Rich Family's Son - Episode 7 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: It's funny, this is my first KDrama of this genre in a long time, but unlike so many of my friends, I don't hate it at all... I don't even dislike people a lot. Okay, maybe a little.
JoAnne:  I don't hate it either, and every time I watch an episode I am surprised by that all over again - not because the episode is bad but because I'm just so used to him being in incredibly makjang stories that don't really get good until half way through, if ever.
Trotwood: Hmm. Maybe that should be my plan. I remember not joining Jang Bori until episode 30 or so. I'm not going to have a lot of time anyway in the next month or so. Maybe I'll leave and rejoin later. Maybe then I won't dislike everyone so much and stop being the cranky ahjumma of the recaps.
I know you're busy so I won't attempt to sway your decision, but just know that I tend to love the cranky ahjumma voice in our recaps, no matter who is playing the part.

Episode 7

Mr. Nam is texting Young-ha.... that he's missing her. Oioioi. And she writes back that she misses him too. Oioioioioiiii. (In her defense, she stays always formal with him) 30 seconds later, she mopes over Gwang-jae's salt from Bolivia. Yes, he went there without you because you dumped him. First, she puts it with a collection of other little bottles (from him?), but then, after a second thought, she throws it into the bin. To then mope some more.
So salty. Also, with regard to Mr. stupid.
Sigh. I'm sighing because we all know that he misses her very differently from the way she is missing him. He still thinks he has a chance.
Mr. Nam is on his way back from China. With him on the plane: Myung-Ha (the little brother) and a Chinese girl who is bobbing in her seat to music next to Myung-Ha. Also there: two RINGS Mr. Nam got. I'm sorry, but I don't feel sorry for him at all. What a fool.
I do not get this, every single time I see it. Two people have contact for various reasons over a period of time. It's never even remotely romantic or flirtatious, but it is agreeable, at least. And then out of the blue the guy presents rings and asks to date - which would be fine, but in dramas, if you are asking to date you are basically assuming marriage is next. Why on Earth would anyone do this? Did she do ANYTHING except smile at you and be thankful for your guidance or friendship?
Hahaha. I think he's a pitiful fool, too. But I think it's funny how neither of you are bothered at all by our blond boy but are bothered by him. He's making a terrible mistake and a terrible choice. But so is blondie; they broke up two years ago, and he still is expecting them to be friends if not more. 
I guess because of experience?  We know Blondie will end up with her, and we know Tae Il won't.  I supposed it would be different if this were our first K-Drama. But also - Blondie at least has a history of her liking him at some point and can be forgiven for thinking there's a chance she'll like him again if he redeems himself.  Tae-Il has no reason at all to think she thinks of him as anything but a mentor and he's going to get hurt.  I feel bad for him being so foolish.
Kim Dad talks with his mother about his ex schoolmate who got so rich with his restaurant. Then, they talk about Yong and his business. So Grandma has been supporting him? But why does Dad think he has to "come back to his senses?" Anyway, our very successful Mr. Lee is pushed by his brother-in-law to sign some documents. That can't be good, dammit.
Oh, I didn't pick up on Grandma supporting Choi Yong's business. Maybe Kim Dad thinks that a business that can't stand on its own two legs shouldn't be kept going. 
You were right not to pick up because she isn't. They talked about Jong-Yong - we meet him in the next episode. My mistake!
As for Lee Dad...what an idiot.  I was so angry at him for this betrayal of his wife.
I can't figure out how he was able to be successful when he is so stupid.
In the meantime, Gwang-jae is mighty impressed by himself. It's the first time he cleans anything, apparently. And all for the woman he loves! Oh boy. His father, his heart swelling with love and pride to see his son work, wishes for him to marry a hardworking woman like Young-Ha. 
I do give Gwang-Jae credit for what appears to be his genuine desire to do well. I really thought we'd have to suffer through weeks of him being spoiled and irritating and a burden on his co-workers.
Golden Retrievers are loyal, true, and hard workers. I don't think he ever had a real reason to stick with anything before.
After a horrid flashback to her husband's hanged body in the garden (wait... why would he have hanged himself in this garden?!) (Because this was her house and Lee father and son moved into it when she remarried? Although why she would have stayed in that house with such terrible memories, I don't know.)  Soo-Hee takes more pills. We learn there were two unfortunate incidents in her life. One with her dad and the second with the husband.
The Chinese girl on the plane spills her drink on Myung-Ha. She's cute and funny and so is he, running away with the weird "trousers" she gives him... Another hilarious scene with the lawyer follows, who goes to Kyung-ha's workplace to ask her out for beef... and more. It's particularly funny because Kyung-ha absolutely hates the guy. I bet this actor had a ball with this role. At the same time, Kyung-ha's mother finds a book with poems given to her daughter by a certain "Y". And then another funny scene, with that annoying sister-in-law (I guess I need to finally mention her name: Na Young-Ae) teaching Grandma sexy dance moves. We also find out what her plan is: to tear down the house and build a five-story one instead.
The lawyer is horrible and hilarious!  I hope he's around for a while. I liked SIL more after the dancing scene. She's pretty straightforward in her greed but so far I haven't seen cruelty, and that would be the thing that would be drive me off.


Okay, this episode ended on a very funny note. Actually most of it is funny so that the tragic stuff (Soo-He) seems almost out of place!
It wouldn't be a Korean drama if it didn't have at least one jarring element, though.  I look forward to the plot line for the Chinese girl and Myung-Ha.  I thought she was incredibly rude flinging her arms around like that on the plane, though.
Have no patience for rude people on planes. Of course, she will be dumb and rude and they will fall in love. Sigh.