Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 - Episode 11 (Recap)

Panda: In which the Emperor finally gets his spirits broken :(
kakashi: Empy! My poor Empy! Hang in there!!! TT___________TT
JoAnne:  I keep looking for info on Mr. Mo and it's just not there.  It makes him even more mysterious that I can't learn anything about the actor.  My theory is that this is his own hair, supplemented with some extensions.

Episode 11

The Emperor still refuses to not say he misses Yin Rong, so the Queen not only slaps him but locks him up and commands that he be left alone to starve until he comes to his senses.
Wow, I was SO scandalized at this!!!!! And all the servants, they watched!!!!!! What horrible, horrible humiliation.
She is one nasty piece of work, this woman.  If anyone had any sympathy for her, I hope it's gone by this point.
Han Shan sighting!! Yayy. Oh yeah, baby. He is pissed at his dad for not making use of the Occultist he found who can clear up their non-involvement in Nanku De death. Muru Shuo expectedly refuses (pfft) and punishes him because it’s not in the Muru Code of conduct to use magic. Sigh. Muru Shuo is like people who won’t move with technology.
Yes, stubborn and outdated.
Sometimes those people are right to insist that the old way is best, though.
Muyun De (I shimmy) after some days of gathering information about Sheng finally goes to make his acquaintance. Mr Mo gave him a piece of paper with strange markings which no human would understand unless they have the knowledge of the Book of Charmers. His gift to Sheng is a special type of paper which is amazing for painting as it has special properties to keep paintings vibrant for decades. Sheng knows he must be after something especially since the paper is so valuable and Muyun De gives him the question.
Okay, he is so sexy hateful.
His voice gives me shivers.  He always talks like he's whispering in your ear.  In bed.  Saying naughty, naughty, naughty things.
He gazes at it outside when a strange woman appears and reads out the question. She is surprised and amazed that he can both hear and see her and he finally twigs onto the fact that she is the woman in the glass bead. She denies the fact and vanishes.
She is unearthly pretty. Instant love. She also seems vulnerable. Someone protect her, please!
Okay, this may be the prettiest woman in the story.
Sheng hurries to Muyun De to tell him what the woman says. He senses Mr Mo and feels something is weird and familiar when he initially gets there but gets distracted by De. He asks where he got the question from and De said from his mentor to get close to Sheng. He then goes to a sob story about not having friends and wanting to befriend Sheng, essentially using their loneliness as a shared thread.
Fuck you, you evil sexy bastard. I was quite glad Sheng felt Mr. Mo, which probably means he isn't utterly defenseless? But then, I was quite worried about him for trusting this fucker De.
Sometimes, though, I get the feeling that Muyun Sheng completely gets that someone is lying but he's willing to go along with the charade.  I have never seen his kindness as weakness...I think he is much, much stronger than anyone realizes.
It reminds Sheng of Han Jiang TT__TT and he shows De the glass bead (very stupid and naive) and De sees her too! Which is surprising because he’s the second person to ever do so.
Oh god, PLEASE, Sheng. Don't be stupid! I was surprised and amazed and appalled that evil sexy bastard could see her.  What powers does he possess!?
There's no chance he was lying?
Mr Mo couldn’t contain his excitement and comes out of hiding but Sheng doesn’t remember him :((. He tries to get Sheng to call her out to learn Magical powers from her but Sheng aint about that life and leaves in a huff.
Mr. Mo is somehow funny in his obsession. He's a fanboy for magic.
I love it when he gets really worked up - you are exactly right.
Muyun De in a snit poisons Mr Mo because he didn’t teach him the algorithm but Mr Mo poisons him back (with smoke) and makes it clear to him that he doesn’t answer to him but they’re rather simply working together. Ironically, this brings the two of them closer. Ha.
Mr. Mo got this weird kind of staff from Arch Enemy Prince in the previous episode, it is scary. 
This gif makes me laugh because of the wide-eyed look of surprise on De's face.  It's only a second, but it's hilarious and makes him look completely un-evil.
Back at the palace, the King starves and even though he rings for attention, no-one dare enter. Sheng goes for his visit and the Queen happens to come too, teasing the King with broth. She finally breaks him down and he finally gets to eat after he says he doesn’t want to think of Yin Rong.
This was so horrible (fascinating) to watch. How low will this go, I wonder? This is exquisite torture.
I hope she gets paid back ten-fold.
Sheng very upset at what torture his dad has undergone goes to the High Priest to inquire about a remedy but is told it’s futile. He leaves, determined to find a cure.
The High Priest is a fanboy too. An astroclock fanboy. 
Every time we go in this room I worry someone's flowing robes will catch on fire from all the damn candles on the ground.  Where is Trot when we need her? She'd have a LOT to say.


More torture. Gosh, she really is something. The scene where the King swallowed as he watched her stir the broth got to me. It’s such a scary thing to be so helpless. Muyun De, my man :)) He is so smart. He knew what to say to Sheng to get him to feel kinship with him - the abandonment by dad and loneliness; but what makes it more intriguing to me is that I don’t think he was (completely) lying. And that humanized him a bit. I do see him being a great villain with great capacity for evil though - he even poisoned Mr Mo! I also would like Sheng to be slightly less naive. I am guessing it’s because he hardly sees anyone that’s why he’s so trusting.
Sheng has been kept away from the world, deliberately. He has no way of knowing that Muyun De is a sexy, evil bastard. He seems very nice if he wants to appear this way. I hate him, but I'm glad he is so deliciously evil, because I don't like He Ge. He is boring in comparison.
At this point I no longer even remember He Ge.  Too many menz. I do agree with Panda that Muyun De was not entirely lying when he talked about the loneliness, but I'm reserving judgement on whether Muyun Sheng is naive or completely aware and willing to play along.