainder of the afternoon sharing stories about their past lovers with the High Goddess who was both stunned and flustered, amusing the other two.

It was a different atmosphere now at Kunlun. Li Ying was happy to have found her new sworn sister and mentor. Though their time together may be fleeting like a mortal life’s, Li Ying would make sure to enjoy every moment.

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