Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 - Episode 9 (Recap)

Panda: This was a hard episode to watch.
kakashi: Poor, poor Emperor TT__________________TT (he is very cruel too though)
JoAnne:  I don't even mind, though.

Episode 9

At court, the Queen states that since the Emperor is ill, she shall thus convey his future decrees. Shuo protests, Queen says he should take some time off, he say the Emperor must personally convey this and walks towards them. Queen asks if he wants to rebel and Nanku Qi pipes in that he should be punished but Shuo is undeterred.
Gawd, she is so terrible and yet, I have a weird girl crush on her. And here, for the first time, I really appreciated General Shuo's stubborn stupid loyalty. By the way, the Emperor sheds a tear. It broke my heart...
I just kept thinking 'this would NEVER happen in Korea!'
Queen sees Shuo wouldn’t stop so she threatens the Emperor with Sheng’s safety and the Emperor whispers to Shuo to step down.
Oh, he can still whisper? Things are looking up.  
She is a monster.
She then brings up the fact that he was missing when Emperor was hurt and the rumors from the lake letter orchestrated by Arch Prince. Shuo kneels in front of them, breaks the Purple Qilin in half and says from now he will share the Military power in the Kingdom with the Nanku Qi to the dismay of other sensible officials.
And to the dismay of me, not a sensible official. Nooooooooooooo! Why does he do something DUMB like that! I am SURE there were other options to show his sincerity!
Yes, like stabbing her through the heart.
The Emperor’s eyes are deadly as the Queen immediately re-assigns HeGe back from the barren wastelands.
Gaaaaaaaah. She's so efficient. Viper Queen. The Emperor cries some more. 
I know this won't end well for her.  That's my only consolation.
In town, Han Jiang hears rumors of the Emperor and his dad and goes looking for Sheng. Lan Yu’er (his maid) takes him to Sheng but stops him from actually seeing him. She tells him he sometimes loses his mind TT__TT when he sees people he knows. Han Jiang suggests they run away that he will look after them but Lan Yu’er told him the Queen forces him to the palace twice a day to see his dad in that state as to torment him. What a BITCH.
Wow, no words. By the way...who would assign such a pretty young maid to a young man?! I don't get that. Unless it's clear they will have sexual relations.
I was wondering about that myself.  Is she his maid, his housekeeper, his companion/concubine?  Some bit of all three?
Su Yu Ning re-appears at the Palace to plea for re-entry claiming she was pushed off a cliff. Although the Queen suspects/knows her niece orchestrated the disappearance, she (wow that DRESS!) denies her entry and orders her back home to be grounded. Han Jiang gives her something through Han Shan (Han Shan, Han Shan, Han Shan!) as she leaves for home. Han Jiang couldn’t give her personally as he has gone off to the Army.
Huh? She isn't dead? Who caught her (and didn't get flattened in the process)? Mysteeeeeerious. 
Well, she is the future Empress, so she couldn't be dead.
The Queen massages a clearly uncomfortable Emperor saying she doesn’t trust anyone else to do it (The moans before we saw them had me thinking they were doing another form of exercise which is clearly impossible in his state. But still… ). He tells her to go away but she essentially assaults him, kissing him, trying to make him bend to her will.
Ah, never say impossible! I am glad she wasn't raping him. It's not beyond her. 
Clearly it would be exactly her style.
She opens his cover and pulls out Yin Rong’s portrait that’s nestled next to him. She asks for love for taking care of him but he scoffs and says it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t love her. She flings portrait on the floor and watches as he super-humanly moves himself to get it. She asks for his love once again and rips the portrait to shreds when he denies her.
That is so.......goddamit. This scene was so scary and powerful. A man who can barely move, but claws his way to the portrait of a woman he still loves more than life.
And yet, she does not give up even when presented with that evidence...crazy woman.  I *should* have sympathy for her given the whole of their story, but her behavior makes it impossible.  
She goes to Yin Rong’s hall and tells her she’s going to make the Emperor forget what love is till only hatred fills his mind. Then she will be the only one for him. Yin Rong tells her she is pitiful and the barb seems to hit home. But, she steps out and her men burn the hall down with the Emperor right outside. WHAT A VILE EVIL BITCH.
Her logic is off though. This man will never forget his love. 
This I did not expect...but she is clearly going to Hell.
HeYe arrives at the city where the Old Man directed him to and gets drugged and robbed by petty thieves. When they see the ring however, they take him to the Duke Heng ship and when asked where he wants to go, he tells them Han prefecture.
That was cool. It reminded me of Game of Thrones and Arya. Are they merpeople?
We see all our 3 heroes - Han Jiang flourishing at army camp; HeYe in a Titanic pose and Sheng with his Pearl-orb which now shows a woman inside and get a Time Jump! (4 years later)
I love time jumps! Bring it ON! 
Shawn Dou!  Shawn Dou!  Shawn Dou!
A mysterious woman- she calls herself Nanku Qi’s niece but DF subs clearly says she is Princess Ji Yun Cong from a previous dynasty approaches Sheng’s quarters to get a portrait done. Sheng has become a renowned painter and many court ladies try to get him to paint them. She gives a sob story that she lost her lover and would like to offer a painting as offering.
She is dodgy as fook and she's a Nanku. Not good. 
Don't trust anything she says about herself.
Sheng is intrigued by her story and draws her. After, when he goes to get a basin to burn the painting, she steals another painting from his stash. She leaves hurriedly but Sheng follows to ask if she lied. She readily admits but he doesn’t get offended. Rather, he hands her back her portrait. She gives the painting she stole to some mercenaries who back out of their previous arrangement.
Okay, I was really intrigued by Sheng here. What a gentle, interesting young man. 
I really like him.
Sheng orders his remaining paintings to be burnt as to not provoke greed in other people and continues studying his Pearl. His maid asks if there is truly a woman in the orb and he says there is but he has never seen her face.
Ohhhhhhh. Mystery! 


What an evil woman. Everything pales in this episode to the Queen and her sick twisted actions from tormenting a poor defenseless boy who is clearly already traumatized to tormenting her paralyzed husband to burning a woman alive! No redemption for her. She deserves all that comes. Wow. Her relationship with the Emperor was so uncomfortable for me to watch in certain places and yet so fascinating. Kudos to both actors.
Loved and hated it.
The viciousness was breathtaking, wasn't it?