Fanfic: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan 2.0 - Chapter 19 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 19

written by Panda
edited by kakashi & Ligayacroft

Bright light roused Bai Qian from a deep sleep. Reluctantly, her eyes fluttered open and she turned towards the glare, still in semi wakeful state of confusion, as for a brief moment she wondered where she was before her memories came flooding back.

After her minor injuries had been tended to, she had rushed to see A-Xi, her heart in her mouth as she cradled him close to her. Even though she had been assured by the Lord of Healing that absolutely nothing was wrong with him, she could not get over how he had been in so much danger and she had been so powerless. It was not just her body that was hurt, it was her pride that had been most severely damaged.

“Qian Qian,” Ye Hua’s low voice called near her and she jumped. She had been so lost in thought she had not heard him come in. Part of my incompetence in protecting my child, she thought bitterly.

“Qian Qian,” Ye Hua repeated more insistently.

“Ye Hua!” she exclaimed. She wanted to hug him but could only look helplessly at A-Xi in her arms. With a little sigh, he crossed to her front, gently took the baby from her and put him down. Then he gathered her tightly and closely to him. “Oh, Ye Hua, it was the most horrible thing. I was so scared.”

Rubbing his hands across her back, Ye Hua nodded, “I know, Qian Qian, I know. I am so sorry you had to face that alone.” He moved towards the divan and sat her down gently, all the while holding on to her hands. “I am just glad that you are all safe.”

“Ye Hua. I have not seen anything like that before. His face kept shifting! Even Shifu was startled.” She suddenly sat up straight. “Shifu! Oh, I have to find him. How are his injuries?”

“Qian Qian, my brother has been treated and he has actually left the Heavens. He said he has something urgent to do. Do not fret, he is fine.”

Relieved, she closed her eyes although she still could not fully relax; the memory was still too fresh in her mind. She gave a small shudder, trying to forget, controlling her breathing.

She kept her eyes closed for quite a while. Ye Hua stayed.

“Ye Hua, I am fine,” she said with a small smile after opening her eyes. “You can go back to your duties, I am sure you are needed more than ever.”

“No, Qian Qian, I actually-”

“Excuse me, Your Highness, but your guard is here waiting for you,” a maid called out that instance. Ye Hua apologized to Bai Qian and hurried out.

It made her feel sad even though it was all too normal. He was the Crown Prince of the Celestial Heavens after all. Had she not known about his many duties even before she married him? Still, a small sigh escaped her and she stood up, wondering if she should wake the baby to feed him.

Before she could make up her mind, she saw Ye Hua stride back into the room.

“You came back,” she exclaimed in astonishment.

“Yes,” he replied shortly. “Qian Qian, there is something I would like to show you. Please come with me?” he stretched out his hand. In some puzzlement, she moved towards him and then stopped. “A-Xi! I can’t leave -”

“I have Nai Nai waiting outside, and Cheng Yu will also soon be here. They will take perfect care of him.” He gestured with his outstretched hand. “Please, Qian Qian. Come here.” She slowly moved towards him and once their hands touched, he pulled her to him and instantly cloud jumped.

When they stopped jumping, she took note of two things: They had left the Celestial Havens as wherever they were had nightfall - and the place was very familiar. Once her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she realized they were in the mortal world, in the house on Mount Junji.

Swirling, she turned to him. “Ye Hua, why are we here?”

He tucked her hand under his elbow and together they opened the door to the house. It was quite dusty and she stood still, rather befuddled as Ye Hua quickly made short work of dusting and clearing the place. When tidy, he turned to her and gestured towards the bed. She sat, looking at him in some confusion.

“Qian Qian,” he said kneeling in front of her, “I want us to spend some time here together. Just the two of us.”

“But A-Xi-”

“Is perfectly fine! No harm will to come to him. We are in the mortal world, no time has passed at all in the Heavens,” he rubbed his hands wearily over his face.

Bai Qian saw how tired he was and her heart ached. “Okay, Ye Hua,” she whispered. If anything, he deserved some rest.

He nodded and made her comfortable on the bed. “I need to gather some wood,” he told her. “Please sleep,” and with a quick peck on her head, he left the room.

Bai Qian burrowed deeper under the coverlet and told herself she would stay up till he got back. Fighting a large yawn, she closed her eyes briefly and that was the last thing she remembered.


Where is Ye Hua? she wondered when she woke up. She flung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up stretching, enjoying the morning sunlight on her face. The other side of the bed looked quite undisturbed. Has he not come back last night? she wondered, feeling a slight pang of anxiety. But then she heard sounds from the kitchen and a wide smile burst from her face as she hurried in that direction.

“Morning!” she called out to Ye Hua who was concentrating fiercely on what he was slicing.

“Morning, Qian Qian. I hope you had a good night’s sleep.”

“I did, surprisingly. Why did you not wake me when you arrived?”

“You were deep in sleep. I decided to let you rest. There is water for your ablutions outside and you can take your time because breakfast will not be ready for another incense stick.”

Smiling, she went to wash and decided to take a quick walk before going back into the house. Suddenly remembering how she used to forage for food - loquats! - and rescue helpless animals, her walk soon slowed to a crawl as she gazed pensively around her.

When have I stopped taking in the beauty in things? When have I allowed myself to be ruled by fear? And more importantly, when have I started to shut Ye Hua out? My husband… my love.

Things had to change, she vowed as she walked back to the hut. She deserved better, they deserved better. As she got within sight of the hut, she saw Ye Hua was outside. He seemed to be waiting for her. When he sighted her, he hurried towards her folding her into a tight hug.

“Come, breakfast is ready.”

After eating a most delicious meal and washing it down with some wine, she leaned back in contentment. “Ah, Ye Hua, I have missed your cooking.”

“I will resume it, Qian Qian,” he said with a pleased and proud smile.

“Oh no, I know you are busy. There is no need,” she hastily replied, imagining the outrage of all the Celestials if their Crown Prince started cooking.

Sighing, he cleared the plates and then knelt down beside her. “Qian Qian, I am never too busy to meet your needs! I am much displeased by what has happened between us. And I want to apologize. I apologize for being so busy that I neglect you and make you forget what you mean to me.”

“Ye Hua-”

“No, let me finish, please. We used to talk so much about my daily activities and then we stopped. I became more busy and I saw you pulling away but I made no mention of it, hoping that it would resolve itself.” He rubbed his hand across her jaw. “I apologize, Qian Qian and I have put in place measures now to ensure I am never so busy again. I will still have lots of responsibilities, but I must learn to delegate.”

She nodded at the unspoken questions in his eyes and grasped his hand tightly in hers.

“It is not just me that is to blame though,” he continued and Bai Qian felt herself get tense.

“You have changed, Qian Qian. The Qian Qian I met would never have let me bring her here and keep her here without putting up a fight. You are now all about A-Xi and I feel that is not the real you.”

Stung, she pulled her hand out of his. “The real me is a bad mother, like I was with A-Li, is that what you are insinuating?”

“No, Qian Qian. That is not it at all. A-Li and A-Xi were born under different circumstances. You are an excellent mother to both of them. I just feel you are overcompensating with A-Xi.” His voice unimaginably gentle, he turned to her. “And I know you, you need more than just to be cooped in the room with an infant all day. I need you to talk to me, Qian Qian.”

She opened her mouth to rail at him but burst into tears instead.

Instantly, she was wrapped up in Ye Hua’s strong embrace again. She buried her face in the crook of his warm neck and cried. Her body shook as she wept from the delayed stress of the past months.

“Cry all you want,” Ye Hua whispered against her ear as he held her close. “I will hold you. I will never let go of you.”

“I hate crying,” she said between gulping breaths. “I hate fear.”

“It’s all right to cry sometimes. Have you not seen my tears too? And you have nothing to fear. You are safe with me. Everything is going to be fine. Together we can solve everything, Qian Qian. Or are you afraid of being vulnerable to me?”

Ye Hua continued murmuring reassurances to her as his hands ran up and down her back. She snuggled deeper into his arms. She had had no idea how much she had missed simply being held in his embrace. Right now, there was nothing she wanted more than to be held in his embrace forever.

When her tears were spent and her sniffles subsided, she raised her head and wiped away the remaining moisture from her eyes, feeling embarrassed. “I am sorry for breaking down like that. I do not know what came over me.”

He pushed a strand of hair away from her face and dried a streak of wetness on her cheek with the callused pad of his thumb - and involuntarily, her tummy contracted at the touch. He gave her a pensive and slightly angry look. “Qian Qian, hearing you apologize for this makes me sad and angry. Why would you ever apologize for letting me know what is going on with you? Are we not married for the rest of our immortal lives? Whatever affects you is of supreme importance to me. I know you know that.”

“Yes, Ye Hua, but-”

“There are no buts, Qian Qian.” He drew her close once more and dropped a kiss on her brow. “You are the most important thing in my life. If you say so, I will abdicate the throne and take up cooking for you forever,” he proclaimed against her hair.

A giggle escaped from her throat. “You just want me to get fat.”

He straightened and stared at her, his eyes blazing. “No, I mean it, Qian Qian. Just say the word and I will give everything up. It does not matter as much as you do. Nothing does.”

He did mean it. Once again her heart contracted at just how much this man really loved and cherished her. “No, Ye Hua,” she said quietly, not dropping her gaze from his so he could see she also meant every word of what she was saying. “I know you mean it. But you giving up the Kingdom is not what I want. It suits you. You were born for it. And you are very good at it. I was simply feeling a little lost and while I have not quite found exactly what I need, I am now aware that pushing you away is never the answer. Together, we will figure it out.” She reached out and touched his face tenderly.

He grasped her hand in his and raised it to his lips. “You are my entire world, Qian Qian.”

“Oh, Ye Hua. Thank you for bringing me here, I needed this.”

“Always,” he said.

She felt a lightness within her that had been missing for a very long time. Looking back, she saw how far she had almost slid away from him. Resenting and not quite resenting him at the same time, overwhelmed and tired of the many things she struggled to handle but failed at. Right now, she thought, fondly looking at the man beside her, she would enjoy the interlude, free from outside interference and enjoy her husband.

A wave of lust suddenly hit her so hard she almost gasped out loud.

She laid her hand on his chest. “Ye Hua-”

“Qian Qian,” he whispered back.

She leaned down slowly and grazed her lips over his, light and quick. He closed his eyes at the contact but made no move to prolong nor demand more. Wanting more, she kissed him again, this time harder and more insistent until his mouth opened for her. She stroked his tongue with hers and felt him respond. As their tongues took up a familiar dance, his pulse quickened beneath hers. In one swift motion she draped her leg over his and vaulted on top of him. Not breaking the contact between their mouths, she slowly untied the hidden ties of his robe, exposing the skin underneath. Kissing along his jawline, she let her lips tease just below his ear, feeling an unfamiliar light scruff there and reveling in the sensation.

She flicked her tongue against his earlobe and felt him tense up even more - yet, he was strangely passive. A naughty thought popped into her head and she sat back as though she was done with him. Instantly, his hands hugged her tight and firmly drew her back down over him. She smiled and turned her attention to the exposed skin on his collarbone. She pulled at his robe and removed it completely, thanking Pangu that he had not worn as many layers as he would have had they been in the Heavens. His skin smelled like smoke, wine and HIM - that intangible scent she could never get enough of.

She rose up and gently removed his pants until he laid naked and wanting before her. Then she disrobed herself, never once taking her eyes off him, her heart leaping at the fire in his as he drank in the sight of her nakedness greedily.

“Mine,” he breathed and she crawled back on top of him. Straddling him low on his legs, she took him in her hand. His own hands could no longer remain passive and they went up to her breasts, kneading needily. She stroked him, grasping the base and working upwards, swirling her hand over the head, letting his hips tell her what he needed.

He panted, his chest rising and falling as she worked him. Rhythmically, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, she touched and teased him and he grew rock-hard in her hands. Her husband, the love of her life, the most beautiful man she had ever seen in her life. She gently grazed one finger along the taut line under his shaft and he almost came off the bed.

“Qian Qian, I will lose all control if you continue that,” he groaned, his fingers teasing her nipples and making her lose her train of thought.

“That is the point,” she answered and in a smooth move rose over him and slid him inside her. She was ready and so wet from both her teasing of him and his ministrations to her. When she sank down slowly, he groaned like a man in pain.

Once he was seated fully, she gave a slow roll of her hips, gasping as she impossibly felt him grow harder and thicker within her. “Magic?” She wondered.

“What… magic?” he grunted, his face screwed up as though in pain, his every muscle taut.

“This feeling… Ye Hua. To have you inside of me,” she ground out, shuddering as he thrust up. She leaned back, resting her hands on his thighs for leverage as she took him in again. He rose on his left elbow, and his right hand reached out and swept the hair away from her face, and then continued its journey between her breast, down her quivering stomach until it found its final destination between her thighs.

Her reason fled and her hips took over as his hand started making knowing circles on her nub. He knew the right pressure to apply and she could no longer hold back and rode him hard, rising up and down as he watched her writhe above him.

“Ye Hua!” she called out feeling the end approaching. He sat up beneath her and she wrapped her legs around his waist, his hot wet mouth suckling on her left breast as he pistoned into her in an unrelenting rhythm, crushing her to him. Bai Qian shook as her orgasm washed over her but she knew from the hardness within her that he had not attained his.

His hands held her sides, her body molded to his as he continued thrusting into her, frantic and furious. He was silent when he attained his release, his eyes burning into hers, his jaw in her hands as he shattered. He threw his head back and his strength washed over her. She held him tight, rocking against him, still feeling him semi hard within her as she cradled him tenderly against her skin.

“I love you so much,” she whispered, kissing his forehead.

“I love you even more, Qian Qian,” he whispered back clutching her tighter. “We will always be together.”

Yes, she thought as she drifted off to sleep cradled in his hands, safe against his chest, together we will face anything life throws at us.

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