Rich Family's Son - Episode 13 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Kim Dad rages on. Nothing else happens.
JoAnne: Way to reel them in, Sensei!

Episode 13

At their cozy (not)-date, Young-ha sprays tomato sauce all over Tae-il's white shirt and he strips naked right then and there and ... no. But she touches him all over. Well, not really either, but she rubs... okay, she tries to clean the stain and that gives him feeeeelz. Later, she asks whether he is not seeing anybody? He says he is and describes her. He's not proposing yet because he wants to be "more prepared". Yeah... DUMMY (both of them).
I bet he's got one of those secretly hot bodies with well-defined pecs and abs for days. I wonder if there will be any shirtless scenes in this drama? All 3 of the younger men are attractive.
I really don't want to see Tae-il shirtless. It would be super awkward

Back to Dad assaulting Gwang-jae - who just doesn't get it. Wait, is that a tattoo on Dad's arm that we're supposed to notice? Anyway, Granny makes sure Gwang-jae leaves before Dad beats him up more. She also carries all the nice goods he bought her into the car (how many cars does he have?!). He throws them out again. Kim Mom sees it all and I guess she gets boy-greedy. Such a rich specimen!
But seriously, he was so stupid in this. It's clear that whatever sweetness his personality has is innate, because the way he talks back to Kim Dad makes it clear that he was raised like a little prince by his silly father.
Young-Ha almost finds out Tae-il and Gwang-jae are related, but right before she would have, her Dad calls - telling her to get home right this instance. There, Daddy grills her. She says Gwang-jae is "the man I like" (because he is different and has not never once asked about her background). Later, she talks about love. Dad says that he's incompetent and rude. And uneducated. She defends Gwang-jae to no end. Which is interesting because I didn't know she liked him to that extent. Seriously, do we need 100 episodes? Dad says that he is very similar to his youngest brother, the good-for-nothing, so he cannot accept him. 
I almost wondered if she doubled down like this because Dad was so opposed, but nah...we're supposed to think that this girl driven to work hard and become something on her own is just head over heels for this do-nothing boy because he doesn't care about her little bit of family money.
Makes you wonder what other men she has met in her life...........
There is still that mystery about who put flowers on the Nam Daddy's grave. Apparently, there's a woman named Helen, but the two Nam siblings assume she's dead. "Stop thinking about the past, live in the present," the crooked brother advises Soo-Hee. That ugly brother is there to drink champagne with Mr. Lee though (and Choi, who lends money for his gambling debt), to celebrate the business expansion.
The more I learn about this family of hers...
Gwang-jae goes clubbing and everybody knows him/is happy to see him. He meets the Handbag girl there who is everybody's ex-girlfriend. It's great this show is acknowledging that people have sex, actually. 
WTF is around his neck? Are we not bothering with the shirt part of turtleneck shirts now?  Just the turtleneck? Is that the thing for going clubbing?
It's a mask around his neck. He cooly took it off once inside the club.
Kyung-Ha is fed up with blind dates and tells her colleagues she'll not get married and will live alone. Well, she goes straight to sexy Yong afterwards, watching him to handy things. Since Young-ha comes by also, they end up drinking beer in Yong's shop (while he continues working). When Kyung-Ha hears her sister broke up with Gwang-jae after finding out he's rich, she gets really angry.
They really do not want us to like Kyung-Ha, do they.


Oh my, this was a boring episode.
You did get through it quickly, though.
I did skip over a lot of useless stuff, yes