Fanfic: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan 2.0 - Chapter 14 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 14

written by Panda
editing by kakashi & Ligayacroft

Shao Wan flew to the gates in anticipation and euphoria. Her heart sang. She had known it, he would come for her! Her Mo Yuan, her Golden Dragon! He must have felt her aura in the Heavens and was ready to break down the scary gates to get her back!

The Turtle Clan had hastily moved out of the way in her mad dash to the entrance and she could feel them looking at her puzzled as to why she felt anyone would come to Yinguan palace. She knew trying to explain would only result in the curse so she simply waved at them and waited.

In horror, she recollected how she looked. Grooming herself so she would be presentable she glanced at her chest and her heart sank. Those were some of Mo Yuan’s favorite things about me! And how will these nurture my children? But I will be hopeful, my body will come back...somehow, she tried to reassure herself.

Hours passed before Shao Wan finally accepted the truth. He was not coming. He hadn’t felt her aura. He did not know she was in the Heavens. She burst into tears that seemed to come from the never healing wound in her heart. She cried until no more tears came and still she wept, keeled over, devastated.

Finally, after what seemed like decades, she gathered herself and walked back to the Turtle Clan. They asked no questions, but rather provided her with sustenance and blankets and she finally fell into a restless sleep.

The next morning dawned bright and with it, a new resolve in Shao Wan. No more weeping! Even if these eyes are especially well suited just for that, it seems. She went to meet the Turtle Leader and asked for a more in-depth tour of the Palace. He was happy to be of assistance and proud of his people’s dwelling and she indeed saw more of the damn place than she had bargained for.

Over lunch, the Turtle Leader looked at her curiously. “I do not mean to pry, but I must say it is remarkable that you have recovered so quickly. It usually takes us turtles weeks after such an emotional outburst.”

Shao Wan grinned at him after swallowing her fruit. “It is because I remembered that I have a task I must accomplish. I know a task is best accomplished if you know without a doubt you are capable of doing it. I cannot believe I will fail, otherwise that would be giving up before I start.”

The Leader nodded, looking at her intently. “I will write that down and put it in our library. Maybe that will spur us more into action when needed.”

Shao Wan nodded. “Ah, books. I am a fount of knowledge really, see, I used to write-” the next words were croaks.

Unfazed, the Turtle Leader simply nodded and cleared their plates. “Let us continue our tour?”

And so the week passed. For Shao Wan it was thoroughly enjoyable and she did not want to leave when the guards came to take her away. She and the Clan members had said their farewells the previous night and Shao Wan vowed to do all in her power to help them once she regained status.

Her dread intensified when she saw that her duties were where she had initially started out in the Heavens. Washing clothes.

Turning to Yiu Wei, the maid who had taken her to her spot, she tried to beg for a transfer. Had not that Prince with the fan said he would take her into his household?

“No” said the sneering maid, “you have been assigned to this since you are too dangerous around stairs,” and she stalked off on her short legs.

Wishing for her whip, Shao Wan turned to the mountain of clothes that required her attention. At least it is not an endless set of white stairs again, she thought with a valiant attempt to cheer herself up. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

After a terrible morning washing more white clothing than she could ever have imagined existed, Shao Wan, her hands red and feeling raw, was ravenous. She had not learnt where and when food was served before her first punishment and she therefore went in search of Yiu Wei to inquire about it.

She found the girl in the company of another maid, both of them obviously fast friends as they laughed and ate together. Their bench was filled with the usual tasteless bland looking food the Celestials favored so much, but what caught Shao Wan’s attention the most was the jar emitting an unmistakable scent - Zhe Yan’s peach wine! She would recognise the smell anywhere! It had been… countless millennia since she had last had it! Swallowing her suddenly dry throat she moved towards the two women with as big a smile as she could muster.

As soon as Yiu Wei saw her, her expression changed. She turned to whisper something to the other girl that made her burst into high pitched giggles. Yiu Wei watched Shao Wan’s approach with narrowed eyes.

"Have you finished washing the clothes?” she spat at Shao Wan.

Wearily Shao Wan nodded her assent, smile still fixed in place.

“Cleaned them until they sparkled and shined?” Yiu Wei continued persistently.

The smile wobbling a bit and definitely more strained, Shao Wan still answered as sweetly as she could, her eyes darting from Yiu Wei to the flask by her side, “Yes, I did.”

“Did you remember to rinse them the appropriate number of times and spread them as to prevent creasing? I can see you nodding, but I do not believe you, go back and stay right there till I come inspect them.”

“By Pangu, I did, woman! The inspection is not even part of your job!” Shao Wan burst out, all thoughts of being civil so as to weasel out some wine flown from her head. “Why do you keep antagonizing me? You don’t even know me.”

"Yiu Wei is the second in command in charge of the Palace Laundry," the other girl shouted. "How dare you speak to her in such an insolent tone."

"She is insolent, isn't she?" Yiu Wei remarked. "She needs to be taught her place, she thinks she is special.”

Shao Wan rolled her eyes and stood in front of the women, her arms on her hips. “I came over here to ask for directions as to where to get food. It might be bland but I do need it to live unfortunately. So-,” gesticulating by waving her hands in front of them, “I do not have time for any cock pissing contest.”

They gasped. “Co...I see you strongly lack respect!”

“I don’t need to respect you, we are both maids here after all,” Shao Wan retorted with a smile which widened when she saw how upset that made her enemy.

“You are no good for the Celestial Heavens!” Yiu Wei shouted back at her, having stood up herself while her friend hastily drowned the contents of her mug and went to stand next to her.

"You've been quite a nuisance," the maid continued. "I have been very patient with you. Didn't I leave you alone all the while you were washing? I even left aside some clothes till tomorrow, so be grateful.”

Shao Wan scoffed. “Grateful, to you?” she asked incredulously.

Eyeing her viciously, Yiu Wei replied: “I am your senior here! Do not forget your place, neither should you forget there are still suspicions about you. Apparently they are letting just anyone ascend these days-”

Shao Wan was not going to take the insult lying down. Getting treated with disrespect and disregard by Celestial Gods was one thing- although that also rankled; there was no way she was going to let a pimply Celestial servant disrespect her, flat chested body or not.

“How dare you!” she roared, her eyes a red haze of fury. “Do you have any idea who you are talking to? I have a good mind to let-” the rest of the words came out in the bitter all too familiar gurgle and the other two women burst into wild peals of mocking laughter after their initial look of shock.

Wiping tears of mirth from her eyes, Yiu Wei stepped even closer. “You need to learn your place in your new eternal home,” she whispered menacingly. Then she turned to her accomplice, her voice filled with malice. “I caught the spy sneaking around the throne room again. You are my witness right?” and the two girls proceeded to overwhelm Shao Wan as to detain her.

Shao Wan could not believe the drama that was unfolding around her and was determined not to go without a fight. Her speech still garbled, she struggled furiously with the other two women and was satisfied when a particular well aimed attack elicited a sharp howl from Yiu Wei. She will have that scar for a long time, she thought with satisfaction. However, there was no time to indulge in the feeling as she soon got overwhelmed and her two hands were wrenched and held painfully behind her.

“Frightened yet, flat one?” Yiu Wei taunted.

"She's looking bored, not frightened," her companion remarked.

Yiu Wei shrugged indifferently. "She is just faking. Her punishment this time will not be the vacation she had at Yinguang palace. She will probably be thrown off Zhuxian terrace,” she finished with obvious glee. “Let us take her away.”

Suddenly a clear voice rang out forcefully. “Stop!”


The tale of the ankle biter had spread around the Palace as such news was wont to do and it was one that had filled Cheng Yu with barely concealed glee. A maid who dared to do such and had such wit was one whose acquaintance she couldn’t wait to meet and she had spent the week counting down her punishment.

It was sheer coincidence that she had been walking by the maid quarters and had witnessed the tail end of what happened, her anger growing as she saw how the two maids bullied the other. Memories of how she had initially fared when she ascended had her voice icy cold as she called for a stop to the proceedings and walked towards them.

The two maids immediately dropped into a courtesy when they sighted her, one visibly shaking more than the other, but she ignored them for the time being to survey the maid they had been manhandling.

“Are you hurt?” she asked.

A frog-like croak was the answer she received and Cheng Yu’s anger increased exponentially when she realized it was the maid she had wanted to meet.

Turning back to the maids, she surveyed them, then tilted her head to one side. “I didn’t know there was a new secret unit of guards masquerading as maids. Otherwise I would be surprised if this was how maids in the Celestial Palace beat up other maids.”

The maids prostrated on the ground and the less shaken one spoke up. “No, my lady, she was caught spying and resisted our attempts to take her to to the guards for punishment,” she said plaintively.

Cheng Yu ignored the remarks and continued. “That’s just the first transgression. Has that special wine you were obviously drinking now been served anywhere else beyond the royal residences? I must have missed the new proclamation.” The second maid’s tremors got worse but Cheng Yu had no pity for her.

She looked over at the tied up maid whose expression was filled with admiration and Cheng Yu felt a small glow inside.

Turning back to the maids, she stooped. “And lying to me makes three transgressions in a short period. The punishment will be heavier on the instigator so I would like you both to think very carefully about what you next tell me -”

“My Lady!” the second maid wailed, “I was forced to go along with Yiu Wei. She did everything and threatened me about all you said. I had no choice, I am her junior.”

Cheng Yu listened as she confessed about everything that had transpired just as she had known she would. Coward. Her distaste growing with each word spoken, she raised her hands when she had heard enough and summoned the head of the maids and the Guards too. The two maids were dragged off crying to await their punishment. The head of the maids service had wanted to re-assign the now untied maid but Cheng Yu had objected.

Finally, the two of them were left in the courtyard when suddenly the maid fell down clutching her throat and stomach.

Frightened, Cheng Yu ran to her. “Were you hit in those places? Do I get a doctor for you?” she asked urgently.

“No,” the maid croaked out still rubbing her throat, “It hurts, can I get some, water? Wine?-”

Relieved, Cheng Yu rocked back on her heels. “Ah, wine. I saw how your gaze hardly left that table all through the interrogations. That is why I declined the offer from the Head of Maids to confiscate the entire pitcher.”

She continued. “But, I can see you are very witty and smart in your thoughts. I have to tell you that I would like to change your position to my maid. You have to know though, I do not tolerate pretenses and you must be loyal. If you are sure you can abide by those rules, then show it.”

A brief moment passed and then the maid stopped and stood up with a slight twinkle in her eyes and gave a very inelegant bow. “I apologize for my deception, I am indeed thirsty... and hungry.”

Satisfied, Cheng Yu handed over the pitcher of wine to her and watched with fascination as she finished it in a blink of an eye. “You were not lying about being thirsty where you?” she smiled at the maid who suddenly looked more somber and curtsied in response.

Cheng Yu continued to smile at her. “Do not look so sad. While you will most probably never taste that wine again, I can assure you that you will be happy with me. For one thing, my food contains spices,” she finished with with a dimple-y smile.

“Spices!” the maid breathed and a smile appeared on her face for the first time.

Once again Cheng Yu felt that connection to this rather dirty looking maid. Never one to base things on outward appearances, she was grateful her initial gut instinct when she heard the biting tale had been accurate. They would get along amazingly well.

After settling her new household addition in with firm instructions to bathe and change her clothing as befitted her new status, Cheng Yu went to Lian Song’s quarters. Stubbing her foot exceptionally hard on the pointy end of a scroll, Cheng Yu marveled as she always did how a being - A Heavenly Prince - could live in such disarray. Living quarters always said something about who lived there and Lian Song’s were no different. His inner quarters were a veritable cave of scrolls and music pieces spilling everywhere. The only tidy place in the room was the bed where the master of the house sat fanning himself in slow motion.

“Ack, sleeping as usual, oh Prince.”

“It is barely noon, of course I am resting.” Lian Song retorted with no shred of shame and scooted to a side of his bed.

Shaking her head at him, Cheng Yu sat down next to him. “I don’t know why I expected different. An issue arose that needs your help.”

Alertly, Lian Song gestured to her to continue speaking.

“The maid that you sent to Yinguang Palace almost got killed today! You have neglected your duties.” She admonished him. Seeing that he looked askance at her she continued, “Did you not promise to take her as your maid after the punishment? You obviously forgot and the poor girl almost got framed and thrown down Zhuxian terrace.”

Looking slightly shamefaced, Lian Song muttered something under his breath and sighed. “I confess I forgot but I am still undecided about her? Was there not talk of her being a spy?-”

Cheng Yu scoffed “She is not a spy. Just a really scrawny person with such an appetite for Zhe Yan’s wine as you have never seen,” she said with slight wonder. “I need you to accept her also. Your words carry more weight than mine. She will be your maid in name but she will share duties between our households. Do you accept?”

“Have I ever been able to refuse you anything?” Lian Song asked wryly.

“Haven’t you?” she retorted more sharply than she intended.

“Cheng Yu-” Lian Song put his hand on hers.

She tried to delicately shrug him away, but that didn't work, and so she looked up at him to tell him to let go. It was a mistake. The impact of those dark penetrating eyes, usually filled with irreverence, but right now filled with such compassion and tenderness, made her heart quicken. Damn him to hell, how can he still have this effect on me?

The warmth of his skin made her wish she could move closer and be enveloped by him. She blocked the unhelpful thought. She shouldn't be noticing such things and she finally took her hand away from his and stood up.

‘“Thank you your Highness,” she said and curtsied.

“Cheng Yu-”

Stopping at the exit, she turned with a brilliant smile. “Let us not destroy this friendship okay? It is important to me. I will see you around, Sleeping Prince,” and she stepped out.


It had been about two weeks since Shao Wan had moved into her new mistress’ household and for the second time since she ascended, she felt some measure of temporary peace. The joy had started from her new attire. It was made of real cotton and some silk! Such luxury this seemed to Shao Wan after the terrible laundry uniform she had been forced to wear.

The Cheng Yu residence was as informal as their mistress, comprising of Shao Wan, another elderly maid and their mistress. Outside, they had to follow the accursed Celestial proprietary rules but once inside, the lines truly blurred between mistress and maid.

Cheng Yu had not lied about her spices collection, Shao Wan reflected as she hastily undid another ragged seam she had just made. So although there was still a serious lack of meat in her diet, the gruel served was at least palatable.

She also knew and was friendly with everyone, it seemed. Cheng Yu herself had told Shao Wan that she had ascended due to her wit and humor. When she arrived in the Heavens, she had had a lot of demands on her time as all the Gods enjoyed her company. However, it had gotten better as time had gone on, and she had taken the Third Prince as a Lover. Her mistress was a woman after her own heart, Shao Wan thought with satisfaction.

However, much she enjoyed her company, she could not forget her mission. She was just waiting for the right opportunity to tell somebody trustworthy and with enough influence about what she had learned in Mo Yuan’s palace - hopefully without being punished by the curse - and from there, to leave this darn place. Especially as she was spectacularly bad at being a maid, she thought to herself with brutal honesty, surveying the cream and gold robe she had been attempting to sew. Instead, she miraculously had sewn three sleeves and the robe had no lapels.

Hearing her name being called, she hastily stuffed the robe under a pillow and hastened to go deliver the tea tray to the Third Prince. She was not sure what to think of him yet. He was not as terrible as his brothers, that she knew for a fact, but she also felt a bit wary of his quick, piercing eyes. He definitely knew more than he let on. Should she tell him about what she had learned?

Oh, I did not know he had guests, she thought in surprise as she neared the quarters. That was when she registered that there were three teacups on the tray. Well, nobody ever said I would get the most observant maid award, she thought with a smirk and entered the room.

She kept head bent at the barest minimum and in so doing her eyes fell on one of the guests... and the contents of the tray spilled from her suddenly slack hands unto her feet, yet she barely felt the scalding hot tea- Crown Princess. My Babies.

The curse hit with such force it dropped her to her knees. Garbled words came out of her mouth as she stared at the Crown Princess, tears of frustration and pain clouding her vision.

The Crown Princess asked anxiously “are you alright?” Turning to Lian Song she hastily continued, “I think she is hurt, she can’t form words.”

The Crown Prince spoke up. “She is alright, Qian Qian. That’s what she says sometimes.”

“Uncle, I did not know you would actually put her in your household. Have you ascertained her loyalty?”

Tapping his fan on his nose, Lian Song drawled out. “Well, she certainly has an entertainment factor, doesn’t she? Me and Cheng Yu actually share her as a maid. I can tell you, she is definitely not a spy. She draws too much attention to herself to be useful and is terrible at maid duties also.”

Shao Wan heard all the ensuing conversation as if from far away. She was focusing all her energy on Bai Qian. Are my babies safe? Does he keep them at Kunlun? How is he? But it was an exercise in futility that she knew all too well.

Lian Song snapped his fan shut and the sound brought her out of her daze. With a wild scramble, she placed the broken cups on the tray and stumbled out before running to Cheng Yu’s residence.

It was like she awoke from a spell. How much time had she let pass? Was she really turning into a maid?

I need to get to Kunlun.

Nothing would stop her now.

Chapter 15