Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Epilogue (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)


written by kakashi

“In the year 262,000 after Father Immortal’s death, on the thirty eighth day of the 2nd Demon War, the Supreme Commander of the Celestial forces, Mo Yuan, God of War and Master of Kunlun Mountain, killed the Demon Ancestor Shao Wan with the Sword of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan and thus ended the War. The Celestial forces crushed all..."

“He didn’t end the war. She did,” a voice whispered into his ear.

“Niang Niang!” Si Ming swiveled around in delight and caught the Purple’s Queens face in his hands. “Should you not be…”

“ my palace? Yes,” she sighed, gently removing his hands, yet keeping them in hers as she straightened her back. “But I was in desperate need of a drink and some merry company. It’s only my first day and I’m already sick of it.” She looked around the tent with a shake of her head. “Took me a while to find you. This is the last place I thought to look…”

Si Ming shrugged sadly. “The records need to be written and it seemed appropriate to finish them right here, where it all happened.”

Yi Mei Niang sighed deeply. “It’s a sad sight out there. Everything is scorched beyond recognition. What a tragedy.”

Si Ming nodded. “Ruoshui River is a cursed place. So much blood spilled here, so many tears.”

Yi Mei Niang looked at his scroll again. “Please rewrite it. She made such a sacrifice. At least give her credit for it.”

Si Ming wrinkled his forehead. “I am trying! This is the 12th attempt, but writing the war records when only one person was there to witness it all is hard...especially if that person does not talk.”

“Shao Wan gave back her powers to the sky and sacrificed herself. What’s hard to understand about this? Her fire stopped the poison. She made him stop her fire. Life will return here, like it already has elsewhere. You Celestials should be forever thankful to...”

“But we are,” Si Ming whispered and stood up, gazing into her beautiful eyes, “we are. You will rule a free people, Overlord. Let there be peace in the realms, for all eternity. It was bought at such a high price.”


After he sealed the cave entrance behind himself, the darkness and the silence were absolute.

He knew that this place was his sanctuary. He felt the divine powers all around him. He would not leave this place again.

He remembered who he was.

He remembered what he had done.

He remembered who she had been.

Of all possible fates, he understood with too much clarity that not being able to grieve for her as she deserved was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.

Volume 2, Chapter 1


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