CUBIC (A SnarkCap) - Episode 10

Shuk: New year, new episode! Exciting things have been happening, resulting in yet another delay in squeecapping.  But now I hope we are back on track to continue our crazy ride!

I also want to introduce our guest squeecapper, El, who I met in a Discord channel sponsored by the intrepid friend of Thai dramas, AlwaysMeena. El is going to dip her toes into this because of her love of Bomb. Haha, just kidding, El.
Guest El: Hello! Thank you very much for the invitation! I’m so excited << SARCASM!!!! 
I’m doing this to show how much I like Shuk!
Trotwood: I was wondering about that last comment. I wouldn't say these were Bomb-lovin' posts. I mean these are SnarkCaps rather than Squeecaps for a reason.
Kmuse: Getting back into Cubic right now is working out for me. I somehow broke my foot so this is the perfect pick me up and a good excuse to watch something Thai. Also, it puts things in perspective. At least I am not stuck staring on stairs or living with flocked hair. Things could be worse.


Poor Hong Kong Puey. He is looking the worse for wear after his Waltz Mafioso with Twinkle Toes LLS. But apparently he's still childish, sulking and making a fuss over eating his porridge. Can he also be spanked at his age?
Perhaps the spanking can make this lakorn better! I’ll be watching it every weekend 😏
Please, no. It's not that kind of show.
I might have thrown up in my mouth at the thought of him getting spanked in a sexytimes way. Ew.  Can we also be disgusted at how they are trying to make his attempted kidnapping/rape a setup for romance?

Even the servant chastises him for always getting the snot kicked out of him when he and Lin Lan Ser mix it up. I guess it's an ongoing ego-battle between them, since they were small.
Men and their egos…I find it sexy when the pra’ek shows it, but I find it really annoying when it’s the second lead’s case…like this case!

Once the housekeeper leaves, Puey In has some flashbacks of Mina Mouse and vows she will be his. But we pan back, and find out that his face, arm, and leg are injured. You had better wait until you are pretty again before seeking her out.
El’s wondering when he was EVER pretty…or was it a metaphor? lol
I think he is cute, in a Don't-Ever-Try-to-Wink-Again way.
I'm usually too blinded by his shiny suits to tell if he's cute or not.
Meanwhile, the two girls are doing things that two girls would normally do, in a container slumber party in the middle of a construction site. Braid hair, tell stories, and have fun. But our heroine feels a bit sad, since this fun doesn't include her sister.
Someone is making these containers into living micro houses in my city. Every time a commercial for them pops up I think of Cubic.
My younger daughter is an Architecture student, and their project last year was to turn one of these containers into a store. It's lovely. When I saw it, I felt sorry for our Cubic girls. So much potential for that house of theirs gone to waste.

Mina Mouse is pretty upbeat. Boss has promised to return her to Thailand since Boss likes Nark, treats her well, and practically does everything that Nark requests. Except to lower the amount of debt she owes him. Come on, Little Miss Brilliant, can't you tell the guy likes you and is trying to keep you around longer?
Oh, my! Nang’eks tend to be SO dense!!! BTW…Did you noticed those fake tears? Productions should’ve cut an onion and put it on her eyes. 

It's a beautiful day in equally beautiful Hidey Hole Land. It amazes me throughout this show that a bankrupt man and his older daughter can find some breathtaking scenery to hide in.
And neither is that smart either. They keep messing up their perfect hiding places.

Their landlord stops by, asking if they need anything. Boy, do they! Soap, shampoo, current magazines, and newspapers. Dad ought to have the guy pick up a huge box of Shame, too, because he clearly lacks any. Dad pulls a few bills out of his wallet, so I guess they are okay money-wise. The landlord gives Dad a handgun before heading to market.
How much money does he have? I hate him for living at spas when he's basically sold off his younger daughter.
But wait! At the door stands an evil staring guy. We get back and forth staring, with zoom closeups and danger-sound BGM. As the homeowner plays dumb,  the father-daughter team spend precious minutes frantically staring around, before opting to climb out a window to escape. Oh no! There are goons patrolling under the window! No slipping away there.
Rolling my eyes at their lack of planning. You are on the run, and you didn't figure out escape plans? That's the first thing they should do in each place.

At the front of the house, Evil Henchman is insisting that the runaways live there. He brandishes a gun, and the now-unarmed owner backs off and opens the door to the house.
I'm surprised he held out as long as he did.
It’s unbelievably the level of loyalty servants show in lakorns, even after their bosses are bankrupt. Oh, I remember this Evil Henchman! He was kinda hot in Diamond-cut-Pearl… (Mook Liam Petch 2012) 
It's A Passin. And if you see him in a show, assume it's badness shenanigans. And if you have time, look for his workout photos.Your eyes will thank you...but I digress!

Evil Henchman goes through the house, but doesn't find anything. It turns out, they are hiding under the bed. Brilliant place to hide! There's lots and lots and lots of staring back and forth, until, with a glance at the slightly moving bed-skirt, the bad guy leaves.
I'm shocked Nam shut up her whining long enough for the bad guys to leave. I'm not sure which I hate more, her whiny voice or her Dad's lack of ethics. 
By the time the two climb out from under the bed, Nan is practically hysterical. She doesn't want to end up a crime lord's plaything. (Never mind that her sister already is a mafia Rubik's Cube. Every time I think she isn't that bad, she reminds me that she does not think of her sister at all, but I can't decide if I'm more mad about that or more mad that she just assumes that her sister is fine because she isn't "pretty"). Dad tells her to be patient, but it's clear his nerves are unraveling, too. Nan has a good cry in the bathroom, apologizing to Nark for putting her in her current situation.
At least she thinks about Nark. Dad seems to have forgotten that Nark is only a high school girl.
I hate dads  that sell their daughters. They should sell their ***** to pay for their own debt! 

It's a sunny day in Taipe....Hong Kong. Lin Lan Ser is in one of his brocade vests, looking well put together. He's glancing through pictures of  Ruthainark on his cellphone, and I think he may be smiling. A bit. A tiny curl of the lips. Or maybe it's gas.
This close-up bothers me… It looks like his razor isn’t sharp anymore and he needs a new one to shave cleanly. 
His face goes kind of soft looking at her. That's all I can tell.
There is a definite essence of crush floating around. I'll take it since that is better than nothing.
JS pops into the office, ready for a bit of  continental breakfast. He has a meeting in town with the local constabulary. LLS mentions that Nark needs to be his driver again for a trip upcountry. JS thinks it's a date with Mei Jin, but LLS says nope, he wants to go to the temple and eat barbecue duck. Once JS leaves, he goes back to staring / subtly smiling at his NarkPics.
He really has the best crockery around. There is not a tea cup or dish that he has that I wouldn't mind owning.
At some point, people are going to start wondering what he is staring so intently at on his phone. They will probably guess porn judging from his neanderthal history with women. I doubt anyone will guess he is crushing on a schoolgirl.
To be honest, I'd assume he was looking a crockery.  He touches that more than any of the women he's around. And someone has to be buying it all.

So Nark is standing there, in that driver's outfit wearing gloves that clearly are too large for her hands. She's all smiles and happiness, pacing back and forth by the vehicle. LLS finally shows, surrounded by guards and lackeys. He stares at her back until she turns around and they stare at each other. She opens the car door and they smile at each other. Well she smiles and he puts his sunglasses on, but close enough.
High schooler as a driver…in a foreign country? Sure, why not? 
At the temple, LLS's minions hand him a bunch of burning giant pencils. Is he praying for all the accountants in his organization? My Guess is LLS is praying that all his students do well in their school testing. Nark is surprised when he offers her several burning sticks so she can participate in the prayer ceremony. It reminds me of the merit-making ceremonies you see in many lakorns, where two people are joined together in karma if they shared the process of making merit. They spend most of the time glancing at each other and not praying.
I'm going to be honest. If I was a high school girl, I'd spend most of my time staring at him instead of praying, too. He's got on one of those fantabulous vests.
After leaving the huge joss sticks at the altar, we have yet again another round of staring at each other. A bit later, Nark stumbles and LLS uses the opportunity to hold her hand and stare some more. Honestly, if you took a sip of alcohol every time someone stares at someone else in this episode, you would be legally drunk in the first 20 minutes.
Oooh. A Cubic drinking game.  There are so many we could come up with though. Drink every time their theme music plays. Drink every time Danny dances. Drink every time we get men on stairs. Drink for every brocade vest/or turtleneck under a dress shirt. The list is really endless. People should just drink while watching. Maybe that makes it make more sense?
What about “every time there’s a stare moment”? But, as you said, it might make sense, lol.
We would all have alcohol poisoning within one episode. Then who would be left to lament the lack of staring on stairs through this episode?

Next stop, barbecued duck! Normally the restaurant is packed, but today it's just the two of them. Coincidence? LLS orders her to eat with him.
I'm already sad at all the food that will be left uneaten in this scene.

On the lazy susan (and for the record, I want a table like this), is piles and piles of food. LLS cracks another tiny smile while watching Nark stuff her face and enjoy the dishes. This "date" seems to going smoothly.
This is the one thing he does right. He knows how to order food. I'm always surprised at men I know who don't know that a fantasy of many women is a guy who doesn't judge how much we eat and will bring us food.
Agree 100%! Plus, I’m glad the girl eats to her heart’s content!
Or not. Nark reminisces about her sister Nan, and how much she loves barbecued duck too. Her ramblings switch from family story to a wish to go back home. She states it still her intention to pay off the debt and return to Thailand. This annoys LLS until he finally barks at her to put a cork in it, because they are leaving. I guess the "date" is over. She stares at his retreating back, wondering aloud why he's grumpy.
Sigh. He is so dense. I can't believe that he doesn't think she really wants to go home. Although, I roll my eyes, too, because I can't believe she isn't mad at the family that sold her to a mafia kingpin. Still, to be fair, her sister didn't have anything to do with that.
If I was Nark I would wish that the debt would be wiped clean and then stay working for LLS. She has a pretty sweet deal going right now. It would make sense for her to simply work her way up the corporate ladder. She can visit her crappy family once a year and probably be better off without them.
Yeah. At least he really appreciates her gifts. Even if he weren't falling in love with her, she'd still rise and be right up there with Jong Sing.
Nang’eks tend to blame EVERYONE except their families. “It’s my dad” “It’s my sister”... as if everything has to be forgiven just because they are “family” ARRGGH!!

She whacks the side of her head; of course he is angry. He must be thinking she plans to escape without paying off the debt.
Here's another--drink every time you roll your eyes watching this show. Sigh.
I’ll be totally wasted after the first episode! LOL
In the car, she promises not to run away until debt is paid, but that just makes him even more surly. He barks at her - doe she still want to go back to Thailand? She continues to blather her work efforts until he cuts her off. There's silence for a short while, then she asks, is LLS mad at her? She apologizes, but he doesn't bother to respond.
And he doesn't get that there must be something going on when she is worried that he's mad at her. Since she can't still believe he's actually going to hurt her.
I’m watching while yelling “Eyes to the front!”

That night, our guy is dressed in The Robe, staring out the window. I guess there's no rooftop for him to look out over the city. He's thinking about her statements involving her return to Bangkok. He starts pacing back and forth. In the middle of all this rumination, we get a flashback to his childhood.
Apparently, his mother left his dad, sick of the mafia life, and tired of the marriage. And he witnessed the final argument. Wait, Lin Lan Ser has Mommy issues? Anyway, he paces and stares for a long, long time.
Abandonment issues and guilt. His mother didn't want to live this life. Why would Nark?
Finally we get a moment where the plot makes sense. I'm going to sit here and bathe in the joy this brings me.
Still in the hospital, HKP is still thinking about the Chick That Got Away But Might Come Back. Especially her concern when he got the snot beat out of him. Does Mina Mouse like him or not? He's still puzzling that one, when his housekeeper shows up will lunch. His goons haven't found her safe house yet.

She tells him even if he finds her, he shouldn't upset or hurt that kind and good girl. In typical childish Puey behavior, he pouts, refuses to eat,  demands his cell phone, and chases her out.
Like a little kid throwing a tantrum.
Once alone, he calls his nemesis and demands his woman back. LLS is taking a stroll with Jong Sing and about five non-stair-walking MIB's when his phone rings.
He demands, begs, cajoles, and offers money. All these amuse LLS but don't budge him. Since Mina is Cubic's woman, only Cubic can release her. And what does he want the woman for anyway? As HKP gets more and more spun up, LLS simply hangs up.
These two should really be friends and help each other through a 12-step program about how to get regular women to like them. Step 1: Don't kidnap them.
And that moment of plot sense is officially over.

Jong Sing is amazed at Puey In's behavior. LLS thinks that girl is more than just a debtor. JS chuckles, thinking about another more-than-debtor pair. LLS gets annoyed with JS's smiles, and throws his shades on.I realized that I haven't mentioned that Jongsing is my favorite character yet in the SnarkCap. So here it is: JS is my favorite character.
Jong Sing deserves all the love.

Mina is peeling an orange next to a can of carbonated grape PPL when Nark walks in. She tells Nark that she's grateful for the safe house but would rather live with Nark in her shipping container. Nark thinks she's nuts since clearly the bad guys would find her and drag her back to HKP.
Nark’s fashion is horrible in that scene!
When is Nark's fashion not horrible when she isn't wearing a uniform?

Hesitantly, she asks Nark if she knows Puey In's medical condition. Nark shrugs. Hey, he's at least still alive. Mina is clearly concerned, and Nark clearly picks up on it. She warns Mina that HKP won't let her go since her father owes him a lot of money. Somehow the woman doesn't seem frightened by that although she's bothered by how often he enters her thoughts.
It's called Stockholm Syndrome, you twit.
It's morning, and a grumpy assassin is eating out of a can. Tuna? Chicken? Catfood? No clue, but Chin Fu doesn't like it. He follows it up with a can of "White Gourd Drink". It's pretty amazing stuff, since the can reappears on the table immediately after he crushes it and throws it into a spittoon.

He grabs a pair of binoculars and checks out the street below his window. There's a knock on his door, but it's just the landlord checking on him. He asks for pain meds, declines a walk together, and shuts the door.

Woah! The can has magically turned into a glass of water! But Chin Fu is only interested in the empty can of edibles, next to the open full can of edibles. A few seconds later, both cans end up in the spittoon as well.
I honestly think the Continuity person quit around ep 4 or so.
He dials up a grocery delivery. A moment, he's eating out of a suddenly-reappearing can of edibles. I think he has a Time-Turner in his back pocket or something. Chin Fu is definitely tired of hiding.
How many times did they have to re-shoot this scene? It doesn't look overly complicated unless you count the food/beverages drama.
Editing and continuity people seem to always be absent from lakorns… I know they are low budget, but c’mon! BTW, Have you wondered how many times they had to film this scene in order to get so many mistakes?
LOL! You both thought the same thing. Actually, I think we all did.
Me, too.

Meanwhile, Nark is absentmindedly wiring rebar together. Man, I sure hope she's not working on a load-bearing wall. She's lost in thought, thinking about LLS's anger during their date lunch. I notice her her helmet reads "Hard Head". Yep, truth in advertising.
I can't believe that her family was in so much debt when Nark can pretty much do any job out there. She could have homeschooled and just worked full time.

She decides to ask her coworker about the situation. How can you figure out why someone is mad at you? She calls herself excellent at reading people, and I snort. Maybe you are, Nark, but you suck at anything involving your boss.
She describes it as a guy staring at her in sadness. And disappointment. And anger. Coworker thinks the starer wants to be near her, so she should just apologize and everything will be resolved. Thank you, NPC character!

They chat about other subjects. NPC's grocery delivery service is good, but some strange guy has been ordering canned food every day for a month. No name, and he hides his identity. Somehow Nark realizes that this mysterious delivery person, in a city of 2.674 million people, must be our Scarface Assassin.
Because she's a geeeeeeeeeenius!
If only she could apply those deductive skills to LLS!! Sigh!

She immediately runs off to LLS's office, but she gets stopped by the receptionist. His office assistant is there, though, and lets her into his office immediately to wait for him. Once Nark is escorted away, she warns the desk person to always make an exception for this girl.
Even the hotel staff knows she is supposed to get special treatment, and yet Nark is still in the dark.
Her EQ is the lowest I have ever seen.
Inside LLS's office, she paces around, until she spots a picture frame face-down on the coffee table. She flips it over, and it's her sister. She places it back on his desk just as the big man arrives.

He grabs the picture and throws it face down on the table again. He point-blank asks her, is she really that dumb that she doesn't know what his actions mean? He is no longer interested in her sibling.
And we get excited because we think he's finally going to confess, but . . .
But there are some episodes left so that doesn’t happen...

Oh goody! If he doesn't want her sister, can she go back to Thailand? He stares daggers and demands she stay until the debt is paid. And why does she hate him so much that she wants to run away?
Oh, my word, her stupidity cannot be quantified.
She quietly admits she doesn't hate him. I guess he's tired of it all (as are we), so he steps up to the plate. If she doesn't hate him, does she love him instead? Stare - stare - stare - stare - stare between them.
Because those are the only two choices! 😣
Gasp! He said the L word.

Nark finally admits that sometimes she likes him, but then backhands that he can also be an annoying poser. There's a hilarious exchange where she mimics several of his moods, serious, stern, and happy.  He's a bit taken aback by this, I think, but who can tell.
I'm surprised she actually did different expressions in connection to all of these. I have not seen all these expression.

Anyways, he suddenly realizes she's in her construction cosplay instead of her Newsies outfit. Her face,  coveralls, and hands are also dirty.  He grabs her hand for a moment, then wipes her arm and palm down with his handkerchief, all the while holding it in the other hand. He notices how rough it is, and she snatches it back. After all, she works blue collar jobs and doesn't have smooth skin like his women.
I wanna know the night routine she has in order to keep her “manicure” even after working in a construction site.
Okay, back to business. She explains the mysterious delivery customer might be Chin Fu. We suddenly get a flashback of NPC in delivery boy mode with a box of goodies for Mystery Man. Landlord signs for them and states aloud that the customer will pick it up after dark. LLS thinks it's farfetched it would be their guy. He orders her to stop meddling in his business, but she is adamant to find out the truth about this mystery.

As she leaving, LLS comments that he doesn't pose on purpose. She smiles and describes it as part of a mafia leader's job. He is amused. I think.

The next day, Nark discusses her investigation with Danny. He thinks the odds are 50-50 that this mysterious man is Chin Fu, but no matter what, she shouldn't get involved. She needs his help, though and can be very persuasive.
The next thing we know, NPC on his bike is waiting for Danny and the ‌inconspicuous German-Car-With-British-Flag-Roof. (It made me think of Herbie the Lovebug) (I thought the same!!) The three of them wait until the landlord leaves before putting their plan into action.

Nark is sure she can recognizes the assassin if NPC can get him downstairs to open the door. He offers to take a photo, but she's afraid it will cause the mysterious guy to run.

Danny snarks that poor LLS must have bad luck to end up meeting a snoopy girl like her.  As they bicker in the car, NPC starts the plan with a phone call to the apartment.
Chin Fu is very cautious, but NPC finally convinces him to come downstairs and sign for his groceries. Nark waits in anticipation, but the guy who opens the gate is clearly not Chin Fu. But Nark sees a figure peek out from a third floor window who appears to be staring at NPC.

In desperation, she calls NPC to snatch the package back and try to force the third-story starer out into the open. He comes up with the idea that he was given the wrong delivery box but will return with the correct stuffs and a special gift. But only to the real customer. So the operation is on hold until tomorrow.

But wait, look! The Third Story guy trained his binoculars on the Volksie. He's on to them, and Nark has to come up with another plan. Suddenly, we see Danny herding two kids into the Beetle, and Chin Fu dismisses the vehicle as suspicious.
The fatty faker knocks on Chin Fu's door and tells him about the missed delivery. What will Scarface do without a single can of anything to eat? Perhaps he should order a pizza to go. Do they have pizza places in Taipei Hong Kong?  Out of sight of the building, Danny releases and pays off the two kids.
You're handy Danny. Just stop dancing.
Don't we teach our kids to not get into cars with strangers? Can we declare that the pimped out Volksie is the new Perv Van?
Those kids looked at Danny and figured that between them, they could take him out.

LLS and his entourage are down from a flight of stairs and are striding along the sidewalk. He's concerned that his charge didn't go to school today. I mean, he doesn't CARE about her or anything, he's just wondering.

Jong Sing calls the teacher and confirms she never came to school. JS speculates that she must be working. LLS snarls that the girl won't leave his clutches that easily. JS is willing to bet she will since she has accomplished everything she set her mind to.

Also, the goons looking for Nark's family still can't find them, but LLS is ready to stop trying to find them. JS digs a little; it appears his boss doesn't want the older sister anymore.
I think JS and Nark were the only people left who thought LLS might still want the sister.
Our Teen Titan Trio is discussing the next plan to flush out the weirdo on the third floor. The boys try to dissuade Newsie Nark and stop this investigation, but they end up going with her decision and even adding a few more delivery boys to the plan.
Stupid plan. What would you expect from high schoolers? But then again, adults don't look that brilliant here, either!
And it's the only plan they've got. I mean there are two mafia houses looking for this guy and Nark found him.

When it's just Cubic and FakeCubic, Danny reminds Nark that the killer stalking LLS is also looking for Chin Fu. What will they do if they silence the assassin first? It gives her a sense of urgency.

Killer Krazy is in his office when he receives a phone call. He calls his henchman to go to a certain location, kill the assassin, and dump his body in the river. The guy gathers the rest of the henchmen, and they take the escalator (All of them. Spaced out as if they are doing a mafia-mall photo shoot). I guess it's easier hang out in mall and change floors electrically, rather than taking the stairs like REAL mafia gang members.

Once Yong Wen hangs up, he smiles at Bambi's picture, then gets this lemon-bitter look, then smiles again. I'm not sure what he's thinking, but then I don't speak the language of Psychopath.
Is anyone else missing Uncle Flock in this episode?
The music is dramatic as we get a series of scenes:  a poorly-maintained van cruising through the night, while, in his room, Chin Fu complains of hunger and sips tea and stares out the window at nothing.
I wish there were subs like: "Drinking tea dramatically". lol
Below is the late great Alan Rickman dramatically drinking tea.

The bad guy henchmen reach an apartment door and knock. Chin Fu hears a knock at his door and goes to answer it with gun drawn.

Psyche!! The henchmen raided the wrong apartment.(because they are idiots) And Chin-Fu gets takeaway from the fatty neighbor.

Yong Wen is angry. Chin Fu is fed. There's some sort of poetic justice there, I guess.
Operation Nosy Nark has started. Danny pulls into a parking space just as Nark's phone rings. He glances at it, and tell her it's Dad. Hahaha, not Dad but LLS.
I would actually accuse Nark of having a Daddy Kink, but I am pretty sure she isn't emotionally evolved enough to recognize a kink let alone have one.

He wants to know where she is and what she is doing. Once he finds out her intentions, he demands she cease, desist, and return. She disconnects, unwilling to be distracted.
Has she ever listened to him? What did he expect her to do? Suddenly obey him? 😑
At this point, he should just assume that she is going to the opposite of what he says when he's angry.
Danny is still in snarky mode. He feels sorry for the older man, since he associates with someone as stupid as her regarding certain things. And she STILL doesn't get it. [sigh]
Double sigh.
I feel ya, Danny!! Too smart for some things, too stupid for others.
Let us stop and not only notice how well her manicure is, but does anyone notice how perfectly glowing her skin is? 

Just then, the landlord leaves the apartment building, and NPC shows up with the package. Chin Fu checks him out via binoculars, then orders him to the back door of the building. The music goes all dramatically dramatic again.
They want us to be like...

But we are like...


"It's your Dad." - Danny snidely telling Nark that Lin Lan Ser was calling her.


Okay, we are more than half-way through this thing.  I'm glad LLS has finally put the romance out in the open, but the big question is, WHY DOESN'T SHE GET IT??
Because she is slow.
So very slow.
Because we still have several episodes left… Wait! Did I say “we”? NOPE! LOL! Thanks for having me!!
Let's enjoy a cup of tea from a lovely teacup while we wait for the next squeecap!
I'm still trying to figure out a way to purchase one of the Freud teaballs they use in this drama, but they are just so damn expensive!!!