The King's Avatar 《全职高手》- Episode 7: The Strongest Boss in History

The King's Avatar 《全职高手》- Episode 7: The Strongest Boss in History

Oh man the game company messed up the class system, what else is new? Wait a minute Plantago Seed was never this strong! Who is this guy?? And that feeling when you're so good, you become a BOSS yourself.

Another team

Later that night at Excellent Era, Liu Hao sees the system announcement that Lord Grim and team have broken the Boneyard record and by a full 32 seconds as well. How's that possible! Checking the one new team member, Flowing Tree, Liu Hao realizes that it must be Huang Shaotian.

Back in the Boneyard Flowing Tree is still incessantly asking Lord Grim's about his Myriad Manifestation Umbrella. Was it made specially for the Unspecialized class? Apparently in the first two years of GLORY the Unspecialized class was very popular. However at the 3rd server expansion, the Unspecialized class got level capped at 50 (JY: Man they got nerfed hard!). This caused the class to slowly die out. It wasn't until the 5th server expansion when the Realm of Gods (Heavenly Domain) server opened that the Unspecialized class could level up again but they could only do it in the Heavenly Domain server. Unfortunately the entry quests for the Heavenly Domain are too hard for level 50s so at the end of the day the Unspecialized class never became popular again.

I wish my umbrella looked like that...

nerf - game developers changing properties of game
elements to lower their effectiveness. E.g. lowering
the damage done by certain skill.

JY: To enter the Realm of Gods (or Heavenly Domain) players need to complete a series of quests which tests different game play skills. Players can start doing the quests at level 50 however because the quests are very difficult most players don't attempt them until after level 60. The current max level cap in GLORY is level 70.

Huang Shaotian is very curious about this Unspecialized character Ye Xiu is building and asks for a duel to test out his strengths. Ye Xiu tells him to use his main account Troubling Rain if he wants to duel, since a level 27 Blade Master would have no chance against the more versatile Unspecialized. No way says Huang Shaotian, that'll just expose him.

Seeing as there's no chance for a duel Huang Shaotian circles back to his earlier topic, why did 'Ye Qiu' retire? Ye Xiu glosses over the issue, saying just take it that he took full responsibility for the teams bad performance and retired. Huang Shaotian is outraged, it wasn't 'Ye Qiu' fault! It was because Liu Hao was messing around behind the scenes! Just as Wang Jiexi said, that guy has the face of a wolf (or sly fox etc). Ye Xiu is amused, Wang Jiexi with is crooked eyes is able to read other people's personalities? Huang Shaotian is still impressed anyway, Wang Jiexi's judgement is quite uncanny.

Makes so many cute faces XD

Huang Shaotian realizes that 'Ye Qiu' is trying to change the topic and tenaciously brings it back. Ye Xiu caves a little and admits that Excellent Era would've made him a practice partner had he stayed on. Huang Shaotian understands, but it was still a rash choice, you could have tried to change teams. However Ye Xiu points out that if he had changed teams then Su Mucheng would have done anything she can, including breaking her contract, to transfer with him. Su Mucheng had always stuck with 'Ye Qiu' no matter what but at the moment there's still a year and a half on her contract. It would not be good for her break it now.

Huang Shaotian chokes, so long! So are you planning of returning to the pro scene after that? Wouldn't you're apm deteriorate to a 'grandpa's' level by then? Ye Xiu doges the question and says that whatever his apm, it'll still be enough to wreck (beat) Huang Shaotian in a duel. Huang Shaotian is outraged enough to be knocked off his track again. However Huang Shaotian is more perceptive than he appears and he realizes that 'Ye Qiu' probably doesn't want to talk about the topic anymore. Before leaving Huang Shaotian tells 'Ye Qiu' that he must 'come back' and that if he ever runs into any trouble, don't hesitate to contact him. Although Ye Xiu doesn't say anything, I think he's quite moved.

JY: I love that even though Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian are basically competitors in the pro scene they're good friends outside of it :)

Back at Excellent Era's office Liu Hao runs into Su Mucheng as she was leaving the premise. Su Mucheng cheerfully thanks Liu Hao for his help much to his confusion. Liu Hao shouts for Su Mucheng to stop. The Boneyard record, you guys did it no purpose! Su Mucheng stares him down. Did what on purpose? Nothing changes the fact that Liu Hao messed up by focusing more on his grudge than the championships. Would he dare admit that? Liu Hao has nothing to say and Su Mucheng happily skips off.

After Su Mucheng leaves, Liu Hao gives Chen Yehui a call. The guild leader is still hoping Liu Hao would help in the 10th server by beating the Boneyard record again. Having finally gotten some senses knocked into him, Liu Hao declines and tells Chen Yehui to handle the issues in the 10th server by himself for now. It's inconvenient for him to do more at the moment. Chen Yehui was not happy.


Blue River receives a message from Cold Night in a group chat room (outside of the game). Cold Night is agitated, what's with the 10th server? Is it cursed? Where did all these good players come from? Blue River doesn't know either. At the rate things are going none of the three major guilds will be able to hold a dungeon record unless they hire Lord Grim. They need to band together to think of a plan! Where on earth is Plantago Seed? Why isn't he saying anything?

Penguin Chat

AFK - Away From Keyboard. Usually people
would leave up a sign saying they're AFK if
they remain logged into the game but need to
step away from the computer for a bit.

JY: HAHAHAHA the chat room name >> "Discussion Group for the Harmonious Development of GLORY's 10th Server". That so Chinese I need to pause for a bit XD. And Blue River's emoji is so cute.

In the game we see Plantago Seed who has apparently been watching Lord Grim's team leveling by fighting some monsters for a while. Lord Grim tells everyone to just ignore him, however just as he said this Steamed Bun notices Plantago Seed charging at them. 

Straight away we see that Plantago Seeds' movements are very different from the usual players. Lot's of dodges, not a straight charge. As soon as he's in range Plantago Seeds sends a magic missile attack at Soft Mist. Soft Mist barely managed to dodge, she can feel the difference in skill levels. Seven Fields (you guys still remember him right?) is spooked. Shit! Open PK! 

Z-stepping like a Boss

Open PK - basically a free for all brawl out in the
world maps. If you get kill, you would loose some
experience points and there's a chance you'll lose
a piece of your equipment. Very dangerous.

Already moving forward, a speech bubble pops up next to Plantago Seed, "Let's duel!". Another magic missile is sent out, Soft Mist dodges again but this time she's not so lucky, the Witch is in front of her already. Soft Mist is hit by Dispel Powder and gets incapacitated for 10 secs. Steamed Bun attempts to attack Plantago Seed from behind but the Witch dodges with ease and counter attacks with a slam with his staff. Steamed Bun jumps out of the way but Plantago Seed is much faster, catching the Brawler with a hit mid air sending Steamed Bun back to the ground stunned.

Full Moon guild people look on in amazement. Who knew that Plantago Seed was this good!? Lord Grim is also watching this fight with interest. Since when do you have squishy Witches doing melee fights!??

buff - a temporary benefit given to players to
 increase their power. E.g. give a player extra
defense stats.
de-buff - take away a benefit. E.g. negate the
extra defense stats.

JY: I don't know of a term that describes giving players negative status affects.

Out in the real world Plantago Seed is not looking so good, he's sweating a bucket because before him, someone is playing for him on his character. The man is very good, fingers flying across the keyboard and on screen we see the him stalking towards Steamed Bun who's still lying stunned on the ground. Suddenly Lord Grim jumps into view! The man's eyes widen (they are unevenly sized).


Plantago Seed and Lord Grim launch into battle, trading blow after blow (JY: Woooaaah a meleeing mage class!! I am so hyped.). Under this man's control Plantago Seed's movement is varied and swift, dodging, attacking, giving as good as he gets. Ye Xiu and the man's apm both rise and for a while it seemed the two were evenly matched. However Lord Grim is Unspecialized after all. Jumping into the air, Lord Grim releases a Striker class move, Eagle Stamp (JY: I would have called it "Eagle Stomp"), Plantago Seed blocks but before the hit connects Lord Grim teleports behind Plantago Seed using the Clone skill and finally knocks the Witch out with a Circle Swing.

Eagle Stomp!

As Plantago Seeds dies in game, the man stops for a moment in surprise. Plantago Seed looks worriedly on, oh no, even the expert lost to Lord Grim. Standing up the man comments that it's indeed difficult to fight an Unspecialized class at low levels. Signing Plantago Seed's fan book the man turns to leave but Plantago Seed calls out, what about Lord Grim? The man pauses and gives Plantago Seed a quick run down on the fighting style of the team. The Brawler, and Battle Mage are both pretty good for new players. The Brawler's fighting style, to put it nicely is "free-willed", to put it bluntly would be "a complete mess". And the Battle Mage, she's just copying One Autumn Leaf, a boring but effective battle style. As for Lord Grim, he can't tell just yet. Lord Grim had the upper hand during the battle. If the player behind Lord Grim was good enough perhaps he was the who has been found out instead.

Wang Jiexi - Captain of Team Tiny Herb

In game, the Full Moon people ask Lord Grim whether it really was Plantago Seed who fought them. The avatar yes, but the player behind it, probably no. Lord Grim makes a bold guess, perhaps it was Wang Jiexi. The Full Moon people are shocked, Wang Jiexi is the Captain of the pro team Tiny Herb.

JY: dawww it's kinda cute that Plantago Seed is such a fan boy.

Currently in the GLORY professional league there's five renowned titles. They are the "Battle God", "Fist Emperor", "Magician", "Sword Saint" and "Gun King". Most of these titles are actually given to the game avatars. The only exception is the "Magician" which is given to Wang Jiexi himself, because his fighting style is erratic, ever-changing and completely unpredictable.

JY: Yeah he totally is a Magician being able to make a Witch effing melee and do it effectively. In most MMOs making a mage type class melee is just a pipe dream.

A bit more on Wang Jiexi from the book. Wang Jiexi debuted in season 3 of the GLORY championships. He is Team Tiny Herb's ace player and team Captain. Tiny Herb won the 5th and 7th (last season) GLORY championships where he was also awarded as MVP. Tiny Herb is topping the leaders board for the current (8th) season. Due to his unevenly sized eyes, he has a nickname Wang-Big-Eye (one big eye... omg this pun works). His main account is a Witch called Vaccaria

MVP - Most Valuable Player. The player
who contributed most in a battle/competition.

Character ID: Vaccaria 王不留行
Class: Witch
Weapon: Stardust Extermination 灭绝星尘 (Broom - Better than Firebolt Supremes methinks.)
Pro Team: Tiny Herb

JY: I think Vaccaria is a pretty cool fantasy wizard name :D. The Chinese for Vaccaria is 王不留行, which if I translated literally is "The King Leaves no Trace" or more succinctly "The Elusive King". However if you've noticed, all the players from Tiny Herb and Herb Garden use Chinese medicinal herbs to name their characters. 王不留行 is actually a medicinal herb and "Vaccaria" is the herbs' scientific name: Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke.

At Tiny Herb's training room a young boy, Qiao Yifan brings in multiple bottles of water and sets them on the table beside his friend Gao Yingjie. He had been working hard to help bring in water for the team. Wang Jiexi having arrived back at Tiny Herb's office calls Gao Yingjie away to talk, barely acknowledging the other boy. Qiao Yifan looks wistfully at his friend and Captain before resignedly distributing the water. His efforts were not appreciated by other team members one of whom is Xiao Yun. Gao Yingjie soon returns and hands the rest of team Tiny Herb's reserve team some server 10 account cards saying that the Captain told them to go there and kill a player called Lord Grim. 

Gao Yingjie                                                                   Qiao Yifan

Xiao Yun is completely disdainful of the task. While they were on the reserve team, they were still professional players. Making the lot of them go PK a normal players is just so over kill. In game, Qiao Yifan's smurf account Ashen Moon (an Assassin) finds Lord Grim and forwards his co-ordinates to the team. Xiao Yun arrives first, decked out in a full set of Chasers - he's a Battle Mage. 

Chasers - Battle Mage buff - those white swirly things
floating around Xiao Yun's avatar. A different Chaser
is activated by different Battle Mage attacks and gives
the Battle Mage a range of different buffs.

Without waiting for the rest of the team to arrive Xiao Yun eagerly attacks Lord Grim thinking it'll be an easy kill. Ashen Moon attempts to help but the two of them even together are no match for Lord Grim. Separating the two would be attackers Lord Grim first attacks Xiao Yun, knocking him air born then juggling him in air using a technique called "Vanishing Step" - continually finding and moving into a character's blind spot such that they cannot see you and thus cannot counter attack and break the knock-up chaining (JY: haha GuoGuo thinks Xiao Yun and Yifan are noobs cause they got beaten too easily).

Vanishing Step

After Xiao Yun is wasted, Lord Grim moves onto Ashen Moon who actually puts up a better fight. Lord Grim even compliments him on the good timings of his attacks but it was not nearly enough. Gao Yingjie arrives just in the nick of time and momentarily fends off Lord Grim but it was no use, Lord Grim charges through the magic missile and Ashen Moon is killed. Lord Grim moves onto his 3rd victim. Gao Yingjie's baby Witch account is clearly no good at melee and is sent flying. The rest of Tiny Herb's team finally arrive lead by another Witch, called Fiery Blaze and saves Gao Yingjie. Fiery Blaze is Wang Jiexi's smurf account. Upon seeing the group, Lord Grim pauses, you gotta pick your battles.

Fiery Blaze

In Tiny Herb's training room Wang Jiexi addresses his fully assembled team. Starting from today they'll begin a new training topic: form their own teams and bring down the BOSS. What BOSS? the group ask in confusion. Wang Jiexi points at his screen, the strong boss in the history of GLORY: Lord Grim. Wang Jiexi is indeed uncanny at judgement, he's figured out that Lord Grim is 'Ye Qiu'.

You're right XD


In an nondescript office the Red and Yellow clown's minions are agonizing over their annual sales target. How are they gonna get people to buy their diabetes inducing ice cream? A TV then timely informs them that under Captain Zhou Zekai's leadership Team Samsara has won this seasons GLORY championships << This is an error, they've not complete the latest season yet! A light bulb goes off, aha let's make the Gun King our spokes person! Problem solved! Give yourselves a pat on the back. Well done mate.

Zhou Zekai - Captain of Team Samsara

Character ID: Cloud Piercer 一枪穿云
Class: Sharpshooter
Weapon: Wildfire 荒火 (Revolver, right hand), Shattered Frost 碎霜 (Revolver, left hand)
Pro Team: Samsara

The only reason I included this last bit is because the show finally shows us Zhou Zekai and his God level account Cloud Piercer a Sharpshooter. Also because well, the golden arches actually looked like this during TKA's broadcast:


I think I wrote too much for this episode XD but it's God Jiexi!!! How could you not! XD

Another of Huang Shaotian's uses apart from being a  quick swordsman is that he's a great candidate for quickly spewing information hahaha. The mystery of why no one is playing Unspecialized is now clear. Wonder what Ye Xiu will do.

We wrap up Liu Hao's thread quite neatly but it's obvious that it's not going to be the last of him. Now it seems that Chen Yehui might try something. Urg get over your petty squabbles already.

Ye Xiu's bout with Wang Jiexi smurfing as Plantago Seed is one of my favorite fights in series. In the novel we also find out that Plantago Seed is such a big fan of Wang Jiexi that he's even made his keyboard skills mappings to be the same as Wang Jiexi's. That's why Jiexi was able to easily use Plantago's account.

Of the 5 most renowned accounts in the current GLORY professional league we've seen 4.5 of them lol. They're respectively:
- the "Battle God" One Autumn Leaf (Battle Mage), player Ye Xiu
- the "Fist Emperor" Desert Dust (Striker), player Han Wenqing. We've met Han Wenqing but not Desert Dust yet.
- the "Magician" Wang Jiexi, playing Vaccaria (Witch). Technically we've not met Vaccaria yet, but that's him in the mid-card this episode.
- the "Sword Saint" Troubling Rain (Blade Master), player Huang Shaotian
- the "Gun King" Cloud Piercer (Sharpshooter), player Zhou Zekai

Wang Jiexi's training method really is quite unconventional. Looks like it's not only his play style that's unpredictable.

There's a really funny description of the "Lord Grim World Boss" in Chapter 224 of the novel:

The Lord Grim BOSS was very mighty. He could frontal assault, sneak attack, and flank. His aggro range was also extremely large and could wander around anywhere. He would automatically find players and then start attacking them.

I'll add that: He also has the ability to summon mobs at will. Most often it's a Battle Mage and/or a Brawler and sometimes a Launcher and more rarely a Blade Master.

Novel Tracking: Around chapter 134. The events got super compressed here.