Rich Family's Son - Episode 20 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Yay! A birth secret!!!!
JoAnne: There had to be at least one or if they have to turn in their KDrama Weekender union card.

Episode 20

Because Kim Dad mentioned his first love Soo Mi in a conversation with his mother, Kim Omma is all worked up. It's very annoying. Like a man is not allowed to have loved someone else before! But she also remembers something wrong, mentioning visiting her now-husband in the army... when they only met much later. These two... don't interest me at all.
She's irritating and stupid and trying to be a social climber through her daughters.
Kids telling their parents to stop being silly and stealing our time:
Their names: Weepy Whiner, Cutie Pie, Airhead
Cut to a moping Tae-il who is looking at a family photo. And... flashback! So..... it seems his father is not his father and his mother (who has an alcohol and other problems) is not his mother. She lost her real son as a baby and our Tae-il is just a stand-in (against her will). Nice. Guess WHO is his real mother? Yes, we called. Nam Soo-hee. Who is oblivious to the fact her son is so close. This is really messed up... so her father took away her baby and gave it to his son to raise. Of course, little Tae-il heard it all.
Wow. This family is just layers upon layers of messed-up.
Mr. Choi shows an interest in Mrs. Choi. That's bad, because she has it hard enough without a gambler like him.
They are cute though, in that tiny stubby prematurely aging sort of way.
Myung-Sun harasses Halmoni for money. Truly shameless. Why does she think that old woman owes her and her husband anything?! Seriously, this episode is fast becoming the most annoying. The daughter-in-laws think it's a good idea to throw the Choi family out and give Yong's store to Jong-Yong to start his own.
Honestly is there going to be ANYONE left to like? Myung-Sun's behavior had me open-mouthed with shock, and her sisters-in-law...I'm just glad Halmeoni stuck up for the right people.

Young-ha and Gwang-jae are cooking again and Lee Daddy is very happy to observe his son is quite eager (because of her! but it's better than nothing). Apparently, Gwang-jae also has quite good tastebuds (though not taste), so he tells Tae-il he thinks Gwang-jae will soon be ready to take over the place from him. So mean (or rather, insensitive)
Is there one person in this drama who has a clue at all about other human beings? 
It gets worse. A bit later, Lee Dad drops something in Tae-il's office (money) and what does he find? Photos of Young-ha. No, no, she's fully clothed, don't worry. Tae-il comes in and after Lee Dad has hastily left, he realizes he must have seen the photos because they're not where they were before. 
They are rapidly closing any door to decency that Tae-il might choose. Run away, Tae-il! Go somewhere else! Find people who value you!
Tae-il does what he should have done ages ago ... he calls Young-ha into his office and confesses his feelings. Awful timing, dude. And then - I'm not sure - he calls Gwang-jae a "sudden rain" :D and tells Young-ha he will check on her to see whether she didn't get sick. He'll wait for her. Until she's ready.
PSA for men everywhere: We do not find this as charming as you seem to think we do.


That was surprisingly interesting! Maybe because it was Tae-il centered? He is fast becoming a very intriguing character. Poor boy. He knows he is somebody else's son but that person doesn't know and he worked his ass off day and night just to be told the golden son will take over, since he is learning how to cook. I couldn't blame him if he'd explode, our Tae-il.
I suppose I get why they don't think it's wrong - they don't know he's the son, but think he's a nephew. It's not like he's not being paid for his work for them, and it's natural to assume that a son would take over. In this case, he might have thought that since the son was uninterested, he might be able to step in - but that was stupid. The son always comes around, Tae-il. Even if his true relationship comes out, Tae-il might not end up with the business - it's not hers or even theirs, but the father's, so Tae-il might have a role, but never be the ultimate boss.