Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 - Episode 7 (Recap)

Panda: A reunion and 6 very satisfying slaps indeed.
kakashi: And a hunting trip. They're always exciting. Often, people die.
JoAnne: Did you hear that, Trot? People might die! *looks around expectantly for her most bloodthirsty friend*
SakiVI: I would like people to die. But I'll settle for 6 satisfying slaps (and the consonance).

Episode 7

Empress comes to taunt the Emperor that the secret of Yin Rong is now out as Sheng has both seen her and heard details of what happened from a now dead Li Xiu Man. He counters by asking how Sheng got to to know about the location of Yong Yin Hall and connects the dots from an angry HeGe to her to Sheng.
No wonder the Emperor doesn't like the Empress much. She is poison.
A temper as sharp as her nose. And an ugly, ugly soul.
I find her beautiful. I get that she's evil, and crazy et cetera, but I like looking at her.
She denies and instead turns the focus on the Muru clan and Han Jiang in particular. She ropes in the prophecy and says Han Jiang took Sheng to the Hall and that the Emperor should trust her - especially as she has done all his dirty work for him and not them.
Oh, weak fool. But you are an intelligent man, are you not? You do not believe this slander, do you? 
He sees through her like she's made of glass, are you kidding me?
It's because he's so cold to her that she's crazy. I find people with big egos get crazier when they're ignored. And as an aristo from a top family who was once loved by her prince, she must have a massively-hurt big ego.
The Emperor delivers gifts including a lovely armor to Sheng urging him to nurse himself back to good health especially since he is inviting him to the Hunting trip.
Uh-oh. I hear Hunting Trip, I think assassination attempt. I didn't quite get why he was suddenly declared ill - was it because of the shock of seeing his disfigured mother?
Didn't he think she was dead? That's a lot for a kid to absorb: Mom's not dead, she's near dead, Dad tried to kill her...
Sheng barges into the King’s chamber (boy has no self-preservation) and asks to be locked up with his mom but his request is of course denied.
Not for the last time, he is incredibly rude to his Father (for an Asian setting). He has courage! Or, as Panda says, no self-preservation.
His dad deserves no respect or manners.  
The King momentarily lost in thought, flashes back to when Yin Rong was stabbed. After the sword was removed, she shielded her face and essentially said they would never meet again. She told him Love meant everything to her and with the stab, it was Over between them.
Yeah, I kinda get that's a dealbreaker. 
Except he didn't stab her.
Back in the present, a defiant Sheng says he won’t do as his father commands and gets a slap. King asks who has taught him to be rude to his father implying that he has been spending time with the wrong people - possibly Han Jiang.
The Emperor seems shocked afterwards that he hit his son. He is a strange man. Plus, Sheng kinda deserved this slap - from an Asian historical fantasy drama perspective.
From any perspective, he was rude to his father, justified or not.
His father deserves it, though. He's a total jerk.  
Furious, Sheng heads back to his quarters and throws out all his presents. Han Jiang tells him he can help him leave the palace. They plan to leave at the Hunting Trip.
Sounds like a very bad idea, guys. 
Emotional teenagers. What could go wrong?
It's rather cute how they're planning to run away.
Briefly segueing to the nefarious Arch Prince Luan who has forged a letter with the help of another official- Nanku Qi. The letter is supposedly from Muru Shuo to the Arch Prince wife and it states that he wants to harm the King on the Hunting trip and that she should therefore stay away. The letter will be sent to the other Arch Princes so they send their troops. They plan to spread rumours about the letter also. The Arch Prince is covering his bases as he is in cahoots with Mr Mo who is also on the way to the Hunting trip with Nanku De.
From certain angles, Mr. Mo looks really good despite his weird eyes/contacts. But that's not the point here. The point here is that I hope the Nanku Family catches an infectious disease and stays away from people I like. 
Funny, I was thinking pretty much the same thing except that I really like Mr. Mo's eyes.
The Nanku Family makes things more interesting.  
We see HeYe again after quite a few episodes. Princess Jing brought him on the trip as his reward for winning the match. She is a really cool Princess and is one of the Commanders of the Silver army.  (Those blonde ponytails kill me.) Heye teases her about her tomboyish attitude and they fight (its hot) and they have a moment. He is punished for teasing her - she orders him hung upside down but he still promises to make her his Queen in future. She orders him locked back in a cage as he keeps up his admittedly annoying laughter.
He's sexy though. He is also quite sure of himself. And of what he wants: her. 
So rough around the edges, though, that boy. Okay and rough straight through, too. It's part of his charm but I think long term it would be annoying AF.
I loved this! I had Shi and Yan Da feels all over again.  
Su Yu Ning is also at the Hunting Ground. That's right, they took along their entire household... No wonder people get murdered on hunting trips. The second prince Muyun Lu brought her as his guest. She, Nanku niece and other ladies are in a tent when he walks in with a bouquet of flowers for her. Nanku niece asks Prince to take her to where she could equally gets the flowers but is once again shut down by him. Annoyed, she tells him sucking up to Yu Ning won’t make him Emperor and he leaves the tent in anger.
Both are idiots. They should hook up together. 
Nope. Wouldn't wish her on my worst enemy, let alone someone who might be halfway decent, like Muyun Lu.
Muyun Lu is cute, and nerdy, and sticks up for the woman he likes. Totally my type.  
Nanku Niece commands the other ladies out of the tent, slaps Yi Ning and tells her she has to give up the Emperor to her in the future or she will implicate her and Han Jiang. She slaps her a further two times even though Yi Ning warns her to stop. After the third slap, Yi Ning tells her she can’t take it anymore and slaps her SIX times. YASSSS.
*standing ovation*
Loved that. LOVED. THAT. Are we seeing some spark in the girl or is this a one-shot deal? Please God, give her some real backbone for the remaining 68 episodes.
Somehow, I think she only stands up for herself when cornered like this. She will be a terrible empress.
Nanku Niece goes to complain to Aunt but doesn’t get reaction she wants. Realizing aunt plans for Yu Ning to marry HeGe, she mocks her that it is impossible and gets punished.
Wow, she is DUMB, this Nanku vixen. Sadly, women like her often get quite far in life! Amazing, isn't it? She's so lucky she's related to the Empress. Anyone else who said such to her would have had their heads looped off.
I'm thinking anyone not related to her wouldn't have dared to say it to begin with, but in all other respects I agree with you. She is dumb, she is likely to get far. I loathe her.
Sheng escapes with Han Jiang! Unfortunately, it’s very short-lived as they are discovered by Muru Shuo and taken back to camp with Han Jiang as a prisoner who kidnapped a Prince.
Well done, boys....NOT.
His own father, though...I suppose a guy who would want you dead could make you a prisoner but still, it must hurt. The thing is, we know it hurts Dad, too. I feel very sorry for them both.
Sheng goes to beg his dad who is decked in a most “interesting” golden armor and head-piece (that is the one given to him by his brother, no?) to release Han Jiang. The King refuses, states that he kidnapped him and has to be punished. Sheng obstinately protests that he ran away and riles the King to the extent that he points a sword at his heart just like he did with Yin Rong. Eventually he walks away leaving a shaken King behind. All this took place in public under the Queen’s watchful eye.
Maybe this armor is possessed? It certainly looks like it. 
Geez, the fathers in this drama do not show themselves well, do they.  Even Hot Dad was kind of foolish, much as we like to drape him in bravery.
I don't really blame Hot Dad as much as I do these Muru and Muyun dads. Hot Dad seemed more constrained by his circumstances, while these two are just dumb jerks following "prophecies".
Oh wow, she is gorgeous!
Han Jiang is thrown into captivity and sees HeYe. Reunion! There is also an old man present who sees that Sheng is a half charmer and is very interested in him.
Oh, who is he? 
More importantly, is he going to be a friend or a foe?  Or both?  He gives me the same feeling as Mister Mo right now, like he can do things that help you or hurt you by turns, and it all fits with some bigger picture no one can see but him.
Sheng eventually escapes with all the prisoners and all three boys take shelter in a cave and are in good spirits till HeYe discovers that Han Jiang is a Muru.
Awww, come on, boys. Be friends, please. You can make your own interpretation of the prophecies!


Those Slaps!!! I watched that scene about 6 times. That was so good. The shock on Nanku Niece face was priceless, I loved it. Yi Ning, I am so happy you discovered some spunk. Long may it continue. Back to the twisted couple, I didn’t like the Emperor much in this episode and I think the Empress has a point. He made her do his dirty work with Yin Rong afterall. How so? I also cannot believe he actually pointed a sword at Sheng! Although he seemed frozen as though he had some form of PTSD, that’s not a good enough excuse. Although, I am very puzzled how they all escaped the second time, yayy for the triple bromance! Sadly, I see it disintegrating very soon TT__TT
Wasn't that the scene where he ordered his guard to tie himself? I didn't get that either. This just shows how young these boys are - young and dumb. 
The guard was a Muru, and I think it was along the lines of 'you can't let harm come to me? well, if you don't tie yourself up, I'm going to harm myself?' right? Made me laugh.
I wonder who Princess Jing's mother is that she gets so much responsibility?