Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 - Episode 10 (Recap)

Panda: Where we have the return of an old foe and the introduction of a new yummy character.
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kakashi: We are? I thought we're doing this for the intellectual value?

Episode 10

Sheng is increasingly preoccupied with the mysterious figure in the orb. He simply wishes to spend the rest of his days away from people as noted by Yu’er. Poor baby. He can’t remember what happened 4 years past but he firmly believes he hurt his dad and that’s why he has decided to close himself off from the world.
Oh no, poor little prince. He seems too nice. Also rather obsessed with his trinket.
Because sometimes there's a WOMAN in it.
He has dreams about what happened 4 years past and desperately tries to piece events together. He keeps staring at the orb and Yu’er finally takes it from him to keep so as to prevent him from staring too much at it. She is really, really forward with him yet I detect no sexual element. Must be because they grew up together and his upbringing was so informal as to border on neglect.
Yes, there is no attraction (from his side at least), only great care for each other. Still, the relationship is a bit strange. She acts more like an older sister than a maid! The 'er he adds to her name is an affectionate thing, no? 
Yes, a term of endearment I believe. I don't see him being into her as a woman at all, but he definitely cares about her. I think she likes him but you know how some women get all mother-ish with their men? She's like that.
His painting that was stolen by the mysterious “Nanku” woman is given to Arch Prince Ye by the Mercenaries leader (who is in Advisors Alliance too). He wants to be hired as part of Yue’s forces in the upcoming war. Sheng’s paintings have been said to have some form of magic due to his immense skill and their unavailability.
Oh, interesting. So, it seemed the "Nanku" woman was searching for a bit before she took this particular picture (it's actually the one he is just painting in that scene with her). Why this one?
I guess we'll find out!
The Muyun court owes the Arch Prince lots of money but he doesn’t simply want to storm the Palace and regain regain his Kingship by force. A member of the Cloud tribe (a Tolkein-esqe dwarf - are they not the "Wise"? yes ) brings him a wand and sword that he commissioned. The sword, called the Sky Knocker, as they are wont to, comes with its own poem and the background music that plays makes me feel it will be important later in the show.
Sky Knocker would be a great name for a chocolate bar!
Or a pet name for, you know.
Mr Mo (Not dead! Yay!) has been nursed to good health by him and he gives him the wand crafted by the Cloud guy. He also shows him Muyun Sheng’s picture to inquire if it has any magical power and Mr Mo almost has a heart attack as he recognises some markings in the painting. Hahaha, Mr. Mo is so over the top dramatic, he makes me laugh. Chill, man! Apparently the painting shows the Book of Charmers something Mr Mo would die to have. It is like a cheat code which will enable whoever has it to have whatever magic they want. The Arch Prince says Mr Mo can go back to Tian Qi to get the woman in painting and also says he will send someone to assist him
Okay, I want a book of charmers too. It sounds useful.
Maybe there's an app for it.
The person Arch Prince sends is his son Muyun De (Very Hot). He is the head of the chamber of commerce and therefore a very rich prince but Mr Mo quickly senses that just like his dad, he hungers for power and wouldn’t be averse to getting the King position over his dad. He asks him to get close to Muyun Sheng.
Very Hot but Huge Asshole.
The biggest.
At court, the call to make He Ge Crown Prince by the Empress cronies makes even the King roll his eyes. It’s all very boring but basically Weaselly faced Nanku Qi seems to be the power at court now and has kept the other Princes away at outstations. General Shuo also seems very uninterested in the Court affairs to the disgust and annoyance of his friend; and mine.
Very annoying stuff.
The Empress pushes for the King to name HeGe Crown Prince after court is over but he continues refusing.
Hot Emperor, we're on your side!
You have to admire his conviction.


Recapping, it seems like nothing much happened in this episode especially after the last crazy one but it was still interesting. Hello Muyun De. You look like you will be a delicious villain especially coupled with Mr Mo. And I really like grown-up Muyun Sheng. He just seems like a very lovely, lonely young man. I think most readers prayers will be answered next episode when we finally get to see Shawn :))
This show is every recappers dream! Gorgeous to look at, but nothing happens. Why is everybody just shipping Shawn like crazy? Is this an epidemic?
Because he is hot, has an adorable grin, and can handle action scenes like nobody's business.