Rich Family's Son - Episode 12 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: This, my friends, is the face of a loser.
JoAnne: But I think he starts to realize that he's a loser, this episode?  Maybe?

Episode 12

Gwang-hae is collapsed because of cleaning the toilet. Good idea, I'll do that too next time I need to clean. Everybody is super worried. Gwang-jae uses the moment to get closer to Young-ha, when his father busts in ... and busts him as his son. Okay, if this was not your plan, Gwang-jae, you are so DUMB, I can't even. Young-ha takes "responsibility" for the incident and quits her job.
This was just stupid. Dad gives me the creeps at this point.
Gwang-jae runs after her, but that's it. She never wants to see him again. I'm kind of glad, because I was worried after they got together so quickly. Much better this way.
We need our suffering! Make that boy EARN his girl.
Oh, so Soo-Hee is the owner of the restaurant? Interesting. At least that's what Lee Daddy says after an investors' event. She is busy - visiting the grave of her father. She finds other flowers there... who might have come to this secret place? Oh, a mystery sibling?
Maybe Dad had a MISTRESS. Oooh, no, a FIRST LOVE. Watch it be Grandma. 
Tae-il, the Kimchi General

what are those Dr. Who things again?
So far my favorite bit: when Tae-il (worked up over the fact that Young-Ha quit because of Gwang-jae's shenanigans) yells at Gwang-jae to get to work and Gwang-jae is all flustered. He is so damn immature, it hurts.
It's creepy Dad's fault.
And then, we get the sweetest flashback, awww.... about how Young-ha first set eyes on Gwang-jae at uni and was totally surprised (and scared) when he came over to talk to her. It's what she's thinking about when she sits at a lake with Handyman Yong, talking about her love/hate for Gwang-jae. Awwww, they're such good friends.
Damn, that flashback photo.  Gurrrrrrrrl....
New character alert! It's Myung-Sun, Jong-Yong's wife! He runs when he sees her - she follows suit. He gets away in the end. So he just abandoned her? She turns up at the Kim abode and shouts at Hyun-Sook because her husband hit her husband. Then, she leaves.
I think I'm going to like this one.
Gwang-jae, wearing something else atrocious, starts operation "I will get Young-ha back" - by paying Grandma a visit... bearing many expensive gifts. At least, he's totally transparent about his intentions. Minutes later, Young-ha's dad comes in. Gwang-jae painfully bangs his knee and then gets cross-examined by Kim Dad. This is funny. Dad hates him instantly :D He asks what he does, how much money he has made in his life... he comes to the right conclusion that Gwang-jae is just mooching around, using his parents money. Gwang-jae, you are so pathetic, ahahahaha.
I like this dad.  When Gwang Jae said he wants to be a travel writer Kim Dad doesn't miss a beat or tell him that's crazy or anything.  Nope, he's just 'Cool, show me what you've been writing.'  Of course there's nothing, but if Gwang Jae had anything and it was good, I think Dad would have been okay with that, for at least a while.
Kim Dad basically tells him to get lost and to "not like Young-ha". He won't let him date her. Since Gwang-jae is not backing down when he should, Kim Dad starts kicking him. It's really funny how Gwang-jae keeps trying to stress his good qualities - and Kim Dad just pours more contempt on him.
Gwang Jae is a fool.
The episode ends with Tae-il and Young-ha meeting at their restaurant - Young-ha asks for his help; she is going to start another business. Poor boy, so smitten...
And she KNOWS he likes her.  She knew what that ring was. I am not going to be nice about this girl, I think.


I was ready to call this a total dud when Gwang-jae was beaten up by Kim Dad. Man, I don't condone violence, but this was needed. And Gwang-jae's utter surprise that someone could not like him! Ahahahahaaa.
I think this is probably the best weekender Kim Ji Hoon has been in, ever. That's not necessarily saying a whole lot, but look at it this way:  Jang Bori started at levels below hell bad and ended up being great.  Well, good.  Okay, we developed a fondness for it.  Certainly this has the potential to go in the wrong direction, but it at least starts OUT with an advantage.