Eiffel Tower Sightings - First Half of 2018

Hello everyone!

There haven't been as many multiple ET sightings for 2018. Maybe Asian Entertainment knows that Shuk is tracking these, and have decided to hide them inside the dusty corners of the prop room. Even so, ET's will not be denied!

First, the usual non-drama sightings.  This is a miniature Tower in Apodaca, Mexico, compliments of Elena, who lives nearby.

Chansung from 2pm visited Paris this year.

A Daiso shop from Cheryl in Seattle.

And now, for our drama Eiffel Towers! Eighteen shows total this time. It's a good haul!

Advance Bravely 2017 (Mainland China)

Suits 2018 (South Korea)

Khun Mae Suam Roy 2018 (Thailand)

Home Sweet Home 2017 (Taiwan)

Rak Kan Panlawan 2018 (Thailand)

Happy Sisters 2018 (South Korea)

Suparburoot Chutathep - Pornwaruj 2013 (Thailand)

Two of these are the same ET, but I like the angle of the two pictures.
Rich Man Poor Woman 2018 (South Korea)

Saipai Jao 2015 (Thailand)

Kim wa Petto 2017 Miniseries (Japan)

Nang Ai 2017 (Thailand)

Jugglers 2017-2018 (South Korea)

Rarerng Fai 2018 (Thailand)

Ima kara Anata wo Kyohaku Shimasu 2017 (Japan)

This is the big one for this post. A total of 5 ET's, and I am only halfway through the drama!
Tang Parn Kammathep 2016 (Thailand)

Misty 2018 (South Korea)

Tur Keu Prom Likit / Destiny 2018 (Thailand)

My Dear Boy 2017 (Taiwan)

 Let's all look forward to an ET-filled second half of the year!