Game of Hunting 猎场 - Episodes 7 & 8 (Impression Post)

kakashi: Many, many women are suddenly very interested in Zheng Qiu Dong. Oups. Not exactly a good thing for a man with a fake identity...
SakiVI: He's terribly handsome.
Panda: So handsome!
JoAnne: I can't disagree with that, at least.

Episodes 7 & 8

One bullet: dodged! The man who knew Qin Fei in the hospital has passed away not too long ago. If our Qiu Dong/Qin Fei thinks he's safe, he's a fool though! There's a PR woman (who seem to have the hots for him) who puts the profiles of new hires online ... including Qin Fei's. He lectures her to only make very limited information public, but of course, very little is fully sufficient in his case. You're so busted.
The sooner he's busted, the sooner he can live an honest life.
I still don't know how long he thinks he is going to be able to keep this up. I admit I was happy for him when it turned out the man who knew him had passed. That would have been so cruel especially on his first day!
Nah, I was kind of hoping his deskmate would turn out to be a childhood friend of Qin Fei or something. I don't know why but I really root for him to suffer in this. No, I do know why: because he does stupid things.
At a cocktail even (the PR woman with the hots goes with Qin Fei), he reconnects with the beautiful Yi Ren, who is now CEO of a huge company - thanks to that lusty chairman (Xia). She hints at her relations with him (not married though) and claims she doesn't know how to do business. Ah, my darling - so sad.
Let's see, she got him in trouble with the police from being dumb, and she sleeps with rich men to get ahead.  Although, perhaps she doesn't marry her boyfriends so that she can marry Qiu Dong.  Which would be sort of sweet.
Sigh, I can't believe she became his Mistress? Is Chairman Xia married? She is now a power in the business world and both of them looked so shocked and affected by each other which other sort of caught on to.
Her, too. Let them both suffer. I'm not feeling particularly charitable toward Yi Ren; if she is having an affair with Xia it makes me wonder what her initial reason was for being with their sunbae.
She is so glad to see Qiu Dong, because she has been waiting to be able to tell him that she never betrayed him. Awww, woman. She also tells him he's insane for thinking it's a good idea to come to Beijing with a stolen identity - but what can he do? He plans to live this fake life forever, since he only feels deep shame for who he once was. I really love the moments between the two. She does not seem to have any hard feelings, in fact, I'd say she's still very much in love with him - but it doesn't look like Qiu Dong even considers the possibility as she also quite clearly tells him not all things can be as they once were. I think the other people think they're having an affair...tends to happen when you stay in a room with locked doors for such a long time.
Great, so they care about each other and it runs deep. Looks a tragic love, though.
Other people felt the strange vibe between them as she appeared much taken with him. I am glad she doesn't harbor any ill feelings and yes, I did feel sad for her. She so obviously still cares a lot for him. I was also impressed that she didn't sugarcoat things and told him succinctly that his plan is a terrible one which isn't sustainable in the long term.
I think if she had him, she'd lose interest. Not much warmth for her in my heart, honestly.
There is a mysterious woman at that cocktail party and she also shadows Qin Fei later. Posing as an obnoxious interviewee, she gets him to meet with her and introduced herself as Qin Fei's ex-fiancee. Oh shit. What she wants? Money. 200'000 Yuan (which Qin Fei doesn't have). I know it's not okay to blackmail, but I find this lady kind of cool (she's also a bit crazy). I'd be SO ANGRY if I found out someone is using my dead boyfriend's identity!
I found her amusing.  And as the dead man's fiancee, it's not a bad payback.
She is so Pretty! I admire her chutzpah although I don't approve of blackmail. But yes, I liked seeing him squirm. What he did was not nice.
Her, I like. So far. I don't think she's entitled to a damn thing, but I'm inclined not to care about that.
Desperate, Qin Fei reaches out to Yi Ren (who gave him her phone number for such cases) and they meet late at night. She transfers the money for him without batting an eyelid. He is shameless about it at first and feels a lot of shame afterwards. She calls him "family" ... when it's so clearly more. She keeps questioning his stupid decisions and tells him that the higher up he will climb, the more likely he will be exposed. Oh yes. Listen to the pretty lady.
At least she's not dumb at life stuff.  Except for accidentally setting the police on a person.  
She keeps telling him the truth and he keeps disregarding it. Sigh. I didn't like the way he asked her initially and felt better when he was ashamed afterwards. Yes, he needs to feel ashamed. He is living a lie.
I wonder if he felt like she owed him, since he believes she's the reason he went to jail and thus 'had' to steal Qin Fei's identity. But deep in his heart he must know that's bullshit.
The crazy woman from Nanning keeps bugging Qin Fei with text message and voice mail ... is she now stalking him?! I hear blackmailers keep tabs on how their victims are doing.  At Valley, somebody has developed an interested in Qin Fei's past ... because he investigated Yi Ren, and sees a photo of her with him by her side. Uh oh... it doesn't take long for a private investigator to unearth everything about Qin Fei...prison sentence, etc. The result: immediate dismissal from his beloved company. He tries hard to be able to stay, even runs into the bathroom to beg the chairman. But: fail. He will be put on a HR blacklist. So harsh.
Harsh but completely justified. He has just proven again that he isn't trustworthy. See how easy it was to discover your real identity? That's what Yi Ren warned you about.
More than anything, he is driven by emotion. It leads him to make bad decision, and who can afford that in an employee? Apart from any of the morals of the situation, it's a business-based decision that I fully support. Of course, I do enjoy his suffering, too.
Qiu Dong actually wants to kill himself after this, but by coincidence, he hears that PR woman talk about him on one of the nearby balconies. From her, he finds out that a woman he recently talked to was the one who gave him away ... and he immediately thinks it's his crazy stalker. Nope, it was his connection to Yi Ren.  He buys a ticket to Nanning and seeks her out.  The rage he feels is keeping him alive.
At least he has something to look forward to.
They make a good look couple. Go forth and procreate, you criminals!
So, this case reminds me of something I myself experienced. A very good friend of mine and colleague lied about having a PhD. He angered another employee, who went after him and found out everything. He busted him publicly, by writing an email to all the employees of my university. My friend and colleague had to leave immediately the next day. I wasn't there at the time, but I hear he was led out by security too. I often think about how it must be to live with such a lie ... and how you get there. I think with these kind of lies, there comes a point of no return, from which the cost of saying the truth seems much higher than continuing the lie. In the end, that is never true. So, in a way, it is GOOD that Qiu Dong is exposed that early into his career. 
Yes, I cheered.  And it's always best to go for a hot seat over hot air.
I remember that PhD story! People are so gutsy, how can you lie about such in an academic environment? It is all so easy to find out. I am also happy Qiu Dong got exposed so fast. Imagine if he had risen to like a CEO position before it came out! 
Oh, I do remember you mentioning this in the past. I'm always fascinated by the point at which a person decides the effort of keeping up the lie is not worth it, and faces their punishment.  In the end, if you're not dead, it's better to bite that bullet. Of course, that's not the situation here - but it might become the situation at some point.
At one point in episode 8, when he is trying to explain himself, Qiu Dong says he wanted to get money for a woman (Yi Ren). That's the first time his actions make sense to me. Because this drive, this crazy ambition to be something he is not, I don't get it (personally). However, to watch someone struggle so much makes for good drama. It's fascinating to see these human beings and their flaws - and think about who has morals and who quite clearly has none.
Qiu Dong doesn't seem to have too many morals.  
Yi Ren told him he had always been so driven even when they were in school. So, I don't completely buy its for her. I think that's just the way he is. Over ambition isn't healthy and it's clearly made him do morally wrong things. I hope the fires get a bit tamed in the future.
It's that classic mistake of thinking if you aren't hugely successful, you're nothing. Qiu Dong doesn't really believe in himself, so he latches on to excuses and tries to take shortcuts, but he's so emotional about everything he makes stupid mistakes, and it's just this huge snake devouring its own tail.