Fanfiction3: A-Li's Three Lives, Three Worlds - Chapter 41 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 41

Written by TVAddict
Editing by Ligayacroft, Lara, kakashi & Panda

As she climbed up the stairs to the hut, Mei Lin reminded herself that she was only there out of concern to tend to Gun Gun’s wound. She would treat and leave him, immediately!

She held on to her basket, and looked around the simple and almost bare space that Li-Gē and Gun Gun had made for themselves.

In the corner, to the right, was a stand with an empty copper basin and a pitcher of water tucked below. Beside that was a makeshift shelf. It held an assortment of towels, clothes and even tools which were organized in a way that only men could understand.

At the end of the room, adjacent to the wall, were two beds and a tiny makeshift lampstand in between. She saw he had moved one of the chairs from the matching table and placed it in the middle, between the two beds. Gun Gun, who had been quietly waiting, turned around to face her. Mei Lin realized he had been standing there biding his time. She gave a little cough to cover her awkwardness and walked toward him.

Be calm, she thought to herself. Don’t think too much. Just act naturally and focus on why you are here - to treat his wound.

He turned and sat on the bed, and watched her intently, as she placed the basket on his left. She met his stare, letting him know she was aware that he was staring. Gun Gun sensed she was nervous and yielded, and his eyes slid to the floor. She started sorting through her items - taking out the antiseptic, salve, and gauze. As she placed them on the mattress, she observed him again. He was quiet, leaning forward with elbows on his thighs and head bent down, as if he was deep in thought.

“Does the wound bother you? Does it hurt?” She asked as she pulled the chair up in front of him and sat down.

He looked up. As their eyes met, her heart started to race and her mouth went dry. She quickly broke contact and focused on drenching the gauze with antiseptic.

Then, he cleared his throat.

“No, it doesn’t hurt,” he uttered in a low and almost husky voice.

She looked up to check his wound. Seeing that the stitches were still in place, she lightly dabbed at it. It made him hiss but he didn’t move away. She continued her treatment and concluded it wasn’t as bad as it looked. The gauze and antiseptic cleared the clotted blood.

As she focused on his wound, she slowly started to relax. She had no choice but to be in such close proximity. And, face to face… she stole a glance and realized he had been waiting for her to make eye contact with him.

There it was again. He was gazing at her intently - dark, searching… questioning. She could feel his eyes roam her whole face.

Oh, how she had tried hard ignore it. Yet she could feel herself flush, her stomach flutter, and her heartbeat never quite calm down.

She dispensed the soiled gauze, took a clean, fresh one, and swiped it in the jar of salve.

“What were you doing that caused your wound to bleed? Why would you be so careless?”

Feeling herself getting upset made her feel better. She was used to being angry with him and it almost made her withstand the tension of his silence and probing eyes.

She applied the fresh salve and realized he did not answer. Not one word.

Without bothering to look, she finished applying the medication, and quickly started cleaning and putting everything back into the basket.

After she put the jars and gauze inside, she glanced at him and declared, “Your wound does not seem too bad. Just keep it dry and don’t do anything to make it bleed again. You need to apply the antiseptic and salve everyday, in the morning and evening, until it is fully healed.”

While she reached over to take out the jars for his daily medicine, his hand came up to firmly grasp her chin and tilt her face to hold her gaze. Before she realized what was happening, he had leaned in and kissed her.

With soft lips, hot and insistent, he pulled her closer just as her hands fell on his shoulders, trying to push herself away. He kissed her deeply slanting his lips against hers and her mind went blank.

Feeling herself surrender, Mei Lin’s resisting hands slackened and slid upwards to wind around his neck. She closed the remaining gap and gave him a searing kiss. Mimicking his actions, she parted her lips and enveloped his tongue as it slid in.

That was all Gun Gun needed to let go of his restraint.

Without breaking the kiss, he put his arms around her slender waist - half lifting and half pulling her off the chair and over his thighs to straddle him. Mei Lin was dimly aware of the sound of the rattan wood hitting the floor but she was distracted by his lips on hers.

Her stomach fluttered with a jolt of excitement. She wanted this.

She wanted it very much.

Now that she was settled on his lap, legs straddling his thighs, he shifted a little. His lips left hers and travelled down her neck, lingering on the dip between her collarbones. His hot breath sent shivers down her spine while his mouth licked and nipped at her skin.

With one hand, he held her back, kissed her, and deftly untied and slid off her tunic. She could feel her heart thundering inside her chest. His arms moved to her waist to pull her up to her knees so he could continue kissing his way down her breasts.

When his hot, wet mouth closed around her nipple and tugged, Mei Lin felt a hot ball of fire travel down her belly and the tingling between her legs intensified. Whimpering, she let out a gasp and cradled his head. He suckled one breast as he kneaded and pinched the other.

Her breathing became heavier and she wondered if he could hear her heart beating madly against her ribcage. His hands roved along her body, caressing her skin from her back to her ribcage and lightly trailing over her belly. She became restless and was soon squirming, wanting his mouth on hers again.

Lowering herself onto his lap, she sought his lips and slid in her tongue which he instantly captured, wrestled and sucked. His kiss was no longer gentle. It had become harder and more urgent…




Abruptly, Gun Gun broke the kiss, flipped her over onto her back on the bed and stepped back, his hot gaze all over her. Mei Lin could hear that his breathing had grown more labored, his chest rising and falling as if he had just run a great distance.

He reached for the ties of her trousers and tugged them away, finally throwing the obstruction to the floor while she lay almost helpless yet impatient that he wasn’t moving fast enough. As if seeing her impatience through her heated look, he quickly removed his tunic, followed by his trousers.

For the first time, Mei Lin drank in the sight of his nude flesh, her breath catching in her throat. She had readily admitted that he was handsome and tall but had never appreciated him as a woman would a man. She only realized she was staring when their eyes locked. She blushed and averted her gaze as her arms unconsciously came up to cover her breasts.

Gun Gun smiled, pulling her limbs down as he settled between her slightly parted thighs. And they both sighed. For the first time, their naked bodies touched.

His hard body to her soft one.

His body hot against her slightly trembling one.

The contrast made Mei Lin shudder and Gun Gun groan.

Before he leaned down to kiss her again, his eyes probed deeply into hers. She heard his voice, low and hoarse, “Mei Lin…I want you. Tell me if you do, just as much…”

In response, she looked back at him as one hand moved to cup the side of his face. She then lifted her head and ran her tongue across his lips, while the other hand slid down between their bodies.

When her fingers closed around him, he let out a heavy groan. He hurriedly seized her hand and pinned it above her head before he lost all semblance of self-control.

When he released her hand, he gave her a searing kiss as his legs parted her thighs. He positioned himself and swiped the tip of his shaft over her entrance.

She was already so slick and dripping wet. He suppressed another groan, rubbed himself against her one more time and... pushed. His initial thrust met with tight resistance.

He tried again, this time, easing slowly.

Mei Lin gasped at the invasion and the burning pain that interminably followed. The pain was so intense, she saw stars and her vision blurred. Her breathing became short and choppy.

She recalled how she had overheard countless women who would whisper and giggle about his prowess and size. She would roll her eyes and assume that their hapless infatuation caused them to exaggerate and embellish the details.

Mei Lin now knew that everything she had heard was true. She tried to hold her gasp in and bear the pain and saw how shock registered on his face. His breathing was hard and his face was flushed as his hand came up to caress her cheek. His eyes roamed her face, questioning.

She could do nothing but look at him and hope he did not change his mind. She wanted this. Her hands wrapped around his torso, her breathing shallow and clipped.

She heard herself plead, her voice trembling, “Please…”

It was all the encouragement that Gun Gun needed.

Tightening his hold, he rested his forehead on hers as he thrust, again. She tensed and gripped him tightly since the pain she felt was almost unbearable.

She tried to hide her face in the crook of his neck but he softly tugged at her hair and pulled at it as he sunk deep into her.

Mei Lin’s lips parted and she exhaled shallow gasps as he eased in slowly and deeply, their eyes not breaking contact. It gave her a little bit of comfort to see that Gun Gun seemed to be in just as much pain as she was. His face was flushed, the veins in his temple and neck protruding, his jaw clenched.

He let out a groan. And with one strong push that involuntarily induced a yelp from her, fully seated himself inside her, filling and stretching her.

Her nails dug into the flesh of his back.

Tears filled her eyes.

She was trembling uncontrollably, trying to find relief by breathing through the intense agony that seized her and caused her to grip him harder.

Gun Gun let out a low moan and his eyelids fluttered shut. “So… tight… Mei… Lin…”

He was now slick with sweat, his body trembling from his efforts to stay still, allowing her body to adjust to him.

Their gazes locked again.

With his thumb, Gun Gun gently wiped away a tear that had slid down her cheek. Then, he leaned down and kissed her, sliding his tongue inside to find hers. This kiss was tender and deep.

They stayed like this for quite a while until Mei Lin could feel her body soften, the tension floating away. Soon, the pain ebbed into a dull ache. Instead, she could feel him huge and throbbing, inside of her.

When he broke the kiss, he rasped almost incoherently, “Mei Lin…I need…I need to…” as if the tether that held his control together had snapped and he could no longer stay still.

He moved his hips slowly at first, grunting.

She bit her lower lip and held onto him, his thrusts becoming harder and faster. The discomfort was still there but it started to feel pleasing until soon, she felt heat spread throughout her body. The friction of his hardness sliding in and out of her, his pelvis grinding into hers, - all pleasure.

Acting on pure instinct to respond to her body’s demand for satisfaction, she lifted her knees higher to take more of him in. One arm slung over and gripped his shoulder, while her other hand dug into his firm buttock, pulling him harder to her as she panted into his ear. She moved her mouth lower and licked his neck, tasting the salt and musk of his skin.

He tensed, thrust a few more times and moaned out loud as he poured his seed inside of her.

When their breathing slowed and their bodies were back under control, Gun Gun lifted himself up to look at her. He looked at her full of tenderness, a mix of satisfaction and a bit of possessiveness…?

Mei Lin felt herself getting shy again. All the caution that had been thrown to the wind in the heat of the moment came back full force.

She moved to get up but winced at the soreness between her legs. She looked down and froze when she saw blood. Mortified, she felt her whole body flush from head to toe. She tried to pull up the quilt at the end of the bed to cover herself.

“What is wrong, Mei Lin?” Gun Gun asked as he raised himself on his elbows.

“N-nothing,” she replied and tried to hunch over so he wouldn’t notice. That was when she saw that he had the blood on his thighs too. It made her gasp and turn away. A trace, a smear. But it was there, and was still glaring enough to cause her alarm and embarrassment.

From the silence, she surmised that he had seen what had caused her distress. He didn’t make a move for a while. Then, she sensed him get up and walk to the end of the room. She heard water being poured into a basin but he shuffled around before coming back to the bed.

Before she knew it, he was gently pulling her to face him.

“Here, let me…”

He had had his pants on but his hair was still loose. He held a wet cloth as he moved closer, about to wipe the blood on her. But she grabbed the towel out of his hands.

“N-no, I can do it myself!”

With her back to him, she held the quilt to shield her body as she wiped the blood from her thighs.

She gasped when his hands grasped her shoulders and slid down to her arms, his warm breath on her neck. His hot lips brushed on her skin as he embraced her.

“Why did you not tell me? Why did you not say you had never….” Silence. “Why did you make me think…”

“Think what?” She felt herself getting defensive from shame, from pride— she was not quite sure which. “It does not matter and I did not feel there was a need to,” she returned.

“It does matter. It matters to me.”

Her eyes started to sting and anger welled up inside her. She pushed his hands away and tried to get up to get dressed. It was only then she noticed their scattered clothes on the floor. The jars of medicine and gauze had spilled out of the basket, while the chair she had sat on a while ago was overturned.

“Stay. I want you to stay with me,” he said quietly.

“I cannot. Nǎinai will be wondering where I am and Ling’er will need to be tended to,” she reasoned although she knew Nǎinai would have cackled and agreed with him, convincing her to stay. It didn’t matter. He didn’t know that and she needed space to think.

Mei Lin picked her clothes up off the floor and hurriedly dressed. She could not face him, not right now.

How could he be so calm sitting there, asking me to stay? He now knows I have never been intimate with anyone before and clearly wants to compound my mortification by being sweet and trying clean me up!

At that moment, she simply wanted to disappear. She picked up her basket and haphazardly put the contents in, save for the salves she meant to leave behind. She also grabbed the upsetting blood-stained cloth and immediately bolted for the door.

In her haste, she had forgotten her hair pin and did not realize her hair was unbound - cascading down her back and flowing freely like a waterfall past down her knees.

Mei Lin left in a hurry but just as she pulled the door open to leave, she looked back and saw what looked like dejection on Gun Gun’s face.

Chapter 42