Rich Family's Son - Episode 5 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Kim Ji-hoon is SO CUTE. That is all.
JoAnne:  Well, I suppose it's better to be cute and have his career than ugly and have his career, eh?
Trotwood: Trying not to bang my head into things because I'm tired of him wasting his talents in these mediocre shows. The daily I'm watching is crazier plotwise but is still better. Should I hope that he chooses one of them next if he is going to insist on doing this kind of thing?
I don't think it's a choice at all, sadly. He just doesn't get offered things, Trot
WHY?!?!? WHYYYYY?!!? (shaking my fist at the universe)

Episode 5

In a very chipper mood, Kim Young-Ha appears to her new part-time job... at Gwang-Jae's daddy's restaurant. Within minutes, she handles a difficult situation with an overlapping reservation to everybody's great satisfaction. Less successful: sister Kyung-Ha. She can't go on a business trip to Milan because she doesn't speak Italian. Btw, what does she do exactly? It's the fashion industry, that much I get.
I don't know...she's a bit of a whiny bitch, isn't she? I'm already tired of her.
The second I found out she was hiding handyman and acting embarrassed about him, I was done with her.
I could accept hiding (for a bit) because you fear family reaction, but hiding because you don't even think he's 'worthy' yourself?  No.
Tae-il tells Young-ha about his big plans (make this company ten times bigger) whereas she is mainly impressed by "the chef" (which would be Mr. Lee). Tae-il also tells her to "watch him" as he succeeds.. well, girl. That is a confession, you dummy!
This relationship...they're both really stupid.
It's painful to watch because I think he deserves better.

Kyung-ha hears that one of their ex-colleagues is getting married to the director of the company and that makes her go rather marriage-crazy. First, she's pissed that lawyer guy hasn't called yet. Then, she's miffed her Handyman hasn't called her. Methinks you should make up your mind, missy.
Or just go away.
She is spoiled and used to being the pretty successful sister.
He suffers in silence, our broody handyman. The two daughter-in-laws are at granny's house in her absence, cleaning. God, I'd kill them. Granny has a safe. Young-Ae suspects the family fortune must be in there.
I hope Grandma leaves all of it to a dog shelter.
See. I really dislike these two. they really are hateful. Thank you for the pic of Handyman. I needed it.
Gwang-Jae - wearing something right out of the 1990s in a bad way (that's why I asked earlier why he was dressed like a member of the Backstreet Boys) - sees Young-ha at the restaurant and gets very excited about it. Even Tae-il notices something strange when Gwang-Jae is unusually interested in the "new waiters". But then, Gwang-jae finds a ring catalogue in Tae-il's office... pffft, and they talk about Tae-il's girl again for many minutes.
I thought it was just acid washed, which is bad enough, but no! It's also screen printed with palm trees and...was there a sunset, too?  Where is he finding this mess?
Silly Gwang-Jae starts stalking Young-ha. He calls her from behind a pillar, calling himself "the guy who was passionately in love with her" and "the idiot who was so foolish to break up with her." Hint, hint. Come on, Young-ha. Even if it's just a romp. Go for it!
Are you suggesting they do it?  That might be wise advice - naked is an improvement over those clothes and ANYTHING to stop seeing that ass-blonde hair, please.
I have to say, I read this as "anything to see that ass" and nodded in agreement before realizing that I didn't read what you said correctly.
That is because you read what my heart writes, Trot. 
He's too cute.....
When my Sensei is right, she's right
His mom calls him away (she bought him less eyecatching clothes and tells him to go back to school and finish his studies, but he doesn't want to). But the driver, who witnessed it all, is coming to talk to Young-ha. He chuckles loudly at her calling the man she just spoke on the phone with a "jerk". Gwang-jae and his stepmom are quite cute together, I hope it stays that way... she drops her purse and he sees she is taking tranquilizers. Uh-oh. A few minutes later, Gwang-jae overhears some women talk about her as "the woman whose husband committed suicide". Oh no.,, I feel very sorry for her.
So do I. She's quite nice and has been through such a tragedy, not to mention she raised Gwang Jae with love despite her really unattractive husband's clear neglect.
This is the one relationship in this show that I like. It seems both he and Tae-Il care for her. I hope she doesn't die. He also asks the question we are all wondering when he asks her if it isn't hard to married to his dad because they like such different things. He even recognizes that she is classy when his dad is definitely not.


Yes, so I posted mainly pictures of Kim Ji-hoon in this recap. Sue me!
Why on Earth would I ever?
To be honest, it's the only thing good about this show.