Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 - Episode 16 (Recap)

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JoAnne: Poor HeYe. Is there anyone he can trust?
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Episode 16

The morning after his “wedding night”, Jin Ji chats with He Ye. He tells him he bought him from Souda Meng with all his savings and all he wants is for He Ye to be good to Zhu Hai. Awww, daddy.... He Ye promises he will be but that because of him, Ji and Zhu Hai will no longer be at peace. Jin Ji tells him they are a family from then on and that as long as he sticks to his promise, he will assist him in whatever he does.
This is heartwarming and scary. You just know doom is coming, since He Ye definitely has no peaceful future ahead of him, given the prophecy...
Also, when does throwing all your money and the rest of your life at a stranger ever work out well?
The happy couple go for a ride (under the too-interested gaze of Kusu Da) and he gives her his necklace. She is overjoyed and although she wishes to have an uneventful life, promises not to hold him back from his ambitions. Back at camp, Kusu Da furtively sends off a carrier pigeon.
Kusu Da is interested in this woman...but worse, he hated He Ye from minute one. I guess it cannot be helped, because He Ye just arrives and takes such a prominent place in this small nomad family. I guess I would have been jealous too. I would, however, never have put a stick through my nose.
Ha, you make it sound like this: Boo, I'm jealous! I'm going to put a stick through my nose! Kusu Da totally thought he was going to marry Daughter and secure his place in that family, yep. Not sure if he's into her or the position, though.
As they continue their travels, they reach a horribly sacked camp. Noting that even the kids in the camp had been slaughtered, Jin Ji remarks the marauders had no regard for the code of the Prefecture. They are still at site when some people ride in. They are the ones who sacked the camp and have been summoned by the traitor Kusu Da.
You can say what you want about the Muru Iron Cavalry (which is a lot), but it is true, they seem to uphold a certain sense of justice, which includes sparing the life of children. These new guys? The worst. 
We haaaaates them, we does. They hurts our Precioussssss.
The leader of the men (in a scary mask) and HeYe fight until the Leader stops in disbelief and delight and tells HeYe he is Helan Tie Yuan. Both long-lost brothers embrace and the Helan sis- Helan Tie Duo also embraces him in delight which Zhu Tai promptly takes offense to. She tells Tie Duo she is his wife which is clearly unwelcome news to the latter.
Oh dear. This smells so much like trouble I need roomspray. And wow, have no sense of right or wrong?! 
I both loved and hated this scene because so MUCH is going on, but I can tell you I disliked these two without reservation.  
Everyone heads back to the Helan camp for drinking and partying. Tie Duo watches Zhu Tai and HeYe with barely concealed fury and jealousy and confesses to a drunk HeYe who just drank Tie Yuan under the table. He rejects her, sister zoning her. It took him so long!! But only because he was so far from seeing her as a woman that he had no idea what she was trying to do until she practically placed her crotch in his hand. Zhu Tai witnesses it and is distraught but HeYe reassures her of his sole affections.
Helan sis is just insane. It's fine to have a crush on a boy when you're little, but how many years has it been? She couldn't even hope to ever see him again. Back off, you bitch. 
I do believe that a woman who approaches a man who is CLEARLY otherwise involved is the lowest of the low.  (Of course, I feel that way about a man who does the same.)  People say 'why?  she doesn't have a responsibility to that other woman, and if the guy strays, that's on him.'  I say this:  family structure is essential to society and if you interfere with a couple, you're toying with our foundation. It's an assault on us ALL.
PS. Huge wagon wheel just hanging out! They never even mention it, they're so cool.
Next day Tie Duo enlists her brother in her Operation “Get HeYe by all means necessary”. He comments HeYe is married but she says that is a minor detail. Well, dang. Outside Jin Ji prepares for departure. He doesn’t feel comfortable in the Helan camp and although it’s obvious HeYe doesn’t want to leave, he doesn’t refuse. He goes to say his goodbyes and when he is gone, Zhu Tai and dad get ambushed.
A tribe with no morality. It's a clear reflection of what the Helan siblings are: animals who can talk. I hope they die a horrible death, I have NO sympathy for them at all. Thy dynamics between him and her are interesting though: He is the chief, but she is the one with the influence over him. 
let them inbreed and die, then, disgusting creatures.
Tie Yuan takes HeYe to their armory stash. Weapons, armors all obtained from Cloud City (the dwarfs, right?). He tells HeYe to stay and fulfill his dream of uniting the prefecture and defeating the Muru. He even brings in former Shuofeng members (OMG, the hair!!) but HeYe doesn’t change his mind. Tie Yuan leaves the armory but tells HeYe to stay and ponder about it for a while.
Two things are highlighted here. He Ye is a man of his word; incredibly (and I guess stupidly) loyal. And: the prophecy will destroy any aspiration of a quiet life. People depend on it, on him - he cannot pretend his people don't need him. 
What they NEED is for him to get rid of these assholes.
Tie Yuan gets Kusu Da to go rape Zhu Tai. Poor Zhu Tai wakes up with the excrement over her and although she fights and screams no-one helps her. Gosh TT__TT.
Hard to watch. Not only because of the rape, which is horrible enough, but also of the knowledge that this is already the end of the happy relationship with He Ye, whatever now follows. All is tainted. 
I couldn't even swallow for the lump in my throat and the stone in my chest. This was brutal. And it answers the question about what Kusu Da wanted...his tears show that it was her. They don't buy him any sympathy from me, though.
Jin Ji wakes up and goes to tell HeYe what happened. He goes to demand for Zhu Tai’s release from Tie Yuan. Tie Yuan instead tells him Jin Ji’s is a Muru to his shock.
The Helans are not only vicious like beasts, they are also very efficient at destroying nice things
I want them to die painfully. Slowly. What inflicts the most pain and yet keeps a person in their right mind the longest? That's what I want for them, done by the most skilled torturer in history.


I can’t. I really can’t. I am so sad. I knew that Helan clan was a bad idea the minute I saw what they did to that camp. There was no need to also kill the children.
We don't know whether the Helan tribe has always been this brutal or whether this is a consequence of these kids being enslaved and then coming back to build up that tribe again. It doesn't matter though, I guess. They're in power - or they're the ones backed by power, rather, the Nankus. They won't be removed or held in check easily. 
There is a reason for killing children, actually:  the chance that they would come back eventually, monsters like the Helan siblings.

And oh my God, Zhu Tai! It makes me even more angry to remember it was another woman who planned all this.
This drama is so brutal with its characters TT____________________TT
I do want her to die first, with her brother watching.