Fanfic: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan 2.0 - Chapter 41e (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 41e

written by kakashi
edited by LigayaCroft & Panda

He stood waiting for them on the terrace, right next to where they touched down, looking at the distant mountain ranges with his hands behind his back, like he had all the time in the world to wait for wayward students.

“Sh… Shifu!” Nineteenth stammered. Caught red-handed. Caught with their hair in disarray from reckless cloud-jumping. Caught smelling of alcohol and other substances.

He turned around and said nothing, but looked at them in that thin-lipped, disappointed way of his that probably had one purpose only: to make them feel guilty for disrespecting him and his rules. It worked every single time, but despite an instant feeling of remorse, she could not help but notice he was wearing her favorite robe, the green-brown one that reminded her so much of her favorite place in the Realms. But was that a new headpiece? She eyed it with interest. Simple and elegant. Who was close enough to him to give him that? Suspiciously, she looked over to Eighteenth, but she was just quivering from fear.

“Should you not be studying?” he asked quietly.

“So sorry!” Seventeenth cried, “I will continue immediately!”

“Me too!” Eighteenth followed suit.

“Yes,” Shifu said. “Do that.”

His eyes found hers, the only one not making promises. Obviously, he saw right into her soul. Those eyes, burning hot like coals and yet so cold when they wanted to be, they instilled a chilling fear inside of her - and a burning sensation in the pit of her stomach.

“Nineteenth, you stay,” he ordered.

Oh boy, she was in trouble. She watched her friends walk away with their heads hanging low. Just like them to leave her like this! What a pair of chickens, as if it had taken a lot of persuading to get them to come with her!

“Shifu,” she began, “let me explain!”

“Do you know who I am?” he asked her.

Surprised, she blinked. Of course she knew who he was!

“You… you are the Monk on the Mountain,” she stammered, “the most venerated…”

“I see,” he interrupted her. “Follow me.”

He turned around briskly and started walking. Into the Hall she followed him, her heart beating fast and painful. Down a corridor they went and into his room.

“Kneel,” he ordered her after closing the door and pointing to a spot on the floor.


“Kneel, I said,” he repeated.

She lowered herself to do as told.

It became very quiet afterwards. There only was the drumming of her heart in her ears, the lovesick murmur of the wind caressing the unyielding Mountain, wax dripping down from a candle, indicating the slow passage of time. What the heck was he doing? When her curiosity almost made her head burst open, she pulled her eyes off the floor and moved them upwards until they found him.

He was reading.

Like she wasn’t even there! He was holding one of those large volumes he had brought to the Mountain recently, ogling the content of its pages like a piece of precious art. Quite irritated, she frowned.

“Yes?” he asked. She flinched. Did he have eyes on the side of his face?

“N...nothing, Shifu,” she coughed and lowered her eyes again.

He snapped the book shut.

“I give you permission to speak,” he said.

“Wh… what will my punishment be?” she stammered. Slowly she lifted her eyes again. He was looking at her.

“What do you consider appropriate?” he asked back.

Well. She fidgeted a little on her knees, because they were beginning to hurt. What misdeeds were they even talking about ? A punishment for just this one time? Or all the times she had skipped the study hours? It was not like she expected him to be ignorant about that. Or... she gasped. Did he know about the crane she had exchanged with one from the mortal realm after killing it by accident?

He sighed.

“I… I… will sweep for a whole week!” she quickly suggested. “The whole of the Mountain!”

He lifted his eyebrows. Not enough?

“I… will… copy the… a thousand times… the… the,” she started, but her stupid brain couldn't come up with the title of a book he would consider worthwhile.

“You are lucky,” he said after waiting a bit for her to finish the sentence, in vain. “that I am this grateful that you finally led me to the place where my power lies. For a while, I was very lost...” his voice trailed off.

“Shifu, I do not understand,” she said in a small voice. Had something happened?

“Ah, the irony,” he replied. “But I do like it when you call me that.”

Call him what? She tried to take some of the pressure off her knees by shifting her weight, but he threw her such a chastising look, she froze on the spot.

“I have all the information I need,” he informed her, “once we’re back, we should be able to eliminate your ailment quickly.”

“Oh no, I am very healthy!” she informed him since he was obviously getting the wrong ideas, “I only took those blood pills to find out what they’re for, not because I’m ill!”

“Pills?” he asked frowning.

“Yes, from an alchemist in the mortal realm,” she continued, “they…”

Oh. Her hand came up to cover her mouth. He had not known about them? Stupid. No outside substances were allowed on the Mountain and only a few Disciples were trusted with access to the cauldron.

“And what did they do?” he asked.

She felt heat rise from her upper body into her face and couldn’t do anything against it.

“You know…”

“No, I don’t know, Nineteenth,” he said almost sweetly.

She was going to die from embarrassment.

“Interesting that you are capable of shyness,” he observed, a strange glint in his eyes.

Dragonblood pills, that’s what the alchemist had claimed he had gotten from a travelling saint. “Invigorating! Intoxicating! Your stamina will amaze everyone!” Of course she had had to buy and try them!

Her Shifu stood up and walked towards her. “Here,” he said, “was it like this?”

And before she could do anything, he had bent down and put his right index finger into her mouth. Her tongue met with the tangy taste of blood. On impulse, she sucked. His face was so close, she saw his pupils dilate and she heard his short, sharp intake of breath. She sucked again, and more, drawing forth more of the red substance, watching his eyes flutter shut… and open again, determined.

Yes. Like this. It had been like this only far less good and she felt that exhilarating strength flood her, her blood begin to sing and her heart rate pick up. The alchemist had not lied, but he should have warned her. Taste this once and be forever changed. The blood of a Dragon - she needed it, would need it forever.

He withdrew his finger very suddenly. Deprived, a whimper escaped her throat. On her knees, she slid forward but he held up his other hand in a commanding gesture.

“No,” he said, “you had enough.”

“Shifu…” she begged, but he walked back to his table, lowering himself back down. She tried to catch his eyes again, but he took up his book and returned to reading.

Leaving her burning like this, aflame, hungry… she had always considered him handsome but now, she just wanted to ravish him. Rip those clothes away, touch that golden skin of his, suck on him, see his scars, feel him… Forbidden… this was forbidden. Shocked at herself, she shook her head, trying to get rid of these sinful desires.

“Do you remember now?” he asked without lifting his head from the pages.

“What do you want me to remember?” she pressed out, swallowing down her spit that had gathered in her mouth from anticipation of those treats.

“Well,” he slowly lifted his eyes, “that is a good question.” And he smiled, like a predator that knew he had his prey exactly where he wanted it.

She remembered many things, like seeing him for the first time at the Gates, thinking him much too handsome for his own good, like touching him for the first time during sword practice, thinking she would like to do this fully naked. But there was more and that was worrisome... another layer of something between them that he knew but she didn’t.

“Shifu…,” she tried her luck.

“Yes?” he answered.

Their eyes locked again and there it was anew, the shadow of something else, something more between them.

“Nothing,” she breathed because her head had gone blank.

“Shao Wan,” he called her by her true name all of a sudden, making her shiver all over. “How are the babies?”

How did he know? Her hands went to her belly protectively, but he meant her no harm, had never, would never.

“I think they’re doing fine,” she replied.

“Are you eating well?” he asked her.

She shook her head vehemently. “No!” she exclaimed, “you are not feeding me enough! I’m always hungry!”

“I can see that,” he observed and snickered. “Seventeenth I’ve seen,” he continued, “but where is Yu Dian?”

How… how did he know about him too?

“ the D... Demon Realm,” she stammered, “I didn’t think it was okay to invite him here. Also, the wedding isn’t until sometime next year and…”

“That won’t happen,” he said sharply.

“It won’t?” she asked, her voice suddenly much higher than it usually was. They knew each other? Where from? She hadn’t thought the Monk was familiar with the Demon Realm. But that only made her realize she knew very little of him to begin with.

“I need him,” she informed him, “it’s a necessity of alliances.”

He chose to ignore it, but he had heard her for sure because his face darkened.

“One is in the Feather,” he mused, more to himself than to her, “you should have found out where it is yourself. One is in the Flask. But the fifth? I am not sure about that one...” he looked into the distance looking so alluring in this thoughtful state with the candlelight dancing across his features, she had to swallow several times.

It was him she wanted to nest with, she realized all of a sudden. Very much. But it could not be. Such a relationship… it was forbidden. If he broke his vows… A man who followed rules, a man that everybody so inclined could look up to without hesitation. It was who he was, it was who he had to be.

“Shifu,” she said quietly, “can I stand up?”

“What makes you think so?” he asked back, going back to reading after throwing her a brief, grim look.

“Is this my punishment?” she asked.

“Yes,” he agreed, “this is your punishment. And I might think of something else after finishing this book.”

Finish the book?! It was hundreds of pages long! She moaned silently. Her knees hurt. Her stomach growled. She wanted to look at him, drink him in, but forced herself to study the floor again. But those eyes of her… they were sneaky. Soon, they were on him again.

“You keep looking at me like you want something from me,” he said to her.

“I want to nest with you,” it broke out of her. The force of the embarrassment that followed her words threatened to make her lose her senses.

“Nest,” he echoed, looking equally stunned and outraged.

“Shifu!” she cried, prostrating herself fully, “please punish me for my insolence!”

“Right,” he said, “not that you held back when you had the chance.”

She heard him get up again, the soft rustling of fabric the very soft footsteps coming her way.

“I ask you again,” he then said from above her, “how should I punish you?”

“I know nothing you tried has helped so far,” she said unhappily, “maybe you need to hit me? They say pain is a good teacher.”

“I see,” he said slowly. “Like an unruly child?”

“Yes,” she agreed, turning her head to look up at him. His expression was unreadable but her stomach contracted briefly when he lifted his hand to perform a spell. A sound barrier.

“Stand up,” he then ordered her.

She did, waiting for his instructions. Would it hurt? She had never been hit for punishment before.

“Should I take off my pants?” she asked when the silence became too long and awkward. “I mean… lower them?” she quickly added.

“Come over here,” he said instead and went to sit down on the edge of his bed. It had just the right height for this kind of thing. Was this why it was so much higher than other beds on the Mountain? He probably had to punish a lot of students.

She was starting to shake from fear… and anticipation, she realized. Like being spanked was something to look forward to?

“Bend over,” he said and indicated his lap.

Now quivering with excitement, she stepped next to his leg and then lifted her white robes to open the string that tightened her white underpants around her hips. Her fingers were shaking, but it was a simple knot and it came undone almost immediately, sliding down her legs and building a little heap around her ankles.

Then, she bent forward until her belly rested on his lap, at the same time lifting her robes again to expose her backside to him. She tensed in anticipation of the pain that would follow, but there was no such thing. His hand came down, but slowly and gently, feeling warm and soft on her arched up flesh.

“Not once,” he said, lightly squeezing her buttocks, “were you nice to me. Do you hate me?”

“I don’t h…” slap! she cried out in surprise. It stung.

“There is a truth in dreams your waking form never knows,” he continued his strange thoughts, gently kneading her flesh again.

Slap! The other buttock.

“You tied me up,” he said, “more than once. And you used me like a slave.”


The timing was irregular. He was letting her wait, wriggle, fear and tremble in anticipation of the next slap. She flinched when he rubbed his warm palm over the sensitive area where he had spanked her. As he continued to rub over her bottom gently, she allowed herself to relax… a bad idea. As soon as he sensed this, he hit her again, this time harder.

“Ouch!” she cried.

And slap! The other buttock, harder too. Tears shot into her eyes, unbidden.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked her, his warm breath hitting her earlobe.

“,” she sobbed, arching her bottom even higher. Of all things in this world, she would never have thought that the humiliation of being hit by her Shifu would feel so good.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

She felt her juices ooze out of her and trickle down her legs, every slap brought a mixture of pain and pleasure, vibrations that went straight to her womanhood. She squirmed on his lap to rub herself on his legs, hoping he would touch her there too, just a little bit, but he would not. Slap!

She was exposed fully. She felt the air move when he lifted his hand, it teased her sensitive parts with its coldness. Her buttocks must be deeply red by now, they were burning, she was burning. He must have a direct line of sight to her most intimate parts and the knowledge of that and how much it turned her on made her want to be punished even more.

“Don’t stop,” she whimpered.

But he did stop, leaving her hanging in a state of extreme arousal. She wanted… more, his hand, all over her, the very hard proof of his readiness that she felt against her stomach inside of her, but it was too obvious, she was too willing and he was punishing her so very effectively.

“And just like that, you are ready to doom my soul eternally,” he snorted, “a celibate monk spanking his very willing, bare assed student. What selfish creature you are.”

She wished she could have pretended to still care about this. If his soul had to be damned, then let it be damned.

“Please take me,” she begged, “I will do anything for it, Shifu, please!”

His whole body started to vibrate, initially adding to her pleasure, but she realized soon he was laughing.

“Shifu? I’m not your Shifu. You are dreaming, you silly woman. But since you are so willing to submit to me for once, I will tie you up and make sure that this time, I make it out of here too. Your dreamscape is a horrible place.”

Dreaming? She lifted her hand to pinch herself, but he caught it in his.

“No,” he said. “Not yet.”

He lifted her up by the hips and threw her on the bed like a doll. Then, with one swift move, he pulled and pinned her arms above her head. She gasped. He conjured a soft rope and had bound her wrists together tightly the next moment, tying them to the wooden bed frame.

Then, he parted her robe. Slowly, expertly. He put his lips on her next, enjoying her squirming. He was kissing, sucking, biting her, administering a sweet sort of pain that had her ready to howl. He spent a long time on all parts of her body before turning his attention to her strutting breasts. He sucked, bit and pinched them until she had her first, shuddering orgasm. It started deep within her body, but it was too shallow and too lazy, not even remotely taking the edge off her.

“As soon as we are back, I’m tying you up every night,” he informed her. “Or maybe forever.”

Shao Wan looked into his face and for a moment, she felt a tinge of fear. Powerful. Dangerous. In control. He was naked in the blink of an eye, his muscles rippling underneath golden skin. Like a predator, he moved over her. She arched her neck like an animal offering her throat as a sign of submission.

He finally moved his hands up her legs and used his thumbs to pull her open, fold by fold, massaging every part of her wet, vulnerable core with slow, firm strokes. Still teasing her entrance with his fingers, he bent down and put his lips on her bud, sucking, moving his tongue over it slowly, then rapidly flicking it, then slowly sucking again.

“And you still don’t know who I am,” he shook his head, pushing two fingers in suddenly and deeply. She climaxed hard as he found the most sensitive spot inside of her with ease, stroking it firmly, prolonging and intensifying her climax.

“You are the Monk…,” she sobbed, but no monk would do this kind of thing, that she understood.

Withdrawing his fingers, he flipped her over in one swift move and pulled her hips towards him, making her kneel on the bed, face down, hands still tied firmly above her head.

“We never got to finish this at Kunlun.”

He slapped her again, hard and then positioned the tip of his arousal at her entrance and pushed in, deeply, taking a long, shuddering breath. His hands cupped her breasts and he used his thumbs to tweak and pinch her nipples as he moved in and out of her with forceful, deep strokes.

She thought she would explode any moment, scatter into a million burning particles.

“You can let go,” he grunted, “this time, I’ve got you.”

The moment she neared her orgasm, everything around her started to crumble and fall apart, a dizzying whirlwind of fragmented color, taking her up and away, through time and space and… she opened her eyes with a start and a shuddering breath, finding herself in that smoke-filled cave again.

A dream. Of course.

“Mo Yuan?” she asked weakly and scrambled up. He was there. He was breathing. And he opened his eyes.

Overwhelmed with joy, she fell onto his chest, threw her arms around him and started sobbing uncontrollably.

“We need to talk, Shao Wan,” was the first thing the Celestial uttered in an ominous voice. Before she could react, he jerked up, throwing her off him and started to frantically search his sleeve pocket.

“Where is Uncle Ying Ming?” he asked her sharply.

“That little man?” she asked and hastily brushed away her tears. “He told me a lot of rather horrible things. And then, he tried to convince me to let him free! Do I look that stupid?”

“What did you do to him, Shao Wan?”

She felt irritated at Mo Yuan’s decisive lack of joy to see her. Fine, it had apparently been rather strenuous for him, she could see that. In fact, he looked horrible. But had she not done everything in her powers to get him back from what had been his stupid idea? He should be at least a little grateful.

“I ate him,” she said and frowned at him.

“You ate…”

“Yes, I was very hungry! It took you forever to come back, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s been days! And I couldn’t go out because you locked us in and… he annoyed me. I did it on impulse.”

“You ate him.” Mo Yuan put his hands in front of his face and for a moment, her heart contracted to see him this tired and defeated.

“You just go out and bring me food,” she ordered him, “and in no time, this Uncle of yours will come out the natural way. Why do you even worry.”

“Shao Wan,” Mo Yuan said after removing his hands and looking at her from sunken, tired eyes, “I will go back to Kunlun after all of this is over. It is where I belong. The only place where I belong.”

And me? she thought. I don’t belong there.

But she simply nodded, looking away. She could keep her arguments for later. If fights were to be had, she’d rather have them some other time.

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