The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - Episode 13 (Recap)

kakashi: To be or not to be the Crown Prince. It continues.

Episode 13

After Cao Pi's tears, Cao Cao forgives him - and assigns him to defend the city in his absence, under Minister Xun's (Wenruo's) guidance. Well done, Sima Yi! At home, first his servant, then A Zhao rush to Cao Pi to hug him. Smiling at him without touching...first wife. Dammit show...stop it.
How can he be so hurtfully dismissive when she hasn't shown any reason for him to be so? Does he even know what she did? Does he know/care that she's pregnant? How can A Zhao also be without regard for her. I don't like them both. No. Minister Xun was so happy, Awwww.
She follows convention and hangs back while A Zhao is like a frisky kitten. Of course he responds to her and is more formal with his wife but it still feels wrong even though A Zhao immediately backed off when she appeared. I just think she shouldn't have run forward at all, that this somehow violates the rules - and that our girls might have a problem brewing.
Cao Pi goes and has a bath with Sima Yi. In separate tubs, of course. LMAO. Cao Pi has questions. Why did his father let him go? Sima Yi says it's tradition that the Crown Prince stays at home to defend the city. So one step further, in Sima Yi's reading. Awww, Cao Pi... all he wishes for is for his father to say something nice to him in person. Sweetie.
And now I feel sorry for him again. Sigh. Cao Cao is truly being a meanie with our poor prince.
I think this show will give us whiplash.
Speaking of fathers...Sima Yi's has a few wise words for him once Sima Yi has returned home (and gets scolded by his elder brother for his actions). His life is "cheap" - he will get sacrified easily if he is not careful. Sima Yi knows all this, of course. What he wants to do is pave the way for Cao Pi; who treats him like a friend.
His father should know Sima Yi tried his best to stay out of the politics and only joined because it was impossible to resist any longer. Plus he has all that brain Dad, let him use it to make the country better.
Doesn't it seem like this family would have discussed the decision first?
Misery at the army camp because of too much riding - haha, you deserve it, you frigging maggots. Weasel realizes he miscalculated. Cao Cao never wanted to punish Cao Pi for real - why else would he have allowed him to keep his advisor with him? Weasel comes up with a mean plan though: make Big Bro Sima Zi Jian's secretary. Will Sima Yi be able to go against his own brother?
I hate that Weasel isn't as dumb as one-eyed Minister who immediately suggested assassination. Pfft. This brother against brother worries me.
How could that end well? It can't possibly.
Back home, Cao Pi gets a lesson from Mr. Cui (Zi Jian's father in law) and the moral failing of the prince of Yuan Shao (gambling, drinking, you name it), which made him lose all his advisors. Don't be like him! No hunting (Cao Pi just returns from such fun) and stuff, work hard, Cao Pi.
I like the lesson and Mr Cui. That bunny looked so cute too.
Cao Pi didn't like the effort to curb his fun, though.
Sima Yi takes this incident really seriously. When next Cao Pi wants to go out hunting, he prevents it. The point is, rather than Mr. Cui trying to mislead Cao Pi because he is his son-in-law's opponent, he is absolutely sincere, because he is more interested in the future of the nation than personal relationships. Hmmm, it looks like Cao Pi isn't listening but HE IS - he burns all his hunting gear.  Alas, Weasel Yang Xiu's evil plan is already in action. They want the eldest Sima brother (Sima Lang) and it looks like they'll get him.
It did seem like Cao Pi was briefly angry with A Zhao for telling Sima Yi right? I think Sima Yi really got to him by telling him how respected Mr Cui is and that even Cao Zhi avoids him. I like that Sima Yi told him that he was forced into the game but he chose him because he has the power to change the world to one of prosperity.
He did shoot her a look, but his whole behavior there was confusing. He sounded dismissive but then he burned all his gear, which if you ask me was silly. Just put it away, dude. You'll hunt again someday and now it all has to be replaced.
Under the shocked eyes of Tiger General, Cao Pi sucks up to Minister Cui next. Ahahaha, he even kowtows. Okay, maybe Cao Pi is sincere when he says he appreciates the lesson? The older gentleman is quite impressed, methinks. At the Sima house, the two brothers make up - thanks to Chun Hua's insights. Whoever they serve - they will help each other.
Chun Hua was so cute with the turtle as she explained why her husband was only book smart. Lol. I'm still uneasy about the Cao brothers situation though.
Me too.

The whole situation makes Cao Pi anxious though. When he hears of the Sima family going camping, he follows. Hahahaaa. They discuss marrying off third bro. Awww. He doesn't want to, poor bb. Cao Pi makes his appearance and wants a word with Sima Yi. He wants reassurance: that Sima Yi will stay loyal to him. But isn't if obvious? Loyal is Sima Yi's second name. But it might get really difficult for the Sima family...
Truly, why is Cao Pi so nervous as Tiger general asked (is he beginning to remind anyone else of Meng or it just me?). Asking him who to choose between him or his family doesn't quite sit well with me.
Tiger General isn't half the man my Meng was.

Cao Cao returns, he lost. He realizes he needs more power and forces the Emperor to crown him the King of Wei. Now he's king... how long until he calls himself Emperor?
Next episode?
I don't know...we don't exactly move fast, in this drama.
These days, Cao Pi is much more in favor than his little brother - but the mother misses the younger one. She urges Cao Pi's first wife to talk to her that he can plead for Cao Zhi's return to the capital.
Why on earth would she have an interest in that? Seems obviously put on.


Well. Now Cao Cao is King. Did anything change? Nope.
Nope. I finally realized what's my biggest issue with this drama- It's not the editing but it's the editing? Let me explain: For instance I had no idea the war Cao Cao went off to fight was so momentous. It should have had a badass soundtrack or something when he left, instead we get slow mo and flowers when A Zhao jumps on Cao Pi's horse. Pffft. Talking of those two, I detest the way he treats his wife. He can and should be just a bit nicer to her. After all, it wasn't a hardship to get her with child (I Know this means nothing really, I am just pissed).
I get what you mean...I think because this drama is about Cao Pi and/or Sima Yi, things that they don't directly involve in get treated more casually even if they were huge in reality. Plus we have things like Cao Pi sounding like he disagrees but then actually going way overboard to show agreement, but in those instances I wonder what I didn't pick up on, not what was missing from the actual film. Maybe it's NOT me, though.