The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - Episode 6 (Recap)

kakashi: A turtle, a new female character and some rather unexpected developments.
JoAnne: Listen, fanfic is one thing - bestial porn is entirely another. Besides, what could you even do with a turtle?
panda: I knew that turtle was going to be trouble the minute I laid my eyes on it! 

Episode 6

At the stele, Weasel wants to blurt out what it all means, but Cao Cao stops him. He'd rather think about it himself. Onwards they go - and after approximately 9 miles, Cao Cao figures it out (due to the rain). Unfortunately, I don't get it. I have no clue what it means, but I'm impressed.
I hate riddles with a passion.
I read the solution of the riddle about 3 times but still don't understand it. All I know is it further shows how smart Weasel is.
Cao Cao wants to test Weasel's smartness further. They only have 20'000 men, their enemy has 100'000. Is this futile? No, no! says the Weasel. This is not about numbers, it's about character. Yuan Shao, basically, is a scumbag, in total contrast to Cao Cao, who treats his soldiers well - the enemy's army, therefore, is not worth much, but Cao Cao's army is very loyal to him.
So yes, if sucking up is smart, then Weasel is smart.
Very Smart indeed and more annoying is the fact that he genuinely believes it. He really does believe in Cao Cao and his rule.
Back at Sima Yi's he's frolicking around in his wheelchair (I think quite some time has passed) - he is overdoing it a bit, is he really in such a good mood? The servant expresses a dislike for the city to the Madame and wants to find a better doctor for his Master, one that can cure his legs. In what follows, it looks like our Madame becomes a bit suspicious of the whole carriage-over-legs incident?
I thought it started with her blaming herself a bit, and his comment about unloading only half was him trying to shift her blame to him, but yeah, she sure jumped on that half unloaded comment fast, and she did seem suspicious.
She was instantly suspicious and it was surprising because for a strange reason I thought she knew he deliberately ran over his legs. He was too jolly in that chair. Was it because he knew they were being observed by the Investigative Bureau?
Oh... and they're being watched. By someone drawing one of those intel-pictures for Guo.  Sima Yi finds a turtle in the grass and takes it home (he calls it Mr. Think Too Much). Oh! There, one of the servants is watching Sima Yi's movements very carefully too... Also noteworthy: Guo Zhao is happy and in love ... sadly, not with the little bro, as we well know.

Nice profile, really great mouth.
Little bro is so in love with Guo Zhao, that's going to end so badly. I'm happy to see Sima Fu looking so healthy and happy.
Sima Yi tells his little brother he wants to get him married - to A Zhao! Oh, little bro... This is not going to go well, is it... Awwww, the servant Hou Ji also wants to get married, to the butcher's daughter.
Poor little bro. He's such a cutie. I hope it goes better for Hou Ji than it will for him.
Huo Ji is so cute. *sidenote* I had no idea there were 8 Sima brothers. I do wish Sima Yi had waited for outcome of his wife's meeting before getting his brothers hopes up.
Zhang Chun Hua is currently talking to her travel companion about marriage - but she has no desire to wed until she finds her missing brother. In fact, it's quite clear she really doesn't want to get married. But who is writing her letters of poetic content?
Three guesses and the first two don't count.
I am impressed. Had no idea Deputy Commander could write love sonnets. Chun Hua sharp as ever caught on fast that her brother excuse was just a smoke screen.
Actually, Sima Yi knows what it is when his wife recites the poem she overheard to him. It's Deputy Commander Cao Pi... currently engaged in bloody battle. It's here he comes face to face with Lady Zhen Fu, Yuan Xi's (whoever he is, he isn't a nice guy, because he fled and left her here) wife - who is immediately "offered" by Yuan Shao's wife to save her family. Well, Lady Zhen is hellbent on killing herself: She grabs Cao Pi's sword and tries to pierce her heart with it. Gruesome. 
She should be interesting.
She's gorgeous. I feel she's going to cause a lot of trouble. Also please, no more slo-mos.
Oups, methinks that weasly brother of Cao Pi takes a liking to her immediately. Oh, I already like this woman. She asks for three things: 1) don't hurt the civilians. 2) spare the women and children from the Yuan household. And 3) she wants a good burial in her own country. Cao Cao laughs at that - this is a united country now. He then orders Cao Pi to pick a nice house for her and have his mother take care of her.
I wonder if this will pit the brothers against each other. Maybe Cao Cao wants her for Cao Pi.
Younger Cao brother is immediately smitten. Cao Pi though is the one put in charge of her care by Cao Cao. Hmm, interesting. 
Oh lookie: Sima Yi can walk! It's all thanks to that turtle that almost fell off the table! What a blessing! And what a curse. The Madame tells him he cannot let anyone else know. Yup, you better be careful.
Okay, whatever. If he's been non-ambulatory for a year, as the story suggests, he wouldn't be so strong and steady when first standing up. Are we to assume that he knew he could walk and has been doing so in secret for a while?  And is she seriously suggesting he pretend to be crippled for the rest of his life? Or at least, the rest of Cao Cao's life?
So. Is this the first time he's standing up? I'm suspicious. Well, it seems like it is because he looks so determined trying to walk. I take it back, I think it's not and he's been hiding it from his wife - look at his crazy eyes when they hugged!
Well. Cao Cao might have been all "oh, we don't harm civilians", but his soldiers don't seem to have gotten the memo. They're looting and killing right outside my new favorite female character (damn, this will be sad for our cute A Zhang...), but thankfully, Cao Pi - on his white horse! - stops it. I have a crush.
Yeah, I was definitely approving of him in this scene. But I really like that armor in general so that probably had something to do with it.
He's hot and righteous and that makes him hotter. 
Cao Zhi plays the zither outside of Lady Zhen's room, a piece she knows - to comfort her. Okay, I'm kind of feeling sympathetic for him here: he really seems a dreamer. He's completely charmed by her. And she is moved by his sincerity too, I think.
It was a very kind gesture. Now I'm wondering if he's really as calculating as I assumed. I did think, though, that if he really wanted to reassure her he'd do better to stop the raping/pillaging than to play an instrument to mask the screams. Dad did SAY that they wouldn't hurt the civilians, after all.
Charming scene but he still rubs me the wrong way. Why not try and stop the source of screaming as Jo said? He has a kind heart but is inherently weak I think.
Zhang Chun Hua hangs out the "pages" of a book (those bamboo things) of her husband's in the backyard (rather than clothes like other families) - they joke about rain...and then it starts, when she has left and Sim Yi is sitting there in his wheelchair. Oh shit! The book!!!
This is why you always hang bamboo book pages upside down. Sheesh. Even if it doesn't rain, sun will fade the ink!
This was so disappointing. Sima Yi should have expected he would have eyes on him all the time. He knows how precarious their situation is, he risked his legs for it! Rain or no rain, he should have sat his butt in the chair.
Oh SHIT. Busted. That sneaky servant (called Tian Liu) saw him walk!!! Madame sees him run and takes pursuit ... wow, she is KICKASS. The guy pulls a knife on her though (boooo), she dodges well. Ji Bu appears and watches from behind a corner. Wait, is he shadowing her all the time or is this a coincidence? Our Madame kills the servant in self-defense and then searches his body - she finds one of those intel drawings, giving him away as an employee of the investigation bureau.
I feel like Trot. Every time I see Ji Bu I want to jump up and down and wave posters while glitter guns shoot sparkles over the crowd. I really, really like Ji Bu.
Go Chun Hua! Thats was a kick ass scene. Ji Bu is like her personal fairy godmother it seems. Always popping up when he's most needed. 
Well, they're in deep trouble now - you don't just kill an officer without consequences. Joining them to confirm this is Ji Bu, dripping wet from the rain. Plus: he tells Sima Yi what happens if he fakes his illness: he has to die, by Cao Cao's orders. But of course, he won't go through with it, and he has already disposed of the body. Awwwww, Ji Bu. Why am I thinking this might not end well for you?
Because we can't have nice things, Kakashi.
Throughout this scene, Ji Bu kept sneaking looks at Mrs Sima like he couldn't help himself. I'm sure it's apparent to Sima Yi that he only helped dispose of body so as to protect Chun Hua. In his mind I'm sure he is still trying to unravel the mystery of their relationship as I am.
Still on his campaign, Cao Cao is attracting "talent" like honey flies. Yuan Shao is dead by now, but I guess the war isn't yet over. Cao Cao shows he has a heart - he exempts the citizens of the particular province they're in from taxes this year. But uh-oh, his brother comes with a trunk full of documents, evidence against everyone in his court who didn't trust Cao Cao could win and made deals with Yuan Shao. But Cao Cao doesn't care in the least: He already knows everything there is to know. He orders the evidence to be burnt. But then he changes his mind and orders his sons to be brought to him.
Hmm. I don't like this.
Exam time boys!
He asks them what to do with the letters. Little Bro says: Burn it. Cao Pi: Investigate, then burn it. They need to know who isn't loyal among them, he explains. "We can use the enemies, but we cannot use the traitors." The two brothers argue about this and Cao Cao listens - then he laughs and says he's a bit drunk.
Who do you agree with?  My gut says Cao Pi, who I think just wants to know what the lay of the land is (although his comment about traitors worried me that he actually meant to kill everyone - but then, why burn the evidence?)
I agree with Cao Pi. I would always want to know who my enemies were so I could keep an extra eye on them and use them. I wouldn't just kill them though unless betrayed one more time.
We see them burn the documents afterwards and Cao Zhi smiling smugly. Later, Cao Cao's wife Lady Bian is asked the same question: who is more suitable to be the successor? She immediately says: Zi Huan (Cao Pi). Cao Cao knows how smart his son is - but he thinks he is a bit too cold and power hungry. He might not be able to fulfill Cao Cao's dream of unity. And the other son is kind and broad minded, but too naive. So he really doesn't know what to do about this.
Seismic shift in my opinion about Cao Cao this episode.  What if he's actually the good guy?
My mind is blown but Yes! I also had that shift in perception regarding Cao Cao. He really does care for the people! Wow
Just then, word comes in that Counsellor Guo is ill and in danger. Cao Cao immediately rides to where he is. Oh no, what is wrong with him???! Cao Cao almost cries - me too!!! Guo's dying wish is: that Cao Cao persuades Sima Yi to serve him. And if he cannot ... then he must kill him.
Nooooo, I like Guo. Why do they spring this on us?
This came from nowhere. He was still healthy on the horse talking about riddles with the Weasel! So sad. I laughed though when his dying thoughts were about Sima Yi. 


Noooooooo! TT_________________________TT
Drama, you are so mean, how could you just kill someone I liked that much?! Without warning?
Maybe the actor had a new movie starting or something.
It was actually shocking. 

I'm still intrigued by all the characters, they're so rich in layers! I'm also happy this drama doesn't overdo much (some of the acting is a bit over the top, sadly, mainly from Sima Yi), it is quite "humble" though it's thoroughly gorgeous. But it never feels forced or rushed.
Visually stunning, yes.  The settings and costuming are lush, the lighting is perfection, and the faces are arresting. Not handsome in the traditional sense, often, but very, very watchable.
Agree with the overacting bits. When he played in chair and bulged his eyes trying to walk, those felt forced and fake. But overall, I'm very happy so far. Speaking of layers, Cao Cao is so full of them and is almost my favorite person in entire drama. 

The hunt for Sima Yi is on again. Maybe he will cut off his own legs next?!
Seriously, if his solution to this problem involves yet another way of hurting himself, I'm going to have treat this show as a comedy.
He needs to use those fabled brains in a way that doesn't involve self mutilation otherwise he'll be nothing more than a 1 truck pony.

I am glad I am not one of Cao Cao's sons. One of them - or maybe both? - will suffer a great deal in what's to come...
Am I the only one who thought those smiles on the faces of the men who were NOT Cao Pi, watching the evidence burn - those were the smiles of men who didn't get caught.
No you're not. That guy especially who was with Cao Cao when his brother brought in the chest looked super relieved. The battle for Cao Cao' s heir is going to be super messy but I've already made my choice. Let the games begin!