Fanfic: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan 2.0 - Chapter 41b (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 41b

written by kakashi (with original work by Panda)
edited by LigayaCroft and Panda

“Ancestor, everything is r...”

“Sneak up on me like that again and you’re dead!” Shao Wan screamed in a high pitched voice she barely recognized as her own, narrowly holding back a defensive blast that had been meant to kill her assailant. As the fire seeped inwards from her fingers and gradually went out, her frantically beating heart was trying to jump out of her chest from fright and her throat was tight from panic.

The now prostrated and violently shaking Engineer had taken her completely by surprise - something that shouldn’t, no couldn’t happen to her. She had too many enemies. Letting her guard down was like forfeiting her life!

Blasted dragon! she raged in her head.

Ever since her soldiers had brought that ugly beast into the Palace, she was in a strange state of mental unrest. And because of this, she had fallen into a mood this late afternoon and found herself brooding in the darkening throne room, staring at a slightly tilted candle in front of her for what had to be several incense sticks, watching wax drip down on her expensive carpet with no energy to interfere.

No energy.

That was her problem, of course.

The bastard dragon was indeed a present from the Heavens and probably nothing else. The large supply of Dragon blood that the Engineer had bought from obscure merchants had run out a few days ago and there was no more of that elixir to be found anywhere in the Realms, as much money as she offered as a finder’s fee and however far as she sent her agents to search for it.

The Phoenix had looked very grave the last time he had examined her. It had taken him a while to find out about the reasons for her inexplicable illness, her slow withering away. Essentially, it was about balance, he had concluded after a lot of prodding and sighing - she had much too much fire and it was eating her up inside. To balance it, she needed the blood of a water dragon, daily. Maybe forever.

“Your physician suggests you drink the blood directly from the source,” the Engineer informed her with a shaking voice, “rather than us bleeding him. He thinks the dragon power is much more condensed that way.”

He was slowly regaining some color in his face. Usually, he looked vexingly perfect, like he spent eight hours in the day grooming his mane and beard. He was a very good engineer, but a while ago Shao Wan had noticed the way he looked at her. In weak moments - she seemed to have them more frequently of late - she even considered giving him what he wanted. He was of noble birth, from the lines of kings, and even though there were much more influential Demon Houses, an alliance with his clan would not be the worst of options.

Having someone to rely on… was it not what she craved?

But thinking of a harem just tired her even more. She could only imagine the endless bickering between these men, and all those demands they would have upon her time… she also knew them to nag a lot and… no. She was better off with no such extra burdens.

Her thoughts returned to the dragon. Wasn’t it suspicious it had appeared out of nowhere just when it looked like she would wither away and die for good? But then… she knew the Heavens were not capable of such strategy.

“I have never seen him before,” the Fox Lady had shrugged upon examining the beast. And she would know, she had lived up in the Heavens at the side of the powerless Heavenly Emperor until she had become too fed-up with the rotten, backhanded ways of Celestials and had joined the Demon cause.

“He must be the disowned bastard son of a Dragon family member,” she had added as she prodded the unconscious animal with the tip of her boot. It had no powers whatsoever and that could only mean he had either been punished or he had very low cultivation so that his powers were suppressed here in the Demon Realm.

“Please, Ancestor,” the Engineer pleaded, “you really must come now. The time is auspicious and if you miss it...”


Pushing herself up with a grunt and an effort, she waddled down the stairs and out the room, the diligent Engineer a few steps behind her. He did not attempt to take her arm, though she knew he would have liked to. She briefly thought about telling him that she was glad she hadn’t killed him, but this was exactly the kind of thing a Queen like her had to be careful about. Those moony-eyed men multiplied if she was too kind to them.

Yesterday, Shao Wan had asked the Fox Woman whether she thought it risky to bleed a Dragon in her dungeons because of possible Celestial retribution. “No,” the Fox had said. As simple and short as that: no. Of all the things, Shao Wan valued her candid, almost rude way of speaking the most. Once one reached a position of power, it became harder and harder to find people who would dare to be truthful - but people like this relative of Bai Zhi’s was what a Queen like her desperately needed.

The way into the dungeon seemed particularly long today and Shao Wan’s mood got even worse. She could barely move anymore - she was still practicing martial arts every day, but she tired almost instantly and her limbs felt like they were made from stones and wood. And it was still not time for those babies to come out!

“Be careful,” her advisor had warned, “if you press to early, they might turn into eggs on the way out and you will have to hatch them.”

Shao Wan very clearly didn’t want to hatch eggs, even less plop those out, so she made sure never to press. She even walked around with her lower body parts tensed up just to make sure she would not accidentally plop out eggs.

“If you do it right,” the Fox Woman had explained, “they will simply walk out of your belly when it’s time. You will wake up and they will be lying there, sleeping quietly.”

She had also said it would be several weeks still until they could even hope it would happen. The babies had not ripened enough, was the explanation. Ripen faster, Shao Wan thought fiercely.

The Beast was tied up very well even though it had no powers, but it was better to be careful with its kind. It lifted its head and looked at her expectantly with eyes shining brightly when she unlocked the magically barred door. It obviously wasn’t only powerless but also stupid. Did it think she had come with good intentions? Or that she would let it go?

The Engineer presented her with a ritual knife. “At this angle,” he explained, holding it up for her to see as he moved it in the air, mock-stabbing a non-existent target, but she only nodded impatiently, she knew all this.

“Leave!” she commanded.

The Engineer complied, though hesitantly… he probably thought it was unsafe to leave her alone with such a Beast. But what could it even do? She made sure to further immobilize it with a flick of her hand. Now the head was also still … only its big, soulful eyes kept tracking her.

“You have no manners,” she told it, stepping closer, “lower your eyes when I enter the room.”

It didn’t comply and that made her angry. The arrogance of the Dragonkind was just too much! They had lost all power in the Realms but still, even their lowest ranked did not know their place.

She rammed the knife into the Dragon’s heart with more force than necessary. A low doleful moan escaped the dragon’s mouth as she yanked it back and blood started to well out. For a brief moment, probably just in her imagination, it was like everything around Shao Wan shimmered and flexed and disintegrated before it stabilized again.

Hastingly stepping forward to quickly overcome this weakness, she ventured to press her mouth against the wound - not a drop of this life bringing elixir should be wasted. Without it she would be dead within a few weeks… even less.

But as soon as her lips touched his scales, he transformed into human form.

The momentum made him fall over, so she quickly straddled him and bound him with powers to prevent him from putting up too much of a fight. Shifting her large belly so that she could better glue her mouth to the nasty cut on his chest, she started drinking his heartblood. The taste of it was unlike everything she had ever had. Would she be able to stop?

Funny, he didn’t struggle at all. But another moan escaped his lips, a soft one, almost like a sigh and it elicited a response from her bloody, greedy lips, a moan of desire, not soft at all. At the sound she made, his body underneath her shuddered and his breathing became heavier, making her heart pick up speed in misplaced anticipation.

Very reluctantly, she lifted her face to look at him and scrambled backwards. The wound closed almost immediately in front of her eyes.

Her naked Celestial prisoner who had lifted his head to look at her as well had long, black hair, its loose state adding to her excitement instantly, a fine nose, sensual lips with scruff around it and eyes so black she thought she was looking straight into the fearful Nothingness. It was obviously a face capable of great arrogance, but at the moment, it was flushed and the expression was soft and inviting.

“Have you had enough,” he asked in a hoarse whisper.

“No”, she whispered back, letting her eyes wander over his flawless skin, strangely not caring that he had no manners at all and was addressing a Queen like she was someone he knew intimately.

“It’s yours, all of it,” he replied and extended his hand towards her.

She grabbed it… and transported him straight to her chambers in a flash of red light. Everything was set for the night already, hundreds of fragrant candles were burning, the bed was freshly made and the yellow silken linens had not a wrinkle. There was the soft rustling of her maids getting up behind the doors as they heard her, awaiting her command.

“You may go,” she told them. “I shall not need you tonight.”

Was she out of her mind? But no, she didn’t feel threatened by this Celestial. Maybe because he had no powers, maybe because he stood in her room a little confused and stark naked, maybe because she thought the crease above his nose looked kind of appealing.

“Do I know you?” she asked, suddenly feeling that moment of dizziness again, the shifting of realities.

“Yes,” he answered. “Don’t you remember?”

No. She didn’t. And she knew he was taking liberties he should not be allowed to take. She knew if she wouldn’t punish him right away, it would only get worse. Be soft once, lose forever.

He sighed. “Shao Wan. What is going on here?”

“Presumptuous!” she exclaimed and threw strong chains all around him, making sure to gag him tightly and painfully in the process.

Don’t you remember?

She walked around him once, then a second time, taking good measure. A fighter’s lean body. Well developed muscles for sword fighting, archery, kung fu. A guard? Soldier? She got her curiosity under control right before it made her ask him something and just frowned at him instead.

Those eyes…

“My Queen?” a voice drifted in from the door, “are you back safely? Can I come in?”

The Engineer.

Exhaling in annoyance, Shao Wan threw an invisibility spell over her prisoner and pushed him onto the bed with magic.

“You may come in!” she answered and sat down on a large chair that was easily accessible to the ungainly person she had become.

The Engineer bowed upon entering.

“I was worried,” he confessed after straightening, “I heard you sent your maids away.”

Shao Wan lifted her eyebrows. That was something to get worried over? Excuses.

“I am fine,” she said waving a hand, “I drank from him.”

“I can see it,” the Engineer softly said.

Her hand went up to her mouth and came away red and sticky. Hastily, she licked her lips and fingers. By the gods, she wanted more.

“How can we make sure he doesn’t die?” she asked the Engineer, suddenly fearing she might go overboard the next time she’d drink. And that wouldn’t be… oh, what if she had already taken too much? Nervously, her eyes flitted towards her bed, but of course she couldn’t see anything thanks to her own invisibility spell.

The Engineer didn’t answer right away, he just moved his head from side to side as he thought about her question. “You are right, my Queen,” he then mused, “we must ensure he has a long life for your benefit.”

“Yes!” she agreed eagerly. She felt so much better already. Maybe a little more before going to sleep? She smacked her lips.

“Yes?” she asked the Engineer who was still there, even though he clearly had no business here anymore.

“My Queen,” he said, “it pleases me to see you so invigorated. Would you like me to get you some entertainment for tonight?”

Shao Wan lifted her eyebrows again. Yes, she could do with a bit of entertainment, but if he thought she would ask him to stay, he was much mistaken.

“No need,” she smiled at him, quite pleased to see disappointment flicker across his handsome face. “Now leave.”

He complied wordlessly and as soon as he had quietly closed the doors behind him, she lifted the invisibility spell on her prisoner.

Who looked absolutely furious.

Curious to know why, she removed the gag.

“Yu Dian?” he spat out as he tried to sit up on the bed, “Yu Dian who very clearly wants to… What in Pangu’s name are you dreaming about!”

“What strange things are you saying, Dragon?” she asked back, but the thought of entertainment had taken root in her head and was beginning to grow and crowd out other thoughts. She had many toys to pleasure herself and those she had used very often of late. Theoretically, men were available in abundance too, but she always feared to get attached to them. Because if that happened, they thought they could take advantage of it. It never ended well.

She squinted at the Celestial who had now managed to sit up despite the chains and glared at her from her bed.

“Are you experienced in the bedroom?” she asked him and pushed herself up. A slave was exactly what she needed.

He had the audacity to roll his eyes. “Why don’t you try me,” he challenged her.

Why was he not afraid of her at all? It intrigued her to see someone so powerless look at her with such defiance. Indeed, the face was capable of displaying great haughtiness and the arrogance there right now made her want to make him grovel in front of her.

“Bow to me!” she order him, stepping closer.

“No,” he flat out rejected her command.

She drew him off the bed with magic and let him fall face down in front of her. “Like this,” she said with satisfaction.

But when he didn’t move at all afterwards, she suddenly became worried she might have hurt him. He was quasi like a mortal and mortals were so extremely vulnerable, you had to handle them with the greatest care. But... maybe he was also just trying to trick her.

“Celestial?” she asked carefully.

“What now?” came the gruff answer.

“You may rise,” she said magnanimously.

His glaring eyes reappeared from the floor. Those eyes…

“What obscure lineage are you from?” she asked him. “My advisor thinks you must be a bastard child.”

He laughed, mirthless, short and annoyed.

She had to be careful, she realized. She could not underestimate him. It was especially those bastard sons of the royal family who learned all kinds of tricks very early in life. She quickly exchanged the thick chains with magic bonds around his wrists.

“The last time you tried this, you had your powers sealed,” he said. “You thought you would get the better of me, but of course you didn’t.”

“Stop talking nonsense,” she commanded, “or I will make sure you cannot speak at all.”

“I am glad I domesticated you in real life, Demon Kitten, this is quite unbearable,” the bastard Dragon said and her mouth hung momentarily open at the audacity of him. She moved her hand and his body was thrown back onto the bed, with his hands tied to the wooden bedframe over his head. Much better.

She began undressing. All the while, she felt his eyes on her. Suddenly self-conscious because of her large form, she extinguished most candles in the room before she turned to him. The eagerness and admiration on his face made her hesitate. The way he looked at her… as if … Another flick of her hand and a dark cloth was wrapped around his eyes.

“You’re not allowed to look at me, Dragon,” she said, stepping next to the bed.

“If you do not remember me,” he demanded to know, “who is the father of your children?”

“Some dead person,” she answered. It was good to know she could now say this without too much emotion.

“Dead?” he echoed, “how did he die?”

“I killed him.”

That wasn’t said without emotion. Would she ever be able to forget? He had died by her hand. She had seen him take his last breath, after bleeding out from the fatal wound she had given him. Stabbed cleanly through the heart - he had not even tried to dodge her sword. At the memory, all her own heart felt like it had shattered into tiny, prickly shards. It hurt.

“He deserved it,” she said resolutely to soothe her own pain, “he was my enemy.”

“I never was, Shao Wan,” he said with urgency, “I never was. We tampered with each other’s memories, we didn’t understand… I didn’t understand the consequences of such an action. You will be able to see for yourself that we... I… we…,” he took a gulp of air.

He was quite clearly raving mad. And he was about to spoil her night with his stupid questions, bringing the dead to life in her head, the dead that she was trying very hard to forget.

“You,” she hissed, “will no longer speak.”

Flick, and his mouth was gagged with magic again. No more speaking, served him right for his impertinence. With an effort, she brought her thoughts back to the kind of pleasure she wanted tonight. His heaving chest, the taught muscles of his stomach, his manhood… hmmm, he was beautiful.

She moved her hands over his shoulders, feeling the muscles bunched beneath the smooth, golden skin. She gave them a slight pinch. Then, she pinched again, harder. His scent wafted into her nose. She bent down and worked her way down his chest, leaving small bite and pinch marks along the way. Color sprang up with each biting kiss, and when she looked up, she saw that while he made no sound at all, his face was flushed.

So he liked this kind of thing. The evidence of his readiness started jutting out straining by her hand. Her breathing quickened. It had been a long time she had been with a man. It had been more than three years, to be precise... She started to lick one part of his inner thigh before moving on to the second. Then, she slid her arm under his hips, tilting him up a little so he was perfectly positioned for her to have a taste. When she took him into her mouth, the prisoner jerked, groaning low and deep in his throat. She licked around the head before trying to swallow him in full. The Dragon emitted another loud moan despite the gag. She started to stroke his full length with one hand while the second moved along the sensitive parts underneath, alternatively licking and sucking him to taste his juices. She kept her eyes glued to his face and watched his control crumble, bit by bit.

But this was not how it was going to end. Her heavy body throbbed with anticipation. She let go of him and sat on him, gripping his chest before digging her nails into the firm muscles beneath his skin, using them for leverage as she lifted herself up and slid down on the full length of him.

He filled her up completely.

“Hmmmmmm,” she moaned. It felt so good. Adjusting herself by only slightly rocking her hips, she had the fullness of him rub against her inner pleasure point, gently, teasingly. Waves of pleasure started rocking her body.

Breathe with me...


She was confused about hearing his voice inside her head when he couldn’t speak at all… but she kept riding this wave she was on, feeling him stuck deeply within her, moving and not moving, his manhood pressed against that spot that sent ripples of sensual pleasure down to her toes and up into her abdomen and further to the top of her head.

Her whole body was starting to pulse. It was like the force lifted her up and she grew and grew, until she could see other worlds. She floated in the Heavens. Only when the Celestial Prisoner exploded within her did she herself reach the peak of her orgasm. The vibration from his long release drove her over the edge and she shouted out the name of her dead enemy, her only friend, her only lover, the one person she wanted to be with, the one person she had lost.

The man who…

Everything around her started to crumble and fall apart, a dizzying whirlwind of fragmented color, taking her up and away, through time and space and… she opened her eyes with a start and a small gasp, finding herself in a smoke-filled cave, Mo Yuan’s still form next to her.

“Mo Yuan?” she asked weakly and bent over him much afraid. But he was breathing. He wasn't dead.

But he would not wake, however much she shook him. Had he not yet accomplished what he had wanted to do? Shao Wan looked at his still face and bent down to kiss him.

“Let me come back,” she whispered, feeling new fear rise up in her, “I will join you again. Let's do this together!”

It was very easy to go back to sleep. She was still tired… so incredibly tired.

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