Rich Family's Son - Episode 16 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Many editing issues aside, things happen in this episode even though they happen slowly and I can't believe this is only episode 16 of 100.
JoAnne:  Well, would it help to think of it as the end of episode 8?

Episode 16

Oh, excellent. Gwang-jae and his entourage turn up at Grandma's house, thinking that's where the meet-up is. At least, Mr. Choi and Mrs. Choi get a chance to meet. Oh, fun... at the Kim house, currently, is Jong-Yong and his wife Myung-Sun. He thinks he has found his lucky ticket: a "claw machine room" (those machines you can fish toys with). Ahahahaha.
I swear to God, this fool...
Kim Dad tries to beat his brother with a golf club again, barely prevented by Myung-Sun when the Lees get there. After a short pep talk, Gwang-jae has courage enough to enter. Well, he needs it because Kim Dad keeps glaring at him viciously. Lee Dad asks him to let the kids date. Awww, Gwang-jae is sweet. He confesses his love in front of everyone. And if she rejects him, he will just try harder until he wins her heart, he says. AWWWWWW. So what's the outcome? Date or not?
That actually WAS pretty sweet, and damn, he's serious about the girl.
Jong carries the completely drunk Kyung-ha (they ended up in a pojangmacha together) to his mother's/Grandma's place and puts her onto Grandma's bed. He kisses her while she's asleep. I find that creepy, but I'll forgive him.
Me too, because we know he does it with true love in his heart, love that is returned by her despite her behavior, and he's being tender/affectionate, not handsy.
Uhm, what? Suddenly, Gwang-jae, Young-ha and Lee Dad are in his kitchen? Ah, they wanted to see his mother, but she "isn't well". = thinking whether to file the divorce papers or not. Anyway, Lee Dad cooked a new (PPL) dish and I get very hungry watching them eat. Not hungry watching them: Tae-il. He knows! Will the beast be unleashed?
Oooh, it kinda looks that way.


I hope Tae-il turns fully dark now. 
It could be entertaining, but I feel bad for the guy and wish that he would instead find someone who appreciates him.