End of Year 2017 Eiffel Towers

We come to the end of another fruitful year in DramaLand, full of Angst, Noble Idiocy, Trucks of Doom, Birth Secrets, Family Corporate Takeovers; and, of course, Eiffel Towers!
As always, much thanks and holiday cheer go to my online and offline friends that help me spot these: Trotwood, cherkell, Quirkstine, MariDZ, oOISSYOo, and anyone else I might have missed.

First, non-drama spottings of the icon:

Daiso store in Japan, and a Philippine bazaar, respectively.

Lotteria at a Busan train station; and a store in Seoul.

In Seoul, a bookstore and a coffee shop.

A L'Oreal commercial while watching Thailand's Ngao Asoke this year.

And now for the drama Eiffel Towers!

Attention Love (Taiwan) 2017

Paen Rai Long Tai Warak (Thailand) 2017

Someone Like You (Taiwan) 2015

Sweet Enemy (South Korea) 2017

Cruel Romance (Mainland China) 2015

Fai Nai Wayu (Thailand) 2014

Money Flower (South Korea) 2017


Beautiful Secret (Taiwan) 2015

School 2017 (South Korea)

Parakit Likit Hua Jai (Thailand) 2017

The Package (South Korea) 2017
SHUKNOTE: It's set in Paris, so if you think you need even more ET's in your life, watch it! 

Teacher Oh Soon Nam (South Korea) 2017

Together With You (Thailand) 2017

Mad Dog (South Korea) 2017

A Love So Beautiful (Mainland China) 2017

Have a safe and joyous new year. With much love, Shuk.