The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - Episode 12 (Recap)

kakashi: It's a prison sentence for Cao Pi and Sima Yi ... but for how long will they have to stay inside? And what's at the end of it... a death sentence or a happy reunion with their wives?
JoAnne: *Counts remaining episodes* Ooooh, let's pretend we don't know!

Episode 12

Cao Pi, who is barred from leaving the city by the soldiers, is furious. First at the soldiers, then at Sima Yi. But: they're fighting for righteousness, says our Advisor, not just for winning. So, after a vicious glare from Cao Pi, they ride away. Wenruo is happy when he hears about this. A person too eager to win, loses, he says. This isn't about the flag at all, of course. But a test of character.
EggZACTLY. It's never about the flag. I loved that little smile from the world's greatest Marquis, didn't you?
Marquis was relieved and happy that Cao Pi and Sima Yi weren't as desperate as Weasel. As was I. 
Well...but I guess the test ain't over. Cao Pi and Sima Yi are told to wait outside while Cao Cao rewards all his other sons with titles and tells Zi Jian he will take him on the war expedition with him. Oh, the humiliation.
Not just that but the hurt. No matter what, that's his dad being so cruel to him. He must care about the rejection, he must wonder why he's always rejected, right? Does he like awake at night and tell himself 'this is just a test, it doesn't mean Dad doesn't love me?' I don't think so.
At this point, Cao Cao is just being a big bully and meanie to Cao Pi. I am sure to him it must feel like whatever he does is never going to be enough to satisfy him.
Sima Yi and our Prince are thrown into prison - yup, as Cao Cao threatened, who fails to deliver the flag will be punished under military law. Sima Yi doesn't care much, but Cao Pi's feathers are mightily ruffled. They have to share a bed, but Cao Pi does a full body manspread in it. So funny.
He's responding like the little boy he feels like, awww.
I am so sure the manspreading was intentional. Especially because it was after he offered. That was hilarious.
Awwww, BABY. Cao Pi tells this heartbreaking story about when he joined the army at seven and his big brother was shot protecting him and how he wishes HE had been the one shot so that his father would miss him all the time and not his big dead brother.
That's CRAZY. Seven? I know, I know. There are countries where it happens even today.
I am sure that must be part of the issues his dad has with him. But he was a frickin' baby!
Guo Zhao rushes to the Sima household to tell her sis what has been happening. It seems Sima Yi knew what would happen and he advised them to get help from Cao Cao's wife. Ohhhh, intriguing. By the way, sis-mance in progress here!
I genuinely believe in it.
I believe I like Mrs Pi over Mistress Pi at this point. Slightly, but yes.
After Sima Dad comes and is extremely worried about Sima Yi, Brother gets a chance to be saintly again, telling his love Guo Zhao to not worry about him - he is just happy he had the chance to love her.
Just give him to me, already. I want to...feed him grapes, and stuff.
So many men in need of warm hugs.
Mr. Cui, all agitated, goes to Wenruo and tells him they need to do something! It's unjust that Cao Pi et al. have been thrown into prison. But Wenruo cautions - if they do anything rash, they will just make Prime Minister distrust Cao Pi even more. But Mr. Cui (he is the one who Cao Cao "imported" after the last military campaign) has seen it all before: the other dude who Cao Cao vanquished made the same mistake, he pitted two sons against each other, one clearly not worthy. He ends with "If you do not have the guts, I will go to Cao Cao and tell him!"
I like it - a bold and principled stand!
Yes! He needs to be told he is being extremely unfair. I worry as to the outcome though
Ha! Wenruo had a few other ministers hidden behind the wall while Mr. Cui was speaking - in fact, they all waited for Mr. Cui to make this decision. They believe he is the only one who can convince Cao Cao. I LOVE WENRUO HE IS SO SMART, can I marry him?
What would Mr. K think about that?
Mr K is already sharing her with Mo Yuan. Wenruo is firmly in my ahjuicy camp. So smart AND Hot.
In the prison, Cao Pi and Sima Yi discuss how long they might have to stay there. Sima Yi says it could be more than half a year, when Cao Cao returns from his war - but he believes all the courtiers will go plead for Cao Pi. He also believes that the key to their early dismissal are...three women.
Girl power!
Love it.
And we see how Cao Pi's two wives (they really are friends?!) meet with the gate guard Cao Pi spared and how he's ready to give his life for the Deputy Commander's. That's not necessary, he just needs to speak to Cao Cao - and Cao Pi's 1st wife will make sure he will have the protection of Cao Cao's wife. Ha! Here's our three women!
They truly seem to be a team. I'm impressed. Surprised, but impressed. I did think both women were essentially good people, but good people don't necessarily get along just because they're good- and this actually seems like something more than just teaming up for a cause.
I feel in the old days, it was easier to accept sharing one's husband especially if you didn't marry for love. Cao Pi's first wife has made peace with her lot in life. Best to get along with A-Zhao and find some happiness don't you think? I was more surprised they enlisted Mrs Cao Cao. I know she is Cao Pi's mom but I was still surprised.
Does it work? Yes, it does! Gatekeeper goes and pleads for Cao Pi's life - offering his instead. Awwww, that's really touching. I think Cao Cao is touched too: He never wanted to kill Cao Pi, but he gives the soldier his own cape! Who is now so touched himself he won't stop sobbing.
I did like this scene. Cao Cao, you confuse me so much. What do you WANT? Did the writers change half way through?  
Cao Cao confuses even Himself!

Cao Cao is quite amused: his son is in prison, but even from there, he has the ability to influence courtiers and the heart of people.
See what I mean? The Cao Cao we first met would have thought that this was a PROBLEM.
I am sure he still thinks it is a problem.
Cao Pi wrote a poem on the prison wall - one character per day. It's been 10. Tomorrow, Cao Cao will set out for his campaign. Cao Pi is just about to lose all hope when they're fetched to come see Cao Cao leave the city. Sima Yi counsels Cao Pi to cry when he sees him. Haha. And cry he does (after Sima Yi helps him with that :) - and his tears, he says he's crying because he cannot join the campaign, are much more effective than his brother's poem. Because, as Cao Cao remarks: he meant every word he said.
But then he ruined that by saying 'still not as good as the poem, though.' This man is making me nuts.


Sima Yi and Cao Pi are so funny together. They're such a good team! Cao Pi trusts his advisor until he doesn't (hahahaa, he even told him "you don't know my father at all"), but he always does what he says. And Sima Yi, despite the hierarchy and all, is just like a friend, not a servant. He even hit Cao Pi to make him cry!! Ahahahahaaaa.
This show is very sneaky with all the bits of humor - there's a lot more of it than you'd expect from a dusty musty historical saga. You can't just wake up for the fight scenes in this one.
Sima Yi is definitely not a servant in this relationship. This is a partnership, 50-50. And yes, the two men together are gold. Back to Cao Cao, it annoys me a lot that he still rewarded Weasel and his liege. If true that it was a test, then the punishment should not have been so severe for Cao Pi. Makes me wonder, is he going to keep shifting the goals? If I were Cao Pi, I would not have any confidence in any of these tests.

I am very amazed at the friendship between poor pregnant wife and Guo Zhao. I will never understand the concept of happy wives in a harem, so I won't even try. But I guess if you know you have to share and that's never even a question, then another woman in the house can become a great friend? And yes, Guo Zhao is a very brave and honest woman. I guess to have her as a friend and helper wouldn't be too bad.
This is about where I'm landing but I cannot fathom being okay with my husband turning to another woman for companionship, reassurance...forget sex! Nope. Not sharing.
As i wrote earlier, different times, different mindsets. Some women don't mind it even now.