BG: Shinpen Keigonin/ Personal Bodyguard - Episode 6 (Recap)

Trotwood: I would like to thank Mahjong for reminding me last week that I needed to do a hair retrospective.  In the comments for episode # 5, I did a hair retrospective for Eguchi Yosuke. The only two left are Takaya Kamikawa (Murata) and Takumi Saito (Takanashi). I don't know when the others will be. I do know that there will be no hair retrospective for episode 7--only silence. But let's start. I'd forgotten how much I liked this episode.
panda: It did take a while for me to get used to Takanashi's mop :)
kakashi: I do like Korean hair better.

Episode 6

Cold Open: Shimazaki is running down a hall carrying a young girl between the ages of 8 and 10 (what say you Kakashi and Panda? She could be older). She is kicking her feet like she wants him to let her go.
I don't think I have said how much I like the cold opens. It sets a tone and after the 3rd episode, I have learnt that they are almost always not what they seem which I like very much.
Yes, it's well done narratively. And it keeps you guessing while watching when and how you'll get there.

We  switch to Shimazaki on the phone with his ex-wife. It’s morning, and he’s clearly called her because he’s seen the text from the night before. She asks about Shun, and he checks and tells her he is still sleeping.
Unrelated to this, but do all kids sleep in that exact way? I swear my kids take over the entire bed be it a twin or california king.
Yes, I do think all kids sleep like this.
Mine, who likes to squat in my bed, will throw me out involuntarily one day when she's big enough.  

He comments on her formal way of talking, and when she comments about them being strangers now, you can tell it pains him to hear it, but he doesn't argue. He gets to business, assuming that she is asking about a bodyguard for someone else and when he realizes that it’s for her, he asks her if she has made anyone angry lately. That annoys her a bit; it’s a standard inquiry, but I can see why you’d be a little annoyed if your ex-husband asked you that. It’s unclear what their relationship is like. It’s difficult for him to speak formally to her—probably because they were together for so long—but it’s also awkward and painful to watch. He clearly has a lot of regrets.
:((( A marriage breaking up I feel is always awkward to watch (unless it's due to fear from physical/mental abuse). Shimazaki is a good person and that's why I feel his wife is also a good person. I can't help wondering if his job had anything to do with this- especially since he would not be able to discuss it with her. I am just glad their son seems well adjusted. I am very curious about why she needs protection though...
It was quite interesting, this interaction. Yes, regrets - but also so much familiarity. It has happened a while ago, but he isn't over it. Still, there are no really hard feelings, or at least, no hate.

Another phone call in another house is about to happen. A phone rings, and the young girl from the cold open dressed in her uniform runs to answer it.
I like her hat.
We don't have school uniforms here, but I think they're a good thing
She says a greeting, but then is silent? Is this house getting mysterious calls, too? Ohhhh, intriguing. An elderly man, who we will find out later is former PM Sameshima Kyoichi, snatches the phone out of her hand and demands that the person speak but is met with silence, so he angrily hangs up. 
Very interesting.
Ohhh, creepy. I don't like creeps in connection to children. Nope

He asks the girl, Aya, if "the enemy" said anything, and she says no. He wants her to tell whoever it is that he/she is a coward if another call comes. A young, kind looking woman (who is most likely her mother) comes in and gently chides him for such talk because the girl is so young. She wants him to greet the SP that have come that morning. However, their polite greetings aren't going to make him feel better. They are here to not only greet him this morning but to also tell him that it's been an honor to serve him all these years, but that the next evening at 6 PM, the SP will no longer be protecting him because the government has decided it’s no longer needed.
Why would the SP stop protecting a former Prime Minister? I thought everywhere was like here where former residents get lifelong SS.
Our heads of state have no security at all. They use public transport and go shopping in common grocery stores. So... nope, not everybody gets lifelong security :)
They probably don't need it in Switzerland! Another reason why I'd love to live there. (as if I needed more reasons) (Also, is no one going to comment on this man's dimples?

Sameshima had been classified as an “important person” when he was a PM but is no longer considered one because it's been such a long time since his retirement and since there has been a threat to his person. That sounds cold but is understandable that you would stop at some point. Here in the US only the President and Vice President and their spouses get lifelong coverage. I don’t think their children do unless they are under 18 or else there is a perceived threat. He is very upset because he thinks people are still trying to kill him, and he’s insulted that they no longer think he is relevant. To add to that insult, when he asks who is going to protect him, SP responds that he can just call the regular emergency number if something happens. So guess who he calls for protection? Guess, guys, guess!
Ohhhh a Prime Minister like Takanashi not like Prime Minister = President. Hinode Security to the rescue!!
Yup. I'm pretty sure here it just means parliament member.
He's a bit abrasive, but I felt for him. Sucks, if you're suddenly no longer important! 

At Hinode Security headquarters, Murata is in a cheerful mood because they have a new client, a former PM. The BGs discuss why he wouldn’t be protected under SP anymore, and Shimazaki almost chokes on his coffee when Murata says that the PM has been getting some mysterious phone calls.
Indeed a choking moment. What's the connection there?! 
I think it's because he remembers the conversation with his ex-wife about mysterious calls.

Sugu scoffs because she gets phone calls like that all the time, Takanashi wonders if she thinks that makes her popular. Murata breaks up the squabble (I love them all and the way that she hits Newbie who is laughing at them and Murata breaking it up like he's the benevolent dad). He reminds them that SP will be hanging around since this is a former PM, so they need to be extra careful.  
I see sparks between Sugu and Grumpy Lips, so cute. Murata is so happy they have a VIP client, so cute! Honestly I simply like our gang and their interactions. 
They make me laugh, awww. 

When Murata asks Shimazaki if he will lead this case, everyone agrees that it should be Shimazaki, but he is still hesitant because he isn't confident. Takanashi wishes he would get over “acting” humble when they all know that he’s good.
Bromance FTW! That's why I like Takanashi, he might be grumpy but he never lies to himself.
He's one of those extremely honest people who come across as being extremely rude because of it. I must say, I like them, usually. Much better than the behind-your-back talkers. 

Both Newbie and Sugu also chime in, wanting him to impress them with his skills. I really like the way they teasingly support him, knowing that he is still self conscious about his skill and worth but also knowing that he's the best. I think that Shimazaki was probably always humble and putting other people first but that the situation with Kuono and his divorce has made him even more cautious.
It almost makes me tear up. They are basically reinforcing that there is no bad blood from him not telling them about his past and also showing that they trust him and his skills.
They're a good buddy system to have. 

Shimazaki decides not only will he do it but that they should take this as an opportunity to show that they are better than SP.
Lol, now they're into this stupid competition too?

Murata says that since they will probably make good money from this case, they should all go out for a drink when they are done. After all, they never went to dinner to celebrate Takanashi’s return, right? Sugu is excited to get a free meal (my girl). Newbie is thankful because he’ll have something to do since he doesn’t have a date. Takanashi’s  like “I can’t make it because I think such gatherings are a waste of time,” and Shimazaki just pokes fun at him for avoiding his own party.
Mr Grumpy. LOOL.
He just wanted to be urged to come some more :D
I love this team!
Na do!
Na three! 

We  get a shot of a very stern looking PM Sameshima and then his grandfather clock about to strike  6 PM. In a great show of support to their longtime service to him, a fairly large group of SP are lined up in front of him with Ochai telling him that they are a honored to have served him. They bow in unison.

His daughter hesitantly suggests that he say something to thank them, but he is clearly still pissed.
I actually do not blame him for being pissed. Imagine being told you are no longer "important enough". It would do stuff to your ego. But then again it was not his personal guards' fault; it came from the Higher-Ups.
I agree, Panda. I understand, but I did not think he was behaving right, here. They did their duty and protected him. 

He says he doesn’t need them. The clock strikes 6, and Shimazaki and Murata show up. Sameshima lights up (I think he's excited to show up the SP for "disrespecting" him) and tells Ochai that he now has new bodyguards.
So much petty hahahaha.
Ahahahaaa, Ochai's face. 

It’s like Ochai’s worst nightmare, and he tells Sameshima that private bodyguards can’t protect him properly, but the PM says that he has to do this because SP has cut him off. He has a point. It makes you wonder if Ochai even hears himself talking here.
Ochai is so blinded by his feelings that he can't process anything fully. Like what do you want him to do to protect himself? Nothing?
He'd rather have nobody than these guys, STOOPID. 

The next morning, Hinode show up at the PM's house. He tells them that he is going to the 70th Birthday party of Chief Secretary Igarashi, who we know as the evil mentor of PM Tachinara, but he's worried about his daughter and granddaughter. However, that's going to be Sugu's job.
I'm thinking I would like to hire a person like her. If you're like her, please apply.

Shimazaki, Murata, and the PM leave the house to go to the car. Shimazaki stops them at the gate because he notices that there are four stones left on the potted plant outside the gate. They weren't there before (wow, he notices everything).
Extremely impressive! 
I bet he also notices new wrinkles on women's faces.
Party pooper.

The PM thinks they are some sort of sign from the enemy--even equating the four stones with a sign that they want him to die. He changes the subject when Aya comes to the gate with her mother and Sugu. He only tells her to be be careful and not to cry if she gets bullied but to find the weakness of her enemies instead.
Grandpa is teaching her real life skills, hahaha. 
Their relationship is cute. He could be a character we don't like, but his interaction with her endear me to him.

She just smiles at him and tells him she isn't getting bullied. She heads out with Sugu behind her. Once they are gone, Murata wants to know more info about the people who want him to die. He reminds them of the incident when he was still a PM where one of the decisions he made caused many people to lose money.  He had actually been attacked  by a person at that time, who had been arrested.
However, Shimazaki points out that the person has been released from jail for awhile with no incident. PM Sameshima scoffs at that, telling him that people have long memories.  The PM and the BG get in the car and pull away.  We notice that someone in a dark coat has been watching them.
I honestly thought his enemy talk was all in his head till I saw they were being observed. Hmmm. Is the person after him or his granddaughter though? Opening scene makes me think it's the latter.
Yes - and the kid is hiding something. She seems somehow... guilty. Evasive. Maybe she has been threatened? 

Sugu walks the daughter to school. She smiles and comments on how much her grandfather loves her, but Aya only says, sarcastically, that of course he does since she is his poor grandchild ever since her parents divorced. The spoiled brat also chides Sugu for talking to her informally—the way an elder would talk to a child—when she thinks Sugu is just like a servant hired by her grandfather. I love Sugu’s face. This show is like a warning telling people not to have kids.
HAHAHA so true! Aya and Shimazaki's son should have a play date. I am sure they will get along just fine. I do not like when kids talk rudely to adults because they were hired by their parents. It makes me feel they had a bad upbringing.
How rude. I get that she's in a bad place, this kid, but still. 

Next, we see Ochai at work the next day asking his boss, Section Chief Hikawa, to let SP continue working for PM Sameshima. Hikawa chides him for the request because Sameshima hasn’t been a target for 20 years--that's when the attack happened. He even suggests that this is a perfect job for the BG because if the PM does get attacked, the BG will fail, and it will prove that no one is better than SP. You guys were mad at Kyota for thinking this last week, but a) it is true that's how a mistake would be perceived and b) it's the mindset of his chief officer.
Hikawa is so slimy. Just compare him to Murata!
Yes, he is one of those with "connections". That always means someone is dirty! 

He wonders why this bothers Ochai so much. Doesn't Ochai want to rise in the ranks? Such a failure would only be good for him and his career.  Ochai admits that he does want to keep getting promoted, but he also doesn't want to do it on the backs of some civilians.
I am glad Ochai seems to be the voice of reason. He might dislike Shimazaki, but he still has principles.
Hmmmm, I was relieved but also puzzled. So he hates him (why exactly? Still don't get it) but he doesn't hate him enough to go against his moral principles? So maybe he doesn't really hate him at all.

Chief Hikawa wonders about Hinode. He digs (and not in a kindly way at all) that they must be good if they are making Ochai get angry. I remember thinking at this moment what a contrast he is to Murata as a boss. (JINX! I wrote about comparing Murata and him before I saw this) He isn't wrong. We have all been wondering about Ochai's attitude about BGs in general and Hinode in particular. However, he just doesn't seem to like Ochai underneath it all or really want him to rise anymore. Everything he says is with a bit of an edge since the beginning.
I think deep down he knows Ochai is not as morally loose/corruptible as he is. He can't do anything to hurt Ochai work-wise but he can place his sharp barbs beneath his skin to get a rise from him.
So, what I'm thinking is that Ochai has some other grudge, something related to the unarmed bodyguard-types, but it's not really personal.

At the party, Ochai looks like he could spit seeing the Hinode guys showing up with their assignment. He practically strains himself when PM Tachihara asks Sameshima to sit next to her, which is a kindness he does not deserve, but it is clear that he was going to a higher ranking seat and would have just been embarrassed by someone else. He is another old, sexist, ass, but she is polite to him. She nods in greeting at Shimazaki.
Hello darling girl! I've been missing you. Be careful among these men. 

When there is a commotion outside, PM Sameshima assumes that it is being caused by one of the people trying to kill him. I'm starting to roll my eyes. Good grief because of a comment he made 20 years ago? He needs to let this go.
He is another belligerent old man, but I do feel a slight sympathy for him because he at least has a little evidence to back up his belief that someone is out to hurt him.

Ochai and Shimazaki run out to see a disheveled man manhandling one of the female servers. Ochai grabs him but gets distracted when he recognizes the intruder, giving the intruder an opportunity to bite him.  It turns out, he is the ex-secretary of Chief Secretary Igarashi. Shimazaki rushes in with a hold where he can’t be bitten.
The ex-secretary goes on about being abandoned and demanding to see his old boss who finally comes out and denies everything. Ochai practically knocks Shimazaki out to take the ex-secretary and pins him down violently, which is unnecessary really.
Very unnecessary felt like he was showing off for Hinode.
Jeeezus, chill, boys. 

Back at headquarters, Newbie talks excitedly to Takanashi about the good feeling he has. Takanashi says that he shouldn't be excited yet since they just started this job, but Newbie isn't talking about this, he's talking about the team. Once again Takanashi scoffs. He doesn't want to hear Newbie being all excited about the team and becoming friends, which he clearly thinks is overrated. Newbie does think that the team is bonding, but he also thinks that their boss is keeping a secret.
The team is definitely bonding. They are working together like a well oiled cog. Murata? Secret? Intriguing.
Must be about his past! We know nothing.
Immediately, Takanashi listens because he agrees. Newbie thinks Takanashi is keeping a secret, too. But the tense scene dissolves when Newbie starts teasing him about secretly working out. Hahahahahaaa. Takanashi is embarrassed because Newbie is right. Too cover, he admonishes Newbie about the need for BGs to stay in shape and advises him to drink more protein. Pfft. He is so trying not to be friends, but only friends say stuff like this. Give in, Takanashi! Newbie's like a puppy that's followed you home. Resistance is useless.
Resistance is futile, and people like Takanashi are mostly always soft marshmallows underneath. I like Newbie, he is like a puppy. 

Back at the party, Shimazaki asks Ochai why he felt he had to use such force against an unarmed person. I'm not sure Ochai would have used such force if it hadn't been Shimazaki who had been there. However, he isn't going to say anything like that to Shimazaki. Ochai just scoffs and says their job is to completely get rid of the threat not to listen to people. The guy is gone and has been arrested. That is enough for him. His subordinate comes up and says they need to get back to their positions and that there is no need to listen to "this person."
Seriously :D
I love Shimazaki's reaction, but it's good to see that it's the entire SP's attitude about BGs not just Ochai's.
So elitist.
But whyyyyyyyy.

Sugu is having better luck with the mom, Kiwako, who seems very lonely and embarrassed by herself and her father. She apologizes for her father’s rudeness and reveals that he loves her so much that he still blames her husband for their failed marriage when it was really her fault. She seems a bit naïve, but I don’t think it was her fault since we find out that her husband’s business went bankrupt and her father agreed to pay off his debts as long as he divorced her. She seems really sad and lonely (she still wears her wedding ring) and understanding of the fact that she has been extremely sheltered by her overprotective father. But I like her since she is the first one of their clients who actually treats them like human beings and because she finds Sugu funny when she talks about money. (We all do, hon. We all do)
TT__TT She seems like such a sweet person.  Why was dad able to steamroll her and hubby into parting? She has obviously not let go of him.
Very sad.

Sugu is starting to get worried because it’s time for Aya to be out of school, and she isn’t home yet.  However, her mother wants Sugu to wait a little longer because she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up as sheltered and not able to make her own decisions. This may not be the right decision because we see a shot of Aya walking home from school and the same person who had been watching the house is now watching her. We still don't see his face, only coat and clenched fist.
Double that!

Now here comes my favorite scene in this episode. It's very quiet, but I like the dialog and also the way it is shot. I've mentioned before that I like the way this director uses angles and the set to frame his close ups. The scene is one example of this, so I'll try to present pics to show what I mean.
The show does really well in character building by small interactions like this.
While Shimazaki and Murata stand watch outside of the dining area, they have a great conversation, and we find out why Murata is no longer SP.
Like Shimazaki, Murata made a mistake when he was an SP, and like Murata, this mistake made him quit. There had been an extremist that tried to attack one of their clients. He used his gun, shooting a warning shot at the person even though it turns out the person wasn't armed. He said he suffered from the talk and criticism of him afterwards and decided he wasn’t fit to be SP.
Shimazaki disagrees and says that he felt that he shouldn’t be a BG after his incident but look at him now.
Yes Murata! Stop punishing yourself. These two are really alike.
My thought exactly.
Murata smiles kindly (oh I so love him. All bosses should be like this), and says that he thinks it has turned out for the best—to be working with such a group of interesting individuals is such a treat for him, and he looks like he really thinks they all are a treat. (Okay, can we hug him now?)
*heart eyes*
What I find interesting about being a boss (it's been many years, actually). As soon as your employees start idolizing you (even if it's just a bit), you try to do much better by them instantly. So it really is an interactive dynamic.

Right then they are interrupted by a call from Sugu. She is worried now because Aya still hasn't come home. The team at the party returns home to find Takanashi and Newbie there flanking Sugu who attempts to explain the situation. Of course, Sameshima is outraged, so they all immediately apologize.
I hope she is safe though. I am worried.
Especially since this show doesn't really pull any stops...

However, Kiwako stands up for Sugu, taking the blame because she insisted that they wait and allow Aya to come home on her own. Sameshima chides her for this because he assumes that Aya has been kidnapped and that her mother put her in this danger. At the mention of kidnapping, Murata immediately wants to call the police, but Sameshima stops him. Isn't this exactly what the kidnappers don't want you to do? I'm thinking that if she has been kidnapped, wouldn't there have been a call with demands by now? In any case, they follow his lead and start looking again.
It depends on the Kidnappers' motive. He might have waited to induce panic first. 

Sugu and Takanashi form a pair as do Shimazaki and Newbie.  Sugu is really upset by this disappearance and actually crashes into a sign on her way out of a restaurant where she had been showing Aya's picture. Takanashi runs up to her telling her to calm down but then pauses, saying he likes seeing this side of her. She's like "what?" as we all are, thinking we don't have time for this.
Yeah, definitely not the place Takanashi- a kid is missing! You can do this much later.
He is flirting??! Weird guy.
He then smiles because she's back to normal now. What? Mr. Stiff, I don't want to be friends with anyone or care about my team guy actually smiles?
Such a nice smile too and he had been stingy with it all this while.
He likes her, it's clear.

I'm just as surprised as you, Sugu. He goes back to normal because basically he did that for this effect, to snap you out spiraling into panic and self blame. However, I agree with you, Sugu. He's the worst. But he's definitely on this team now, no matter how much he denied it to Newbie.
Marshmallow inside, I said it :)))

Shimazaki and Newbie are retracing the path that we know Aya took home. Shimazaki gets a clue from some school girls that they last saw Aya at a particular playground.   
Phew! She is safe.
Is she?!

They run off there and find her sitting alone at the bottom of a slide. They are completely relieved until they see a man approach her. He runs off when they call out to her. Shimazaki sends Newbie after him, and he stays with Aya, who seems pissed at him, which makes him curious.
Who was that man? And what's up with her attitude? Hmmmmm.
Knowing that many kidnappings are actually done by family members.....

Newbie loses the guy in some back streets of the neighborhood, and all I can think is that he needs to be taking some of those protein drinks that Takanashi recommended and be working out.
I was waiting for him to fail, hahaha, of course he is not fit enough

Back at the house, Sugu asks Aya about what the man wanted. Takanashi asks if she has seen him before. Interestingly, Shimazaki asks her about why she went to the park, and it's this question that seems to upset her the most.
Curious and Curiouser.
She runs off to her room. Her grandfather is upset and cannot believe that the people out to get him have now targeted his family. He insists on them beefing up their security efforts on the morrow.

That night when Shimazaki goes home, Shun doesn’t bother greeting him at all.
As you said earlier, PSA for not having kids.
I'd like to smack this kid though. There's an attitude and an attitude. He has such a nice dad. He is deliberately hurting him and that is not okay.
Shimazaki is tired of this attitude and asks Shun that if he hates him so much why doesn't he just go back to live with his mother. He tells him that she called to talk about that, and that her new (and he emphasizes how young and rich the new husband is) says that he wants him back, too. You can tell it hurts him to say this, but it's all true. I'd say the same thing if I were in his shoes. Shun says that he wouldn’t mind, but he doesn’t want to leave his dad because he is always so lonely. (aww).
Well he sort of made up for his attitude at the end of the conversation, but tbh there was no need for so much attitude in the first place. 
I understand that it's not always easy to know you love your parents, but this kid will be extremely sorry later.

This surprises Shimazaki. (and I want to hug Kakashi for making this gif. This is the one I really really wanted. So cute)

He didn't think that Shun was actually thinking about him in all of this. He offers to make fried rice, and they have a great moment when Shun actually smiles at Shimazaki's exaggerated antics but denies it.
Bonding scenes always makes me smile.
Yes, but I feel sorry for Shima. He deserves some love at home.
I volunteer for tribute!!!
But clearly Shimazaki is thinking about kids of divorce who have more worries going on in their heads than they let on, which makes us think about them as well.
Ohhhhh is he somehow connecting it to his case?
That's definitely going on!!!!

And if we didn't start making this connection, the focus on the stone that he had in his pocket from earlier should make us.

In a different part of town, Murata is back at the bar he and Ochai always attend. He has clearly called Ochai out, and he asks Ochai if he has any information about PM Sameshima that he can share for the man’s safety. For example, are there really people trying to kill him? Ochai is not about to help him and seems to resent Murata asking as if he owes him something. He makes a cryptic comment, saying that he never asked him to do “that” for him.
If I were Murata, I would not have even bothered. Ochai has a massive chip on his shoulder regarding BGs especially the ones from Hinode.
There's something going on here though, and now we know they used to be colleagues. 
And why wouldn't shouldn't he help them? If he really cared about the PM, he'd give him some background at least. Pfft.
Murata only replies that he doesn’t think he was cut out to be an SP anyway, so it really is fine. He really does seem to be fine with whatever this was, but I so want to know this history now!!! Well, if Murata isn't getting any help from Ochai, he definitely is from Shimazaki. After finishing dinner, Shimazaki holds the stone in his hand. He's clearly been thinking about this case. He calls (I'm assuming Murata) and says he has an idea about tomorrow.

It’s all hands on deck the next day. Under Shimazaki's direction, Takanashi and Newbie check the house for bugs while Sugu takes pictures of pages in the photo album. Murata has a copy of the report of "the incident" that happened in the past. Shimazaki goes out of the gate to check the road and glances down to check on the plant. He sees one stone, and when the team comes out to report to him, he comes in close to tell them that there is only one stone, and they should proceed as planned. They even do our favorite watch check. No error, Panda!
None! Everything is synchronized! I am excited that Shimazaki's hunch corresponds with the stone, and I am eager to see if I also got it right.
Hahahahaaaa, gurls, I don't get this watch-thing at all. Who cares if one is a bit fast or slow!!
Pfft. You go fangirl over your PM. We like the watch thing, and when we visit you we will do it all the time just to make you crazy.

Shimazaki and Takanashi interrupt the family breakfast to report that they have completely checked the house and neighborhood and that three guards will be at the house while he and Takanashi will accompany Aya on her school trip today. PM Sameshima doesn’t want her to go because he’s afraid of the kidnappers.
PM might be a tetchy old man, but he does really love his family.
It's the kind of love that goes too far though, when love becomes like a prison. 
She cries, the mom begs, and the BGs swear to him that they will keep her safe. Shimazaki says the point of having a BG is so that the client can continue with his/her regular life, so he capitulates. 

Shimazaki and Takanashi attend the school trip (can I say how much I like these uniforms? But why aren't they wearing their hats?). Aya, acting like the princess she thinks she is, tries to get them to let her do full filming and tries to get the BG to use her grandfather’s name to get what she wants. Pfft. There is an activity in the lobby where the kids get to pretend that they are doing a news cast. What is so hilarious about this is that they have roped stone-faced Takanashi to be the director. He is taking this way to seriously, critiquing their performance as if they we really doing a news broadcast and telling them that they need to follow the script. (ha).
hahahaha. Look at his face!! His eyes scream "I'll kill these brats"
But basically because they are not doing a good job and just playing at it. Can you imagine what he was like playing as a kid?
Shimazaki glances at his watch. It's approaching 1 PM, which makes him seem to raise his own alert. He looks around and seems to spot someone (perhaps the lurker we saw earlier?), but he stops himself and remains at his post.
Patience is a virtue.

Of course, PM Tachihara shows up. Sigh. She is everywhere, but we know Kakashi was missing her. Of course, she sidles up to Shimazaki and talks to him, telling him that it should be okay to talk to him here, right, because she has told Ochai and the others to wait for her in the green room while she's being interviewed. Sigh.
heheheheheeeeee, she's always ready to sidle up to this man. I would too.

He tells her that he is working guarding the PM's granddaughter. While they are talking, Aya glances at her watch and makes a run for it. Takanashi alerts him, but interestingly he looks back over his shoulder at the lurker telling Takanashi to follow him while he follows her.
I truly think my guess is correct.
Aya keeps running even when Shimazaki calls her. When he catches her, he tells her that the teacher will be upset if she runs off, but she resists going back, so he just picks her up.

We are now back to the cold open where Shimazaki is carrying Aya. She makes such a fuss that guards show up, and he has to put her down to show his ID, but of course she runs away . . . into the women’s bathroom.  
PM Tachinara shows up, of course, and goes inside to convince Aya to come out. She does a whole flirty thing with Shimazaki that I block out when she comes out of bathroom with the girl. (sorry, it was bad enough watching the first time). Shimazaki thanks her and takes the child while Takanashi tells him through their ear thingy that he's caught the guy.
Who else thought Aya had escaped from the bathroom via a window? Me. Trot, we may not like Tachinara, but we cannot deny she was useful here.
She definitely was. I would have liked her more if she didn't speak and just gave him one of her looks.
Why??? She likes the man! Let her flirt with him! 
In the middle of a mission. I've no patience with people flirting when someone's life could be on the line. I've disciplined people for this. Focus people!

The next thing we know we are back at the house. The man they chased is actually Aya’s father. The grandfather is livid. Sad dad takes a teddy bear out of his bag, saying he was just trying to contact her to give her a birthday present. Grandfather is having none of this, grabs the bear and throws it to the side. In an expert move Takanashi catches it but then awkwardly hands it to Shimazaki. hahahaha.

Shimazaki gives the bear to Aya, who gets questioned by her grandfather. How did this happen when she doesn't have a cell phone. She runs to her room while Shimazaki explains that he believes the dad contacted her through the mysterious calls and left the stones as a sign of times when they could meet. For stones being 4 o'clock. One stone meaning 1 o'clock. 
I was right! I just knew it, she showed signs she had been waiting for someone. I initially thought someone her dad lost his money was pretending to be her dad but whatever it was, I knew it involved her father. The stones as a message form was pretty ingenious.
Overall, not a surprise, but nicely done because of the parallels to Shima's own life. 

The grandfather just calls him a loser for coming around when he lost all his money and for breaking the agreement to never see his daughter again. The man begs to be a part of his daughter’s life, but the Sameshima just tries to manhandle him out. Shimazaki interrupts him, reminding him that the BG is there to protect his life and his pride.
PM is so controlling.
And Shimazaki is so cool.

Conveniently, Ochai shows up at this moment to give the old man a safety report. Turns out that the man that tried to kill him 20 years ago did get out of prison, but he has been dead for ten years and that none of the other people who had wanted him dead are around either. The PM really is safe now. You would think this would make him happy, but it clearly doesn’t.
Being threatened gave him a form of importance.
Sad. I'm glad I can feel sympathy for him

He now feels irrelevant and probably a little silly that he’s been crying wolf all these years when no one really cares about him except his family. Shimazaki reminds him that it is great that he is safe and asks him if that isn't really the most important thing.  However, PM Sameshima remains silent. In fact he doesn't even say anything when he goes to Aya's room and finds the family there. 
All he does when Aya asks him if he doesn't want to hold the bear is put her mother's and father's hands together. Clearly he has accepted this relationship, and we can now have the family together again.
I teared up. 

Meanwhile, Shimazaki chases after Ochai on the street. He calls to him, but the other man clearly ignores him, making Shimazaki mumble. He catches up with Ochai and awkwardly talks about about how Sameshima seems lonely and disappointed that he isn't a target. Ochai says that he knows that it is hard for some to be out of the spotlight which is why he looked into the situation and made an official report. However, when Shimazaki says that was kind of him, he gets angry. Shimazaki isn't the only one surprised by this. I was, too.
Ochai goes even further, stating he hopes that this will be the last time they see each other. Famous last words, buddy.
Come on, you look like such an idiot, Ochai! 

The next scene is my 2nd favorite of the episode. It is time to celebrate the success of this mission.
The entire team, including Takanashi, is at a restaurant having drinks. After the first toast, Sugu asks Shimazaki when he realized that the person was Aya's father. He says that she wasn't afraid when they found her in the playground and that he also knows that children of divorce worry about their parents. (can we all hug him now? Oh, me first? Thank you very much).
UhnUhn, me too. And I will wait my turn as I see you are taking all his hug time.
We'll take numbers?

Sugu makes sure that Murata is treating, and he is but he hopes they won't get the most expensive things on the menu. I love that she is so excited over getting this for free. I do a lot for free meals. 
Free meals are fun! I ate my body weight in free pizza at my 5 yrs of grade school.
I love to buy drinks for my subordinates too :D

Everyone is ordering and laughing but notice how stern Takanashi is. He's trying to pretend that he isn't into this team building experience and even refuses to be in the selfie that Newbie wants to take.

But you know he’s softening. He says he doesn’t want to be in the picture, but when Newbie asks him to take the picture for them instead, he gives the phone to a passing waiter for the waiter to take the picture, saying that he needs to be in it so the picture can be truly beautiful. Ha. Pfft.
Hahaha. You cannot escape the team building sir.
Perfect team pic.
I agree.

Over the credits, we see Shimazaki going into a restaurant clearly to meet someone. When he spots that person he stops to collect himself.
When he goes to sit down, he apologizes, but the woman admonishes him for acting like this is a date. It's clearly his ex-wife and the guest appearance that so many people have been waiting for!!! It's the reunion between Kimitaku and Yamaguchi Tomako, his co-star from The Long Vacation! She is still many people's favorite of his co-stars despite the fact that they were in The Long Vacation show 22 years ago.
Not seen it, but I was aware of the frenzied reunion talk.
Ohhhh, didn't know something meta was going on!!! I immediately liked her. She has personality. 
She wants to know if this meeting is about Shun, but he says that it's about her phone calls. He tells her that he just finished a case involving mysterious phone calls which made him concerned. She wonders at his kindness for a stranger but admits that she would like his help. I love the overhead shot of this scene because it reflects how awkward and uncomfortable they both feel being here.
But we now know the focus of the next episode.


I think I like the small moments in this drama more than the big ones. For example, I like how when they ask the waiter to take the picture and they are doing their "no error" thing, he just looks at them like they are crazy.
He doesn't find it cute? Pffft.
signs of a good show, people. If all the little things give the story context and help to form the characters.
Or the way Shimazaki and Sugu pretend to be talking in their headsets when they are teasing Takanashi. Or how proud Murata looks at his team.
Love Murata.
Love everyone. You too, Panda, Trot and everybody reading.