Rich Family's Son - Episode 21&22 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: This is the face of a man who doesn't get it. It's an ugly face.
JoAnne:  I am still on the fence but I'm leaning toward the dark side.

Episodes 21&22

Mr. Kim feels a bit bad for being so angry at his mother (and confiscating her bankbook! I mean... that wouldn't be allowed here) and also softens towards his brother. He returns the bankbook to her. I really hope she's smart enough not to spend it on Jong Yong.
I'm not sure it's 'allowed' anywhere unless you have power of attorney, but I'm sure it happens most places, at least once in a while.
While his father is desperate to steal all the secret recipes of Gami, Tae-il mopes at the Han River. Mr. Lee is actually quite concerned for him, since he loves him just like a son. Oh, wait... we see in a flashback that he let Mr. Lee hear his love confession deliberately. So... what does that mean? Dark side? Finally?
I call bullshit.  If he loved him just like a son he wouldn't be planning to hand everything over to his own child.  He may like to think of himself that way but it's not true. As for the confession...dark side, maybe.  Or maybe just wanting to let Lee Dad know what the game is, without being direct.  You know, kind of the way Lee Dad did to him?
Or maybe that he's just so very obsessed about Young-ha.... and the stupid girl calls him and wants to meet. She remembered how he comforted her when her shop was bankrupt and now she wants to clear things up. Not sure what there is to clear up, to be honest. I like her less and less. Fun times ahead. Can we at least get a broody shower scene with Tae-il? I know there are abs somewhere underneath that suit...
Yes! Join me in the 'I don't really like the leads and I kinda want to root for the villain' hell!
In the meantime, Gwang-jae is composing love songs and asking his mother about her first love. She doesn't want to talk about it. Her first love wasn't the person she married, obviously, but probably the person who put a baby into her womb. Protection, children. It's important.
Who's to say that those people aren't one and the same?  Timing is just as important as protection, children.
Young-ha tells Tae-il she doesn't love him and her answer is "no". Yeah, it's not like that wasn't obviouser than obvious. He is her Daddy Long Legs, get it, Tae-il? And then she goes on and on about how she loves Gwang-jae. No, Tae-il doesn't get it: he says he'll "wait in line". Way to make things awkward.
She's not a carnival ride, Tae-il.  And...I might be wrong, but I thought Daddy Long Legs ended up as a romance? *brief google pause* Yep, romance.  Way to be confusing, Young Ha, you twit.
Continuing to show us how perfect they are for each other, lawyer and Kyung-ha go on a movie date (of course they like the exact same movies and like the exact same food). He makes it clear he still wants to marry her - but she goes straight into Yong's shop, locks the door and forces herself on him. I find her so despicable. She tells him what a great catch that other guy is that he is the one who drives her crazy. I have nothing against this kind of sex, but she KNOWS his feelings are involved and this is just cruel.
I know she's conflicted, but this is just a total bitch move.
His sister sees them going at it and is quite shocked. Well, big changes are afoot in the Choi family! Because their mother starts working as a part timer in a tteokbokki place. What I appreciate about the Choi-family storyline is that I find the relationship between the children and the mother with the bad luck (several men, all losers) quite relatable. It helps that this guy is a good actor.
I do like this family better than the other families.  I wish we could reframe the drama.
Mr. Lee tells Tae-il to make sure he can start a business in the States in case Gami fails completely. To Tae-il, it must sound like he's trying to get rid of him, but in truth, Lee Dad is honestly concerned. Good timing when Gwang-jae asks him to get couple rings for him and Young-ha. He means to propose. WTF, dude.
Listen, you ass-blonde airhead, you have no visible means of support.  What are you even thinking?
Lots of annoying stuff follows (Myung-sun! Shameless and bleh). Newsworthy: when Kyung-ha tells her mother she wants to marry the lawyer even though he loves another and she doesn't love him at all, said mother is quite shocked. She never wanted something like this! STUPID. And then, there's Myung-ha and Mong Mong, who wants to move into a rooftop apartment - and follows through. Not sure how she does it, but she doesn't annoy me, despite of her aegyo-behavior.
Her voice isn't particularly grating, and the rest of the behavior seems natural to her, not fake.
Let's end with Yong.
Mmmm, I'm all for happy endings.


I've said it before, I'll say it again: Yong's storyline is by far the most interesting. He was abandoned by his mother and is now forced to live with her after she returned with a child from another man. He loves a woman who is seemingly "above" him, one he (thinks he) cannot have because of his lowly status. In every scene, he is about to explode. So sexy. Why is this show not about him?
That would be a good show.  And who did he live with when Mom left him behind?  The dad?