Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 - Episode 3 (Recap)

Panda: The action shifts to the city of Tian Qi. We have new faces and some really gorgeous costumes
kakashi: LOTS of new faces. It's getting complicated. And we still haven't met everyone! 
JoAnne: Are you going to do character lists like you did for Peaches?
I don't feel inspired at the moment, later maybe!
SakiVI: this episode sold me on the show.  Absolutely stunning!

Episode 3

We catch up with HeYe who has been thrown into a cage and treated like an animal to get his food. He is lodged with a popular slave owner who organizes fights with slaves. He caught the eye of Princess Jing (Muyun Yan Shuang) who apparently is a well known patron of the slave owner and she buys him and promises him freedom if he wins his fights.
She's badass. Is she also bad? 
I guess we'll find out. I couldn't really get a feel for her. Maybe she'll be bad the way Yan Da was bad, which is to say not really all that bad, just fighting for her rights.
I had Yan Da feels, so if there's a loveline with her smart and adorable slave at some point, they'd better not back out of it and friendzone the couple. 
Right now, he's not that cute.
A new character - Su Yu Ning is introduced. She is new to Tian Qi and is going to the palace to be a lady-in-waiting. She comes from a low ranked family and it is obvious all the new palace rules of etiquette are new to her. She is accompanied and schooled by Nanny Su (hi Jingrui’s mom), a fierce and loyal woman who is what the timid girl will need to survive in the palace.
I hope she hears the warnings ... though I doubt she's paying attention, silly girl.
I was so happy to see Jingrui's mom!
Me too, I was also happy to see Jingrui's mom.
She also makes an instant enemy in Wang Ying Lei another potential Lady-in-waiting from a more affluent family. So petty is Wang Ying Lei that she actually makes her maid slap Su Yu Ning. How insulting.
Not only slap, but scratch too! Wow, will you listen to the warning now?! 
I loved the immediate slap back, though. I mean, how dare a maid just walk up to some strange woman (who is not even a maid) and just SLAP her?
That's how rank works in these Confucian-based shows.
In Tian Qi, there are the Muru and Muyun. The Muyun are the ruling family but the Muru are also no slouch as they possess both the Purple Qilin -which commands the army at will; and the Sky sword. Er, what?  Also, there is an oral decree from the previous Emperor Tiazu which states that if there’s any disrespect shown them, they can kill the Emperor and take over. The current Emperor Muyun Qin and General Muru Shuo are thus supposedly blood brothers but others in the kingdom are not satisfied with the Muru’s power.
Okay, I was wondering about the Muru-Muyun relationship when we first heard about them fighting together. It seems strange that one family (the Muru) would just let the other family take the throne, doesn't it? 
This whole set up makes me uneasy. It means the Muru hold the real power and everything rests on the goodwill of two men.
Hmm, sounds a bit like the shogunate-emperor situation in Japan.

Nanku De, a high official - and relative of the Empress -, has been on Muru Shuo's trail to find something to wedge in between him and the Emperor. His man, on prolonged careful observation, discovers a link between the General and a warrior long thought dead - Muru Yuan.
One thing I find really useful is that the characters always have the same family name, which is also their tribe name. Makes things a bit easier! 
It does help keep the relationships straight.
Muru Yuan had been secretly tasked with raising and training the third secret son of Muru Shuo - Muru Han Jiang. Future Shawn Dou!!!! The boy however has no idea of his parentage and spends his time making a name for himself as Tian Qi biggest bully (translation didn’t quite make sense to me but it’s DF so I am used to such - damn, there were a few things I am SURE were mistranslated). After another night killing bandits, his angry and weary Shifu tells him Words and Passion are more important to peace than spilling blood. Let’s hope he listens.
If he's anything like our Heye, he won't, of course
He seems a little older than HeYe in attitude at least.
He's had a rougher life. I don't know why he didn't save the parents in that family who were running from bandits, though. That seemed sloppy.
Sadly, Shifu is not long for this world as Han Jiang finds him mortally wounded one night.
Oh. I didn't see that coming!
Man, they cut his tongue out.
His Shifu tries to tell him who his dad is, but dies before he can say the name. Han Jiang kills the assassin in a fight which was witnessed by a drunk Su Yu Ning.
The assassin reminded me of a character in Naruto! 
Why was he dressed up like a mummy?
Leprosy? He looks a bit like Johnny Depp. The fight scene, by the way.... VERY cool. We also learn the boy has the "Bone Chiller" sword.
He carries her back to her room (is it wuv?) (Yes.) to the dismay of her nanny and is seen by the nasty maid to Wang Ying Lei. What a bitch. She raises a ruckus, and the owner of the inn (also the slave owner) comes and reaches an agreement with him to befriend HeYe. this a good thing or a bad thing? The fist bump was cute. 
It's bound to be a tragic thing. (And yeah, he did seem a little dumbstruck at the sight of her.)
Nanke De having confirmed the news tells Emperor Muyun Qin. After a sparring session, he asks Muru Shuo to send his son to the palace. Muru Shuo replies that his sons are already in the palace and the Emperor said that he meant his other son. Muru Shuo denies it and the Emperor seemingly accepts although he know he lied.
This also must be tragic; the man is lying BECAUSE he is loyal to the emperor, above all.
I really had no interest in this scene at all. Actors: shape up them abs and arms!

Muru Shuo also knows the Emperor now knows about his secret son and tells his other son - Han Shan to find Han Jiang and kill him. Nooooooo TT__TT
I guess that's one way to make a lie the truth...
Finally it is the day the ladies enter the palace to be selected as ladies-in-waiting. Amongst the contenders is Nanku Yue Li - a niece of the Empress Nanku Ming Yi - and a heavy favorite for future empress.
Instant massive dislike. Who understood that "come here, Su Yu Ning" and then "Oh no, sorry, now you have to go to another spot again?"
Wasn't that the girl who disliked her instantly and had the maid slap her? I figured she did that to humiliate Su Yu Ning. That first spot obviously would go for the highest ranked and most favored lady, and Su Yu Ning, coming from a very lowly house, would naturally be at the rear of the line.  She may also have wished to set up trouble between Nanku Yue Li and Su Yu Ning but Yue Li didn't really seem to think she was worth much notice. As for me, I feel like Su Yu Ning kind of deserved a little embarrassment, being dumb enough to fall for that trick.
The girl whose maid scratch Yu Ning is the one who played that trick.
Gosh, the costumes for the women leading them in the palace are Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!
This scene was mesmerizing.
The Empress comes in WOW and begins the process of finding auspicious ladies with the help of her Priest- Ling He Qing. Nanku Yue Li was deemed auspicious; Wang Ying Lei inauspicious and told to leave immediately. In her anger she contradicted the Empress and was dragged out and immediately killed. Wow.
Can't say I'm sorry. 
Not even a LITTLE bit sorry. Let's hope they killed the maid, too.
I was a bit sorry. It seemed an unnecessarily extreme thing to do. Throwing her out was enough.
The selection proceeds smoothly until the Priest gets to Su Yu Ning and consults some charts. He bursts out of his room, kneels to her and tells the Empress that she, Su Yu Ning is destined to be the future Empress to the future Emperor.
I know who that will be, I know who that will be!
They already had their meet-cute, too.
Yes, yes, she got drunk, he killed someone and faked being a thief for a bit to save her reputation.  Totally meet-cute.
The episode ends with the remaining ladies greeting her with respect.
And the Empress looking like she wants to eat the poor girl.
That is one hell of a headdress. I bet she had a headache.
That might explain any personality issues.


People don’t last long in this drama do they? We had two people introduced and killed in space of 40 minutes although one death I didn’t care about. The other maid that fainted when Wang Ying Lei was killed made me laugh. I thought she might be killed as well, ha! I wish Shifu had stayed on a bit longer. I thought HeYe was going to grow up to be Shawn Dou but now I see it’s going to be Han Jiang. He really does look like a baby Shawn, good casting! I also don’t see the Empress just agreeing to that prophecy. It’s quite obvious she wants that position for her niece. Let the games begin...
The Lady-In-Waiting ceremony was rather impressive. Not only for the details, but actually for the gall of this drama to show us bowing and turning and walking for so many minutes. Chapeau, actually. I loved it. This is why I love TV shows so much better than movies.
It's such a feast for the eyes at every turn. Not just handsome men but gorgeous costumes, beautiful settings, breathtaking scenery, lovely women, jaw dropping choreography.  Everything is here.  If only they wouldn't kill the handsome men so fast!  
I fell in love with this show at that Lady In Waiting ceremony. All that bowing and turning and the colours and angles were stunning.