BG: Shinpen Keigonin/ Personal Bodyguard - Episode 5 (Recap)

Episode 5

This episode’s cold open has us back again in 2012 at the airport with Shimazaki guarding the famous soccer player, Kuono. We hear--before we see--that damn screw fall to the ground and multiple ceiling beams fall. For some reason, Shimazaki is not right behind Kuono, who gets completely covered by the beam and loses consciousness. Shimazaki rushes to his side. Kuono grabs his hand and digs his fingers in until Shimazaki bleeds, but he can’t free his hand. 
Kids, it's bad news if a screw falls from the sky. Almost always.  
Well, just based on this open, Shimazaki was bad at his job in the past.
The scene switches, and we realizes that this is just a nightmare of Shimazaki’s.
We already knew he is beating himself up over this - but this was awful. Poor Shimazaki darling. 
I know we will certainly soon have more of the story, but so far it seems his guilt is justified.

Shimazaki wakes to a text from his wife asking him for full custody of Shun. She’s already talked to her husband, and he thinks it is a good idea, so she wants him to talk to Shun about it. He makes Shun breakfast and finds his son already up and dressed for a soccer game; Shimazaki suggests coming to one of his games, but Shun says that he doesn’t play very much because he gets too nervous before games. Shun rushes out but comes back for food when Shimazaki reminds him about breakfast.
While this is happening the news is on reporting that PM Tachinara's new bill that passed.
It's actually quite clever how this show uses the news to give us information about what is happening - I think they do it in almost every episode! Also, we've said it before, but this drama deserves the label excellent rather than good because of the Shun-Shimazaki interactions. So much going on. So much.
I wonder what Shun would have to say about being in his mum's full custody. We know they have a good relationship as they (Shun and mum i.e.) talk regularly and he baits Shimazaki with his step dad frequently. However, I somehow can't imagine he will be pleased to live away from Shimazki. I mean, just look at this scene. These two are so good together.

At SP headquarters, Ochai's boss, Section Chief Hikawa Osamu, berates him about the PM sneaking off. He wonders if Ochai thought he wouldn't find out about it (how does he, I wonder) and sarcastically asks him if he is ever going to give him a report. (I don't think so,  dude.) Ochai just walks out.
Did he really think he would get away with it?! Well, sometimes, we just cling to wishful thinking.
Maybe because he was thinking with another brain?  
Back at Hinode Security headquarters the mood is much better. Murata comes in telling them all they are going to like the next job. Sugu thinks it must be a bonus (ha!). Newbie asks if it's 30 days paid vacation. Nope. They have a new assignment, and Murata is excited because they got this job based on their reputation not because of some weird politician connection or some negotiation by their boss.
Hahaha, progress!
LOL. Somehow, I doubt that.
AND he thinks they can completely avoid police conflict with this one (famous last words).
Yeah... or not.

However, when they find out that they are going to be working as BGs for Kuono, Shimazaki looks pensive and worried and a bit nauseous while Takanashi looks at him . . . I don’t know how.
Challenging! Eager to out him! It's very hard to sit on secrets quietly.
Challenging is the right word. He wonders how Shimazaki will cope with this case without revealing his background.
He always looks like he’s a bit pissed off, so I’m not sure if it’s really different or if we just know he knows there is a history here. So, of course when Murata asks who wants to lead, he suggests Shimazaki, who immediately suggests Newbie instead (to Takanashi’s disgust).
LOL. Takanashi is so annoyed. He just wants the entire story out.
Newbie takes the assignment and Takanashi insists, with a look at Shimazaki that is not lost on Murata, on being the back up.

Meanwhile, Ochai is meeting with PM Tachihara to tell her that he will be in charge of her security detail from now on and that HR is looking into her schedule to provide more coverage, which means they are stepping up her security. Clearly, more for their sake rather than hers. She notices this and comments, but all he will say is that he doesn't want her to contact private security firms. She takes exception to his desire to "erase" them and accuses him of wanting to crush Hinode Security. We don't hear his response.
Seriously, Ochai is too obsessed. What have they ever done to him?
He has a vendetta both against BGs generally and then Shimazaki personally. It is a territorial dog contest.
He obviously has something against Shimazaki, but he really does seem to have a complete disdain for BG. Remember how he treated Shimazaki at the police station (even before the PM knew him) and how he treated Murata at the stadium?
Murata goes with Newbie and Takanashi to do the preliminary visit with Kuono. Newbie is the nervous too talkative fanboy, uber excited about meeting Kuono, who he calls a soccer god. Takanashi is embarrassed and apologizes to Kuono, who merely says that it’s nice to be called a god again but now he just runs a charity. He says it's nice, but his look says otherwise.
Uh-oh. that look says Trouble.
They wonder why he needs a bodyguard, but he shows them the signed artifacts that he has in his possession that he is going to be using for an auction. He wants to be guarded while going to airport to protect them from thieves. It seems like another sketchy security request, but he also has another request that we don’t hear.
Lol, they only get sketchy requests! It's like everybody thinks they're so new and small, they're easy to dupe.
I actually feel like IRL at least half of BG requests would be sketchy. I mean, it is not the norm for normal law abiding people to need protection. In Hinode's case though, they are definitely getting more than their average share. That's what makes it so exciting :) Back to the Soccer "God" does anyone else feel like his request involves Shimazaki?
Back at headquarters, Sugu sees Shimazaki staring at information about Kuono on his computer screen. He’s seems pretty tense.

He should be because when the others get back, he and Sugu are told that Kuono has requested that Shimazaki take the lead on this security detail because they know each other.
Murata asks him for more information as Newbie guesses that they fought over a woman (pfft). Murata assures Shimazaki that they all have secrets in their past that they don’t need to reveal. (I love him to pieces; he gets my vote for best drama boss of 2018). Shimazaki admits that six years ago he was Kuono’s BG. This shocks Newbie and Sugu.
Fooled you! 
I was impressed he didn't hide it anymore. I know other dramas where it would have been dragged out some more. Newbie and Sugu honestly should really have guessed Shimazaki had a trained past. 

Newbie feels embarrassed that he thought Shimazaki was a rookie. Yeah, he should be embarrassed cause he's so very obviously not. Murata isn’t surprised because no one with his skills would be new. Sugu feels betrayed and looks accusingly at Takanashi because his expression hasn’t changed recognizing that he knew this all along, too. He doesn’t deny it, and she tells him that this is as much his fault as Shimazaki’s.
Come on now. It's not that bad. Why are they even angry?
Murata is right people- how did you not suspect? I feel they are more surprised than outright angry and that hurt feelings will soon be smoothed over. In the scale of things, the lie is about a 1, they are just mostly pissed that they felt they all trusted each other.
Pause: I wonder why they are all so upset. What I just said :D I mean it should’ve been obvious to them all that he isn’t a rookie. And it's not like his secret reveals that he has had a nefarious past. He is excellent at his job. Why should they be mad that he was a BG before?
I think it's about trust. I guess it feels like a betrayal. But only for a few minutes, I hope, because really, it's not like he killed somebody.
Okay, so I just said most of this up there :)

Anyway, it is clear that Shimazaki is very uncomfortable taking this job, so Murata says they don’t have to take the job. He’s about to go back to his desk when Shimazaki braces himself and says that he will do it. However, he isn’t going to give them the background to the story until after because he thinks preconceived notions will compromise their focus on this mission. Murata understands and nods encouragingly (really where is that boss of the year award?!) He claps his hands to get everyone back to focus.
I love Murata!!
Shimazaki and Takanashi show up at Kuono’s hotel room to help him check out. Takanashi tells Shimazaki that "since [they] are doing this," he wants him "to show his true self." What do you guys think he means by this? When they get inside, Kuono is super friendly with Shimazaki. He even calls him by the nickname he had for him in the past, Zacky.

However, we can tell, as can Takanashi, that Shimazaki is about as uncomfortable as is possible to be. Kuono’s friendliness covers (slightly) a nastiness underneath. He keeps digging at Shimzaki every time the BG says that he will accompany him to the airport, saying things like “make sure you protect me unlike last time
He obviously has a huge grudge. And now we know Shimazaki failed to "save" him from the collapsing structure. 
Huuuge grudge, I wonder if the accident messed up his football skills. Those digs were downright uncomfortable, even Takanashi felt a type of way.
It’s clear from the flashbacks that they were more than BG and client before, but that now that relationship is broken with Kuono bitter and Shimazaki wracked with guilt.
You mean they were almost like buddies? Yeah, Shimazaki was a bit less grave... but still very professional, I find. 
I do, too. I don't think Shimazaki knows how not to be be professional. However, I think they are close in the way that Shimazaki knows when and how Kuono knows how to interact with fans, or when Kuono gifts him with the sunglasses or the signed ball for his son. It's the reason why he has a nickname for him. Kuono talks to him with warmth which is an extreme contrast to how he talks to him now. They are definitely closer than our lady PM is to Ochai.
It is actually sad to see their relationship then and contrast it with the present one.

In the lobby as they are leaving, they see none other than PM Tachihara and Ochai. She approaches the Hinode Security group with Kuono, Ochai blocks her a bit, but she is actually introducing herself to Kuono and thanking him for his charity work for the country.
I like how she's in every episode :))
Of course, you do. ๐Ÿ˜
He looks at her a bit nervously and heads out. She tells Ochai that she thinks Kuono is trying to leave the country. He looks surprised at her comment, but she tells him that politicians know and hear things that others don’t.
Oh, my girlcrush is so smart 
Takes a criminal to know another one. Okay, I kid, I kid :))

The Hinode team is starting to have their own suspicions. Newbie is checking Kuono’s schedule and finding discrepancies between what he told him and what is being posted publicly. They call Takanashi, and when he confronts Kuono, Kuono admits to them that he is just going to cancel that later because he doesn’t plan on coming back to Japan at all.
They should open a private investigator office in parallel!
Especially since most of their clients so far have hidden stuff from them! Very good idea K.
He specifically looks at Shimazaki saying that he is taking all the evidence he needs to live a good life elsewhere in those suitcases and asked for Shimazaki because he follows clients’ orders to the letter. Of course, Takanashi wants to quit this assignment, but Kuono taunts Shimazaki about being his client. Shimazaki keeps heading to airport.
Sugu is worried, but Murata wonders if Shimazaki is going to airport to try to stop Kuona who would go to the airport even if they weren't around.

Ochai gets confirmation that Kuono is as sketchy as the PM stated and puts out police to look for him because he thinks he is going to try to escape the country. Kyota wants to know why they don’t just let this play out and catch them helping Kuono. If this happens, they will be able to revoke their license and be done with them.
Mean weasel.
It almost sometimes feels like they are jealous? of our BG team. leave them alone!
Ochai says that he will not resort to such underhanded tricks to put them out of business. BRAVO! He does thank the PM for the information, and she tells him that Kuono is dealing with some dangerous people with his "charity," which is why she didn't donate. She also asks him whether or not he can leave Shimazaki and Hinode Security alone since she gave him a good tip. He says he can't do that because it is the duty of officials to tell civilians when they are wrong. However, she is having none of this and tells him it sounds more like he's got a personal grudge against Shimazaki like he hates him or perhaps is jealous, but that can't be, right? (I don't like her, but she speaks the truth here)
Spot on, my darling. 
Well, well, someone spoke the truth and not a half truth for once. The thing is, will Ochai listen? Or will he stubbornly continue asserting that he is simply doing this because BGs are a menace to society?
Both Shimazaki and Takanashi have been trying to get Kuono to go back, but he refuses. The rest of the team shows up because they also figure out. However, when they all go inside the terminal, they see the police are already there and rush to hide him in a corner.
Takanashi and Sugu walk by the counters (trying to look like a couple—I had to laugh at this, maybe a Mortician couple in their black suits - I laughed too, but I think he actually likes her!) and report back that the police are already checking on flights out to Italy (which is where Kuono was planning to go).
Intriguing that he might like her, I do not get that vibe form her to him though.

They have to practically drag him back outside. He says that he will not turn himself in even though Shimazaki practically begs him to. Then the whole story comes out. Kuono turns on him telling him that Shimazaki is the reason that he is in this situation. He lost his prospect of playing overseas because of Shimazaki. Remember the screw from 2012? Well, it fell, and Shimazaki heard it. He turned back and looked up, seeing that the metal beams were about to fall down on two children. He went for the kids and pushed them to safety.
Kuono had stopped to turn around, too, watching this in horror and thus not realizing that the beams were going to fall where he was, too. Shimazaki yells at him to run, but too late. One of the beams falls on Kuono’s ankle. We skip to Shimazaki closing curtains against paparazzi trying to get pics through a hospital window with Kuono saying his career is over.
Sucks if he really blames Shimazaki for this!!
Kids lives > Ankle, Kuono.
The team is surprised hearing this story. Murata calmly tries to explain that Shimazaki didn't just go with his life but quit being a BG. Takanashi is pissed that Shimazaki is apologizing for what happened. He can’t believe that Kuono thinks Shimazaki should have saved him first when the children would have been killed if the beams had fell on them.
Well, his character is obviously quite flawed.
He obviously believes Bodyguard duties supersede all else including lives.
Kuono yells that he was the client. That a BG is supposed to focus on the client first no matter what. Yeah, I'd so not if other lives are on the line and the life of the client isn't in immediate danger! Sugu is stunned and asks out loud whether they are supposed to ignore the possibility of someone else dying for the sake of clients.
According to Kuono, yes?
Shimazaki is shaken and nearly in tears saying that he is ashamed of abandoning his post and that the client should always come first.
Silly man. And you quit over this? 
Poor baby.
Kuono says that he will turn himself in but that he needs to do something first. He wants Shimazaki to accompany him one last time; he believes that he owes him that much. Shimazaki agrees even though it’s clear the others don’t want him to.

Shimazaki, Takanashi, and Murata take Kuono to his destination in the van. Murata tells them that they have 30 minutes and then he’s calling the cops. However, Sugu and Newbie have been sent to Kuono's hotel, and Newbie tells them that the police are going through Kuono's room and taking out evidence.
Even though Kuono has told them he has all the evidence in his luggage, clearly he doesn't, and those thugs that Shimazaki had seen at hotel earlier planted evidence. Takanashi says he doesn’t like this at all and tells Shimazaki he better be careful. They even do their “no error” thing over the the ear pieces. (we must get these things, Panda!)
What time pieces should we get to synchronize? Rolex?
Kakashi should make the recommendation since she lives in the place where they make the best watches in the world.
Murata tells him that he doesn’t either but that he trusts Shimazaki. He also says that he believes that Takanashi trusts Shimazaki, too. If he didn’t, he would have told everyone else the secret when he found out. See, people? Frenemies turned to Bromance!!
I have been waiting so long for this!

Inside the building, Kuono introduces Shimazaki to the head guy by betraying Shimazaki. He tells the guy that even though “Zacky” is just a bodyguard, he keeps lecturing him about turning himself in. He asks him to get rid of Zacky, so three thugs come in to beat him up. Shimazaki doesn’t fight back. Finally, the head guy asks Kuono if it really is okay with him if they get rid of this BG. Kuono, bastard jerk, says yes but wants to say goodbye first. When he grabs Shimazaki’s face and asks for last words, Shimazaki asks to be fired.
EXCELLENT. I knew what was coming.
Kuono is such an ass.
Kuono is surprised that this is what he has to say to him but grants his wish. Once, he fires Shimzaki, our favorite BG takes out those thugs like they are a bunch of kindergartners. He just wants to be fired, so he is no longer obligated to him as a client! He grabs Kuono and punches him but also surreptitiously tells him that he’s been betrayed. He makes it look like Kuono is being recaptured and drags him down the stairs. Of course, Takanashi and Murata have been waiting for this moment so when they get outside, the van speeds up and they leap in.
Later, they stop by the side of the road where Kuono is embarrassed that he has been betrayed.
I can't feel sorry for him. Anything that involves children is a no-no in my book. He not only saw those 2 kids lives as less important, he actually has a fake children's charity! He needs to be betrayed over and over again.
Shimazaki tells him that Sugu and Newbie watched his hotel room and that police were confiscating his stuff which means that there items planted there. His partners were probably going to blame him for everything once he left the country. Kuono is upset and decides to make a run for it. Shimazaki chases him on foot while Murata and Takanashi head back to the van.
And then, they must have sat in the van and taken a nap?
Poor Shimazaki chases him despite having just got beat up. He’s hurting. By the time he spots Kuono sitting by a soccer field watching kids play, he can barely move for the gasping and wheezing. His legs are probably doing that weird shaky thingy that your thighs do after running so much because they are reacting to all that lactic acid and one of his knees is injured from the fight. He tries to walk down the small hill to the field but ends of tripping and rolling down the hill. I’ve done that. It hurts.
Yes, so where are the friends in the van? 
@Trot that's me after every leg day.
I assumed that they had to go a different way that Kuono had taken a non road route for part of it, so it took the van longer. I've gotten to a place faster than a vehicle but that's because I cut through woods and climbed over a little rock wall while the vehicle ahd to take a road the whole way. But they should have showed this.
When he sits next to Kuono, the soccer player teases him for being able to keep up.

He asks Shimazaki whether he ever gave that ball to his son, and Shimazaki tells him about his son playing and what he said about getting too nervous to play well before matches. Kuono tells him that he should tell his son to try kicking the ball with his eyes closed because leaving things up to fate takes some of the pressure off. The Hinode team show up in the van and Sugu and Newbie show up in the car. And not long thereafter the police show up.
Bonding. It was a lovely scene... and the light of the sunset! Beautiful.

Before he gets in the police car, The kids practicing on the field recognize him and he asks the police to give him a moment. Just like in the old days, Shimazaki get a marker and hands it to him so he can autograph their jerseys. Shimazaki is barely keeping the tears from falling watching this for what he knows is the last time.
A bit of redemption for Kuono.
Very minuscule. 

Kuono smiles at him before walking to the waiting car, but before he gets in, he turns around and tells Shimazaki that he needs to stop blaming himself for what happened. I agree. Me too. Kuono admits that the reason he didn’t make it to play overseas was more because he was afraid to take that risk and used his injury as an excuse. It wasn’t Shimazaki’s fault and that Shimazaki was right in saving the lives of those kids. Shimazaki is in tears as they drive away. If I gave the PM three pics for her daughter, last ep, Shimazaki deserves at least that many for this heartbreaking breakthrough.
I trade them against 1 gif!
He wipes away his tears and turns to bow in apology to his team members.
He tells them that they did a good job while Murata nods and tells them that they've averted suspension. Sugu compliments him on being fast. Takanashi makes a snippy comment about how tattered his suit looks now, and Newbie asks him if he can call him Zacky (the way Kuono does). When he says that he will pass on that, they all smile. Can I say how lovely this scene is in the sunset? They must have done this in very few takes to get the lighting to be consistent here.
Very lovely scene. I loved that it didn't take 3 episodes for Newbie and Sugu to get over their snit unlike Drama Queen Takanashi. The team is now much stronger I feel.
Later, when Shimazaki is limping out of  the building on his way home, he gets a call from PM Tachihara. She tells him that Ochai has told her that she shouldn’t contact him anymore but that just makes her want to contact him even more and that she will continue to do so.
Honestly, she is like a male korean lead.
He looks completely bewildered at this. I’m pretty sure that he is just trying to figure out what she wants. Oh we all know that she wants snuggle time, but I think he just can’t believe that she’d be interested in him in that way.
There's a queue, man, a queue.
She is attracted cos he seems unavailable unlike faithful Ochai.

Speaking of Ochai, he is at a bar apparently drinking water? What a stick in the mud! when Murata comes in to order a sandwich and beer. Murata teases him for being so serious all the time, and Ochai warns him that he will not keep letting things go like he did today. Murata asks him if that is a warning but smiles benignly and talks about the interesting people he has on his team who make him want to protect them more every day. Ochai wonders if Murata is declaring war, but Murata chuckles and says he wouldn't dare.
When Shimazaki gets home and tells his son about the closing eyes bit, but his son scoffs. I wonder why he doesn’t tell his son that he heard it from Kuono?
It's probably a confidentiality thing. He has never once told his son who he has been guarding.
When he tries it himself, the ball rolls over to his phone which lights up with a text from his ex-wife . . . who needs a bodyguard.


Everyone knows how I feel about the PM, but she was right in calling out Ochai's behavior. He even says that he will erase Hinode Security as if they are the enemy. He needs to be able to separate his personal feelings and his job. I also wonder about his relationship with Murata. At this point all we know is that Murata used to be SP and still considers Ochai a friend but that Ochai is embarrassed by this relationship/connection. Can't wait to get more to this story.
Ochai is so into his feelings for PM and yet at the core of it I feel he is a principled guy, so he won't admit to himself there is immense jealousy in the Hinode dealings.
I don't understand why he's jealous. Maybe a guy thing? 

Now we know the reason why Shimazaki stopped being a BG. I think it tells us much about his behavior and his real hesitancy to come back as well as his guilt and focus on loyalty to clients. I also think that his original decision was the correct one. However, it really made everyone on the team think about choices that they are going to be expected to make. I think Newbie still saw this as an adventure and not as dangerous as it can really be, for example.

Also, as much as I love Shimazaki and know that he really does notice things about people and how sensitive he is to others, I can see why having a relationship with him would be frustrating. He clearly sees everything and notices everything but doesn't necessarily say anything about what he is feeling or what he wants or his struggles or how important certain things are to him. I could see him completely shutting down after this incident and not saying anything to his wife but being miserable and being miserable to be around.
I fully see that too! And yes, I would not really want to be in a relationship with him for those very reasons. I prefer people who talk things out. The event was traumatic for him, and he had loads of guilt. It definitely spilled over into his personal life.
That's the impression I also got, that this event might have been the nail in the coffin for his marriage.