Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 44.5 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)


Chapter 44.5

written by Miniorchid
consulting by juls
edited by kakashi and panda

Zi Lan observed how the Ghost Generals reluctantly departed. Yan Zhi remained at the gate, leaning against the door, contemplating her situation and her promise to them. He could only watch, but not interfere - the weight of her clan was on her shoulders now. His mind ran several scenarios, different paths she should take to remove herself from the dangerous and unsettling situation. But he knew she would not choose the path he would have chosen: The Warrior Princess he had come to know would never run from the danger before her. She would neither hide nor would she shrink from enemies out to do her harm. He loved and greatly admired this woman, but she also brought fear to his heart.

“You can come out now,” Yan Zhi called out to no other than him.

Zi Lan immediately cloud-jumped next to her. “You knew I was here?” he asked.

She turned to him with a rueful smile. “I’ve grown accustomed to your presence.”

His expression remained grim. “What are you going to do?” he asked, despite knowing her answer.

Eyes strained, she didn’t turn her gaze. “I still have a few days to make my decision,” she answered.

“You have already decided it seems,” he concluded.

“I told you…”

His body tensed, his fist clenched. “Don’t go, it’s not safe for you to go back.”

Her eyes narrowed. “You already heard, Cheng Yin is suspected to have killed one of the loyal Generals. If I don’t return, he will continue to assassinate those who support the Ghost Realm.”

“What makes you think you are safe?” he demanded to know.

“I don’t,” she answered, barely a whisper.

“Then why?” he said exasperated.

“Running is no longer an answer under the new circumstances,” she answered coolly.

“Qiao Er needs you.”

“My people need me,” she countered.

“Yan Zhi…”

“I’m tired of running,” her voice cracked, “of being chased by assassins that continue to plague Qiao Er’s dreams. Of being hunted by that vicious animal, who won’t stop until we’re dead.”

“You are safe at Kunlun. We’ll keep you safe.”

Yan Zhi gave a cynical laugh.


Her dark eyes glittered and her tone of voice changed. “I am not going to remain on this Mountain for the rest of my life, afraid of lurking monsters at its gates while my people are being slaughtered. And I don’t need you to protect me like a damsel!”

“I don’t mean…”

“I am the Ghost Princess, a Warrior, the last remaining pure blood descendant of the High God Qing Cang and the Heir to the Ghost Throne. It is time for me to accept my destiny,” she proclaimed, commanding words so powerful it made him helpless.

“Then, let me come with you,” he pleaded as he approached her.

“No,” she shook her head and backed away from him.

He stopped. “Why not?” he demanded.

“You have no place in the Ghost Realm, my world, the world you despise,” she replied scornfully, with an edge of anger.

“I don’t...Yan Zhi…,” he denied as he grabbed her wrist.

“Let me go…,” she tried to yank her wrist away.

Zi Lan jerked her into his arms, his hands wrapped around her small slim waist, her softness molded against his hard body. She continued to grapple with his hold, but his grip was too tight, he couldn’t let her go, no matter how much she struggled.

“Listen…” but she was beyond hearing, her fiery eyes pierced through him. He pressed her closer, felt her firm breasts pressed against him and his body started to shake from their intimate contact. She drew a startled breath and he saw the fullness of her lips part, seductive…inviting. Something primitive took over, a need so strong he could no longer hold back. He lifted her up and crushed his mouth to hers. She made a surprised sound and squirmed against his assault but soon went utterly still. Her lips felt like velvet rose yet so warm, like he had always imagined they would, but he had not taken into account how sweet her nectar would be. Hungrily, his mouth devoured her, urgent but gentle as his tongue swept over the edges of her luscious lips, tasting the sweet savory honey...addictive to his soul.

He groaned when he felt her lips move against his, her body straining upward in a helpless response. Encouraged, he slanted his head and increased the pressure of his mouth, forcing her to open hers more, making her bloom under his passionate expertise. Their tongue mated as they explored the caverns of their mouths for the first time. She gasped, quivered, and whimpered. Her exquisite lips were so erotic and tender as she responded. Her delicate hands slid around his neck and he jerked in response to her touch. She pulled him closer, her caress burned his skin, inflamed by the unfilled desire he had held for so long. Not enough, he wanted more - his body began to throb, painfully so. Blood boiled within his veins as he held her tighter, welding her body against the hard ridge of his arousal. He felt her body shudder and then tremble when her arching body rocked against his.

“Yan Zhi…,” he groaned against her swollen lips.

But she stiffened at the sound of his voice, paralyzed, no longer responding. Zi Lan realized his mistake too late. Yet, she did not break free or resist… she was frozen in his arms.

Full of regret, he forced himself to stop, breathing heavily. He rested his head against her as they caught their breaths. Both shook from unfulfilled desire and frustration.

With shaky hands, he held her face, his tormented eyes scorching her soul. “I can’t let you go back to the dangerous territory without me. I told you, no matter what realms you’ll be in, I’ll still find you,” he pleaded, his voice raspy.

“The dangerous territory you are referring to is my home,” she stated, eyes narrowed. “A home I must return to now. I have abandoned my responsibilities to my people. I can no longer allow those who believe in me to suffer.”

“Why can’t I come with you?” he asked, his fingers brushed back her loose hair behind her ears.

“Because our fates are sealed...and it’s my destiny to return where I belong,” she answered with certainty as she struggled to regain her composure. She slowly transformed back into the headstrong cold warrior.

His gaze darkened. “Why should we care about destinies? If we have to wait for fate’s pity, we would still be separated. No...I come to you on my own. I fought for you. I’m not letting you go without a fight!” he shouted.

“Zi Lan…you’re hurting me.”

He cursed and immediately loosened his grip on her shoulders. Yan Zhi tried to turn away, but he pulled her into his arms again, embracing her tightly from behind. She didn’t struggle.

“Yan Zhi…” he begged desperately, his body trembling from fear.

She squeezed the arms that held her. “ fought for me, and you came for me in the end,” she said softly, her head shaking ever so lightly as she continued. “But it doesn’t erase the fact that it was you who threw me out that day.”

Zi Lan held her tighter as dread washed over him. “I was foolish, I promise I won’t abandon you again,” he swore.

“ won’t.” Her voice was barely a whisper. She pulled herself away from his arms and faced him, unshed tears in her eyes. “Because this time, I will be the one leaving,” came the soft words that tore his heart out.

And he couldn’t… he couldn’t bare to see her cry. So he let her leave, let her walk away from him once again. A reminder that it was he who had failed, because he could not cherish her enough. His failure to protect her had never been more obvious than now. Zi Lan had never felt so powerless as the woman he loved continued to suffer. Had they really tempted fate? Was it too late?


It would take several days for the Ghost Army to make their way to Kunlun’s gates. They would escort the Ghost Royalty back to the Ghost Realm. Their circumstances were still precarious and the Elders did not want to take any chance with sudden attacks by assassins on the way. While waiting for their arrival, Yan Zhi had started packing their meager belongings. However, she had not breached the subject of their departure to Qiao Er just yet. Yan Zhi had decided that tonight would be the night she would explain their circumstances to her. Qiao Er would cry and it pained her to hurt the child. But she would understand - had to. She also knew Zi Lan would not let her go easily, although he had avoided her since she had left him at the gate. She knew he was not someone who gave up when he set his mind to something, the stubborn foolish man, who still continued to plague her thoughts and dreams. She was afraid of the drastic measures he might take to stay with them.

Yan Zhi was still pondering and dreading the possibilities when 4th Disciple showed up with the sleeping Qiao Er in his arms, a grim expression on his face. At the unusual appearance, she hurried towards him. Qiao Er’s eyes were swollen, she had been crying.

“How long has Qiao Er had her premonitions?” 4th asked once they had settled her in bed.

“How did you know?”

He sighed and looked at the sleeping child with concern, his large hand still holding hers. “Qiao Er told me about her dreams. In her dreams, she saw your guests arriving days ago - and they did. She dreamt she would be going to a scary world she doesn’t know - and now you’re leaving. She’s afraid, she doesn’t want to leave. She cried until she fell asleep in my arms today. When did she acquire such high powers?”

“I don’t know, really, but it’s probably been all her life. I didn’t realized the significance until she was older and started talking about her nightmares,” she answered as she touched the poor child’s face.

“It must be how you knew when the assassins would appear? And why you moved so often to avoid them?” he deduced.

“Yes, but her dreams are not always premonitions, it’s hard to tell the difference.”

“Is it likely 16th knew as well?”

“He probably does, but of course, he never brought it up.”

4th Disciple paused at the statement. His eyes searched hers before he continued, “My junior is very good at keeping things to himself. Although he is someone who seems lighthearted and likes to tease and play like Si Yin, our youngest, we have come to realize Zi Lan is a lot like Shifu.”

Yan Zhi turned away from his gaze, uncomfortable now by the change of topic.

But he wasn’t deterred. “Princess, I know it is not my place, and knowing 16th, he must have done or said some unforgivable things without thinking, but why can’t you forgive him? Anyone here can tell both of you care for each other.”

Her hands clenched involuntarily, but Yan Zhi held her composure before she answered. “Our time has passed...we are not fated and we’re not his responsibility anymore.”

“Do you really believe that? That he thought about both of you as his responsibility? He self imposed his own severe punishment years ago, not once did he...” 4th suddenly cut off his sentence, realizing his mistake when he saw the confusion in her eyes.

“What punishment?” she asked, puzzled by the his reaction.

“I misspoke...I have other duties to attend to, excuse me, Princess.” He let go of Qiao Er’s hand and headed towards the door, but she quickly blocked his path.

“4th Disciple, I know you’re hiding something. Please be honest with me.”

He looked at her, remaining silent. Kunlun brothers were very loyal and would even put their lives on the line for each other. She understood he didn’t want to speak out of term, but she had to know. The suspicion she had felt since her arrival at Kunlun surfaced. Something was not adding up, and her instincts told her that Zi Lan was hiding something.

“What happened to Zi Lan’s cultivation? I know he used some to make Qiao Er’s elixir, but how much did he give up to produce it?” It dawned on her that Qiao Er had grown much faster than a normal immortal child.

His eyes flashed with uncertainty. “I’m not at liberty to say…,” he tried to explain.

“What punishment did you speak of?” she persisted. “What did Zi Lan do?”


“What has everyone kept from me?”


She forced him to face her. “Tell me, please. Don’t you believe it’s time for me to hear the truth? I will be leaving soon.”

His eyes were guarded, unsure. But she would not let 4th disciple leave before he spoke the truth. She was relieved when he finally nodded. But when he starting speaking, 4th’s words were like daggers piercing her heart. The reality was far worse than what she could ever have imagined. Her stupid foolish man, how much had he hidden from her all this time? Would he ever have disclosed it if she had asked?

No...he would not have. Because he would never have let her know the suffering he had endured. In the end, he was true to his noble honorable self, no matter how much he played the rogue in her presence. He still wanted to be the hero in the end. This revelation came at the worst possible timing. Then it struck her...fate was playing a joke on them.

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