The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - Episode 16 (Recap)

kakashi: Drama, you are too cruel TT__________________TT
Panda: Episode that made me place Cao Cao firmly and forever in the shit list. Shit List!!
JoAnne:  I suppose we were lucky to have him be somewhat ambiguous even this long.  I definitely enjoyed debating myself on whether he was a misunderstood good guy or whether he was just not YET a really bad guy.

Episode 16

Sima Yi can't sleep and neither can his wife. She tells him to trust in Minister Xun's/Wenruo's promised solution. Cut to Wenruo who receives a food box from the King... Uh-oh. It's a gift that cannot be refused. But what is that? It's empty.
Cao Cao is a bloody shit. I know what it means but I do not want to believe it.
I've never seen this before but it seems pretty clear what it is, even without a dead fish.
Wenruo laughs. I cry. He says he understands. I don't. But I know I don't like this one bit. When he tells his servant to bring his courtier gown and lock up the door, I cry a river. He takes a very small flask from his robe... poison. Goddamit.
He basically told MY Wenruo that he should starve himself to death the Shit. :(((((((
He's now Cao Cao the Ca Ca.  Ca ca is slang for shit in some language I heard a lot as a kid, either Italian or Portuguese I guess.
His death is so devastating. TT______________TT
Sima Yi observes how Cao Cao comes to pay his respects, sobbing waterfalls. I don't know, he is obviously heartbroken, but didn't he know Wenruo would take his life?
His tears do not move me one bit. He told Wenruo to take his life but he is also sad he died because he is a psychopath.
He's just sad Wenruo 'deserted' him.  He's not sad Wenruo is dead, he's sad that Wenruo isn't on his side anymore.
After witnessing this sobbing-fest, Sima Yi has enough. He goes to Mr. Cui and confronts him with the evidence he has about his betrayal. But Mr. Cui says an era has ended - with Wenruo's death, so many people lost hope. Yes, I'm one of them. Also, it doesn't look good for Cao Pi. What's new, right? Sima Dad also warns his son Sima Yi to leave the city - he is in danger. A bit surprisingly, Sima Yi agrees to leave.
Mr Cui looks genuinely crushed by Wenruo's death. It is just so sad. I was also surprised Sima Yi agreed to leave but I feel he just said that to placate his dad.
Probably.  He's not always the brightest bulb, our Sima Yi.
Cao Cao - heartbroken, he even has visions of Wenruo?! and his dead cute son child - gives three ministers - one of them Weasel - the task to look through the "paperwork" Wenruo left unfinished and report anything untoward to him. They work hard all night and then, Weasel discovers something. Something JUICY by the looks of it.
I hateSS his face so much. Gosh
He needs to be dead or completely ruined by the end of this.  I would prefer completely ruined, with constant reminders of what his life used to be.
A clueless Cao Pi is summoned - Cao Cao is furious. Cao Pi reads and his eyes grow round... it is his handwriting/signature and the letter disrespects his father/the King (by comparing him to people who failed). It's treason! Cao Pi assures his father on his knees he didn't write this, but the King seems unwilling to listen and throws his son in prison again.
Again, always with the swiftness in punishing Cao Pi! I feel he should know Cao Pi would never write that... Or did he?
Why would Wenruo have that, regardless?  He wouldn't be behind it.  He'd hold on to it to keep it from getting out, I think, which would mean he thought it was real and that he might need to put Cao Pi in check someday?
A Zhao rushes to the Simas to tell them about Cao Pi's predicament (once again). Of course, Sima Yi never intended to leave anyway. Now, the problem is Weasel got his one-eyed friend Ding Yi the position as Cao Pi's interrogator. It looks BAD. For everyone. But Cao Pi is brave and rather unimpressed, even under torture... and mocks Ding because of his one eye.   
This scene brought back all my Cao Pi affection. When he mocked Ding Yi's one eye, I burst into delighted peals of laughter. I loved it so much.
There are moments, in this show...quite funny.
Is there hope? We realize that Wenruo's nephew is a very smart cookie. His motto: try not to fight but win the fight in the end (do not make your hand too apparent, is what he means - and why he thinks Weasel in very unwise). Will he or his father be able to help Cao Pi? 
Cookie is also cute. I wish to see more of him in the future.
Ooooh, yes


Cao Cao is an idiot, a rather big one, in fact.
I quite frankly no longer have any sympathy nor am I confused by him. He is a bad man, QED. Just because Wenruo voiced his grievance, he told him to kill himself. WHY?!!! *Cries again*
And this is habit of being so harsh on Cao Pi is tiring and frankly diminishes his intelligence.
It makes no sense.  Zi Jian proves over and over that he is unfit, Cao Pi proves over and over that he can be the kind of leader a nation needs.  And yet Cao Cao refuse to act accordingly.  Why?  Is it simply that he has more affection for Zi Jian?  Is Cao Pi secretly not his?  Is he worried the son would surpass the father?  Anyway you slice it, it's a bad look for Cao Cao.

Did Weasel plant that letter? He seemed genuinely surprised, but maybe he's just very forgetful and didn't remember he put it there. LOOOOOOOOOOOL
This was one of the top 3 episodes for me so far in the drama. I ran the whole spectrum of emotions from sadness from Wenruo to so much mirth at the end with Cao Pi and Ding Yi. That scene btw, was gold. Pure gold. What scares me now is even Sima Yi looks lost as to what to do next, I can't wait for inspiration to strike him.
Let's hope it strike him hard so he stops coming up with stupid plans.