Rich Family's Son - Episode 11 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: In good Kdrama fashion, lies come to hunt our OTP. Or at least soon.
JoAnne: I do love a good lie.

Episode 11

Lots of things happen: 
  • A dolled-up Soo-Hee is sad and alone (her husband prefers cooking all night)
  • Kyung-ha suddenly doubts whether her rich crazy boy might be a con-man (it's what her colleagues suspect)
  • Jong-Yong is "missing" (not really, he is just avoiding his brother) and Grandma plays sick to protest the mistreatment of her youngest son. 
  • Kim Dad takes his mother's bank book for safe keeping. 
What the hell with this outfit, seriously. 
What was she going for? Victorian hooker meets modern dance enthusiast?

I think it's to signify how messed up she is. It's a desperate cry for help!
Our OTP though is happy. Apparently, he never stopped thinking of her, wherever he went. When he wants to kiss her, they get spotted by her mom and Young-ha tells him to run. Not good, because he actually wanted to tell her the truth about his identity. Kim Omma: "You shouldn't meet useless men like that. I can tell that from his hair. It screams "I'm a punk!"" Ohohohooooo!
I cannot fault you there, Eomma.
Kyung-ha dumps her crazy guy (shame, I liked to dislike him), then gets drunk and stalks her Handyman. She thinks he's sleeping in the shop, but it's her uncle. Yong is standing right behind her, cold and hurt. She force hugs him, right after rubbing under his nose how rich her other dude is. He pushes her off and walks away.
I don't want them together at all, now. The Jaw deserves a better woman.
Hear, hear!  
Kim Dad finds his wayward brother and tells him he is a husband and a father and that means he does not have the right to dream. Harsh.
Suck it up, Kim Dad's brother. Take care of your responsibilities and THEN have a dream.
Myung.-Ha's Chinese Lady doesn't have water at her place, so she asks Myung-ha to come to the public bath with her. He falls in love with her at 24 minutes 38 seconds.
She's a little irritating but cute and I'm sorry but he is the fluffiest of puppies.
Of course, Young-ha still doesn't know about Gwang-jae's true identity. Is he faking it when he comes out of the bathroom that she made him clean again, clutching his chest and collapsing?
Why do I not remember the last two things?


Idiot doesn't even cut it as a word for Gwang-jae. I still like the Handyman best. He deserves all the good.

Handyman! Mentally I'm re-writing the lyrics to Candyman, of course. Who can make a rainbow?  The handyman can! The handyman can cuz he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good!