BG: Shinpen Keigonin/ Personal Bodyguard - Episode 9 (Finale Recap)

Trotwood: I feel as though I keep apologizing for delaying this recap project, but this time rage had no part in the delay but giddy fangirling. I got to actually meet Takumi Saito during Japan Cuts, the New York City based Japan Society's annual film festival. Thus, every time I tried rewatching the finale to get screen shots, I started giggling like a twelve-year-old girl each time he showed up on screen and would have to stop.
Panda: I am so excited you met Saito, Trot!!! Wow, what a way to cap off the BG journey.
kakashi: Incredible!!!!! 
Murata's empty desk
I was already planning to do a whole hair post on Saito's hair to add to the other hair posts on the blog, so never fear, I will include some pics from the event.
Make sure it includes one with a clear view of his "clothes".
I kind of like the combination of the "hair" with the "clothes". No I'm not odd, it's him.

Episode 9: Finale

Just like in the last episode, we forgo the cold open and begin with a quick review of what got us here: from the hostage situation to the sham story told to the press to the threat against Shimazaki and the erased recording. I understand why. The cold opens in previous episodes focused on client cases, and we all know that the most important "case" now is clearing Murata's name. However, I must say that I do miss them and thought they were collectively in the top ten best uses of the cold open technique I have seen in dramas.
I did enjoy them too. They not only were a juicy teaser, I really enjoyed them because they were mostly often not what they seemed to be. 
I cannot complain at all about this drama's storytelling! Actually, I have no complaints at all.

The team is thankful to PM Tachihara for saying that she was on their side and willing to go public. She even says that she has a friend from her old days as a broadcaster who will let her go on his show secretly so that she can tell the truth.
Hmmmmmmmm. You better not be jerking the group around Lady.
Jerk me around, me! Me! I love you!
However, they are also worried about her as well. This is a major risk for her professionally and personally. She admits that she planned to resign but that she has already been threatened with the exposure of her earlier stadium bombing shenanigans to get her to be quiet. This shocks them (I don't think so much that she did it but that she admits it). She goes on to talk about how they saved her then and how they helped her not only see her daughter but to keep her secret. She feels like she owes them. She knows that this could be the end of her political career, but she seems ready to end her career as she knows it and is ready to start and fight afresh.
Okay, I am convinced she really means to do the right thing. Good for you PM! I applaud her for having thought things through and still be determined to help. It can't be easy especially as she knows it's potential career suicide.
Yes, now you see it too. *Sulks*
Shimazaki reminds her of the danger because whistleblowers are always targets, but she doesn't believe that she will in danger because she is going to have them as her bodyguards. She isn't a PM anymore, so she won't be protected by SP. They might as well stick together against the common enemy. I finally like her a bit here. She's not playing games or wasting words. 
Go Kakshi's girl!!!

We next go to the enemy camp. Ochiai is at the shooting training room/center where we first met him. He's hitting all the targets squarely in the head, so I'm not sure why he's practicing. 
Letting off steam. Or thinking dangerous thoughts?
Being sexy.
Well, of course.  I meant other than that . . .
More interestingly is the conversation we get between Chief Shady and Secretary Evil. Chief Shady assures Evil that things will work out because Ochiai has requested to take care of this matter personally. However, he looks more nervous and scared then assured despite getting a compliment from Evil.
Urgh, such people annoy me. The blatant abuse of power and arrogance, it's so incredibly off-putting. Alas, they are the ones that usually get to high places in the real world because they know where all the bodies are buried and are not afraid to lie and cheat to get their goal.
Isn't it interesting that they seem so cliché when we see them in dramas but exist exactly like this in the real world? 
Chief Shady avoids the question by thanking Secretary Evil for his support. We learn that Chief Shady was Secretary Evil's SP at one time. Interesting; I wonder how many secrets he's covered up for this man? Lucky for him, Chief Evil is more eager to see how the news is handling PM Tachinara's resignation than noticing Shady's anxious demeanor.
I like that Shady is so nervous. I don’t know what it means exactly, but I love that he isn’t as confident as he appears. Is there a problem with Ochiai?
Yes of COURSE there's a problem with Ochiai! He's an ass!

Shimazaki drives Tachihara home and once he parks the car in her basement garage, she asks that he wait for her, and she will contact him after she has made her preparations. He thanks her again for taking their side on this, but really she wants to thank him. She tells him that when he told her that day that she really was the only one who could tell the truth, it opened her eyes. 
Awww, it’s never too late to turn a new leaf. I am glad she’s sincere with helping out.
Smooth, lady. You're winning everyone over.
Truthfully, I think her eyes were being opened before that. Remember the reason she was at that restaurant of tragedy in the first place? Still, she is sincere, and I thought that I had misjudged her, but then she also asks if once this is all over if they can finally have the dinner together she's been talking about. I'm sorry. I did roll my eyes again here but more because I could hear Kakashi laughing at me more than any annoyance with her. At least she is consistent. 
LOL. She is a very determined woman. She has a bright future ahead.
Seriously, why not GO for this juicy man if you can? I applaud her.

He doesn't respond at first, but then she says it's a request from a client, so he agrees. The vision of him saying "certainly, with pleasure" is so . . . melty (is that even a word?) that I don't even mind that he's saying this to her. He even smiles to himself when he turns back around. 
There’s always been something between them. They have this shared pull and that’s partly why Ochiai is so annoyed. She likes him, and he also feels this pull towards her. It scares me though cos I feel she can hurt him if he drops his guard.
I live for sexy strong men getting hurt emotionally. You GO gurl!
This comment just proves that you are evil. I think Shimazaki has been hurt enough, thanks.
Unfortunately, that smile is broken almost immediately. His expression changes as he looks out the car, and he goes into BG mode, telling her that he'll escort her upstairs and gets out of the car to stand by her as she gets out. He stops and walks a bit to check, sees the people following them in a car mirror, and  heads back to her.  
When the camera peals back, we see that it's the taller of the oily reporters that have been following him. He goes back to a car where the other oily reporter sits. These two are starting to freak me out. They look like they smell, and I no longer believe they are just reporters.
I am sure they are RANK. They look absolutely disreputable, and if they are spies, they are very bad ones cos they totally stand out.  
Much too obvious, I agree

Takanashi is at Murata's house telling his wife that Tachinara is going to go public with the truth. She is very grateful, but her son walks in with disbelief. Why should he believe her, he asks, when she's been lying about it all along? 
Well, I was also very skeptical, but I feel more inclined to believe her now. She does seem sincere, but how is the son to trust her?
I wouldn't if I were him. 
Takanashi tells him that she feel badly and wants to come forward, but Youichi still doesn't believe him. Takanashi says he understands but asks if he can believe in the people who worked under his father or at least start believing again if Tachinara really does go public. 
Poor Youichi. It must be so hard to be hopeful when you feel so defeated.
If you're screwed over like this, it becomes very hard to trust anybody.
He also wants Youichi to go back to prep school. The boy sarcastically asks why he should do this for his dad when his dad is dead. Tachinara tells him that he's asking as a personal request.
Tachinara is being a dad! Awwww. 

pause, I need a moment: I yelled at the screen "I'll take that as a personal request!! Meeee!! Meee!! Request something from meeeeeee!"(calm now; returning to focus). 

Youichi turns around in a huff, but before he leaves, he agrees.  His mother is so pleased, and Takanashi smiles genuinely for the first time in . . . ever? 
He’s smiled before hasn’t he? I remember him smiling in conversation with Sugu.
Trot is in love, ahahahahaaaa (she wrote this before she fell in love with the Guardian guy though)
The next day finds Shimazaki looking out his apartment window, scanning the surroundings. He's got to know he's being followed, so I'm wondering how they plan to sneak Tachihara anywhere. Once back inside, he takes a phone call from Shun. And what follows has got to be the sweetest interchange in the whole show. Who needs romance when you have Shimazaki and Shun?
The two of them are so precious!
They are probably my favorite pairing, actually. 

Shun is calling because he's a bit miffed that Shimazaki hasn't called to tell him that he's okay. Understandable. I'd be worried, too, if a family member said they had to go do something dangerous and then didn't call for days. Shun tells him that he's going to a national game with his stepfather and that his stepfather says he can live with them always and not worry about anything. He is clearly so waiting for Shimazaki to protest, but his dad just acquiesces. 
Tell your son you miss him, Mister!
We see how forlorn Shimazaki looks when he says this, but Shun doesn't, and the boy is obviously disappointed. Shimazaki tells him that he has to go to work, so Shun tells him to make sure that everything is taken care of because you never know when you are going to die. 
So horrible to have your kid say something like this...
This is a repeat of a conversation from earlier--one that Shimazaki probably didn't think Shun would remember because he didn't think his son was really listening at the time. Shimazaki tries to lighten the mood by whining that Shun didn't have to include the dying part, but then he seriously assures Shun that he isn't going to die. Shun immediately brightens up and runs off to school. I'm like, REMEMBER this promise, Shimazaki!! You Promised us ALL!!!
Honestly, they are so precious. And even though I still think Shun has some minor brattish ways, he’s just a kid. And I love how he worries about his dad and tries to be gruff about it. And I feel for Shimazaki also. Stay safe for your son ok? No super-hero moves.
For me, this is a typical interaction between two people who are very much alike - and cannot express their feelings. But it works out in the end: just because they are so alike, they can know what the other is feeling.
The next scene opens like a traditional case with the time in big font on our screen. Shimazaki and Takanashi are waiting in a car in the parking garage of their meeting place. Newbie and Sugu are at the tv station scoping everything out. All they have to do is wait for Tachihara. And they wait and wait. We can see them starting to panic. Sugu calls them telling them that if they don't hurry, they won't make it in time. 
Wait, where is she? Is she going to make me regret trusting her?
Murata's family are sitting in front of the television waiting. They wait for over an hour, and when the show she was supposed to appear on finishes, they finally give up. The disappointment is palpable from everyone.
Back at headquarters everyone is pissed. Shimazaki tries to calm them all down by saying that maybe something came up. Sugu thinks she should have at least called. Newbie exclaims, he'll never be able to trust women, and Takanashi says they are at fault for trusting a politician when they know they always lie.  
That B****! I can’t believe she really stood them up.
Okay, maybe you guys were right all along... :(
When the Hinode Security President comes in, he sees a sad group. He asks why they are so down, and Sugu replies that people don't get tricked like this often and upon prodding admits that she was cheated out of her money by a guy, but when they all stare, she tells them she's over it now. Ha. (now we know why she's always going on and on about earning money).
LOOL. So that’s what that was. Is that why you won’t even glance at our poufy pouty one in a non-professional way?
Hahahaaa, she's so done with men.
The president has a package for them that was delivered this morning. It's return address is disguised, but it turns out to be from Tachinara claiming that she couldn't meet because she found out that her appearance had been cancelled. Believing that her former political party (aka--Secretary Evil) was behind it, she didn't want to contact them in case she was bugged. She swears that she isn't giving up and asks for another chance. In addition to the letter, the packages contains information about a major party meeting with floor plans of the venue. 
Okay, I am slightly mollified although I feel she should have sent word to them before they went to waste their time at the tv event.
She's weird.
The president believes that Tachihara wants to confront Chief Evil at this party meeting, but since she is no longer a party member, she won't be allowed inside. Their real mission is to help sneak her into the building to allow the confrontation to take place. You thought I was nervous before? Now I'm really nervous!
Ooooooh, ballsy move. I like it.

As Shimazaki wheels the president to the elevator, his boss reminds him that the lesson of Murata's death is to stay safe while protecting clients. He wants Shimazaki to be careful. Before they can talk more, Newbie comes running out to show that that Murata's son has posted on social media about the missing recording that the police are hiding. We go immediately to Chief Shady who asks Ochiai about this son. 
Yes, please stay safe. Very important. Something I realized when it comes to work is we like working ourselves to the bone, feeling like we are irreplaceable, but we’re not. If anything happened, a replacement would be found in a timely manner so it’s always better for one to have their health prioritized. Coming back from that tangent, Murata’s son snapped!
Hear, hear, Panda. Since I'm on holidays now, I see the truth and wisdom in your words. But it is HARD to live by this.
Ochiai tells him that Hinode Security probably set him up to do this. He asks Chief Shady if he really wants him to stop. He wants to protect the organization from what seems like a small leak but one that could sink the ship. Oh Ochiai, you've become so cold now that even Chief Shady looks worried about what you might do.
I don’t understand what he means, what does he mean??? Do you want to take Hinode out? Do you want to kill them?
Somebody wack him over the head, hard!

The team shows up at Murata's house and has to push through a gaggle of reporters to get in. Youichi is defiant when they reprimand him for putting out that post. 
It was a foolhardy move, but the boy said nothing more than the the truth didn't he? He has to feel this is his best chance of doing anything as people in power had blocked things.
He wants to go out and take them all on, but the team stops him. Takanashi tells him that there is nothing admirable about not being afraid (he really has learned from Shimazaki) and wonders if he ever really thought about his father at all.  
That was a low blow Takanashi. The boy is just very frustrated. I can’t even imagine how he feels seeing his father’s reputation tarnished posthumously.
Ah, the young ones and their passion... something to envy, sometimes, but also something to channel into the right kind of activities if you're an elder.
They are clearly at a standoff when Shimazaki asks his mother if there is any place else they can stay.  They can't stay here because the press will hound them. She mentions her sister, so he tells her to get ready to leave. He looks out the window through the curtains at the crowd when asked about a plan. He turns around and does some signaling to the team, which they all understand (thank goodness because I got nothing from those hand signals) and actually has Newbie excited.
Glad to see Newbie’s zest for bodyguarding return. LOL.
They disguise Newbie as Youichi and send him out with mom, escorted by Sugu and Takanashi while Shimazaki stays behind with Youichi. They head out like Newbie/Youichi is a boyband member in the middle of a scandal with Sugu and Takanashi working his security.
They manage to get around the corner and into their car. Newbie, Sugu, and Takanashi smile with success.

Shimazaki sits in the Murata family home in the dark with Youichi waiting for the reporters to go. Youichi attempts to apologize, but Shimazaki stops him knowing that he did this for his father. He finally tells him about his last conversation with Murata and how they talked about Youichi being rebellious but also how Shimazaki assured his father how polite Youichi had been on the phone and that his dad seemed relieved. Youichi talks about how much he hated his dad for being a BG. I think resentful is more like it. Watching his dad risk everything for the safety of strangers without any of the glory was probably hard for him. But Shimazaki talks about what a great person Murata was and the effect he had on people.
Please don't make me cry TT_TT. Sigh, I miss him a lot.
I fully get the kid. I would NOT want any of my parents to do this kind of work. We don't live in a time where heroics of this kind have any value.
Suddenly, there is a crash, and guess who shows up? Short oily reporter who is clearly not a reporter but a hitman. Nooooooo. Shimazaki smoothly puts Youichi behind a table and fights him and over takes him but tall oily reporter shows up, too. He's bigger and in the struggle Shimazaki gets hurt. He still manages to win with some great moves. When he breaks free of both oilies, he starts taking pics of them with flash, which blinds them but also makes them want to get out fast before he gets good identifying pics. Brilliant. I'd like to call his fighting style smart fighting. Nothing is wasted. I would not have thought of this. As dangerous as this is, I'm glad Youichi got to witness this. He has to know how great his dad was. Youichi asks him if he is okay, and Shimazaki says it's nothing that can't be cured at a hospital.
Very brilliant move. I hope he does get to identify them and gets justice for them jumping him. BTW, who would have hired hitmen for him? It’s definitely not Ochai’s style… Does he have another enemy?
Shimazaki arrives back in headquarters in a sling and, when Sugu voices her concern, admits that his shoulder/elbow(?) has been dislocated . Both she and Newbie look on with worry as he gets medicine out of a pharmacy bag. Newbie immediately rushes to get him water when he asks. They are all wondering who did this, and Shimazaki tells them he got pics, so he doesn't think they will be back. Sugu is so angry about the powerful people acting out like this that she stands up quickly enough to make her rolling chair roll right back into the injured Shimazaki. Ha
While she is hovering, Takanashi comes in with his stone face as usual, telling them that he had made sure Murata's family is settled. He smoothly, without comment, leaves a bag on the table next to Shimazaki. He is so obviously trying to ignore the bag that he makes it obvious, and Sugu asks him point blank whether this is a get well gift for Shimazaki, who immediately looks inside at the nice fruit.
Awww bromance!
They make me laugh.

Takanashi denies this (of course), especially when she comments that he'll make a good wife, and tries to say that it's just left overs from the snacks he brought for Murata's family. The bromance is real folks. It's real!!
Of course it’s real, no matter how much Takanashi tries to deny it, it’s completely obvious to us all :D
All the funnier, damn, he's a piece of stiff teddybear love.

He changes the subject by asking if Shimazaki is going to be okay in time. They only have 6 days before the event. Shimazaki says he's not sure and asks him if he can lead the event. If he was younger, he wouldn't worry about it, but at his age, he doesn't want to hold them back. But first he needs to know if the team members can trust Tachinara. He tells them he trusts her about this, but they need to do so as well.
Hmmmmmm. I don’t know, I trust her but not completely.
Do BG's have to trust their clients though? 
I think they have to believe them enough to feel as though the information they are working with is correct. Otherwise, you are working against both the outside and the inside.
Takanashi hesitates, admitting that he's having a difficult time but that he also feels that he has no choice. Sugu comes and shows a map of the venue with her notes saying that if she didn't trust the PM, she couldn't have done this. Newbie shows his notes on the guest list (I think) and says he's always been the gullible type (you don't have to tell us Newbie!). They hear someone at the entrance, and Shimazaki goes to see and immediately turns around in annoyed resignation. 
Yup, I feel like they should trust her, but please also have a back-up plan JUST IN CASE. 
It's Ochiai. He just strolls in, looking around while they try to cover up their papers. He even notices them turning the phone over. He asks them if they know anything, and he tells them that they seem like they are trying to hide something. He even takes some papers off the table which enrages Takanashi. 
This arrogant fella is really beginning to piss me off. Who in the world does he think he is? Yes, he is the best of the best SP but that doesn’t mean the BG office is his to play with. Just eff off.
Yeah, he's a big bully.
He ends up leaving without saying much, and Shimazaki follows him out, wondering if he (Shimazaki) is such a pain to the police because he is the only witness, implying that the police were behind the attack. Ochiai is completely noncommittal and makes some weird comment that I don't understand. Neither, as you can see, can Shimazaki.
What was this visit all about?
He just went to make a show of force. To show them that he is superior to them isn’t it?
Maybe he was trying to tell them something but failed.

Now the the team begins serious planning. They do reconnaissance in the hotel. Sugu gets a job as wait staff, so she can be on the inside at the event. Newbie works on all of their communications equipment. Shimazaki and Takanashi go over the floor plan and figure out the best route to sneak in the Tachinara. They try to predict where SP will be located and how they will have to get by them, forcing their way if need be. Shimazaki gives them a pep talk about how they won't fail and they will succeed without weapons.
I love watching stuff like this, seeing a plan come together. It's like watching a good heist movie with all the blueprints and everything, and I love stuff like that. 
That is true!!!!! It's why heist movies are so fun. But you know that they're also fun because we can be sure part of the plan doesn't work out.
On the day of the event, everyone goes over their specific jobs and the timing. Shimazaki and Takanashi are to meet Tachihara in front of her new hotel at 11:30. And of course they do their no error thing, which makes me sad because I know this is the last time I'm going to see this. They then all look over to Murata's empty desk and bow. (And I know it's cheesy, and I thought it cheesy even when I was watching it, but I still enjoyed the slo-mo run out of the office.:)
Everything is set up. Sugu is serving drinks and Newbie is in van outside scoping out locations of SP. We get a time check when Shimzaki and Takanashi are in the van waiting for Tachihara. 
She had better show up this time.
Takanashi is actually counting down the time until Shimazaki asks him to stop. It really is making him crazy, but this causes Takanashi to tease "is that a hint of not trusting our client?"  What is this I see? Takanashi smiling (sorta) and teasing during a mission? They both start alternating the countdown, and Takanashi tells Shimazaki that he's decided to trust the former PM. Shimazaki tells Takanashi that he trusts him. He gives Takanashi a funny look to lighten the mood, but it's clear that this touches Takanashi to the core.
But of course he trusts you Takanashi! I thought you knew that. I am so tense waiting for Kakashi’s crush but then these two make me feel all warm inside. *still tense though* Where is she?
He's so discombobulated that he can't even do the countdown anymore. He's about to say that he trusts Shimazaki, too, when Tachihara shows up, and I think to myself, "I want to look that good and effortless when I'm in hiding from the federal government".
She does look good. She’s looked good all through though. A total fox as knetz would say.

Back at the event venue, Kyoto tells Ochiai that everything is clear, but Ochiai warns him that he knows Tachihara will show up with Hinode Security, so be on the lookout and to inform him as soon as that happens.
The next sequence of events is too complicated to summarize here. Takanashi and Newbie sneak into the building with Tachinara but get spotted and spend much time splitting up and remeeting, including calling in Shimazaki for back up, and switching things around to avoid the SP.  But it's excellent, and my heart was pounding even rewatching. 
I love stuff like this. 
They're so good at their job!
They finally are all together again (except Sugu who warns that Ochiai is on the loose while still serving drinks in the venue) and are on the the last stairwell before getting to the venue. Shimazaki asks Tachihara again if she is sure. She says she is, but Ochiai shows up. Good grief. I knew this would happen with all the talking!
Ochiai is determined to be an ass right to the end! I am so annoyed.
He pleasantly greets the former PM and tells them that they can't go in. He tells them that they can't expect to overthrow the order for the sake of Murata when they know it won't bring him back. He asks Shimazaki whether he understand this, but Shimazaki just looks at him and says he just wants to protect people. He wants to protect Murata and Tachihara's wish.
Seriously, somebody kick Ochiai where it HURTS. 
Remember I get first dibs on hugs
There is a moment when I think Ochiai is actually going to throw Shimazaki down the stairs. But then he goes for, what I think (and everyone else thinks) is his gun, but instead, he brings out a recorder. A newer version but similar to the one Murata used. He tells them that real police understand that nothing will happen without evidence, and he has it right in his hand. 
*tense, but now my heart is blooming with incredible hope*
Oh. Okay, don't kick him where it hurts just yet. 
He goes on to tell Tachihara that even though he isn't her SP anymore, he wants to protect her one last time. He explained that since Murata trained him, he took up the recording habit as well. He is going to repair Murata's name and asks Shimazaki didn't he remember that he told him he would take care of it the way it should be taken care of. [Really? I did not understand that whole conversation even on a 3rd viewing! Stop speaking in code Ochiai!] He tells them that Murata helped him out in the past and that watching Murata's new subordinates clarified things for him. The most important to us is that he is going to help them from now on. Woohooo!!
OMG! Ochiai!! I knew it! You had to have some principles and good in you. I am sorry I ever called you all those names in my head. I ought to have known better! That while you are indeed arrogant, you are not immoral like your terrible Chief. I am so happy he’s on our BG side, Murata would be so proud.
.... no, I'm not sorry. He was an ass 95% at the time. I'm glad he came around in this last episode though (and not afterwards, haha).
However, we can't get excited too soon because Ochiai was not alone. He is with one of his officers who starts yelling into his ear piece as soon as Ochiai confirms that he is going to help them. Ochiai attacks him but gets hurt. He yells at them to get Tachinara out of there. Shimazaki holds down the SP guy while yelling at Takanashi to take Ochiai out. Takanashi helps Ochiai limp up the stairs and towards the venue and is joined by Shimazaki, but they are stopped by the officer who pulls his gun and then by Chief Shady who leads the group of Ochiai's men, including Kyota.
*bites nails*
Chief Shady is not surprisingly pissed. Ochiai says it has to be him because an outsider should not be the person who exposes the flaws of the police. At his core, he's a police office. Tense moment occurs when Kyota leads Ochiai's group of men toward Ochiai. Our BG guys are clearly outnumbered, but Kyota just tells his boss to please pass. It's like the parting of the Red Sea!
I love this scene! I love that Kyota was not against Ochiai. It shows how good a boss Ochiai is that his men (at least some of them) know that he has to have a very good reason for his actions and are ready to follow him down that path. It also shows that there are still some men of integrity in the SP.
A lot of this show is about loyalty - and choosing whom or what! to be loyal for.
Kyota even gives the other guy who had pulled his gun a look, and he puts his gun way. (Pfft. To all those who didn't like Kyota!) Now they all look toward the remaining SP with Chief Shady. Takanashi tells Ochiai to put his arm back around him. Ochiai jokes that he doesn't want to rely on unarmed civilians. Shimazaki merely takes his other arm, puts it over his shoulder and tells him that this is merely a public/private sector job. The group of SP with Chief Shady take out their collapsible batons and the fight is on.
How much do I like that Shimazaki didn’t even listen to Ochiai’s protests. He simply supported him. Sigh My 2nd bromance that never took off, I will live off this memory.
Ochiai had his bromance with Murata, sniff sniff.
While Secretary Evil talks about it being a calm fine day inside the ballroom, there is a brawl going on in the hall. Our group of three get through the fighting and are met by Sugu who starts clearing the way so they can help Ochiai get through the crowd. When the trio get to the front, Ochiai yells at Chief Evil and begins to play the recording. As it's playing, the battle outside seeps into the room with Ochiai's men keeping Chief Shady loyalists away while our three BG protect Ochiai. 
This is still kind of tense.
Everyone hears the entire episode. Chief Evil is shocked. Chief Shady looks like he's going to be ill. Somewhere in car, Newbie and Tachihara listen in on one of those radios he prepared. Very soon, the new story is in all the papers.

Sometime later, Youichi shows up at Hinode headquarters with a bag (could they be steamed buns?) to thank the team. They tease him about knowing how to apologize and making sure he doesn't keep skipping school. They have all clearly adopted him as their brother/kid.  He promises to take care of his mother. Shimazaki pushes Takanashi forward because he has something for Youichi. Turns out they finally got the recording from the police. 
I truly like this group. They are just such good people.
He gives this to Youichi and tells him to treasure it. Youichi in turn asks if he can listen to it with all of them. I'd forgotten that none of them have heard all of the story. We even get to listen to the final conversation in the ambulance, and their talk of his Youichi makes him smile slightly.
Next we see Shimazaki looking through his closet. He's dressed casually: plaid shirt, jeans. (but yes, he looks gooood). While he does this, he hears noise at the door. It's Shun with all his stuff. He proceeds to dump and head straight to the refrigerator and complains about the lack of food (just like a 13 year old. I remember being hungry all the time when I was 13. I don't recall ever feeling as hungry as I did then). Anyway, he tells Shimazaki that he's decided to move back and that's he's already talked it over with his mom. 
Shimazaki looks very spiffy indeed. A date? Hmmmm, with…? Shun is back! I find it odd that his mum wouldn’t have called and told her ex that their son was moving back home but eh, I guess their family dynamic works for them. I am happy he is back. They need each other.
It's a very sweet moment. Everything will be fine.
Shun says all of this before realizing that his dad is dressed like he never does really and wonders if he is going out on a date as well as why he'd want to when women are always changing their minds about things and want to talk so much. Shimazaki says he needs to grow up to understand. Shun nudges him and says, but you're even a divorcee, meaning really "who would want you?", but they both laugh. I'm so glad Shun is back.  
Na do.
And they like each other so much, d'awwwwwwz.
We all know who Shimazaki is going to meet. He waits and waits, and I'm starting to agree with Shun about women or at least this woman. I so want to like her, but she just plays into every stereotype of women around even a 13 year old boy's !! Anyway, she shows up late. She is sorry, and they both awkwardly look at each other. And then bow low at exactly the same time, one saying forgive me and the other saying excuse me, but I don't know Japanese, so I don't know which.
They really had a date! Which already started off wrong what with her being late and all. And what are they apologizing for? I hope Shimazaki is apologizing because he realizes it was a bad idea.
Maybe it's the wipe the slate clean between them. Like: Let's start fresh, forget the past, let's try to make this work in the future.
I also don't know what to make of this conversation besides the fact that they admit that neither is going to change; in fact, Tachihara has decided rather than giving everything up, she is going to try to become Prime Minister! They shake hands, and she says that she hopes they will one day have that date (and she asks for his vote) and then leaves. Pfft. Shimazaki didn't even get a meal out of this.
I am so glad it never progressed past this stage that I’m going to keep all snarky comments to myself. Bye Bye. Please never try to repeat this idea.
But man! The chemistry. In my opinion, it makes their relationship just so much more interesting. I totally love it when characters dance around each other like this. Both of them want this, but the timing is not right.

Right when he's about to walk off, his phone rings, and it's Ochiai. He's calling to tell Shimazaki that he has a new post as head of security for the embassy. Shimazaki says "congratulations?" because he isn't sure if that is a promotion or not. Ochiai says it is and an effort to get him to stop talking. He is actually calling because he would like to know if Shimazaki would come to work with him at the embassy. They are going to have some civilian security, too.
Isn't this pretty? I call this "Ochiai Kissed by the Sunlight"
He'll give him a week. Shimazaki doesn't want to just protect powerful people though, so he declines which doesn't surprise Ochiai, who hangs up before Shimazaki even finishes explaining. He's not mad or anything, and Shimazaki just shakes his head, too, at Ochiai's way of not listening. Ochiai stares at his phone, fingers hovering on Tachihara's name, wanting to call her. I don't know how I feel. Part of me wants him to call her and part of me knows that they aren't good for each either. He finally decides against it and walks into building.
I have hope that my Shimazaki-Ochiai bromance will still flourish heavily in the future especially since they both don’t have Tachihara in their life anymore. I can’t wait! Honestly you can see that Ochiai wants it too.
... only that both of them WANT Tachihara in their life, ahahaha.

We have a new group. It seems like Takanashi is functioning as chief? They also have a new Newbie who Newbie gets to hit in the chest like everyone else did to him. I call him Baby Newbie because it's Kentaro Ito from Ashi Girl, and he looks like a baby. 
They do the no error with him, and they are off for new adventures.

I sure love this group. And if I were younger, this show might have convinced me to try to go into security.
I would never.


There are so many things I could say here, but I want to first thank Panda and Kakashi for putting up with me and coming along for the ride. I don't know how to do gifs, so Kakashi is the really why we have this feature here, too. I'm trying to learn, but I'm a slow tech person.
It was my pleasure, Trot. Thanks for this, you brought all my old BG feelings back. Can you all believe this was my first KimuTaku drama? I now know or at least have an inkling of why he is so popular. He has that intangible factor you can’t quantify, he has IT. The other cast too all pulled their weight. I really loved the group especially Murata! Murata was my fav, and I’m glad that although he left, his death served as a way to bring out hidden strengths in our little group. The cases of the week were quite interesting, different from my other jdorama crime shows in that the stakes didn’t feel as high, but it was mostly about the relationships. I enjoyed this very much and it was fun recapping. See y’all on the next one. Ciao
Trot, I want to thank you for getting me to watch this! I don't watch much these days and have not seen more than about two jdoramas before this. I greatly enjoyed the show, and I greatly enjoyed doing gifs for you :)

I really appreciate the relationships here and the fact that it was really about this and what we learn about ourselves and our values through work with mentors both good and bad. I like how everyone grows but also stays true to the inner core of personality.
I am mainly impressed by how this show was able to show us a bunch of intriguing characters, each with their flaws, their hurts, their hopes... each struggling with something, but in the end, together, overcoming many of their difficulties.