Rich Family's Son - Episode 3 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: We get some important backstory and realize that Gwang-Jae is still massively in love with Young-Ha. But wow, he is spoiled rotten, this man.
JoAnne: We're going to fall hard for this guy as he changes, I can feel it. He always makes us love him, damn it.
Trotwood: He'd better because I'm not liking him very much at all right now.
I always love him

Episode 3

Darling Gwang-Jae is still sleeping even though it's bright day outside! The whole family comes in and has a loud discussion right at his bedside. He keeps on sleeping. His dad puts money in his empty wallet even though he has a credit card too. Later, he tells Tae-Il to buy Gwang-Jae a car, since travel writers need cars to get to places. Dad loves him so, so much, it's quite icky. Stepmom seems rather fed-up with it. 
Travel writers FLY places, Dad. And he is kind of icky, but at least it's not that drama where the father hates the child because the mother died in childbirth. I do think I'd be like step-mom by now, though.
I've felt sorry for her ever since he rejected all that food she made.  He's old enough not to do that and be able to wait until the next meal to get the food he wants. 
In the meantime, Kim Young-Ha is wondering why Gwang-Jae is not sending her the account information and asks her sister questions about designer leather bags since she's still suspecting Gwang-Jae's GF might have lied about the price. The girls don't know what their dad has witnessed last night (the French kissing)... he is feeling hot and flustered at breakfast thinking about his older daughter's virtue (btw, he's pretty sexy). When they join the breakfast table, he orders her to sign up with a matchmaking agency to get married soon. Later, mom tells her she is their "only hope" since Young-Ha had debts and didn't go to a good school. Daddy grew up very poor and marrying off his daughter well is very important to him.
You make it sound like he was turned on by it, eww.
Oups. Nope, not turned on. Turned OFF
He sends Young-Ha to buy shoes for and with Granny, but the elder isn't home (by the way, she owns the house the Chois live in). He comments that Grandma likes going out with her. I wonder why he doesn't send the older daughter; is it because her job is more important than Young Ha working off her debt? From a shop owner nearby, Young-Ha hears her grandmother has been in an accident with a motorcycle. Vowing to kill the guy who did this to her, Young-Ha rushes to the hospital and finds... Gwang-Jae there! In motorcycle gear. Despite her being very rough with him, he seems happy to see her.
Because of course.
Because he is playing a puppy here. 
Of course, it's not what it seems. Gwang-Jae didn't hit grandma, but she fell while crossing a red light while he tried to avoid hitting her. Oh boy, our boy is so smitten with Young-Ha still... when she has turned her back on him and walked away he says "you don't know how hard I tried to find you". Awwwwww. He also carries a small bottle of ... salt? ... around with him to give her.
Yeah, what's up with that. Also, awwwwwwww. He's so cute I can almost ignore the ass-blond hair for a full 30 seconds now.
He really is a cutie.

At home, Gwang-Jae realizes his phone is broken. He talks to Tae-il a bit, but Tae-il is super busy with restaurant stuff and smiling secretively at the thought of Young-Ha. Gwang-Jae pesters him a bit about this girl he seems to like, but Tae-il is evasive. These two kind of like each other, but it feels more like convenience than true affection. So, when they will find out they like the same girl, there won't be much endearing them to each other...
Sigh. Why can't we just have two nice boys for once?
It would help if we had more than one decent girl for both of them to like. Then these two could have a healing bromance.
Young-Ha stays at the hospital with her grandma for a bit and wonders about Gwang-Jae's presence in her neighborhood. We get a flashback to what happened when her business (a café) failed. Some money lenders wanted to force Young-Ha into a second private loan to cover for the first. Oups, Young-Ha also used her tuition for this... her Dad steps in to help her; or rather, he pays off her debt to the loan sharks but makes her pay back every penny of it (and quit school). It also seems she was cheated by her business partner (whom we haven't met yet, I guess).
I like that Dad. He's there to help but not carry.
I wonder where she got the money for the business in the first place. (I thought they said from the same loan sharks!) I don't any college students who have money to start a business. And I can't imagine her dad fronting her the money especially when the business has to conflict with her studies.
She feels extremely miserable. When she is closing down the café, thoughtless Gwang-Jae comes by with flowers. He is such a dummy... telling her "congratulations on shutting down the café". She is offended and miffed at him (who hasn't worked 1 minute in his whole life). He's currently in the army and babbles about going to Bolivia with her after he's discharged soon. Oh darling...
What a moron. If I'm being generous, maybe he thought he could help her see a silver lining...but I really just think he figures yay, you don't have to work any more, we can play!
Cute doesn't make up for dumb. How did they ever get together for more than a couple of dates in the first place. She's running a business and going to school. How did they ever think they had anything in common?
She breaks up with him on the spot, and he gets really angry about it. She says she's tired of him, and he believes she has fallen in love with somebody else. They're both idiots, but I get her. She's a woman who wants to stand on her own two legs. He seems to genuinely like her, but he doesn't seem to know her at all.
Perhaps later, he'll think back to this and assume it was Tae-Il that she fell for. Just watching out for the built-in misunderstandings, here...
I don't think she is an idiot. She was short-sighted, blindley by the cute into dating him the first place when they clearly have nothing in common personality wise. There is no way he could have been a real support or friend to her while she has had to work so hard. He's like a golden retriever. But she can't afford a pet now.
Yong Choi is called upon to fix some lights at the Kim household and the mother blurts out that Kyung-Ha is going on a blind date with a lawyer. Oh no, poor, broody handyman... the episode ends with him studying the lawyer's file and Gwang-Jae trying out fast cars. The salesman asks Tae-il: "so what does he do?" And Tae-il answers: "He's the son of a rich man. That's his job."
I like the handyman. Right now I'm not too fond of Gwang-Jae but my unspoken 'yet' is practically shouted. I'm on the fence about Tae-il since he seems nice but as I mentioned before...the actor plays villains.


This episode was spent showing the differences in work "ethics" between our leads. Both their families came from nothing and got rich not by inheritance but by working hard. Whereas Kim-dad makes his own daughter pay him interest and work her ass off, Lee-dad just gives his son everything and more because he is grateful he didn't die too (like his first wife). I wonder whether I would be able to do what Kim-dad does... I get why it's important for Young-Ha to "learn her lesson" but I'm also sure she has already learned it. Lee-dad on the other hand does everything wrong. Gwang-Jae is a nice and happy kid, but he goes through life offending everyone less well off than him and doesn't even realize it. Cannot wait for his "education" to begin!
I definitely prefer Kim-dad to Lee-dad.  Maybe he's taking all the money she pays him and saving it up to hand back to her to invest in a new business?
I get Kim-dad. I would've done the same thing but I would have insisted that she stay in school and pay me back with any extra money she earned. In any case, we are clearly to learn the lesson that his way is the better way in this tale.