Rich Family's Son - Episode 9 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: We get to know this uncle Jong-Yong for a bit. He's a real sleazebag!
JoAnne: He seems so sloppy and naturally broke, there's no way he can be husband of the other daughter-in-law. There must be three brothers, right?

Episode 9

After a long scene where Kyung-ha and her mother watch Nam Soo-Hee shop (sadly, she seems to be a shopaholic), Myung-Ha meets the exchange student he volunteered to take care of. What a surprise! It's his Chinese lady from the plane. She introduces herself as Wang Mo Mong. Phone PPL follows.
I amused myself with their couple name, but I thought her name was Mo Myung, so to me they are Myung-Myung.
Jong Yong, the scoundrel, gets lovely food from his mother, our Grandma. He lies that his business in some hot country is going well. We know it surely isn't or he wouldn't have to open his mother's safe in secret. And apparently, his wife (called Myung-Sun) hits him. 
There are a lot of Myungs here. Myung Sun is probably frustrated beyond words by this guy. But use your words, Myung-Sun ssi!
Tae-il scolds his sleazy father for making Lee Gye-Dong sign something that will overwhelm him. Again, the sleazy uncle is all "it'll be fine" yaddayadda. Cut to Gwang-jae, playing the guitar and moping. He dresses up a bit and mopes some more - until he runs into his mother in the garage and they go shopping together.
That uncle is disgusting and he looks like a hamster.
He's cute. 
Young-Ha reads the message he left her in the salt. He calls her "The woman I lost for acting like a fool", says how much he loves and misses her and awwwwwwww. Feeling sad, she goes to the kitchen to find out how to cook good pork stew. Yes! For a friend whose business failed (Wait... does she mean Gwang-jae?!). Yes! Lee Daddy, after being a bit stern, tells her one just needs to use fresh ingredients and gives one's best. He also tries to matchmake between her and Tae-il! Woot!
Oh, this is going to be bad. I can feel it in my bones.
So, Kim Daddy and Yong do business together? They go for lunch and it's a bit awkward but Yong is all kinds of sweet. Kim Daddy tells him he values the business relationship and doesn't want it to get complicated because of other things. Yong promises there won't be such a thing. Gaaaaaah, stop trampling on this sweet boy!!!
I was actually kind of touched by the approach, it looked to me like he likes and respects Yong. But now I'm thinking, well, if that were true, then wouldn't he be good enough for the daughter? So now I'm with you.
That is one perfect jaw, Kakashi.


That note inside that salt bottle was really, really sweet. It almost bothers me that Kim Ji-hoon is playing this thoroughly kind yet horribly spoilt guy... it seems so unlike KDrama to let us enjoy him as a nice man. I don't think I trust this at all.
He really IS a clueless sweetheart, isn't he? All he needs is some awareness and he'd be perfect.  Well. Awareness and hair dye. Okay and a personal shopper. Awareness, hair dye, and a personal shopper.  When have we EVER had a male lead start out so close to perfection? Wait. It's just now dawning on me that Kim Ji Hoon is supposed to get the girl in this one. But he's Kim Ji Hoon! How could that be true? Now I'm worried, too.