Rich Family's Son - Episode 17 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Finally, I thought, Tae-il is becoming interesting and dark! But no, he's just throwing empty beer cans against the wall.
JoAnne:  I do like thinking about what trajectory he might have, though.  It could go several different ways, and we see flashes of resentment more this week, so I'm leaning dark right now.

Episode 17

Soo-Hee is STILL deciding whether to do as her brother said or not (and file the divorce). It seems she cannot decide without Tae-il, but Tae-il is staring at his cousin and Young-ha who are being lovey-dovey. Young-ha discovers him standing there and he comes into the kitchen, grave as always. Young-ha hears the two men are cousins. It seems she at least realizes things are slightly awkward. I still don't like him, but he has amazing self-control!
I think he's a good actor.  It's very clear from his face that there's a struggle internally and we can see his hurt even while his voice remains fairly even.  I'm irritated though because I guess we're just going to pretend that Young-Ha didn't know how he felt, and we absolutely 100% know differently from that ring scene.  She knew exactly what that ring was the minute she saw it, but she's going to pretend otherwise and he's buying it because it's easier for his feelings, but we know she knows.  WE KNOW.
Back at the Lee house, he tells his aunt what happened: his dad lost the entire investment money for the US branch. He also shouts at Soo-Hee for asking him to fix things - he's not the successor! He has zero shares in the business! Well, that's just mean, Lee Dad. When he gets to his room, he flashbacks to the time he met Young-ha and is so overwhelmed by his broken heart, he gently throws the empty beer bottle against the wall.
Listen, Tae-il, your taste in women is not great.  You can do better than this muffle-headed chowder brain.
Oioioi. He is SO CUUUUUUTE. And so in love. And so dumb. But so cute.
He is cute, I'll give him that, but omg so dumb.
Kim Omma now suddenly LOVES Young-ha because of her man-success and is mean to Kyung-ha ... just because. I can't stand her. Kyung-ha misses the bus but gets a ride in Yong's little van. She is trying to make conversation, he doesn't want to talk... plus, it's obvious she is embarrassed by the car. Or is she? She claims it's because it's easier for him to get home from this corner...
Kim Omma is irritating, but Kyung Ha deserves every bit of crap she gets.  She's way too grown to be staggering drunk around the neighborhood.  There's never a good time, really.  You're either too old for that shit or too young for that shit, and there's no point at which staggering around the neighborhood drunk is a good look, Miss Cloud of Gloom.  Re the van, I think she made the suggestion genuinely for him, but then realized what it looked like and meant what she said...except I think she would have been embarrassed if anyone had been there to see, so it's confusing.  Anyway...if she's going to be embarrassed about something it should be her clothes.  God, first she shows up for breakfast in a cocktail dress and then she pairs it with white patent leather ankle boots but it's okay, she's got a smart little white jacket to tie it all together, see?  NO.  No, no, no.  No.  But let's take a minute to note how gentlemanly Yong was, and to mention how good The Jaw is looking in that early morning, self-controlled, God I hate you, you bitch kind of way.
The two vultures (them):
Auntie at least makes me laugh with her greediness.  I just want to punch Mom, maybe tighten up that neckerchief a little bit, make her eyes bulge.
meet Gwang-jae and his mother at the department store by coincidence. They go to eat together and the vultures check Soo-Hee and her designer clothes out. But she keeps checking her phone - she's waiting for a call. And it comes! From Tae-il. After that, she disappears and doesn't make a reappearance. Well, she's meeting her brother and nephew... and learns that a huge amount of money is just gone and irretrievable.
Yes, spent on HER godawful clothes.  Oh, yeah, also on some failed business venture her Mr Magoo brother got involved in.


I guess Lee Dad dies soon, huh.