BG: Shinpen Keigonin/ Personal Bodyguard - Episode 8 (Recap)

Trotwood: I entered this episode with so much rage. Then I spent most of it in tears.
Panda: I entered with Hope and left in defeat. And anger.
kakashi: It was around 3am when I watched this episode, so I honestly don't remember. I don't think I had such strong feelings. But I did (and do) wonder why Best Boss had to die. 

Episode 8

We eschew the cold open to go back and rub salt in my wounds—I mean to go back and basically repeat the last ten minutes of episode 7: the gratitude of Shimazaki, the flatlining. No need to redo that here.
I kept hoping the last episode was a fake-out, and he would be revived early this episode, but, No.
Right?! They often do that and I'm like "Ah, of course, a fake-out". Such a trap.

This followed by a press conference at police headquarters where the police identify the secretary and his target and says it was successful in protecting the VIP.
The news people are not letting the fact that someone died go, but the police refuse to comment. That is until SP Section Chief Hikawa mentions Murata’s “interference.”  He basically says that Murata incited Secretary Gun (whose real name is Ueno Yugo) to shoot. I'm just going to call Chief Hikawa Chief Shady.
What a contrast to what a good boss can be like.
When PM Tachihara is asked about it, she doesn’t deny or affirm but merely says that they have lost a precious life. Pfft.
What's she doing wrong now?! :) She better not comment or else, there will be a scandal etc. etc.

We see line a mourners at the funeral with the entire team there and their president alongside Murata’s wife and son as chief mourners.
I am so sad. Like they really picked the second person whose death would hurt me the most.
I think what hurts/angers us most is that there was no way we could have seen this coming. 

Two reporters show up trying to take pictures, but the team shoos them away. This just provokes Youichi, Murata’s son, to discuss how much of a fool his father was, interfering with others and getting shot. 
Oh you poor boy....

Shimazaki denies this and says that Murata saved all of their lives and nothing he said provoked Secretary Gun. However, Youichi wonders then how come the story in the news and on the internet is completely different? He might believe them, but no one else in the world does.
This has to be fixed. His reputation can't be besmirched like that.
Agreed. Assholes who put stories in circulation without having a clue what really happened.

He believes that being a bodyguard is a foolish profession and his father was a fool and now had to die with people thinking this. Of course, this provokes Takanashi to defend Murata and the BG code, but Shimazaki steps in.
Their president just says that they need to and will defend Murata’s honor and find out a way to reveal the truth.

Outside, we get a shot of Ochai pulling up to the location of the funeral. However, he doesn’t go in. He just bows from the car. He looks sad and worried and is there a bit of shame there, too? 
I think I see the hint of shame, not impressed though by that. I AM Pissed at everyone.
Not impressed AT ALL. He's an IDIOT, and if anyone is to blame for Murata "butting in" its him and his precious armed police men who didn't do much to save the situation.
When he pulls away, we see that the sleazy reporters are still there, watching. They saw this, too. I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we will see of them.
They look like gangster :D

The team are the pallbearers for this funeral. And it really is a touching sight watching them carry out the casket.
When they set the casket on the dolley behind the waiting hearse, Murata’s wife comes up to the casket and takes something out of her purse. It’s Murata's watch! She says thank you and lays the watch on the casket. We see the look on each team member's face and feel the different kinds of pain. Everyone is trying to keep it together, but Newbie is openly weeping.
The watch, the watch! 
Shimazaki pauses and then holds up his arm and starts their no error routine. Newbie can barely get out the entire phrase. Murata joins them in a flashback of another time, and seriously if you have a dry eye during this, I don't want to know you.
Maybe I am emotional today, but I just got tears in my eyes again. This was so touching. I am still sad.
Shimazaki. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy! TT__________TT

The next scene (next day?), we're back at headquarters with the team looking incredible depressed and broken. Their loss compounded by the loss of honor for the most honorable man around.
Amazing that they even turned up.
Where would they go? I also think this shows how they really need each other.

Shimazaki takes a phone call and seems surprised to be talking to a client. When he gets off the phone, he tells the others that a new client is coming soon, so get prepared. Newbie tells them that he isn't sure he can do this, but Shimzakai says they need to keep the branch together for Murata's sake. If they pass up on a client at this moment, it could become a problem. Sugu, with a glance at Murata's empty desk, agrees and believes that Murata would want this. Of course, Takanashi disagrees.
Such a grumpy difficult person! He is seriously trying my patience.
He can't believe that Sugu would agree. In fact, he can't believe that any of them would agree that this is what Murata would want. Sugu is not taking his crap and leaps up to defend herself and the team. Shimazaki steps in to calm her down. I love the way he puts his hands on her shoulders as if defending Takanashi from a physical attack ...
... and when she sits, he confronts Takanashi about not having a plan and that they shouldn't rush in without a plan. That isn't the BG way. Takanashi still can't believe that they are going to take a job instead of focusing on recovering Murata's reputation.
What plan is he expecting?! This needs no plan. It's either "continue without our awesome boss" or "Give up, go home, be unemployed".
President Okubo, or as I think of him, the king of ramen, appears at the company. Remember him from the stadium bombing case? He is their new job. He thought of them because he wanted to support Murata by giving them a job. 
Ha! Didn't expect to see that man again!!!
He figured they would all be feeling down. I really like this man for putting his name out there and supporting them when their reputation is being slandered. He wants protection for the launching of a new flavor of ramen. He thinks workers from a factory they have had to close might protest the function. While he is talking to them, Takanashi is getting more and more frustrated. You can tell that he cannot abide thinking that ramen is important with Murata's death so fresh. He walks out and Shimazaki gets Sugu to follow him. Sugu runs to catch up to him, but we are also shown the sleazy reporters waiting outside and watching. What is their deal? They are also so incredibly greasy like they never wash or shower. 
They're planning a new scoop or something? so low. 

We next go to the SP headquarters where the horrible Section Chief Shady is giving his troops a pep talk. He tells them that they have faced some criticism about the recent incident but to remember that they did nothing wrong. (Pfft) Ochai looks at him as if he wants to punch him in the face.
I always knew Chief was a PoS! I hope that look means Ochai says something. 
Yes, please, Ochai. Finally be whom I think you could be.

Hikawa dismisses everyone, but Ochai remains behind. He wants to know how long they are going to keep on with this story? Hikawa tells him to calm down because this is the best possible ending. F**** YOu***** VILE MEN! It's a fact that Murata got shot by a criminal; they just changed a detail of the story because they can't afford to make an enemy of Chief Secretary Evil (cough) I mean Chief Secretary Igarashi. When Ochai asks him about Murata's honor, our dubious boss tells him to remember that he was there, too, and he needs to keep with this story as well. This pushes Ochai, over the edge and he actually grabs Hikawa by the lapels.  
YASSSS! Now punch his face!
Wow. lower than low, these lying pieces of trash. 
Hikawa though tells him that this is the time to show his resolve, especially since the higher ups have an eye on him for a leadership position. Ocahi lets go.
Was that all Ochai? REALLY? I am more disappointed in you than awful Chief. (Chief Shady to those who know)

Back at the BG headquarters, Shimazaki is reviewing the job for the ramen king while Newbie still looks shaken. He tells Newbie that three people should be enough for the job and asks Newbie to be the lead.
Newbie is surprised, but I'm not. This is exactly what he needs: a low-risk assignment to lead to get experience but to get back into the job slowly after a traumatic event. However, Newbie also has something else to say. He asks Shimazaki if he will let him quit. I like the specific phrasing of this rather than him coming out and resigning, so I'm hoping that the translation is accurate. It remains in character because it shows Newbie's hesitancy over everything. Also apparently, his mom has been asking him to quit since Murata's death, and when Shimazaki asks him what he thinks, he says he doesn't know. He also wonders if the branch will survive because he thinks Takanashi will quit, too.
I was surprised when Newbie wanted to quit, but then grief makes one do things one never imagined. And this would really hit close to home and show that being a bodyguard is definitely not just smelling the roses and synchronized watches.
I understand him. He also never seemed the type to do dangerous stuff.
Shimazaki tells him that he will stay because he hasn't anything else, but he encourages Newbie to take on this job as his first and last assignment and do it well. He, too, is a great boss.

Takanashi has decided that hanging outside of SP headquarters is his next move. He's clearly waiting for Ochai to come out, so he can confront him. Sugu stays back. Ochai initially tries to politely brush Takanashi off, but stops when the younger man tells him how much Ochai annoys him with his superiority, but he always thought Ochai was thorough. He wants to know if the police are making him stay silent. He begs him to save Murata and give a complete bow, which obviously pains Ochai.
Still, all Ochai does is give his condolences and walk about. Sugu walks over and says to Takanashi that they can't be surprised when an SP won't out the police.
Bowing to Ochai must have hurt Takanashi's pride, but Murata deserved it (sobs some more). Is Ochai really going to do nothing? 
Ochai is a smart man, not a coward. I think he knows he needs to plan this carefully. 
Takanashi just stands there, clearly at a loss for what to do next. She repeats to him what he said to her the day when the retired PM's grandchild went missing and she was flustered: "It's not that I don't like this side of you." He stops and looks at her, but she used this line the same way he did, to get him back to focusing!
Ha. Love her.

PM Tachinara is visiting Chief Secretary Evil at the hospital. He is clearly fine and just using his time in the executive suite to support the story about the police and to keep his hands clean. He is very happy with the way the story has gotten out. PM Tachihara isn't so sure. She tells him that he is just lucky that they (whoever that is) do not want him dead yet. He just says that you need to risk everything to gain.
What is going on...... hmmmmmm.

We switch to the BG headquarters where Shimazaki is packing up to go home. He looks at the in/out board on which Murata's name remains. He remembers some great Murata moments, including the one where he yells that no one should die in vain and sighs. He is just about to leave when Ochai shows up. He just sighs again when Ochai tells him that PM Tachihara wants to meet him and asks if he has time. She really does just show up everywhere. If I were him, I'd think she has a tracking device on me.
She's laser focused on him.
Maybe she has put a tracking device on him. In his underpants? Ahahahaha. 
I know I can count on you to bring some levity to our dour mood.
When she walks in, he tells her that he isn't interested in apologizes, but she says that she doesn't bow her head unless she expects something in return. He can barely keep from rolling his eyes when he asks her what she wants (at this moment, I was really glad that Ochai is seeing this. He has to see that Shimazaki is not the one initiating anything in this relationship and lay off).
It won't matter to Ochai that Shimazaki isn't the one initiating the relationship. All that enrages him is that she is clearly interested in another man that is not him.
I agree with Pandy. Jealousy knows no reason.
She actually is there to warn him. but he scoffs. She is determined though and asks him to be careful since the only civilians that know what really happened that night are himself and Murata. After she says this, she leaves.
Oh. Does she think they would do something to him?! 

Shimazaki walks home, and we can tell that he's a bit shaken by the PM's warning. He's super wary and jumps at a couple walking behind him. However, he doesn't seem to see the sleazy lawyers above him taking pics of him as he walks to his apartment. He arrives with the newly favored ramen in his hand, and offers some to Shun. They have another small but great interchange over the offer and the meal, and when they start to eat, Shimazaki can barely take his eyes off of his son.
You can definitely see that Tachihara's words hit home. He knows he can take care of himself, but his son is his weak link. He will need to mitigate damage from that angle. He might also be having thoughts of what would happen to Shun if anything ever happened to him :(
There is such a look of love and worry and loss and so many things that I started crying before I noticed that he was tearing up. He finally decides to turn away, hoping, I guess, that Shun does not see him.
So touching. Love the acting. 

The next day, the team prepares to leave for the Ramen King job. Newbie is really nervous. I can't tell if it's because it's his first time leading or if it's because he's quitting or because of Murata's death and now he's taking the danger part of the job seriously. In any case, he even needs help with his ear thing. Both Sugu and Shimazaki give him pep talks while Takanashi sits sullenly at his desk.
Maybe a combination of all that. Leading, especially after a tragedy would feel daunting.
It's just him I'd say!

However, when it's time for them to do their "no error" time check, Newbie can't stop from staring at Murata's empty desk, so Shimazaki does it instead. Newbie is the lead and Sugu and Shimazaki are the back up BG, and on their way out, he tells Takanashi to function as the back up at HQ but also tells him that when this job is done, they will help him. He, too, thinks they need to start working on what to do.
The event begins. People seem super excited about this egg over easy ramen flavor. I'm excited too! Wants! There is even glittering confetti popping out of an egg!!! Scene is tense and humorous at the same time. I keep waiting for something to happen. And clearly, so is Newbie because he has such a scary look to the point that Shimazaki tells him through the earpiece to stop looking so scary and take a breath.

He was sooo tense, LOL. His face was totally frozen, even I got worried for him. I am glad someone was able to calm him down a bit.
He does so, and his face relaxes a bit. But now there are women asking King Ramen if Newbie is his new secretary, but he tells him that he's his BG and asks them if they don't think he's handsome. This, of course, makes him smile and get an admonishment through the earpiece from Sugu about not being conspicuous.
Hehehehehe. Now he's being blamed for smiling too much! Newbie can't win :)))
The event pretty much goes without a hitch. There were a couple of workers there who looked like they might be disruptive, but Shimazaki and Sugu take care of them. The two sleazy reporters are there, too, which makes it seem like they might be up to something. But whatever they are up to must be longterm because they do nothing here.
Just scaring us.

In the meanwhile, Takanashi is on the phone asking someone if they can file a lawsuit about Murata's story, but is told that they need to have concrete evidence that the police and SP are lying. He hangs up in frustration, wondering how they are going to get any evidence.  He looks over at Murata's empty desk decides to check Murata's computer. Searching through the files shows that Murata had saved notes, including recordings, of all their jobs. 
Of course he did.
But why? Just naturally cautious?
I'm wondering if it's just for review and training purposes.
When he calls Murata's wife, she is s having a confrontation with her son who decides to eat the bun she had set out in front of Murata's shrine. He is just a ball of anger; he seems to spend his time hating his dad for dying and not going to prep school. He doesn't even want her to pick up the phone when it rings because he assumes that it is going to be a reporter asking questions. Despite his bad attitude, he does seem interested when he overhears her talking to Murata.  
This is all so messy, and I feel so sorry for them. His son is obviously putting up a front that he is not interested, but the opposite is clearly the case.

King Ramen thanks the group for their service after the event is over. He is really pleased with them, especially Newbie (who has to be reminded to step forward since he is the lead on this job). He tells them that he hopes that they can help Murata. He has read the news reports, but he cannot believe any of them because none of what he has read sounds like Murata, especially looking at the results of Murata's work (he looks specifically at Newbie when he says this). While he gives this nice pep talk to them. We get a sob-inducing Murata as best Boss retrospective. 😭
I don't know how I finished this episode TT__TT.
Ramen King even tells Newbie that he'd be a good groom for his granddaughter. Newbie's "really?" is tempered by both Sugu's calling him a golddigger and King Ramen telling them that his granddaughter is 5. Hahahahaha. While they laugh about this, Shimazaki gets a text from Takanashi, asking him to come to Murata's house.

When Shimazaki gets to Murata's house, Takanashi and Murata's wife are going through a box of their boss's things, but the phone and recorder are not here.
That would have been too easy, wouldn't it?
He tells Shimazaki about the recordings he found of all their jobs, which leads Shimazaki to assert that Murata must have started recording before the incident occurred.  
This just infuriates Youichi who accuses the police of stealing the evidence. Takanashi, of all people, tells him to calm down and remember that his dad was always calm in crisis situations. 
Hot-headed Takanashi telling someone to calm down is indeed quite funny.
See, I think he has anger-management issues, but he's smart enough to realize that's a problem.
I actually named this pic "Pot Meet Kettle" when I saved the file
Shimazaki says they should go to the police tomorrow and request the rest of Murata's things and Takanashi concurs, adding that they can't refuse a family member.
Murata's wife agrees but doesn't think she is up to it (wimp), but Youichi volunteers to go. Takanashi immediately says that he will go with him and when he protests, Shimazaki tells him that Murata wouldn't let a minor go into a situation like by himself. Takanashi promises the mother that they will keep him safe. Shimazaki notices the special care Takanashi seems to take of Youichi.
I don't think the wife is a wimp, she is dealing with major loss and must still be processing things. Plus all this spy business would seem slightly scary to her given how her husband died.

When Shimazaki and Takanashi go back to headquarters, Takanashi is excited about going to get the recording. He is sure it will contain the evidence they need, but Shimazaki wants him to calm down and not get too excited. He says that they need to be careful, probably thinking of the PM's warning and also comments on how Takanashi seems to be taking care of Youichi, which Takanashi denies. Shimazaki just rolls his eyes since he was giving the man a compliment, which leads Takanashi to tell him about why he quit the Japanese Special Defence force.
He says that he had a junior who was wimpy and scared all the time, so he took him on a hike in the mountains to help him build confidence. Unfortunately, there was an avalanche, his junior got hurt enough to be discharged, and he felt too guilty to stay so he quit. He thinks now he should have stayed and is grateful to Murata for bringing him back to the team.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Our Bromance is now full blown.
Dummy. He is just like Shamazaki. They should marry already! 
Shimazaki guesses that Youichi reminds Takanashi of his junior. Both men agree that they are grateful to Murata and that this is why they can't leave things the way they are. Bromance for the win.

Sugu comes in, though, assuming that they are fighting (ha).  She has treats for everyone that she starts passing out. Newbie appears with a big box of drinks. He tells Shimazaki that he's decided against what they talked about earlier because he changed his mind about being a BG. Sugu picks up on this and immediately confronts him about quitting, but he denies it saying that he was going to quit but changed his mind.
Yayyy, he is staying! I'm glad, it wouldn't have been the same without him to be teased.
That's true, though I'm still not sure he should actually be in the field. Maybe he can do the office jobs for them.

Both Sugu and Takanashi start yelling, and he's all like "But I'm staying" which is very cute. The whole group is cute, and Sugu looks around smiling at them all.
She makes a decision, goes to her desk, and takes out her framed copy of the team pic they took at restaurant. She said she couldn't look at it before, but she is very happy that they took the picture.  They all stop and look at it until Sugu starts to cry, embarrassed that she's held it together and now is falling apart
I hate this episode :(((((

On the way home that night, Shimazaki hears someone following him. He actually closes his eyes for a bit to listen more carefully. He breaks into a run and then abruptly stops listening to footsteps doing the same. He calls out to the people who are following him, telling him he knows there are two of them and if they have something to ask him, they should just come out. The reporters?! But they remain hidden, and he leaves, but you know he is thinking. And when he looks in on Shun sleeping, I knew.
He sort of had no choice.
He goes to the window first and then goes back into Shun's room and takes out a backpack and a suitcase. And if I was teary before, I start feeling a different kind of loss as he looks at Shun sleeping and holds his hand a bit when he tucks him in.

The next bit broke some more of my heart. Shimazaki and Shun are walking quickly along the river, Shimazaki pulling the suitcase. Shun is complaining about having to wake up so early on a Sunday and is angry when his father tells him that he's moving back in with his mother. He thinks it unfair that his dad has decided this all on his own, but Shimazaki doesn't answer this question.
He just starts talking about random things at first, but then he tells Shun that he has to do something really dangerous. And Shun is like "what else is new?" but the look on his dad's face tells him that this job is different.
He starts telling Shun final life lesson like things. Like telling Shun to make sure he sees a lot of different places, places that are far and high and so big that he won't believe it. (okay, I'm offically crying now). Shun doesn't speak for a bit and then finally just takes his bags and tells his dad that he'll go the rest of the way by himself. It's a sad moment watching him leave and watching Shimazaki watch him leave.
Poor babies.
They'll be alright. Or won't they?
The music changes and Shimazaki walks in the other direction determined. He and Takanashi show up to collect Youichi to take him to the police station. When they arrive, Youichi asks for his father's belongings.

An officer alerts Section Chief Shady (cough, I mean Hikawa), and he looks to see who has come to pick up Murata's belongings. He asks one of his staff whether Ochai is around, but he is with PM Tachihara. He then asks his subordinate if he knows these guys with Yuoichi and whether they are with Hinode Security. 
You know, I mean those security guys DID mess up things over Murata's death, but doesn't this whole cover-up seem way out of proportion?!
He specifically wants to know which one is Shimazaki. Hmm. I can't tell if he would have asked Ochai or if he was making sure Ochai was gone before asking about them. I think it's just a classic intimidation move. Back at the desk, another officer comes out with the phone and the recording to give to Youchi. He apologizes  and hands them over.
Of course, we find that this was too easy, for when they go back to headquarters to check, they find that nothing from that night is on the recorder. They are all disappointed. 

Shimazaki thinks back to all the times Murata told them that they always had to put in their utmost effort to be satisfied and runs out of the office. He is clearly on a mission, but it doesn't stop him hearing the motorcycle revving up behind him. Just in time, too, because the motorcyclists are clearly after him, the driver trying to run him over and the passenger trying attack him with a tire iron.

Takanashi comes out of building at this point and the cyclists don't like their chances with the two of them and drive off. 
Wow, seriously.
Shimazaki tells Takanashi to take Youichi home, and he heads off.

We then see Ochai briefing PM Tachihara on her next security detail. She seems pretty depressed at the state of things, guilty about her ineffectual behavior and her desire to save herself. She even apologizes for not being worthy of protection. Ochai finally talks to her like she's been wanting him to talk to her. He confesses that he worked under Murata and that he made a mistake for which Murata took the blame.
Wow, Ochai. I don't know what to say.

He knows that Murata had great hopes that Ochai would be able to reform the SP, but Ochai is ashamed to admit that he feels like a man who is just clinging to his job. However, when the PM thanks him for sharing and his sincerity, he apologizes for wasting her time.

When they leave the building, Shimazaki is there. The SP make him keep his distance, but he asks her if she will tell the truth publicly. He's both begging and accusing, but she just apologizes and gets in her car. Shimazaki starts yelling and the SP has to hold him back.
He talks about how they already have so little: no status, no weapons, no power. Why are they going after the only thing they have left?

Now it's time for Kakashi's girl crush to shine. PM Tachihara has gone to visit Chief Evil in his hospital lair.
She warns him that the fire hasn't gone out. but he is resolute. So is she. She tells him that they should tell the public the truth and that he was wrong not to speak out and so was she.
He half asks half threatens her, wondering if she knows what she is doing. She just answers in the affirmative, but I like to think that this is the first time there isn't a cloud or the same kind of nervousness she had before. When she walks out with Ochai, she thanks him for his service and tells him that she is going to go home alone. When he starts to protest, she tells him that plans to resign to his surprise. She thanks him sincerely for all his work.

Ochai visits his boss, chief Shady back at headquarters (what office is ever that dark?) and tells him that PM Tachinara is going to resign. This just annoys the chief. He hopes "that woman" doesn't do anything stupid. He tells Ochai that they have to make sure that she does not meet with Shimazaki and the others. Ochai asks his boss if it isn't time that Shimazaki disappears just like the recording disappeared. But Chief Shady is wary because this doesn't sound like Ochai. Ochai counters that they need to protect the 40,000 police officers and that Chief Shady keeps saying he needs to see proof of Ochai's real dedication. Isn't this it? Oh, Ochia. Please don't go dark. Doesn't help my psyche that we end his turn in this ep with him back doing target practice.
I'm strangely not worried. No, he won't go dark. He already sits in a bad place, he knows he does and now he'll crawl out into the light. Just watch.

Shimazaki returns to headquarters, but as he's leaving the parking garage, who does he see getting out of a cab? Guess, guys! PM Tachihara. She tells him that she will go public. They go inside to tell the team. They all formally request that she help them.

I rewatched this to prep for recaps while doing a treadmill workout at the gym. I didn't realize how much I was crying until a guy on the treadmill next to mine asked me if I was okay. I'd completely repressed how much this episode was all about grieving and recognizing what is precious because it's been taken away and/or threatened.
For example, Shun is correct. Shimazaki will be lonely without him. His mom has her new husband and the splendiferous house while Shimazaki has that cosy apartment, ramen, and probably a year supply of pain patches. I think I openingly wept the most during the scene between the two of them by the river. Maybe even more than the funeral or the flashbacks.
I apologize for my sparse comments, I hated this episode. I started with the faintest, faintest hope that the last episode was a red herring and Murata would not actually die. So, tbh most of this episode, I was glaring daggers at screen while sniffling intermittently. Next ep will be better :(
Nonetheless, it was a hugely insightful episode. Many secrets were revealed. And now we're clearly at a cross-roads, with at least one character (LOVE YOU!) putting egotistical and craven notions aside to do "the right thing". Not for her, but for a man who died without warning and clearly not by his own fault. So, I finally get it. His death, though mean and hurtful, is the start of the catharsis. He had to die so that corruption could be dismantled. A true hero.