Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 41.5 Monday Special (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 41.5

written by MiniOrchid
consulting by Juls
editing by kakashi and Panda

Everyday at Kunlun Mountain was a wonderful day, Qiao Er had decided. She was so happy they could stay at En Gong’s home, even though mother kept reminding her it was only temporary. Qiao Er was accustomed to their constant moving, but she didn’t want to leave this time. There didn’t seem to be any black clad scary men around, she no longer dreamt of them, and her white-clad seniors never ceased to make her laugh with their teasing.

They often gave her treats. 7th and 10th Shi Shu for example would provide her with sweets when she would accompany them to visit the waterfalls. On several occasions, they would disappear while she was busy chasing the cranes. She wondered why they were so bad with directions, when she could so easily find her way back? Qiao Er even asked 6th Shi Shu to help her draw a map of Kunlun’s waterfalls. 7th and 10th Shi Shu seemed puzzled, yet smiled when she gifted it to them. They assured her they loved her gift but exchanged funny glances.

They were all wonderful and allowed her to study under them. She absolutely loved to learn. They each had their own speciality they wanted to share and so the list of lessons grew and grew every day. There were times they would play rock paper scissors to determine who could teach her. Especially 11th and 14th Shi Shu never stopped bickering over her lessons, which made her laugh. She would sneak away while they were absorbed debating which of their skills was more appropriate for a young lady.

However, because of her love for numbers, Qiao Er always spent the better part of her morning on lessons with her favorite, yet stern 4th Shifu. He had officially made her his disciple. He was always very serious, but smiled when she completed and understood her lesson. Today though he was busy - 5th Shi Shu had taken him away for an urgent matter. With nothing to do, Qiao Er thought to visit the kitchen to see if 2nd Shi Bo was making the delicious treats again and would let her lick off the spoons. But he was not there. Only 12th Shi Shu was present, working on some sort of sweet buns! Qiao Er was delighted when he invited her to assist him, and since he had extra dough, Qiao Er asked him to help her make rice buns for En Gong.

Once the buns were done, 12th Shi Shu helped her wrap them up. She immediately headed towards En Gong’s quarters, carrying them proudly. When he had finally recovered from his injuries, he had surprised her during her lesson with 14th Shi Shu, who was teaching her weapon crafting. She had ran into his arms and cried, while he held her tight and assured her he would not make her worry again. She had known it was a promise he would not be able to keep, but she hadn’t argued. En Gong was well now, and that was all that mattered.

Since then, he had put himself in charge of planning her lessons and would oversee who got to teach her what. Every evening, he stopped by the room she shared with her mom to have evening tea with them and review her lessons. Mother would busy herself with polishing weapons, saying very few words. Qiao Er didn’t understand why Mother was so indifferent to En Gong when she was happy and pleasant with everyone else at Kunlun. Mother had been so worried when he was injured, but now that he was well again, she was avoiding him. Qiao Er thought this odd, she knew her Mother cared for En Gong just as much as he did for her. She wondered what made them so distant, and if there was any way she could help.

“Qiao Er,” En Gong’s voice caught her attention and she saw he was strolling towards her.

“En Gong!” Qiao Er ran into his arms and was picked up immediately.

“Little Dove, how are your lessons today?” he asked as he rubbed his nose against her, making her laugh.

She showed him the package in her hands. “I learned how to make sweet buns with 12th Shi Shu today.”

He arched his head. “You’re sure it’s not 2nd Shi Bo?” he asked.

She nodded her head enthusiastically. “Yes, it was 12th Shi Shu who taught me. 2nd Shi Bo had some urgent business to attend to he said.”

“Urgent business?”

“His swan is missing, he’s looking for her,” she explained.

“Aaahh, 2nd senior has been preoccupied lately with the injured Swan he’s nursing.”

“She’s beautiful! Her feathers are lovely, especially the red ones on her side. She let me pet her too.”

“Of course she did…,” he smiled at her.

“En Gong, do you want to try the rice buns I made for you?” she asked.

Qiao Er pulled out a rice bun after he nodded. He took a bite and made a face.

“Are they good?” she asked anxiously.

He coughed after he swallowed. “Yes...but are you sure 12th Shi Shu helped you make this?”

“He did, I had to insist you prefer your rice buns dry, because he was reluctant at first,” she explained.

“I see…”

“En Gong, let’s find mother, I want her to try the sweet buns.”

His eyes sparkled at her suggestion. “That’s a grand idea. Let’s look for mom.”

“En Gong, you should look for mom. Qiao Er can prepare tea by herself, 7th Shi Shu taught me how to do it the other day.”

He smiled and pinched her cheek, making her laugh in return. “At this rate, you will take after 2nd senior with all the skills you have acquired at Kunlun.”

With that statement, En Gong left in search for Mother. Qiao Er hoped her sweet buns would help En Gong and Mother to talk and resolve their issues. Qiao Er then headed straight to 7th Shi Shu quarters to ask for a tea recommendation that would go well with the sweet buns. She hoped he would help her prepare the tea as well, because she really wasn’t good at it at all.


Zi Lan hadn’t known how famished he was until today. Pure primal craving, because the feast was now within his view, within his grasp. He longed to possess, to devour, to savor the inviting flesh… the pearl white delicate skin, covered in waves of water droplets, covering her where he wanted his mouth, making him envious. No… that wasn’t it, instead he wanted to devour those twinkling droplets on the delicate nape of her neck, wanted to punish them for the privilege of touching her. What would he give to caress her silky softness again. He had sampled it only once, but it was so delicious, unimaginably addictive, continuing to haunt his sleepless nights. Since then, he could only dream - but how could dreams be compared to the reality before him. And he to taste her again, to quash the maddening yearning and hunger that was sharper than pain and continued to torment his soul.

Yan Zhi had found the secluded hot spring after her training session and was rewarding herself with the natural wonders of Kunlun, hidden among the rocks, shrubs, and luscious greens. Her thick braids were wrapped securely on her head and still untouched by the glistening misty dew of the hot spring. He saw glimpses of her radiant youthful smile, so cheerful and unguarded. Due to the hardship she had endured, it had become a rarity. Zi Lan missed the playful teasing smile she had used to give him daily in the mortal realm.

His Queen was glowing like a fairy who had just descended from the sky to enjoy the pleasure of a spring in the mortal realm. But this was no mortal hot spring, fortunately for him, or he would not have had the privilege to stumble upon a scene only mortal men could dream of. For the short time since his arrival, Zi Lan had positioned himself comfortably on the large bedrock and continued to gaze at her back. Maybe she would not notice his presence at all, but spying on a beauty stealthily was a habit of the past. No… he would not hide from her.

“Yan Zhi,” he called her, barely a whisper.

She froze at the sound of his voice, then swiftly turned around. After the initially shock, her eyes soon turned cold. He continued to smile at her, which earned him a scowl in return.

“Don’t mind me, please continue…” It would be a pity if she stopped.

“What are you doing here?” she asked tersely, retreating slowly to the other end of the spring.

“I came to inform you that Qiao Er made some delicious snacks for us. She’s preparing tea at the moment. I’m here to escort you back.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I don’t need an escort. Now please leave.”

“Why? It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”


“But my memories are vague, I may need a refreshment,” he teased as he moved to the edge of the hot spring. Hunching down, he swirled one hand in the water. “In fact…” he looked at her, “I didn’t have the chance to see everything last time.”

“Don’t come any closer,” she warned.

He chuckled at her threat as his eyes swept over her exposed body under the glistening water. “Yan Zhi, your body is beautiful, even more so when you blush.”

Instead of scowling at his teasing, her eyes darkened. “As I recall, you were horrified last time,” she said stiffly.

Baffled by her statement, he frowned. “What? When?” he asked. But she remained silent. No...that couldn’t be?

Understanding dawning, he shook his head in disbelief. “You can’t mean...”

“I don’t need your apologies,” she quickly replied.

“Why would I need to apologize?” he countered.

She seemed shocked at his response. They both fell silent.

Yan Zhi took several deep breaths, restraining herself. “16th Disciple of Kunlun, what would it take for you to leave?” He had to grin at her attempt to bargain. His Queen may be angry, but she knew when to back down from a battle she couldn’t win.

“An intriguing idea. I wouldn’t mind joining in the hot spring,” her eyes flashed red at the suggestion and it made him chuckle. He arched his head to the side, gazing at her. “But I’m not that much of a rogue, taking advantage of a lady in such a state, although it is tempting...”

“Then what do you want?” she asked impatiently.

Zi Lan paused. His desire must have been obvious, because Yan Zhi blushed under his intense gaze.

But no… a man still had to be patient, and he was a man with restraint. Still, even patient men have yearnings.

“Let down your hair.” Zi Lan broke their silence.

“What?” she scowled.

“Let me wash it.” He immediately stood up.


“Then let me watch,” he bargained, “I want nothing more than to watch you wash your hair, unbraided, loose, free flowing.”

“Are you mad?” she asked, baffled by the absurdity of his request.

“I am for you,” he answered fiercely. He turned back and settled down on the bedrock again. “I promise I won’t ask anything more than this.”

“You’ll leave once I do?” Her eyes narrowed with distrust.

“On my word, I vow to uphold the deal, but you can’t rush. Take your time. I want to savor each strand.”

“Now, you’re being ridiculous.”

“Do we have a bargain, my Queen?” he asked, unable to hold back his smile.

Yan Zhi’s resistance was short-lived. She began to unwrap the braids on her head. Slow and meticulous, at the pace he had demanded. She soon became scarlet. Though the act itself was innocent, it turned scandalous under his passionate gaze. Zi Lan’s intention had been to reward himself, but who could have known it was to become a punishment once the beauty before him began to unbraid her hair. She was a Goddess who bloomed within the mystic pond and its ascending mist. Her fingers delved between the lush wavy silk strands of midnight blue, slowly loosening her hair like he had instructed. Hair he had longed to touch all those years. Now he found himself jealous of her delicate fingers that had the privilege to caress the beautiful strands, still forbidden to his touch.

Yan Zhi dipped her head lightly in the water, letting the strands flow freely within the shimmering waves. He wanted to run his hands in the water, to lift up the soaked dark velvet, to caress the luscious soaked silk within his palms. They soon clung to her body, over her partially exposed breasts, thick damp strands grasped her porcelain skin like images from forbidden paintings. He could hardly breathe, or swallow, he found himself gasping for air.

Before he knew it, he found himself standing in front of her, ignoring the hot water that soaked his garments. She jumped slightly and retreated back against the rock wall behind her. She did not shriek nor did she run. If she would had fought him, he would have taken his chances, but she didn’t push him away. Defiant as she was, Yan Zhi stood her ground, not maidenly shy as he had expected. Her dark unwavering raven eyes held onto his, daring him to make his move. Every fiber in his bones demanded him to take her, but he could only stare at the fierce woman, who continued to challenge him.

Zi Lan held her gaze as he placed both hands on the rock wall behind her - daring her to make her escape. But she held on. A resilient willful woman, who would not back down from a battle of will. He admired her for it. He had underestimated her strength, believing he could make her yield to him. But no...she did not yield. How wondrous to learn this about her. As vulnerable as she was in her glorious nakedness, it was he who had yielded to her commanding presence, who was held hostage by her unrelenting eyes that continued to sparkle through the mist surrounding them. Her rose lips were plump and inviting. He soon found himself panting with desire like an untried boy.

When had the tables turned? He did not know, but what kind of Commander was he if he couldn’t win a battle he had started? If he conceded now, would it mean he had lost the war? That was when he noticed her beating heart that matched his own. Her breath had quickened, her body was flushed, her eyes searched his soul. She was more affected than she appeared. Encouraged by this discovery, he slowly leaned in, barely touching, his heart hammering as her jasmine-scent enraptured his mind. He was close, so close ... his body trembled from his restraint.

“How long do you intend to play this game?” Yan Zhi’s voice broke him from his trance, halted his mission. Then he saw it, her smile…the same captivating smile he had yearned for all these years had appeared.

Delighted but confounded, he pulled back. “What do you mean?”

Yan Zhi cocked her head. Her alluring gaze now captured his soul. “I’ve done what you asked. Now leave,” she demanded. He could feel the chill from her voice.

Zi Lan took a shivering breath. “Yan Zhi,” he said hoarsely, aroused and pleading. His desperate lips hovered over hers.

But she placed her fingers on his uninvited quivering lips. “We made a deal, are you going to break your vow?” Her tone was calm yet powerful, with a hint of seduction, nearly pushing him over the edge.

A low growl escaped him and he could feel her tremors as she pulled back her unsteady hand. But she did not budge. She was determined. Eyes closed, fists clenched, and with a will of steel he never knew he possessed, Zi Lan pushed himself away from the wall, away from the temptation that was about to destroy his honorable name.

Without another word, he swiftly jumped out of the hot spring and magically dried his clothes. Zi Lan was only a few steps away when he paused. He turned back to face Yan Zhi.

They were not finished, he still had to make one thing clear.

“You may not believe me, but that day, I thought I was dreaming.” Zi Lan smiled, yet his eyes remained pained. “Dreaming of a beautiful Goddess who could take away my nightmares. It was you, the woman I adore, the only one who can sooth away my demons. And in that state, I thought I took advantage of you. I was horrified by my own actions. But no…,” he shook his head, “I will not apologize. Because my only regret is that we could not finish.”

She guarded her feelings well, but she did look puzzled by his words. He left her to ponder his confessions.

Yan Zhi may have won and left him thoroughly defeated today; but despite losing, it was no crushing defeat. Zi Lan had been awarded a glimpse of her soul within the depth of her eyes. She was not a target nor a prize to be won. He had seen her strength and determination, true to her character, the hidden fiery blue gem of the Ghost Clan. The Princess Warrior he had had the chance to admire was an opponent he couldn’t wait to battle. And battle her he would - and he would be damned if he’d lose their next round too. Even though … would losing be so terrible?

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