Rich Family's Son - Episode 18 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: In case you have not yet noticed, this show is about family and making money. And working hard (=good) / not working hard (=bad).
JoAnne:  But maybe also about the value of work in other ways than money, by the end?  Perhaps?

Episode 18

Han River meeting with the Nam Brother who has ruined the Soup restaurant. He claims he has done it for his sister (he's scum). She says he has ruined her life: he separated her from the man she loved because he was poor (it's a topoi in this drama, methinks). Tae-il says nothing, though for a moment, it looks like he wants to console his aunt.
I can see why he'd feel torn - his father is wrong but he's still his father, even if he IS a little worm. He wants to believe in what his father believes, that he was working with good intention.
Young-ha told Gwang-jae to get his father something from his first salary, so he did: sneakers. Though he considers them shamefully below his own class. His father is absolutely delighted though (why does he pull faces like this all the time?) and wants them put into the safe. He says he wants to wear them when he goes and meets Gwang-jae's birth mother (in death).
Oh for crying outloud...
Afterwards, Lee Daddy teaches his son and his girlfriend his recipes. We hear heartbreaking stories of their hardship when Gwang-jae was little. Lee Daddy ends up crying (Young-ha too) because he thinks he failed Gwang-jae as a father back then. Well, it explains things about these two.
I still think Lee Daddy is a pain in the ass who has done his son exactly zero favors thus far, but I do get why he feels the way he does.
Mong Mong is sick! And Myung-ha gets quite worried. He then queues up for her for some merchandise and gets a hug... and gets her a toy rabbit from one of those machines... so much about putting a distance between them, ha!
They're cute, I like them, I want them to have a romance.  Give me a non-problematic romance (I first spelled it problemantic, which I think is a good description for the romances in many KDramas.  Maybe the blog should be The Problem of the Problemantic. Or it could be a series where we discuss all the ways things are effed-up.  I don't know...that sounds like work, though.
Kim Dad forces his brother to work for Yong. Poor Yong, is he a garbage can? Young-ha on the other hand gets some fatherly advice: don't trust people, only trust documents with signatures on them! Aha. You know, here, a promise and a handshake is actually legally binding! So, if I tell someone "you've got the job", s/he has got the job even before signing a contract. I digress. Daddy tells her to be "just friends" with Gwang-jae. But... but..... she probably wants to sample the goods!
I think that under certain circumstances a verbal commitment is binding here, too, but the problem would be proving that it happened.
Kyung-ha's sexy lawyer surprises her with bartender skills! Wow, he's just perfect - and they're so much alike! MARRY ALREADY!
I like him more and more.  I don't think it's going to happen though.  I'm not sure I WANT it to happen.  I don't really want to give her anything, except maybe a new wardrobe, and that's for me so I don't have to see her atrocities, not really for her.
Tae-il picks up shards - Soo-hee fell unconscious drinking - with his bare hands...... wae?! Of course, he cuts himself. But that's not important. Important is that Lee Daddy comes home and realizes something is quite wrong. He now knows the US money is gone. So... is the Korean business in danger too or not? I don't quite get it.
I'm guessing they're over-extended, or if they're not already he's going to opt for the 'let's throw good money after bad' option, trying to save the initial investment.  And THEN they'll be over-extended, and he'll die.
Lee Dad shows Gwang-jae the best and most beautiful sea salt of Korea. While Gwang-jae poses ridiculously to take a selfie, Dad cries... he misses his dead wife. A lot.
I feel bad for Soon Hee.  A lot.


Well. This episode was quite revealing! I liked the Father-Son (Lees) and Father-Daughter (Kims) interactions a lot! Also, I think we might be getting closer to what we are all waiting for....... Gwang-jae's hair color change!