Fanfic: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan 2.0 - Chapter 12b (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 12b

NSFW - but it's not a work day, so enjoy! 

written by kakashi
editing by LigayaCroft & Panda

279,800 years ago

The powers of the dragon roared in his blood as he finally got to kiss her like he had wanted to for so long… it was a possessive kiss:  to show her how much he wanted her - a hungry kiss: to convey that he meant to feast on her - a tender kiss: to express that for all his needs, he wanted to cherish her for as long as was given to them.

When their tongues met for their first proper mating dance, he grabbed her body and pulled her on top of him. It felt like his blood was replaced by liquid fire at the contact. For the first time, his hands were able to feel the silken quality of her naked skin, her energies tingling against his fingertips. He slid them down to the small of her back and lower, to knead the muscles of her buttocks. When he pulled them apart slightly, the sweet and heady scent of her arousal wafted through the air. Ready… he was ready, she was ready, he was burning with a desire he had never known existed.

But she pushed against his shoulders and broke the kiss. He growled angrily. Her naked body against his called to him. It needed exploration. Attention. He wanted to bury himself inside of her. Incessantly.

“You,” she said breathlessly, looking down at him, “wait a minute.”

“Do you want me to beg you?” he pressed out, “by the Old Gods, I will.”

“That… maybe in a bit. But now, I need to know whether you have a plan.”

“Of course I have a plan,” he murmured and lifted his head to nibble at her neck, feeling her pulse flutter against his lips. “I want you to teach me everything. Everything that you like.”

With a swift move he turned her on her back and pinned her down with his hands. Had he even appreciated her beauty enough? It was still dark, but the first faint light of the morning was sneaking into the cave, outlining the shimmering white of her perfect body. He put his mouth onto her right breast, feeling the hard texture of her nipple against his tongue, circling it, biting it, sucking on it.

It was very obvious from her reaction she liked it so he continued, trying different variations. To his great satisfaction, she seemed to like everything. He put one hand on the breast he couldn’t give his attention to, rubbing her nipple between his fingers, then flicking it and pinching it. That, she liked too. In fact, her body responded to his fingers and tongue like a zither, humming with a silent song, sending its vibrations into him, calling for more.

“Let’s say I like this plan,” she moaned and feebly tried to disengage his head from her breast, “and yet, I cannot help but think we’re in big trouble.”

He traced his tongue down the soft curve of her stomach and landed it in her belly button. It smelled and tasted delicious, so he lapped it until she squirmed. “Why don’t you stop thinking,” he murmured and moved his mouth down to the triangle between her legs, which was calling to him urgently with its scent.

He pulled her legs apart, watching the delicate flower of her womanhood unfold its petals, the wetness of its nectar glistening invitingly. Thirsty, he put his mouth onto the liquid and started to lap it up with his tongue, drawing forth moans from her that made him intensify his efforts. There were two things she seemed to like in particular. When he put his tongue into the dark cave that he wanted to explore in much more detail later and when he flicked it over the small bud at the top. Putting his hands underneath her buttocks and slightly lifting her up, he clamped his entire mouth over it and started sucking. It did seem to do the trick, she didn’t look like she was still thinking anymore. Her body flushed a most delightful pinkish color. Her eyes were shut tightly, her breath quickening as he intensified his sucking.

“Ahhhh,” she sighed and her body shuddered, filling his mouth with more of the delicious liquid. Her energies surged and he felt a great heat emanate from her briefly. He didn’t want to stop, all of this was too intoxicating, but she suddenly seemed quite devoid of strength so he put her body down carefully onto the bed of scales and feathers and climbed over her again to watch her face. It looked blissful enough, but he knew there were many things he did not know about her body that he should know and wanted to know.

Some hair had come undone from her topknot. Her disguise had only accentuated her beauty earlier, multiplying the regret he had felt ever since his F

ather’s order to take a vow of celibacy, amplifying his certainty that he would defy him, at least for a short time. He pulled out the pin and took off the band, smoothing out her beautiful long hair, smiling at the feathers that got stuck in it. When she opened her eyes in surprise, he kissed her brow and then her mouth. The Dragon was getting too impatient so he told him to be quiet. The animal knew nothing about wooing, that much was clear.

“You look like you want to start thinking again,” he whispered into her ear. “I shall continue my explorations then to prevent it.”

But she caught his hand in hers, before it could move where it wanted to move. “You are full of tricks,” she said, her eyes narrowing dangerously. “And still, your hair is in perfect order.”

“I have very obedient hair,” he nodded.

“Open it,” she challenged him, gripping his hand harder and also catching the other one that had started sneaking over her thigh. He wasn’t done with his investigations, far from it. He would not be deterred for long.

“How should I do that if you are holding both my hands?” he asked cunningly.

“Let me help you then,” she growled and jumped up from her lying position with amazing agility, pulling out his pin with her teeth, pushing against his upper body with all her strength. They toppled over, she now squatting on top of him like a predator, eyeing his hair with slitted eyes. It had not come undone, of course.

He grinned at her, loving the feeling of her soft wetness against his hard erection. “What now, Lady Demon?” he asked.

“I leave here as soon as I get bored,” she answered, moving her eyes over his body with appreciation.

“You won’t get bored,” he assured her.

“I get bored of everything with time,” she answered, moving a little back and forth on top of him, “it’s in my nature. Don’t take it personal.”

“Is this a challenge,” he whispered. “If yes, I accept it.”

“Of course,” she answered and bent down to bite his ear, “nothing gives me greater pleasure than challenging stuck-up Celestials.”

“Are you sure?” he ripped free his hands and grabbed her head. “There are a few things I would like to try right now to make you reconsider your statement.”

Instead of resisting him or trying to pin him down again, her eyes grew thoughtful.

“He’ll know,” she said. “Are you not afraid?”

He was not fool enough. His Father’s wrath moved mountains and destroyed worlds. And yet…

“I need to know you,” he said. “And I think I know a way…”

Ironically, it was one of his Father’s special spells. He wrote them all down in a thick book that he kept in his study, usually locked away in a special casket. That one day, not long ago, it had been left open on his table. Mo Yuan could not say why and how he had possessed the courage to sit in his Father’s place and read it, but he had.

“I will have to take the vow,” Mo Yuan continued. “And I will be skybonded to keep it.”

He did not have the audacity to ask her to wait for him. She owed him nothing. If Fate so wanted, they would meet again… even though his Father had told him Fate did not look kindly upon his interest for a certain Demon woman. In fact, his Father had explicitly warned him not to anger the Universe.

“Yes, I know,” she replied. “So you were suddenly thinking to do as much coupling as you can get done before that? You should have chosen Yao Guang for it.”

“But I do not want Yao Guang,” he answered. “It is you I want. You. Only you. Don’t you feel it? It is like you are calling to me.”

“Calling you an idiot, maybe,” she murmured, but she blushed deeply at his word and slightly turned her head away.

“I know a spell,” he continued before he lost courage, “to wipe both our memories.”

She turned her glittering eyes on him again. The first rays of the sun came sneaking into the cave at that very moment, bathing her head in a sea of light.

“I see,” she said, after a bit of contemplation. “So we will not know ourselves and nobody will ever catch on. That's clever.”

“Exactly,” he said, “and I will not have to sit alone on a holy mountain and be sad for millennia.”

“How do you know you would be sad,” she grinned, “don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“Oh, but I know,” he said earnestly. “I am already missing you and you are still here.”

“Have you dipped your tongue in honey, Celestial?”

“No, into a nectar far sweeter than that,” he said. “Let me taste some more… please?”

It was easier than he had thought to let go of all his pride with her. Maybe it was because Golden Dragon cared little for pride but a lot for pleasure and he had been the one paving the way for this. Maybe it was because ultimately, it did not matter.

She measured him quietly. “If you open your hair.”

“Yes, I will open my hair for you,” he said, “just for you.” He reached up, undid the second, hidden pin, lifted himself up with his elbows and shook his head, making his hair come tumbling down. She smiled happily at the sight. “I was not wrong thinking you had hair to rival any Demon Lord. If not for your girlish face and with the right braids, you could even go for one.”

“On your back,” he ordered her.


“You said if you open your hair. It’s open. I also said please. I want to taste you again.”

She looked flustered but did not comply.

“How about me using my fingers,” he suggested, “you can keep sitting on top of me like that if you think on your back is uncomfortable. And I will lick them to get what I want.”

He moved his hands to her knees and up her thighs. She seemed frozen, but didn't resist. He used his thumbs to tease her folds. Drawing a shuddering breath, she closed her eyes. “I want you to guide me this time,” he said. “Tell me what you like.”

“I… I like it alright,” she whispered.

“Like this?” he looked for her opening with his one thumb, while the other circled the little bud.

“Dammit, yes,” she breathed.


She nodded, pressing her lips together.


She nodded again. He pushed a finger inside of her while rubbing the bud harder and faster. In response, she moaned. It was warm and wet and welcoming inside of her. He added a second finger, gently stroking her from the inside by rotating them from side to side.

“I want you to look at me,” he said.

She opened her eyes, managing to look outraged and very lovable at the same time. He found a small bump inside of her. When he touched it, she expelled a lot of air and her whole body bucked.

“Is this some hidden secret you sought to keep from me?” he asked suspiciously, rubbing over it. Her moaning intensified, the faster he went. She did not seem inclined at all to teach him like he wanted to be taught. It was only natural that he wanted to excel in this, like he wanted to excel in everything. To punish her for withholding crucial information, he withdrew his fingers without warning. Lifting them to his mouth, he licked them clean, slowly and deliberately, feeling quite content at how she glared at him.

“Delicious,” he smiled. “Did you want to say something?”

“Do that again and I’ll rip your head off,” she hissed.

“Mmmm, what?” he said. “See, I am quite inexperienced. I asked to be taught, but was refused. So I was thinking I’ll do what I want.”

“What galls me the most about you is your damn arrogance,” she professed, “stemming from your mistaken conviction that you get away with everything because you’re so smart.”

“Then why did you not tell me about that little bump I just found? Were you trying to test me?”

“I will test you alright,” she growled and grabbed his erection. He yelped. After slowly rubbing her dripping opening all over his shaft a few times, she began to move her hands up and down. Slowly. He felt like purring. It was most exquisite pleasure.

“No need to teach me,” she sweetly said, “men are simple constructs, I know all about them.”

She continued to stroke him, watching his face. He kept his eyes glued on hers. From time to time she would touch his tip with her tongue, teasingly. The pressure was building inside of him, but he would not yield. Seeing her getting angrier the longer she continued without the result she was hoping for just made him happy.

“I am ready to beg again,” he finally said when he felt like the game had gone on long enough. “You win.”

She frowned, not believing him. He laughed at her expression. “With your permission, I would like to continue this inside of you. In fact, I’ve been thinking of nothing else for weeks. And I want you to sit on top of me so that I can see all of you.”

“You are pissing me off too much. Once, then I’m gone,” she declared angrily.

“Fine. Once,” he said, his heartbeat increasing in anticipation when she lifted herself up on her knees. Grabbing his erection again, she positioned it at her opening. For a short moment, there was doubt on her face, or was it fear? But then, she lowered herself slowly, sliding down until he was fully buried inside. Her face took on a look of blissful concentration. He took a deep, shuddering breath. How was this not meant to be? Why, then, was he feeling complete? He grabbed her hips when she wanted to move. He wanted to enjoy this feeling. He wanted it to last longer, much longer. But she started rotating her pelvis, forcing him to concentrate hard on holding back again.

“Go slower,” he ground out.

“I don’t want to,” she moaned. “This is not supposed to be punishment.”

He reached forward and started to rub her bud again, seeing his salvation in giving her pleasure as quickly as possible. Cautiously pressing against the movement of her hips, to increase the pressure at least temporarily, he watched her breathing grow more rapid again.

“I think I hate you,” she moaned, “why can’t I ever win against you?”

He felt her climax start deep inside of her. Her walls around him clenching forcefully, she collapsed on top of him, her whole body shaking. “Careful,” she gasped, “I cannot control it.” The heat he had felt before surged again. Instinctively he put up a magic shield around himself, feeling magic bite back instantly. The dragon power surged in response and he could no longer hold back. His seed started shooting out of him. His movement inside of her brought on another wave of orgasm in her, sucking the last drops out of him and slapping him with another wave of intense power.

After it was all over, they lay there quietly and breathing very shallow for a long time. Blood was pouring from his nose and his ears until he stopped it.

“There’s room for improvement, I think,” he said after a while, finding his voice hoarse and shaky. He stroked her head, planting a kiss near her ear.

“I did not mean to hurt you,” she said tiredly near his ear. “It happens sometimes. I am sorry. I don’t know how to control my damn powers.”

“It’s called practice, you silly woman,” he declared confidently. “If only you weren't the Goddess of Laziness…”

“Stop mocking me,” she said and lifted her head a little. “I could have killed you.”

“I’m not that easy to kill,” he laughed. “And I guess it is a good thing. I have heard men talk about how women sometimes like to lie about being satisfied by them? I am quite glad I will not have to put up with this myself.”

She moved her head to put it against his neck. “You are not at all what I thought you were.”

“Ah. Am I better? Worse?”

“Much more annoying,” she sighed. “And much more talkative. Why would you have so many questions? Just do it.”

“Ah, but I want to give you as much pleasure as I possibly can. Will you let me?”


She did not leave after the one time. She did not grow bored either. It was quite the opposite. It wasn’t only due to his mission to know everything about her body and his ability to give her pleasure until she felt completely unable to stand up. It wasn’t only his attentiveness that had him buy her a coat and wrap her up in animal skins in the evenings once he had bought a small house for them in a small town and the temperatures dropped again. It wasn’t only his adorable clumsiness when he tried to cook her a meal and failed so completely they had to air their house for a whole night. It wasn’t only the way he looked at her, like he wanted to pluck the moon and the sun from the sky and give them to her. It wasn’t only his true form and his playful strength her own true form admired. It was all of these things and so many more.

She did not tell him how she felt, but he probably knew anyway, since she stayed with him in the mortal realm until the very end. But what were four months measured against a lifetime?

“I want you to do it right,” she said defiantly once they had returned to the immortal realm and Mo Yuan was getting ready to perform the spell. She did not want to shed tears over him in the future. “Make me your enemy.”

“Enemies?” he whispered.

“Enemies,” she confirmed. “Make it hurt if I ever touch you again. It will make it all the more convincing for Zhe Yan and Donghua.”

“But… if I want to touch you again in the future?” he asked, his dark eyes killing her with their sorrow.

“Did you not listen to what your Father said?” she snapped, talking herself further into her fit of anger since she could not start crying now. “Whatever it is he has seen in the stars, you and me, we are bad luck.”

“I refuse to believe it!” he had the audacity to say.

“You think you are strong enough to defy Fate?” she laughed. “Hubris, arrogance and hubris. No, let’s play this safe. Enemies.”

“This is breaking my heart, Shao Wan.”

“But you won’t remember. I won’t remember.”

“You know we need to fill our memories into two tokens, don’t you?”

“Then let’s place them where we will never go. The one with mine in the Thirty Six Heavens, the one with yours in my Palace.”

He let his head hang. “There is much reason in what you say. I hate it.”

“Don’t be overly sentimental now, Celestial. Just do it.”

He pulled out the knife she had given him for his birthday. “Let this be my token,” he said quietly. She looked down at her belt and the hook he had given her. “This will be mine,” she said in turn.

“Hold it in your hand,” he said.

He stroked her face before he lifted his hand to perform the spell. She held back her tears with all the strength she had left.

“Farewell,” he said. “If only there was another way.”

But back then, there wasn't. From that day on, Shao Wan considered this Celestial her enemy. Until she died in the fire and came back to fall in love with him all over again.

Fate might be trying to keep them apart, but how could two halves of a whole not always strive to be together?

Chapter 13